IHI Sullair Compressor Spare Parts

Part NamePart Number 
O-ring for 1 stage diverter CQ71ILT091 
O-ring for 2-stage diverter JC825046 
Flange gasket for 2 stage diverter cover CQ71GBX017 
Intake filter flange gasket GV311112 
IGV flange gasket CQ71IGV017 
Radial thrust ball bearings CQ71BBR001 
Deep groove ball bearings CQ71BBR002 
Lock nut CQ71BBR004 
Big gear bearing O-ring (thrust side) JC815016 
Bearing bracket O ring JC825030 
Air seal O-ring JC826032 
Rubber seal strip CQ71CLR018 
Front segment gasket for stage 1 cooler CQ71CLR014 
Front segment gasket for 2 stage cooler CQ71CLR015 
Cooler gasket CQ71CLR016 
Cooler back gasket CQ71CLR017 
Metal sealing strip CQ71CLR019 
gasket JCQ71LUB030 
gasket JCQ71LUB031 
Air inlet filter element CR102152 
Oil filter element JCQ81LUB062 
Respirator Filter element (indoor) JCQ71EJC001 
Instrument gas pressure regulating valve filter element CQ51CNT020 
Silencer filter element JCQ71AIR002 
IGV actuator CQ81IGV014 
Air out valve CQ71AIR012 
Check back valve JCQ71AIR006 
Oil seal CQ71RAB002 
Air seal level 1 CQ71RAB003 
Air seal level 2 JCQ71RAB001 
Jet ejector CQ51EJC001 
Oil line check valve JCQ71LUB020 
Main oil pump CQ71LUB501 
Auxiliary oil pump CQ71LUB022 
Oil pressure regulating valve CQ71LUB004 
Negative pressure gauge JCQ81OTK012 
Oil pressure gauge JCQ81SEN005 
Instrument gas pressure regulating valve CQ51CNT004 
Temperature sensor JCQ81SEN018/19 
Pressure sensor (gas) JCQ81SEN002 
Pressure sensor (oil) JCQ81SEN003 
Secondary intake temperature gauge JCQ81SEN004 
Oil level switch JCQ81SEN006 
Intake filter differential pressure switch JCQ81SEN007 
Vibration probe JCQ81SEN008 
Vibration sensor JCQ81SEN009 
Display screen JCQ200108 
Current transmitter JCQ200113 
Button SB1 JCQ200126 
Button SB2 JCQ200127 
Local/remote selection switch JCQ200129 
Emergency stop switch JCQ200128 
The nuion switch SPDT JCQ200034 
Transformer TR1 JCQ200122 
Transformer TR2 JCQ200123 
Switching power supply JCQ200121 
1 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.5) CQ71DFS081 
1 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.3) CQ71DFS082 
1 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.1) CQ71DFS083 
1 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.05) CQ71DFS084 
2 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.5) CQ71DFS181 
2 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.3) CQ71DFS182 
2 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.1) CQ71DFS183 
2 stage diffuser gasket (t=0.05) CQ71DFS184 
Impeller Clearance JS70MTE004 
Air Cooler Cleaning JS70MTE101 
Oil Cooler Cleaning JS70MTE102 
Filter Element JS70MTE201 
Filter Element JS70MTE202 
Main Pump KIT CQ70SPR001 
Aux. Pump KIT CQ70SPR003 
Deep groove ball bearings CQ71BBR003 
Cross head screw JA124051 
Air inlet filter element CQ51FIL001 
Pipe connector 25A CK915104 
Pipe connector 40A CK915106 
Pipe connector 50A CK915107 
Pipe connector 80A CK915109 
Oil worry side flange gasket JCQ81LUB077 
Oil cold inlet and outlet flange gasket DN40 GV311106 
Soft joint flange gasket DN50 GV311107 
Flange gasket DN50 JCQ71LUB018 
O-ring P24 JCQ71LUB025 
O-ring P29 JCQ71LUB026 
Check valve flange gasket JCQ71LUB017 
Return oil pipe flange gasket DN80 GV51009 
Oil Seal for Main Oil Pump CQ71SPR004 
Gasket for Main Oil Pump CQ71SPR005 
Back Up Strip for Main Oil Pump CQ71SPR006 
C type Retaining Rings for Main Oil Pump CQ71SPR007 
Body Bush “A” for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR008 
Body Bush “B” for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR009 
Cover Bush for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR010 
Oil Seal for Aux, Oil Pump CQ51LUB071 
Snap Ring for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR011 
O ring “A” for Aux, Oil Pump CQ51LUB077 
O ring “B” for Aux, Oil Pump JC812016 
O ring “C” for Aux, Oil Pump JC812022 
Coupling for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR002 
Coupling Element for Aux, Oil Pump CQ71SPR003 
Air cooler repair kit TRE1100 JS80MTE104 
Gear box repair kit TRE1100 6061600004 
Cooler rust protection repair kit TRE1100 6000200001 
Impeller special flaw detection agent TRE1100 6069900001 
Exhaust check valve repair package TRE1100 6087700004 
Oil cooled repair kit TRE1100 6049800007 
Control pipe filter LS32-450HWC 02250112-032 
Control pipe filter LS32-450HWC 408389 
Cylinder regulating mechanism LS32-450HWC 88290001-127 
Temperature control valve spool LS32-450HWC 13697 
Pressure regulator LS32-450HWC 408275 
Pressure regulator LS32-450HWC 406929 
Intake hose LS32-450HWC 88290013-167Model            Tx-A370,Tx-A325,Tx-A290,Tx-A270,Tx-A255
Three stage vane shaft KTRE0003002
Three stage vane shaft KTRE0017003
First stage cooler core JCQ81CLR001
Secondary cooler core JCQ81CLR002
Intake pipe flange gasket HA311015
Rubber ring for intake pipe HA411015
IGV flange gasket CQ81IGV013
Rubber ring for secondary intake pipe JCQ81AIR096
Rubber ring for secondary intake pipe JCQ81AIR095
Rubber ring for three-stage intake pipe JCQ81AIR094
Rubber ring for three-stage intake pipe JCQ81AIR093
Water inlet and outlet end cover gasket CQ81LUB079 
Return end cover gasket CQ80LUB080 
Type 0 ring of primary deflector CQ81ILT004 
Type 0 ring of secondary diverter CQ81ILT005 
Three stage diverter 0 ring CQ81ILT006 
Flange gasket for secondary diverter GV351015 
Respirator filter element JCQ81EJC001 
Silencer filter element JCQ81AIR082 
Oil filter cartridge JCQ81LUB105 
Special lubricating oil HA811016 
Flaw detection agent SF01GJO002 
Intake pipe repair kit JS80MTE004 
Intake pipe flange gasket GV311113 
Rubber ring for intake pipe HA411016 
IGV flange gasket CQ81IGV026 
Oil cooler repair kit CQ80MTE016 
Impeller guide cleaning kit CQ80MTE001 
Gear box repair package CQ80MTE002 
Intercooled repair kit CQ80MTE103 
Respirator filter element JCQ81EJC002 
Oil filter element JCQ81LUB092 
Special lubricating oil 46# 
sealant SF01MF1211 
Exhaust check valve JCQ91AIR037 
Secondary cooler core CQ81CLR002 
Secondary air filter element CJV415371 
First stage bearing CO80PBR005 
Two stage bearing CQ80PBR005 
Three stage front bearing CQ80PBR008 
Oil system check valve JCQ91AIR032 
Cooler cleaning agent SE002095 
Air filter core (TRX110) CK960139 
Current transmitter JCQ200016 
Switching power supply JCQ200038 
Air exhaust valve JCQ81AIR030 
Temperature sensor JCQ81SEN001 
Thermal relay JCQ200023 
Water trap valve JCQ81DRN003 
First stage air cooler JCQ91CLB001 
First stage air cooler JCQ91CLB002 
The IGV inlet valve is connected to the ball head CQ81IGV017 
IGV suite BTRXIGV0001 
No gas loss automatic blowdown valve DN20 
Optimizer isolator NPGL-C11 
3 stage air seal CQ81RAB006 
Vacuum gauge JCQ810TK012 
Air out valve CQ81AIR064 
TRX oil cooler JCQ91LUB200 
IGV ontology JCQ90IGV002 
Air cooler repair kit JS90MTE102 
Operation panel JCQ200035 
Low speed pinion shaft air seal CQ91RAB003 
Low speed oil seal JCQ91RAB001 
Air seal CQ81RAB005 
Oil seal CQ91RAB001 
Impeller guide cleaning kit JS80MTE002 
Level 1 intake line repair kit JS80MTE005 
Oil cooler repair kit JS80MTE106 
Sealant 1211 SF01GJ1211 
PT inspection agent for impeller SF01GJ0002 
Anticorrosive paint SF01GJ0001 
Clean and brush the bag SF00MTE001 
Big gear shaft oil seal CQ81RAB003 
Low speed shaft oil seal CQ81RAB001 
High speed shaft oil seal CQ81RAB002 
Air seal O-ring CQ81RAB007 
Main bearing TRE100E 
Air filter element 自洁式 
Gear box repair package JS80MTE009 
Cooler metal seal CQ81CLR020 
Vibration probe seat O-ring JC815006 
Gear box O ring JC816027 
Oil seal gasket for big gear CQ81RAB004 
Shaft cover gasket CQ91GBX017 
Front end gasket for primary cooler CQ81CLR032 
Flange gasket GV371009 
bolt GA133095 
Secondary and tertiary cooler back gasket CQ81CLR035 
Secondary and tertiary cooler front gasket CQ81CLR033 
First stage cooler gasket CQ81CLR015 
First stage cooler back gasket CQ81CLR034 
X rubber seal CQ81CLR019 
Secondary and tertiary cooler gasket CQ81CLR016 
Flat gasket GD121006 
New oil-cooled gasket JCQ81LUB079 
New oil-cooled gasket JCQ81LUB080 
Check valve DN200 JCQ91AIR038 
Exhaust check valve gasket GV331113 
Liquid gasket 1215 SF01GJ1215 
Shouli special lubricating oil HA811005 
Exhaust check valve repair kit JS80MTE306 
Labyrinth sealing pack JS80MTE017 
Tx centrifugal compressor special oil 209L HA811001 
Impeller guide cleaning kit JS70MTE001 
Level 1 intake line repair kit JS70MTE002 
EP paint 22122-0232 
Intake valve bearing CR290541 
Special lubricating oil (20 L)2908850700 


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