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Compressed air service, compressed air system.

We are an authorized and certified distributor and service provider of Ingersoll Rand and Atlas air compressors in China. We specialize in all types of air compressor systems, providing one-stop solutions including maintenance, repair, installation, overhaul, spare parts supply, energy saving consulting services and layout optimization.
Our staff have worked in top air compressor manufacturers for many years and have the skills, knowledge and ability to deal with a variety of local and foreign air compressor problems.
Regardless of your location, environment and current situation, can we provide a complete compressed air solution that maximizes the value of a compressed system, reduces unplanned downtime, runs the system within specifications and saves resources


1. Agriculture

1. Delivery
Air is added to the product to facilitate material transportation.
2. Farm equipment
Compressed air is used for livestock and farming, such as lettuce.
3. Milk production
Compressed air is used for milking cows

Automobile manufacturing

2. Automobile manufacturing

1. Pneumatic robot
The robot needs an air compressor to drive the brakes.
2. Pneumatic tools
Pneumatic tools are usually superior to electronic tools because they are light and easy to operate.
3. Breathing air
Use compressed air to provide quality breathing air. The presence of pollutants in the supplied air can lead to serious deterioration of products, costly reprocessing and the loss of valuable production time.
4. Paint shop application
Use compressed air to operate paint pumps in highly volatile environments.
5. Plasma cutting and welding
Use compressed air to help improve cutting and welding speed and reliability.
6. Product spraying
Use compressed air to paint automobile components and enclosures and to evaporate the moisture in the paint.
7. The tyre
Air tire inflator is suitable for motor vehicles and motorcycles


3. Electronic

1. Printed circuit board cleaning
Use air to blow the circuit board clean after production.
2. Take put machine
Pneumatic equipment is driven by air to transport components.


4. Environmental

1. Air conditioning
Compressed air is used in the control system to control the opening and closing of the regulator.
2. Air separation
Compressed air is filtered through the diaphragm to produce a clean gas.
3. Artificial snow
Through a series of nozzles and high-powered fans, compressed air is injected into the air to atomize the water molecules. The atomized water fell like snow.
4. Landfill site
Compressed air is pumped underground to eliminate the poison gas inside.
5. Sewage treatment
Use compressed air to control sewage flow and air oxidation in sewage tanks.
6. Purification and oxidation of water
Compressed air is injected into the water to start the water flowing.
7. Wind power generation
Compressed air is used in the manufacturing process of wind turbine. It is also used as energy that can be generated by wind farms.

Food and beverage

5. Food and beverage

Compressed air is considered a safe and reliable source of power and is essential to the manufacturing process of modern food factories. Compressed air is often regarded as the fourth public energy, widely used in various fields of food and beverage manufacturing and technology. Oil-free compressors can be in direct contact with the product when used, and oil-lubricated compressors can be used for packaging process or control of filling machines, pumps and other production machinery or for producing other gases.
1. Packaging
Compressed air can be used to produce vacuuming in packaging processes. Compressed air is also used in delivery systems to transport food and ingredients.
2. Bottling
When bottling beer, the amount of oxygen left in the beer must be minimized. To do this, breweries use both methods individually or in combination. The bottle is filled with carbon dioxide and beer through a long tube. In this case, the canning machine tube is inserted into the bottle and the bottle is flushed with carbon dioxide before the beer is filled. This method consumes more carbon dioxide. Flush the air out of the bottle before flushing it with carbon dioxide. This method greatly reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide because most of the oxygen has already been expelled.
3. PET bottle blowing
High-pressure oil-free compressed air is fed into a bottle blower mold where the preform is heated and the plastic is stretched to shape the bottle.
4. The finished product processing
Using pneumatic lifts and cylinders to move products quickly and keep pace with modern production processes.
5. Food feeder
Food fillers use compressed air to fill products such as cakes and pies, as well as liquid products.
6. The fluid pump
The resulting compressed air is used to control pumps (e.g. diaphragm pumps) to move liquid products during production and filling processes.
7. Nitrogen gas generated
The nitrogen generator produces nitrogen gas from compressed air supplied by a special air compressor. A compressor is installed at the beginning of the system to pass compressed air through the filter bank to remove impurities and enter the nitrogen generator. The filtered air is then passed through a filter that removes oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules to produce highly purified nitrogen.
8. Air knife
Compressed air is used as a cleaning medium for cutting products. It is also used to peel products such as fruit and Onions.

General Purpose Manufacturing

6. General Purpose Manufacturing

1. Spraying equipment
The paint is vaporized by air so that it can be used in different components and products.
2. Pneumatic tools
Pneumatic tools are superior to power tools because they are light and easy to operate.
3. Pneumatic hoist
The pneumatic hoist can be used for a variety of lifting operations. They are small and compact.
4. Cooling and heating
Vortex tubes use compressed air to generate large amounts of cold air for industrial cooling treatments. The vortex tube can also be reversed to produce hot, high-temperature air used in heating treatments.
5. Clean
The manufacturer uses compressed air for cleaning.


7. Medical

1. Pneumatic medical instrument
Compressed air is used for devices and equipment in sensitive areas where electric equipment may interfere with sensitive medical equipment.
2. Air separation
Compressed air is filtered through the diaphragm to produce clean medical gas.
3. Breathing air
Through air filtration, provide quality breathing air.
4. The dentist
Dental equipment operated by compressed air is precise, easy to operate and requires compact and very light weight.
5. Laboratory application
Compressed air is safe and clean, so it is used in many laboratory applications.
6. Disinfection equipment
Use filtered clean air to dry the disinfection equipment.


8. Packaging

Compressed air creates a vacuum for packaging processes. It is also used to move food and ingredients in delivery systems

Paper and printing

9. Paper and printing

1. Air bearing for product handling
By means of air bearings or pneumatic casters, heavy loads can be easily moved using heavy loads almost suspended on essentially frictionless air cushions.
2. The pressure of paper
Compressed air is used through rollers for a variety of printing applications.
3. printing
Control printing pumps and equipment by compressed air. The air doesn’t explode. It’s safe and reliable.
4. The ink roller to adjust
Precise control of the thickness of the ink roll through compressed air, which determines the thickness of the paper, is key to ensuring the efficiency of the process.
5. The vacuum generated
Using compressed air and venturian tube systems, the vacuum can be efficiently generated for a variety of production processes, such as product processing.

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