Ingersoll-rand Screw Compressor Spare Parts

No.Part numberPart Name
147689774001Irgy-screw machine high pressure switch cabinet 10KV 300KW  
2SLT07444KENY electromagnetic flowmeter dielectric cooling water DN50/24V..  DN50/24VDC/4-20mA  
347671615001Maintenance decal ULTRA M90-160 domestically  
547615613001Motor, M110 400V 50HZ IE38PT100 H..  8PT100 HTR  
638006532The relief valve  
747688392001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-1/1.0(electronic drain valve)  
847688391001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-15/1.0(D*H=220..  (D*H=2200*4645+ electronic emission  
947688390001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-15/1.0(D*H=2200*..  *H=2200*4645+ electronic drain valve)  
1047561140001Screw machine inlet valve FIXED SPEEDON/OFF (..  ON/OFF (SIZE 140)  
1124779506Motor 200KW 415V 50HZ IE1ODP  
1224008658Motor 125HP 480V 60HZPREMIUM with..  PREMIUM with 110V heater  
1349153612Center right roof assembly RS 200-250  
1447553072001Modbus Standard I/O board  
1747688384001IRSS- High voltage solid state soft starting cabinet (IR-HSSC..  iR-HSSC 10/710  
1847688383001IRSS- High voltage solid state soft starting cabinet (IR-HSSC..  iR-HSSC 10/500  
1947688382001IControl Wireless Browsing Extension iCloud+1..  Flow up to + 1 year  
2047688381001Iric-icontrol -4 Basic IP54 protection rating  
2147688299001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-2/0.88(surface stainless steel this..  8(surface stainless steel color)  
2247688298001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-5/0.88(surface stainless steel this..  8(surface stainless steel color)  
2347688297001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-20/0.88(stainless steel surface..  88(Surface stainless steel color)  
2447688260001ACNS- In situ signal box Schneider China  
2547688209001Safety valve A42Y-16P caliber DN40, starting pressure 0.9..  , take-off pressure 0.95mpa  
2647688000001IRHC- Heat recovery main control cabinet gan Feng  
2747687996001Electric control valve DN200RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-DT  
2847687995001Electric switch valve DN200RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-D  
2947687994001Electric three-way regulating valve DN80RT3T-16  
3047687993001IRHS- High voltage soft starting cabinet IR-HSSCABB contactor/country..  ABB contactor/domestic electricity meter  
3147687992001IRHS- High voltage soft starting cabinet IR-HSSCABB contactor/country..  ABB contactor/domestic electricity meter  
3247606166001Pressure sensor silicone free 225 PSI, 5VDC..  SI, 5VDC, 1/8 NPT  
3347606164001Vacuum sensor silicone free 0-15 pSIG, 5..  PSIG, 5 VDC, 1/8 NPT  
3447549000001[P268 screw machine] OIL filter joint IP protection  
3647687991001ACNS- Low Voltage switchboard XGL Smart Meter /ABB..  Smart meter /ABB component  
3747687990001Pneumatic switch valve DN150RD4C1VP1..  RD4C1VP16-Q  
3847687989001Pneumatic switch valve DN200RD4C1VP1..  RD4C1VP16-Q  
3947687976001Non-standard Carbon steel gas storage tank C-15.0/0.3(inner coated with epoxy + electron..  (inner coated epoxy + electronic drain valve)  
4047687975001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-5.0/0.3(inner coated epoxy + electronic bar..  Inner coated epoxy + electronic drain valve)  
4147606281001Screw machine roof assembly  
4247568271001Screw machine upper left roof with sponge assembly (MV)  
4347559301001Screw machine roof Assembly (with sponge)  
4447540312001Tube high dust RS30-37IE  
4537129012Air collector, cooling pipe W75303T400  
4647687243001Dew-point meter 7017023  
4747672562001Pressure sensor 0-200 psi,Setra  
5022502348002Deep groove ball bearings 6317/C3  
5147687530001After the cold KLR52.21 K – 00  
5247687525001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-10/1.3(lined with stainless steel)  
5347685258002High pressure cabinet centrifuge IR-KYN28..  Ir-kyn28c-b goes in and out  
5449000722Motor 355KW 10KV 50HZ IP55  
5547687225001Cooler. 86-0904  
56APX01700Motor HJN1-315-2 110kw380V 25-..  380 v 25 to 50 hz frequency  
5732295792Containment ring 5″  
5847552639001The inverter  
59ATP09003Electric control cabinet of 185 kw  
60ATP04154Piston rod (with piston body)  
62ATP10004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4295  
63ATP07002Motor 132KW 4P SF1.15  
64R22383574KPReconfigurable host overhaul 178.5 VSD  
65R22383574Host 178.5 MM VSD overhaul  
66E22383574KPDisc replacement refurbished host 178.5 VSD  
67E22383574Host 178.5 MM VSD replacement  
68ATP22003Electric Control cabinet 160KW vs…  160KW VSD  
69ATP22002Motor 160KW 4P..  160 kw 4 p SF1.15 VSD  
70ATP21004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.5279  
71ATP20004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.5076  
72ATP19004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4873  
73ATP19003Electric control cabinet of 560 kw  
74ATP19002Motor 560KW 6P SF1.15  
75ATP18004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4467  
76ATP18003Electric control cabinet of 500 kw  
77ATP18002Motor 500kW 6P SF1.15  
78ATP17004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4061  
79ATP17003Electric control cabinet of 450 kw  
80ATP17002Motor 450KW 6P SF1.15  
81ATP16010Vulcanic 2077-04 6000W Heater  
82ATP16004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.3604  
83ATP16003Electric control cabinet of 400 kw  
84ATP16002Motor 400KW 6P SF1.15  
85ATP15004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.5279  
86ATP15003Electric control cabinet of 355 kw  
87ATP15002Motor 355KW 6P SF1.15  
88ATP14004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4873  
89ATP13004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.4467  
90ATP13003Electric control cabinet of 315 kw  
91ATP12004Motor transmission ratio 0.4061  
92ATP12003Electric control cabinet of 285 kw  
93ATP12002Motor 280KW 6P SF1.15  
94ATP110044 cp04 crosshead  
95ATP110034 cp03 connecting rod  
96ATP11002Motor 250KW 6P SF1.15  
97ATP09004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.3893  
98ATP09002Motor 185KW 4P SF1.15  
99ATP08004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.345  
100ATP08003Electric control cabinet of 160 kw  
101ATP08002Motor 160KW 4P SF1.15  
102ATP07004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.302  
103ATP07003Electric control cabinet of 132 kw  
104ATP06010Vulcanic 2045-03 2KW380V Max..  380V maximum temperature 110 ISOM45  
105ATP06004Motor pulley transmission ratio 0.2416  
106ATP06003Electric control cabinet of 110 kw  
107ATP06002Motor 110KW 4P SF1.15  
109ATP04157Two stage exhaust valve  
110ATP04156Piston rod nut  
111ATP04155Cross nut  
112ATP04153The piston rod  
113ATP04152Crosshead assembly  
114ATP04151Connecting rod component  
115ATP04150Components of the crankshaft  
116ATP04143Oil seal  
117ATP04142The crosshead pin  
118ATP04141Connecting rod big head bearing bush  
119ATP04140Connecting rod small head bearing bush  
120ATP04133Two stage gasket  
121ATP04132First class gasket  
126ATP04127Buffering piece  
127ATP04126Valve plates  
130ATP04123Buffering piece  
131ATP04122Valve plates  
133ATP01099Applique nameplate  
13495105458Steel screw  
13595063426Pipe fittings  
13670477989GASKET VALVE SEAT 8X9 PS4  
13770477971GASKET VALVE SEAT 12X9 PS4  
1387047796319.5 X9PS4 GASKET VALVE SEAT  
13970474473Pump – drive shaft  
14070472048RING WEARING 8X9 PS4  
14170472030RING PISTON 8X9 NL PS4  
14270471545GASKET VALVE SEAT 6X9 PS4  
14370470299The crankshaft set  
144704679312.00 ROD RING PACKING  
145704679232.00 ROD RING PACKING  
14670431150Reducer pipe (size head)  
14747685960009Electric heater inner tank 8120-0015  
14847685960008Water filter 8265-0007  
14947685960007Drain valve 8110-0120  
15047685960006Air pressure gauge 8130-0306  
15147685960005Dew-point meter. 8130-0102 
15247685960004Valve position feedback 8135-0201  
15347685960003Two position five-way solenoid valve 8135-0002  
15447685960002Two-position five-way solenoid valve 8135-0001  
15547685960001Control air source filter element 8320-04  
15647685528001Cooler 205 hl052  
15747685527001Cooler 205 hl051  
15847672680001200kW high voltage motor + gear box maintenance  
15947672679001200kW high voltage motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16024330334Hose HYD (-24) 45DEG DN38X 1.5 OR..  X 1.5 ORFS (40)”  
16117269879FILTER AIR INTAKE 10”X150# JOSH  
16247633007001New extension module 105KZQ386 EMA08  
16347633003001New expansion module 105KZQ379 EM8  
16447632976001Air breaker 105KK151 EA9AN2C6  
16547632934001Bus plate 104HLB310 SS5Y7-20-7  
16647561811001Joint, M12-7/16  
16747554277001TUBE, WATER OUT (AIR COOLER)  
16847554276001TUBE, WATER IN (AIR COOLER)  
16947606091001Middle cooler belt reports 200KW  
170SLT03172Control cable 3×1mm2, model HJ2C1S/B3..  J2C1S/B3-K3, identification grade K  
17149128770Screw machine gear set 332MM A/E,RATIO 0…  Thewire 0.657  
17247686941001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
17347686642001Omega Air WOS-35 Oil water separator  
17424221012Oil cylinder GB-150R30-37  
17524083909PROFIBUS DP SG  
17615876055IE2 MOTOR,2HP/380-415V/3ph/50Hz/..  Ph / 50 hz/ULR – 4 p / 1.15 SF  
17747683597001Screw machine, controller upgrade package  
17847683596001Screw machine, controller upgrade package  
17939326368Piston ring  
18149142730ABB Miniature circuit breaker S201-D4  
18249127301Circuit breaker S202-D3..  S202-D3 ABB  
18347649547001[P272] Incoming reactor,160A,75KW  
18447623966001Screw machine, circuit breaker  
18524814329RTD PT100  
18647637925001Housing assembly M315 color SILVER  
18747636936001Non-standard side door panel Assembly M315-2S  
18847636933001Top plate assembly M315-2S  
18947684867001Small air filter  
19047606093001Oil cooler belt reports 200KW  
19147606092001Rear cooler belt reports 200KW  
19247686428001250-3000kW screw air compressor with built-in heat recovery  
19347686427001350KW screw air compressor with built-in heat recovery  
19447575631001Cooler gas (55-75kW) SF1.25 REPOR..  25 REPORT  
19547575630001Cooler oil (55-75kW) SF1.25 REPOR..  25 REPORT  
19647685584001Electric switch valve DN200RD4P1XP1..  RD4P1XP16-D  
197476840980014000 hours service pack M06.mXLEp.2  
19847682052001The controller 105 kzq997  
19947676454001Connecting rod assembly, intake valve service spare parts CD8/C..  The spare parts/CD8 CD14 / CD26  
20047676453001Vent valve, intake valve service spare part CD26  
20147676452001Vent valve, intake valve service spare part CD14  
20247676451001Vent valve, intake valve service spare parts CD8  
20347676450001Oil cylinder, intake valve service spare parts CD8/CD14/CD..  /CD14/CD26  
20547631134001Screw machine, control transformer  
20647619809001Screw machine water break valve 1.5BSPP (G)  
20715867963SS5 nose – homemade  
20847685583001IControl NS Centralized cabinet S7-1500+..  S7-1500+12″HMI  
20947575527001XStainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0  
21022214639Gearbox CD14D VSDNIRVANA..  NIRVANA (GHH 83903639)  
21247685605001Prefilter element K330AA  
21347685604001Rear high temperature filter element 10DS25-235  
21447685529001104 zhf283 gas outlet valve  
21547683593001Screw machine, controller installation options  
21647682168002[P266] Terminal block, MD500  
21747682168001[P266] Aluminum row, MD500  
21847640395001Screw machine, inverter spare parts  
21947578495001Gas-water separator 3″  
22047685587001Self-cleaning filter IR-SS-24 control system with PLC, including..  System with PLC, including differential pressure transmitter  
22147685580001Flow integrator option temperature and pressure compensation, RS4..  Temperature and pressure compensation, RS485 communication  
22247685177001IRLS- Low pressure soft start 300KW  
22454511316Seal rivets CF75D8  
22524720799Overload relay 3RU51 66..  3RU51 66-5EB1  
22647684114001Non-standard ASME Stainless Steel gas storage Tank C-19.0/1.0(see…  0/1.0(see drawings and Technical Agreement  
227RCM250UPM250 comprehensive machine energy-saving upgrade and re-engineering  
228RCM200UPM200 comprehensive machine energy-saving upgrade and re-engineering  
229RBM250UPM250 basic machine energy-saving upgrade and re-engineering  
230RBM200UPM200 basic machine energy-saving upgrade and re-engineering  
23147685391001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/1.0 limit height 5.4m  
23247586618001Pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter kit  
23347553614008Control cabinet  
23430220925Valve bolts  
23515834328Motor wheel 15 t6  
23647685252001Irct-centrifuge high pressure cabinet 10KV /90 domestic under in and out + prevent..  Domestic in and out + rain cover  
23747685250001C-50.0/1.0 internally coated with epoxy  
23847685176001Iric-icontrol non-standard centralized control system fukuyama  
23947685175001Iric-icontrol non-standard centralized control system loop casting  
24047685017001Into sled system Sinopec Huangmei station  
24147685016001Skid-mounted control system in Huangmei Station  
24247683602001Non-standard ASME Gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0  
24347671473011IGBT module -1200V-150A- Junction temperature 175℃-122..  175 ℃ to 122 * 62 * 20.5 mm (RoHS)  
24447685183001DN200 integrated display of electromagnetic flowmeter,RS..  Integrated display,RS485  
24547685160001Low pressure soft start 160KW  
24647685159001Low pressure soft start 200KW  
24747685158001Low pressure soft start 315KW  
24847685079001IRCT- High pressure liquid soft starter cabinet 10KV/900..  10KV/900HP upper and lower  
24947685025001Fuel injector heat recovery mold HNYD-250P(specified: refresh)  
25047684825001IControl NS centralized control cabinet Raffles  
25147543337003Motor 225KW 400V 50HZ ODPIE3  
25247639435001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE HIGH DUST  
25347639433001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE STANDARD  
25447639431001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE HIGH DUST  
25547639429001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE STANDARD  
25639229463Filter element  
25737985025Intake valve  
258ATE61070Hose through M12/ straight..  Straight-through M12/ Right-angle M12/L3100  
259ATE61069Hose through 2*M12/..  Through 2 * M12 / L2700  
260ATE61068Hose through 2*M12/..  Through 2 * M12 / L1800  
261ATE61067Hose through 2*M12/..  Through 2 * M12 / L3000  
26249102114Contactor AX260, 1N/O 1N/C AUX, ABB..  UX, ABB AX260-30-11-84  
26447684710001Voltage transmitter BD-AV0~100VAC..  0~100VAC/4~20mA  
26547684112001Pressure gauge, 8130-0302  
26647684111001PLC(with program)105KZQ999  
26747684110001The relief valve, 8110-0233  
26847684109001Valve position feedback 8135-0201  
26947684108001Two position five-way solenoid valve 8135-0002  
27047684107001Two-position five-way solenoid valve 8135-0001  
27147684106001Pneumatic T-valve 8110-0121  
27247684105001Pneumatic T-valve 8110-0120  
27347684104001Check valve, 8110-0191  
27447684103001Control air source filter element 8320-04  
27547684102001Inner liner of electric heater 106RQD212  
27647613554009Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 2.24mpa  
27747602520001RM220, protection switch MS116-4  
27870487814TUBE COPPER 1/2″ X 0.06thk X 8-.. TUBE COPPER 1/2″ X 0.06thk X 8-..  THK X 8-1/2 FEET LG  
27948662977Hose HYD (-24) 90DEg DN38X 1.5 OR..  X 1.5 ORFS (46)”  
28047680227001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
28147680226001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
28247678017001Screw machine, sensor mounting bracket  
28324741787SENSOR, CURRENT, 40A UL  
28424739559SENSOR CURRENT 100A UL  
28524278004PLUG 9 POSITION  
28647683594001Screw machine, sensor installation option  
28747591804001Air switch DZ47-60 2P-1A7003034  
28847586577001The relief valve 8013037  
28947586576001Air pressure gauge 1004033  
29047586575001Check valve 4005068  
29147586574001Pressure reducing valve, 8019019  
29247586573001Pneumatic ball valve 8006043  
29447684325001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0(wall thickness 6mm)  
29547684101001Compressor 9001145  
296476840970019014381 LJ-80-1.0i..  80-1.0 I double unit  
29747683902001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/0.9 nuclear power non-standard  
29847613554012Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 2.76mpa  
29949109796Purifier LJ – 11.5-1.0 I  
30047684099001The controller 608201538  
30147684048001Service package, constant frequency high dust unit maintenance (1YR/8K..  Guard (1 yr / 8 k)  
30247684047001Service package, Fixed frequency Standard unit maintenance (1YR/8K)  
30347684046001Service package, constant frequency high dust unit maintenance (6MO/4K..  Guard (6 mo / 4 k)  
30447684045001Service package, Fixed-frequency standard unit dimension (6MO/4K)  
30547684044001Service package, Constant frequency high Dust unit dimension (3MO/2K)  
30647684043001Service package, fixed-frequency standard unit maintenance (3MO/2K)  
30847640862001KIT,SERVICE SOLENOID VALVE (RH-1..  VE (RH-160-IR)  
30947504404001The motor  
31047683462001Non-standard heat recovery control  
31147682804001Locking jib (47617181001 cylinder on the intake valve..  On the cylinder of the air valve)  
31247543326003Motor 200KW 380V 50HZ ODPIE3HB  
31321963558704 glue  
31447683607001Heat recovery pump control box  
31547683517001Pressure switch 7015017  
31647683081001Muffler shield plate  
31747636902001Air intake hose  
31847579664001Normally closed contact of emergency stop button  
31940057424Solenoid valve  
32039309034VALVE SOLENOID.2 WAY N.C..  25IN N….  25IN NPT  
32137980471PISTON ACTUATOR  
32247683611001Irgy-high voltage cabinet 10KV250KW-3 up and out, series reactance..  Up and out, series reactance capacitor compensation  
32347683592001Ir5300-90-i Inverter Cabinet circuit breaker NSX25..  Circuit breaker NSX250N  
32447678128001Screw machine,SE controller upgrade package options  
32547614283001Blowback option S200-300kW VSD  
32624089898Communication line inverter – Controller NIRVANA-..  NIRVANA-OF  
32747682963001Oil distribution four-way joint  
32847682053001Purifier 9014179  
32947649154001[P266] Temperature switch control line  
33147641848001Rubber mat  
33347641362001Main engine exhaust pipe  
33447641303001The hard tube  
33547641274001The hard tube  
33647641273001The hard tube  
33747641272001The hard tube  
34547671473061VSD250- SURGE protection board -MT204ZA3  
34647671473053Mt204zg2-mt204g2fl1-md320n series Universal frequency conversion..  0N series general frequency converter lightning protection board  
34747658879001Screw machine, CM current relay  
34847641361001Main engine exhaust pipe  
35047630896001Screw machine, pressure sensor  
35147613764001Protective barrier  
35223716269Heat exchanger base  
35321977608Storage tank,E-445L/ 1.8mpa/Domestic /GB150  
354SLT11030SStainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/0.8(horizontal)  
355SLT11021SStainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/0.8(horizontal)  
35647683291001Cylinder C – 0.46/0.8  
35747683290001Cylinder C – 0.44/0.8  
35847683121001Fuel injector heat recovery module HNWDP-350(specified: refresh)  
35947683117001Quick plug connector 1/8NPT  
36047683116001Direct quick plug connector 1/8NPT  
36147682966001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.3(stainless steel pressure gauge)  
36247682965001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.3(stainless steel pressure gauge)  
36347682897001Two control valve actuator Honeywell  
36447680224001Screw machine, electrical schematics stick flower A  
36515852577H15T2 Nose (homemade)  
366R47528816001KPReconfigurable host overhaul IR349/257  
367R47528816001Main engine overhaul IR349/257(ARES3)  
368ATE65002The hard tube  
37049080609ABB Miniature circuit breaker S202-D3  
37147682972001Screw machine, SE controller upgrade options pack  
37247678126001Screw machine, controller installation options  
37347669023001Stainless steel axial pressure gauge 1004041 port G1/4 6..  Interface G1/4 60 0-1.8mpa  
37447667111001Screw machine hose 1.00 X 38″ ORFS 90 EL..  FS 90 ELB X ORFS 90 ELB  
37547653156001Filter cotton  
37647639436001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE HIGH DUST  
37747639434001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE STANDARD  
37847639432001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE HIGH DUST  
37947639430001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS132-160I RS90..  60I RS90-160IE STANDARD  
38047605773001The relief valve  
38147596330001RM220i, cap, specification PG16  
382475908780012021600-001 Cable Assembly, RM225 A/C (Fan Motor)  
38347587907001Cable, motor heater  
38447587905001Applique, electrical wiring diagram RM220iLV,A/C  
385475865800012021900-001 Cable Assembly, (Cable cross section 2.5mm2, 3..  5mm2, 3000mm long)  
38647580845001Cable assembly, 1SV, RM225  
38747574868001Protective screen fan  
38847574867001Cooling bellows, fans  
38947574865001Bracket, oil cooled bottom  
39047574864001Bracket, oil cooled after top  
39147561804001Bracket, fan motor  
39247555498001Left hole plate, fan  
39338053633WCH regulator I original :633607  
39424900359Oil filter assembly  
39523416704001Screw machine hose HYD 1.25 X 54ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
397ATH01092Bubble bag  
39847681119001After the condenser  
40347611147001Air condenser plate fin type 18 900397  
40423919251RELAY, OVERLOAD (ABB E80DU80)  
405SLT10926SGas storage tank C-15.0/1.0(inner coated epoxy) Yantai  
40647682674001Carbon steel gas storage tank C-1.5/1.0(automatic blowdown valve)  
40747682673001Carbon steel Gas Storage tank C-20/1.0(automatic blowdown valve)  
40847682434001Host, LB5L  
40947682433001Host, LB5H  
41047682432001Host, LB3L  
41147682431001Host, LB3H  
41247682430001Dryer assembly, AC317558  
41347682429001Belt, C1010046  
41447682428001Belt, C1010044  
41547682426001Belt, C1010010  
41647682425001Belt, C1010037  
41747682424001Belt, C1010038  
41847682423001Current protector, C8150046  
41947682422001Controller, C8010017  
42047682421001Cooler, AC315369-1  
42147682420001Cooler, AC302497-3  
42247682419001Crank shaft, C7500003  
42347682418001Crank shaft, SLB501  
42447682417001Discharge line, AC325043  
42547682416001Discharge line, AC325050  
42647682415001Discharge line, AC325052  
42747682414001Drain line 1, AC325013  
42847682413001Drain line 1, AC325029  
42947682412001Drain line 1, AC325041  
43047682411001Drain line 2, AC325014  
43147682410001Drain line 2, AC325030  
43247682409001Drain line 2, AC325042  
43347682408001Door lock, C9020006  
43447682407001Ground rod, C8120002  
43547682406001Fan Assembly, C5020029  
43647682405001Fan Assembly, C5020024  
43747682404001Hoses, AC324491  
43847682403001Hoses, AC318938  
43947682402001Hoses, AC315894  
44047682401001Shaft seal, SLB506  
44147682400001Shaft seal, C7500004  
44247682399001Built-in hinge, C9010001  
44347682398001Tube assembly, AC314363  
44447682397001Timer C4020002  
44547682396001Circuit breaker, C8150034  
44647682395001Main motor, M00544332GB  
44747682394001Main motor, M00344332GB  
44847682393001Noise filter, C8080006  
44947682392001Crank pin, C7500002  
45047682391001Crank pin, SLB509  
45147682390001Tube assembly, C2790033  
45247682389001Pressure gauge, C4010004  
45347682388001Pressure gauge, C4010007  
45447682387001Motor with wheel, AC324540  
45547682386001Motor pulley, AC320294-1  
45647682385001Motor pulley, AC302294-2  
45747682384001Motor with wheel, AC320765  
45847682383001Motor pulley, AC302388-2  
45947682382001Motor pulley, AC302388  
46047682381001Switch, C8200010  
46147682380001Safety valve, C6010100  
46247682379001Safety valve, C6010072  
46347682378001Temperature sensor, C4050011  
46447682377001Strap, AC316560  
46547682376001Air compression tank, AC323066-1  
46647682375001Tip seal, C7500001  
46747682374001Nylon tube, C2030019  
46847682373001Ball valve, C6020106  
46947682372001Ball valve, C6010104  
47047682371001Spherical butterfly valve, C6020202  
47147682370001Ball valve, C6020305  
47247682188001Guizhou Changjiang Car into skid BOM  
47347678125001Screw machine, wire cable number  
47447566729001Check valve, throttling 2.54mm  
47547682584001Compressor DDH307LV 9001265  
47647682427001Belt, C1010005  
47747681878001Acns-ups 25KVA/15MIN Cabinet Mount/input 380..  Mountain/input 380V output 220V  
47847675706001Screw machine, controller upgrade options  
47947675286001Microthermal drying machine controller YX-XET47001120  
48047637513001[860] Screw machine, contactor  
48224260879062HYD 1.50 X 28.00 ORFS STR X..  S STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
48347680225001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
48424875189Manual Parts R55-75 vs..  R55-75VSD  
48524875171Product R55-75 vs…  R55-75VSD  
48648865331Water separator MK132-16..  MK132-160  
48747682059001[P642] Flow meter replacement probe  
48824264798Male rotor rear locking nut CDA96  
489SE000940Regeneration regulating valve  
49095865358Screw hex head 1/4 X 6 FULLTHD  
49195098497HEX 1/4 X 3-1/2 LG  
49247682055001Filter element 10DS25-130 X 1  
49347681516001Horizontal tank C-25.0/1.0 304L internal polishing  
49447678018001Screw machine, sensor mounting bracket  
49547583265001The motor  
49624082828Decal circuit diagram blowing back  
49718301507Fan with motor A4D400-a..  A4D400-AP12-01  
498S140100Control outsource commissioning fees  
49947678127001Screw machine, sensor installation option  
50047678124001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
50147608489001Screw machine, micro circuit breaker  
50247679921001ACNS- air compressor station centralized control system  
50347634719001Solenoid valve  
50447634716001Relief valve module assembly  
50547679433001Rear cooler maintenance Kit (49001902)  
50647633033001Drainer 105ZDP031 2  
50747553069001General purpose inverter power board  
50847524524001Intake valve hose HPK80  
50947681057001Low-voltage soft starter cabinet 250KW upper and lower discharge  
51047681056001900HP mid-mounted high pressure bypass cabinet  
51147679434001Oil Cooler Maintenance Kit (49086788)  
51247549363001【P676】2″ one-way valve  
51396748827Pipe bolt M10X1CF75D8  
51449176746001Orifice connector M18-1.5..  M18-1.5 X 5/16″ ORFS 2.1  
51647520559001MOTOR,37KW 400V IP55 50HZ S/D – ..  Z S/D – F1 PEGASUS II I  
517SE001564Normally closed pneumatic valve  
518SE001561Normally open pneumatic valve  
51949118938Motor 55KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
52047613554011Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 5.52MPa  
52124313686Cross recessed pan head screws GB/ T818-2000M4x8  
52247681100001Fan motor support  
52347549423001【P674】 Air switch ABS-103B-75A  
52447681049001Fan power cable 4 x 4mm280 m  
52547680468001Water pump (CDMF10-6 FSWSC)  
52647680467001Water pump (FSWSC CDMF20-5)  
52747668818001Fan converter  
52847630975001Copper gasket, 2545 shaft end cover  
52924208175Oil seal baffle – Alfa co  
530242081422545 end cap. – Alpha  
531RGEAR00SMain engine disassemble driven gear single stage  
532RGEAR00DMain engine disassemble driven gear double stage  
53347669036001Temperature controller 7017021 TC4S-14R  
53447538566001Inlet valve HPK65 ON/OFF FS  
53547525068001[P268 screw machine] Wind cooler ma Shan  
53647524321004Fan motor 1.5HP 220/380/440V 60H..  440V 60HZ IE3  
53747523289001Tube filter into oil  
53847521191001The exhaust pipe  
53923712319The sensor  
54023709942Check valve orifice 1.0..  Throttle orifice 1.04mm  
54123013485The sensor  
54249118946Motor 75KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
54347680442001Non-standard gas storage tank C-40.0/1.0(maximum height of 7m)  
54447680441001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0(lined with stainless steel)  
54547680440001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30/1.1(lined with stainless steel)  
54647680437001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-20/1.0  
54747680432001ABB converter 315KW;  
54847680431001Ir53-ir5300-250 Inverter cabinet down in and out/isolation..  Down in, down out/isolation switch  
54947679539001Tubing stent  
55047679537001H150 oil filter (with connector)  
55147679536001Lubricating oil filter  
55224161408Electrical control box Assembly 110kwVSD ACNEW COBR..  NEW COBRA400V KT-09-VSD  
55319060870Rear high temperature filter HT6S-10DSJ  
55495990776O-ring Viton-3..  VITON -380  
55596961875O ring lubrication interface  
55647679904001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0(inner coated with anticorrosive paint)  
55747679903001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-10/1.0(lined with stainless steel)  
55847543327014315 kw motor  
55947543326015Motor 250KW VSD 380V IE2ODP HB  
56024738940CONTACTOR 40A 0 AUX CONT  
56124738924CONTACTOR 52A 0 AUX CONT  
562244829032021900-001 Screw machine Terminal, 3Phase, (ABB P..  , (ABB P N s1-M3-25)  
56324142036Screw machine fuse  
56447679511001American standard gas storage tank C-10/1.2  
56547678534001Ir53-ir5300-350 Directly connected Frequency conversion upper outlet/separator..  Upper and lower outputs/Isolation switch /MB RTU  
56695065439Hexagon head bolt  
56747609842007Ac contactor _3RT60281AG20  
56847679540001IRCT- Centrifuge high pressure cabinet domestic under in and out + prevent..  Domestic down in and out + rain cover  
56947679333001Air storage tank C-10/1.0(D1814×455, Qingdao Sea and Air)  
57047679337001Water pump (CDMF10-2 FSWSC)  
57147679336001The water pump (CDMF10 FSWSC)  
57247679321001Non-standard heat recovery main control cabinet in and out;  Carbon steel tank..  Down in and out;  Carbon steel cabinet put oneself in another’s position  
57347677518001M200-250 High pressure air cooling controller upgrade package  
57447677517001M200-250 High pressure water cooling controller upgrade package  
57547677516001M200-250 Low-pressure air cooling controller upgrade package  
57647677515001M200-250 Low-voltage water cooling controller upgrade package  
57783901236GHHCDA160 untested hosts | RO |  
57821992029Hpw.wp1.7mpa (10M)  
579SLT06892Secondary plate for FP 22-29-1-NH  
58047679342001Solenoid valve service spare parts  
58147678961001Electric control valve Honeywell;  2.  .  Honeywell;  2.  Carbon steel;  D  
58247678960001Electric on/off valve Honeywell;  Material carbon..  Honeywell;  Carbon steel;  DN25;  V  
58347678959001Non-standard heat recovery main control cabinet (bottom in and bottom out, carbon steel cabinet)  
58438459707Filter DanfossDCL 083S..  DCL 083S 10mm  
58549041817Screw machine joint  
58647678844001[P266] Contactor, AB 100-E190KD11  
58747677519001Screw machine, controller installation options  
58847677520001Screw machine, sensor installation option  
589SE000346Cold dry machine fan 9002141  
59080449119Screw machine parts manual RS200-250I/N  
59147678907001IRSS- High voltage soft starter cabinet 1250HP1ABB components in one..  ABB components in and out in one  
59247678494001Tubular heat exchanger (KL8.201)  
59347678493001Tubular heat exchanger (KL8.501)  
59447678492001Water pump (FSWSC CDMF5-5)  
59547678491001Water pump (10-4 FSWSC)  
59647678490001Electric heating water tank (6T)  
59747575527001AStainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0 (Danyang)  
59847613554007Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 1.38MPa  
59947613554006Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 1.03mpa  
60047675705001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
60147675704001Screw machine, electrical wiring label  
60247623328001Screw machine, controller assembly  
60347551098001RAIL, DIN 35MM X 100MM  
60447675701001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
60547675700001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
60647675699001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
60747629357001Screw machine, temperature sensor PT100  
60847629356001Screw machine, temperature sensor PT100  
60947678358001[P272] Motor front end cover  
61047675703001Screw machine, sensor mounting bracket  
61147671473045MT324ZG-MT324QD21- Inverter driver board  
61247671473044MT204ZG-MT204QD2- Inverter IGBT driver board  
61347671473032MT204ZG-MT204ZA1- Inverter fan power supply board  
61447578067001Screw machine, relay  
61523857154Pressure switch  
61647678346001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank 6/1.0(H=3000)  
61747678345001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank 6/0.8(H=3000)  
61847675698001Screw machine, electrical principle diagram adhesive paper  
61947671473042Hall current sensor – direct measuring type -800A-4V  
62047654961001Controller Assembly XHRS  
62124072043Direct head 2.0mnPt *2.0T SS  
62247677851001ACNS- Low voltage power distribution cabinet (smart meter on and out of the upper drive  
62347677850001Flow temperature and pressure compensation integrator option with Modbus pass..  With the Modbus communication  
62447677849001Monocrystalline silicon differential pressure transmitter HR-3051F..  HR-3051F1  
62547677848001IControl Monitoring software audit tracing function  
62615444888SAir tank C – 2.5/0.8  
62795954137Elbow (for safety valve)  
62895953600Direct head (with safety valve)  
62947678287001Cylinder, 8110-0054  
63022338016Tube refrigerant evaporator to compressor  
63149169840Motor 550 hp3kv50hzodphuada  
63247678035001Oil filter module  
63347678034001Exhaust duct module  
63447677767001Adjustable support  
63685548808Corner panel assembly left rear  
63747677971001Calorimeter probe,TM-1, measuring range :DN50~D..  Circumference: (~ DN700mm  
63847677879001[P266] Fan, motor 23064389  
63947677319001Siemens three way electric control valve DN10 cast iron  
64047677318001Honeywell two way electric switching valve DN cast iron  
64147677317001IRHC- Temperature control box under and out PLC+..  Down in and out PLC+7″HMI  
64247676733001Cooling fan, motor 54528773  
64347629065001Water flow switch DTT31  
64447543326026【P266】 Motor, M200-A/C-660V 50HZ..  60V 50HZ IE2  
64549102072Contactor AX115-30-11-84  
64654531876Safety valve 165PSIG1.25″ inlet *2..  1.25 “into * 2” out  
64749119217Motor fan 15KW 400V 50HZIE3  
64894484045GASKET CLOSER FLANGE 3 X900  
64947677874001Non-standard stainless steel tank C-4.0/1.0 (internal 300 mesh +..  (internal 300 mesh + external 120 mesh + inspection  
65047677738001Plate exchanger (TF6-56)  
65147677089001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-25/1.0  
65247675806001Other accessories  
65347675804001Frequency conversion control system equipment  
65447675800001Condition monitoring system equipment  
65537575198COVER VALVE BILLET CYL,1.375 SET…  375 SET SC  
65631375496NUT SET SCRW 1-3/8IN  
65730351068GASKET SET SCREW 1-3/8″IDX2-1/8″..  DX2-1/8″OD  
65846837274Stand FOR 4 & 6HEAT EXC..  HEAT EXCHANGERS  
65947677316001IRSS- High voltage Solid State Soft start 10KV7 triad up and down A..  Three in one up and down ABB components  
66047677223001Nitrogen making machine NC49-60, Shandong Ningchuang  
66147677222001Nitrogen making machine NC295-30, Shandong Ningchuang  
66247676580001Electric switch valve (DN250 carbon steel) NBKVHD94..  NBKVHD943F-16C  
66347676576001Pressure transmitter 0~35kgcm27MF1567  
66447676558001Pressure transmitter 0~16kg/cm27MF1567  
66547676575001P642] electric switch valve DN65V8BFW16-..  V8BFW16-065  
66647676574001Electric switch valve DN125V8BFW16-..  V8BFW16-125U  
66747676573001Electric switch valve DN100V8BFW16-..  V8BFW16-100U  
66847676572001Electric on/off valve DN15VN6013  
66947676571001DN250TUG 250W..  TUG 250W D2  
67047676570001DN150TUG 150W..  TUG 150W D4  
67147676569001DN150TUG 150W..  TUG 150W D2  
67247676568001Flow switch WFS-1001..  WFS-1001-H  
67347676567001Intelligent flow meter DN150SE215MM  
67447676566001Intelligent flow meter DN500UL450  
67547676565001Intelligent flowmeter DN158800DF00..  8800DF005  
67647676564001Intelligent flow meter DN808800DF30  
67747676563001Intelligent flowmeter DN3008800DF12..  8800DF120  
67847676562001Intelligent flowmeter DN300(HCDA)8800DF12..  8800DF120  
67947676561001Intelligent flowmeter DN2508800DF10..  8800DF100  
68047676560001Dew point transmitter -80~+20℃FA510  
681476765590010~100℃QAE2174…  QAE2174.010  
68247676557001ACNS- Low voltage switchboard HCDA  
68347676556001ACNS- Electrical (gas) valve operating box HCDA  
68447676555001Iric-icontrolns Centralized control cabinet HCDA  
68547676554001ACNS- LOW voltage distribution cabinet LCDA  
68647676552001ACNS- Electric (gas) valve operating box LCDA  
68747676551001Iric-icontrolns Centralized cabinet LCDA  
68836757581Pressure switch  
689SE001333Heat exchanger  
69049195035Dew-point meter 7017018  
69147674875001Control relay CAN22F5N  
69247674874001Control relay CAN31M5N  
69347674873001Touch Screen Assy MCGS TPC..  MCGS TPC7062TX includes QB6 program  
69447674872001Touch Screen Assy MCGS TPC..  MCGS TPC7062TX contains PSTX procedure  
69547674871001Control transformer JBK3-800..  JBK3-800 AC380V/AC220V  
69647674870001Control transformer JBK3-500..  JBK3-500 AC380V/AC220V  
69747674869001Ac contactor GSC2-200..  The 380 v coil GSC2-2000  
69847674868001Ac contactor GSC2-125..  The 380 v coil GSC2-1250  
69947674867001Ac contactor GSC2-100..  The 380 v coil GSC2-1000  
70047674866001Ac contactor GSC2-800..  GSC2 380 v – 800 – f coil  
70147674850001Exhaust fan FB-108E..  Fb-108e AC220V with filter  
70247674849001Quick fuse RS87AZ-1..  RS87AZ-1000V-2300A  
70347674848001Quick fuse RS87AZ-6..  RS87AZ-690V-2000A  
70447674847001Quick fuse RS87Z-69..  RS87Z-690V-1500A  
70547674846001Quick fuse RS77CZ-6..  RS77CZ-690V-1250A  
70647674845001Quick fuse RS77CZ-6..  RS77CZ-690V-800A  
70747674844001Quick fuse RS34-690..  RS34-690V-500A+NT3  
70847674843001Quick fuse RS34-690..  RS34-690V-450A+NT3  
70947674842001Quick fuse RS33-690..  RS33-690V-400A+NT2  
71047674841001Quick fuse RS33-690..  RS33-690V-315A+NT2  
71147674840001Quick fuse RS32-690..  RS32-690V-200A+NT1  
71247674839001Quick fuse RS31-690..  RS31-690V-160A+NT00  
71347674838001Quick fuse RS31-690..  RS31-690V-100A+NT00  
71447674837001Ac contactor LC1E500Q..  LC1E500Q5N AC380V  
71547674836001Ac contactor LC1E400Q..  LC1E400Q5N AC380V  
71647674835001Ac contactor LC1E300Q..  LC1E300Q5N AC380V  
71747674834001Ac contactor LC1E250Q..  LC1E250Q5N AC380V  
71847674833001Ac contactor LC1E200Q..  LC1E200Q5N AC380V  
71947674832001Ac contactor LC1E160Q..  LC1E160Q5N AC380V  
72047674831001Ac contactor LC1E120Q5N AC380V  
72147674830001Ac contactor LC1N80Q5..  LC1N80Q5N AC380V  
72247674829001Ac contactor LC1N65Q5..  LC1N65Q5N AC380V  
72347674828001Ac contactor LC1N3210..  LC1N3210Q5N AC380V  
72447674827001Domestic soft starter QB-6-800..  QB-6-800/C  
72547674826001Domestic soft starter QB-6-630..  QB-6-630/C  
72647674825001Domestic soft starter QB-6-500..  QB-6-500/C  
72747674824001ABB Soft Starter PSTX1250..  PSTX1250-600-70  
72847674823001ABB Soft Starter PSTX1050..  PSTX1050-600-70  
72947674822001ABB Soft Starter PSTX840-..  PSTX840-600-70  
73047674821001ABB Soft Starter PSTX470-..  PSTX470-600-70  
73147674820001ABB Soft Starter PSTX370-..  PSTX370-600-70  
73247674819001ABB Soft Starter PSTX300-..  PSTX300-600-70  
73347674818001ABB Soft Starter PSTX210-..  PSTX210-600-70  
73447674817001ABB Soft Starter PSTX170-..  PSTX170-600-70  
73547674816001ABB Soft Starter PSTX142-..  PSTX142-600-70  
73647674815001ABB Soft Starter PSTX105-..  PSTX105-600-70  
73747674814001ABB Soft Starter PSTX85-6..  PSTX85-600-70  
73847674813001ABB Soft Starter PSTX72-6..  PSTX72-600-70  
73947674812001ABB Soft Starter PSTX60-6..  PSTX60-600-70  
74047674811001ABB Soft Starter PSTX37-6..  PSTX37-600-70  
74347629617001Tube assembly M90-160  
74447518472016HOSE, HYD 1.00 X 18 JICSTR X JI..  STR X JIC STR ST STL END  
74524720823Auxiliary contact 2NO 1NC  
74624720815Auxiliary contact 1NC  
74747676922001Non-standard ASME Gas storage tank C-4.0/1.6  
74847676921001Non-standard ASME Gas storage tank C-1.0/1.6  
749630394Diaphragm valve seal assembly  
75047596458005250 kw 380 motor  
75124023244Mainframe attached report CF90G6  
75247676553001IRSS- High voltage solid state soft start combination color R7035  
75347676141001Middle type high pressure switch cabinet -10KV350KW;  non-standard  
75447633090001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF364 DN15  
75547676549001Fouling bucket 4014006 108X180  
75647676548001Aluminum alloy purifier gasket 2004016  
75747675729001Xhrs-of-132 oil free heat recovery  
75847675728001Xhrs-of-90 oil free heat recovery  
75915867435Wing tube 15T2-984mm copper tube structure same as 3202567..  With 32025678  
76047577314001Motor, R160 525V 50HZ ZIP65 REPOR..  65 REPORT  
76147577313001Motor, R90 525V 50HZ IP65REPORT  
76247576852001Motor, M250 525V 50HZ TEFC IP65  
76324900367Oil filter M33X2  
76447676445001Non-standard Carbon Steel Gas Storage Tank C-2.0/1.0(H=2142)  
76547676240001Non – standard oil free heat recovery control box skid-mounted  
76647676170001Zync-60 Nitrogen making skid  
76747676150001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0 (height limit 4500mm)  
7684767614800190 degree bend 2  
7694767614700190 degree bend  
77047675974001Water pump CDMF3-4 fswsc3t 23 m/h  
77147675972001Sound Shield Assembly 90-132KW..  90-132kW oil free heat recovery  
77247675733001Protection plate replaced with FP 22-171-NH  
77347675732001FP 22-19-1-NH shall be replaced by a plate  
77447675731001Protection plate replaced with FP 22-13-1-NH  
77547675730001Application board for FP 22-11-1-NH  
77647676550001Pressure transmitter 1624640059  
77747676396001[P272] 47655639001 Upgrade package  
77847667846001Screw machine 16K hour maintenance package  
77947667845001Screw machine 8K hours maintenance package  
78047667844001Screw machine 4K hour maintenance package  
78147661942001Screw machine 2K hours maintenance package  
78247661941001Screw machine 1K hours maintenance package  
78347655640001【P272】 Applique, ELECTRICALSCHEMATI..  SCHEMATIC S250 LV XE  
78537129889BODY UNLOADER HP – 71T2/15T  
78732012395Unloading spring sheet 0.038  
78830416853Unloading spring  
78947605778001The relief valve  
79024224164Copper set of  
79147667573001Gearbox ARES 332 Main m200-250..  The restructuring M200-250  
79247675846001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-8/1.0  
79347675845001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-2/1.0  
79447675776001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-3/1.0  
79547675510001Wireless debugging and remote browsing function;  
79647675417001HUB Ethernet signal trunk  
79747675416001S401 Thermal flowmeter,G1/2 “,D no display /300m..  No display /300mm probe;  Type high speed;  
79847675197001S430 Pitot meter,G1/2 “no display /300m..  No display /300mm probe;  Output 4 to 2  
79947615078001XGas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(inner coated with epoxy)  
80017933451Moisture FWS 2 “NPT without drainage  
80147671335001Screw machine, inverter insulation board  
80247671334001Screw machine, frequency converter copper bar  
80347671333001Screw machine, reactor cable  
804476236130018000 hours high dust pre-filter unit maintenance package  
805476236110018000 hours maintenance kit  
806476236090014000 hours high dust pre-filter unit maintenance package  
807476236070014000 hours maintenance package  
80847623602001Water cooled hose maintenance kit  
80947623601001Air cooled hose maintenance kit  
81023710842Temperature control valve maintenance kit  
8111586748415T2 rear cooling tube (U tube) copper tube structure is the same as 220084..  Structure with 22008486  
8121586747615T2 rear cooling tube (U tube) copper tube structure is the same as 220084..  Structure with 22008478  
81315867443Fin tube 15T2-1054mm red copper tube structure same as 320256..  Structure with 32025686  
81415867427Wing tube 15T2-914mm copper tube structure same as 3202469..  With 32024697  
81547674016001Booster pump BM – 10-10-30  
81647673694001350kW oil injection heat recovery board for replacement  
81747673693001300kW oil injection heat recovery board for replacement  
81847673692001132kW oil injection heat recovery board for replacement  
8194767369100175kW oil injection heat recovery board for replacement  
82047675287001Controller of cold drying machine YX-LG136 71121  
82147624841001Exhaust pipe support  
82247624840001The exhaust pipe  
82324757742Insulation exhaust muffler CD26 has no aftercooling  
82447675638001Electric valve, DN125, material: 304 stainless steel, AC..  04 stainless steel, AC220V, 16bar  
82547675617001IControl 16 only 220VAC electronic options  
82647675507001Carbon steel filter (Gly41H-16C DN80 PN1.6..  80 PN1.6)  
82724720864Interference suppressor 3RT69 26..  3RT69 26-1CC00  
82824720856Interference suppressor 3RT59 36..  3RT59 36-1CC00  
82923958341Pipe assembly rear cooled stainless steel CD8DVSD..  CD8DVSD instead of 23454838  
83115470446SStainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.6  
832SE004048The relief valve  
83349109994Expansion valve NRFE – 7.5 N  
83449025653Movable panel assembly at both ends  
83547675453001Phase sequence protector -DPA55CM44  
83647674876001Power cord, 50 square, inlet terminal to upper end of contactor  
83747667429001Thermal insulation cotton elbow  
83847667428001Insulation cotton straight pipe  
83947596458001Motor 200KW 400V/ 3/50Hz SIERRA  
84024081879Hood fan exhaust CD26 VSD  
84123972110Insulated sleeve 5 “tube  
84223879158Temperature control valve  
84347675370001ABB pressure transmitter 266HSHPK..  266HSHPKBNA1EZL1TB  
84447674015001After the cold KL75.86  
84547674009001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-120.0/3.0 SS30..  3.0 SS304L  
84647674008001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0 SS304…  0 SS304L  
84747674007001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.2 SS304L  
84847674771001IR 330 Display Table,RS-485,  
85747674718001Klinell T600-02φ83*670  
86147673994001IR401 thermal flowmeter,DN150 no display /220m..  No display /220mm probe;  Expansion of large;  
86347661590001Moisture stents  
86496759618Pipe joint  
86547674897002[P266] Motor rear end cover  
86647674897001[P266] Motor front end cover  
86724906091XE Controller Manual NIRVANA-OF original 8044865..  The original 80448657  
86896740758Hexagon socket bolt  
86995955662Right Angle connector  
87049181787Water separator  
87149181720Water separator  
87249080583ABB Emergency stop button CE4T-10R..  CE4T-10R-02  
87347674727001Han Ye 7027005CPU224XP with program  
87447663569001COUGAR 75 moisture hoop  
87547663568001The so-called COUGAR 45 to 55 hoop  
87647662596001Water separator support  
87747662432001Water separator support  
87847662431001Water separator support  
87947605784001The relief valve  
88047605782001The relief valve  
88147605776001The relief valve  
882475694270014 PASS WC STD-harsh W..  -HARSH WATER  
88315487861Water condenser  
88447674395001IRCT- Centrifuge high pressure cabinet made in China  Domestic upward and out + rain cover  
885476747330012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
886476747320014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
88747674731001Hangzhou mountain maintenance costs  
88847674729001Hangzhou Shanli 01003604  
88947674728001Hangzhou Shanli 01012065  
89047605764001Filter, intake door panel  
89132198376First stage piston ring  
89224189581ABB Manual motor starter MS116-2…  MS116-2.5 –  
89349159536Motor M2006KV 50 hz..  6 kv 50 hz TEFC SF1.2  
89449109770The evaporator  
89547674714001Hangzhou Risheng 104STQF050Q 644F-16C DN5..  -16C DN50  
89647673063001Check valve 104ZHF245 DN25  
89747673062001Check valve 104ZHF106 DN50  
89847671473009Mt223zg2-mt223g2qd2-md320 series Universal frequency converter..  0 series universal inverter drive board (no  
89947550722001Control valve interface 1/4″ 1.7MPA-0.6m  
90047674292001Carbon steel gas storage tank C-5/1.0(design pressure 1.2)  
90147674133001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0 SS3160..  0 SS31603 Pickling passivation + rust  
90247657818001K8 relay  
90347602684001Cooler repair kit containing 4 gaskets and 1 O-ring  
90447597345044Motor wheel  
90547557737001Air filter  
90624887655Motor fan 0.75KW 400V50HZ IE3  
90747673939001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0 limit height 2.2m..  0 limit height 2.2m+ stainless steel primary paint +  
90847673795001ACNS- Low voltage switchboard on in/out/surge..  Up and out of the upper/with surge protection/nai  
90947673794001Iric-icontrol NS Centralized Control box Carbon steel cabinet/down down..  Carbon steel cabinet/down in and out  
91047673679001Industrial air conditioner IR5100-1..  Ir5100-160-i Frequency conversion cabinet supporting  
91147671473003MT152KZ- 380V-1.5KW-MD series inverter control board  
91247596458006Motor 300KW 380V/ 3/50Hz SIERRA  
91347549408001[P675] Contactor SP12  
91447673066001Ir53-ir5300-h-10-315-i Manual bypass/Upper lower..  Manual bypass/upper and lower outlet  
91538460168Fan EBM A4E3..  EBM A4E350-AP06-01  
917SE001108The compressor  
9186005122 “outside the joints  
91947667575001Shaft sleeve  
92047667574001Main motor bracket  
92147658798001Bracket, OIL STOP MANIFOLD  
92247645563001Screw machine connector M27 X 1″ ORFS, 12MM O..  , 12MM ORIFICE  
92347549399001[P676] Heater 18KW  
92447672819001ACNS- Green Power  
92547672804001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0, non-standard as shown in the figure  
92647672803001Non-standard gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0 winning brand project, non-standard as shown in the figure  
92747672370001Irss-10kv-600kw (Jiangling)  
92847672247001ACNS – jiangling  
92947671606001Stainless steel gas holder 20/1.0  
93049222086O ring – Polysep PSG60  
93147671362001No hot controller. 01004516  
93247671358001Pneumatic diaphragm valve 01015321  
933ES8F0620The thermometer is 0-160 degrees  
934ATF27012The hard tube  
93547673064001Compressor 9001205 C-SB303H8A  
93647673061001Intermediate relay 105ZJJ052  
93747671361001Diaphragm 01001756 fits 01015322 valve  
93847671360001Pneumatic diaphragm valve 01015322  
93947671359001Diaphragm 01001757 fits 01015321 valve  
94047659460001Screw machine wire harness HIGH VOLTAGECOMMON M..  COMMON MACHINE SIDE (ARE  
94147658727001OIL injection joint OIL STOP  
94224260853015Screw machine hydraulic tube 1.00 X 53 ORFS 90 E..  RFS 90 ELB X ORFS 90 ELB  
94324079022Oil free machine, electric control board assembly  
94447673059001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6/1.0(Non-standard flange)  
94547672934001Non-standard gas storage tank C2/1.0  
94647672933001Non-standard gas storage tank C20/1.0  
94747672662001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/3.0(inner coated with epoxy, safety valve side..  Epoxy coated, safety valve side mounted)  
94847672661001Gas storage tank C-5.0/2.5(inner coated with epoxy)  
94924076259BREAKERCIRCUIT 3A-2P (C)  
950ES8E05210 to 25 bar pressure gauges  
951ES822163Temperature sensor PT100-EX..  PT100-ExdII CT4  
95249062532Cooler assembly 37KW 46 ° C (SINGLE..  (SINGLE PASS) REPORT  
95347672359001ACNS- Low voltage distribution cabinet five rings  
95447672242001IRHC- Cooling water system on site 3* 5.5kW,..  3 * 5.5 KW, 1 * 2.3 KW  
95547672241001Irhc-cooling water system on site 5* 5.5kW,..  5 * 5.5 KW, 2 * 2.3 KW  
95647671842001SPX cooling tower MHF7103MAAANG1  
95747671473007Mt152tx2-md series inverter RS485 communication board  
95847650135001Screw machine, Exhaust Globe valve, 40mm stroke, For R..  Travel, For RS200-250IE 20  
95947650134001Screw machine, Exhaust Globe valve, 44mm stroke, For R..  Stroke, For RS200-250I, AP  
96047650133001Screw machine, Exhaust globe valve, 50mm stroke, For R..  Travel, For RS200-250IE 10  
96147633016001New PLC (with program) 105KZQ666 SR20-..  66 SR20-H  
962SLT11007Stainless steel horizontal gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0  
963ATM87013Safety valve A28X-16T setting pressure 14.3Bar..  14.3 Bar 3/4″  
96447672352001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0(stainless steel lined + freight +..  Lined stainless steel + freight + automatic stainless steel  
96547672075001IRSS – 10 kv – 700 – kw (tenghui)  
96647671962001ABB Inverter ACS580-0..  ACS580-04-650A-4  
96747671960001Ir53-ir5300-300 Directly connected Frequency conversion upper down /ABB..  Upper down /ABB VFD  
96847671958001Ir53-ir5300 350KW Direct transformer upper and lower, circuit breaker..  Upper and lower outlet, circuit breaker 800A  
96947671841001Grundford Pump NBG 65-50-160  
97047632898001Two position five-way solenoid valve 104EWTF403SY7220-5..  SY7220-5DD-02  
97147632897001Two position five-way solenoid valve 104EWTF402SY7120-5..  SY7120-5DD-02  
97238066254Danfoss hand operator  
97347672099001Gate valve replaces SE000940  
97447649985001Intake valve cylinder  
97547611886001Check valve 2″  
97647613554014Safety valve GB 1/2″NPT 0.45mpa  
97747671817001Gas water separator PF-2500F  
97847671495001Irss-10kv-800hp (power)  
97947671494001Irct-10kv-800hp (Xu Ji)  
98047671042001High voltage inverter cabinet IR5000-H-6-300 down in and out, with automatic..  In and out, with automatic bypass  
98146866521The power switch  
98247639032001Oil cooler -AP  
98323459829Inverter HPM 380-..  HPM 380-480V MDV220TIR  
98417933535Monozeolite filter replacement package  
98517933534Monozeolite filter replacement package  
98617933533Monozeolite filter replacement package  
98717933531Polypropylene prefilter  
98817933530Polypropylene prefilter  
98917933529Polypropylene prefilter  
99017933389Spare parts service package PGX12  
99117933388Spare parts service package PGX10  
99217933387Spare parts service package PGX8  
99317933368Spare parts service package PGX6  
99417933366Spare parts service package PGX4  
99517933365Spare parts service package PGX3  
99617933364Spare part service package PGX2  
99717933363Spare parts service package PGX1  
998RMOTOR200HRZ200kW motor maintenance (high voltage)(winding damage)  
999RMOTOR200H200kW motor maintenance (high voltage)  
100047633029001Drainer 105ZDP026 ST-500  
100147613554008Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 1.86mpa  
100242899245SAir tank C – 1.0/1.3  
100324805889Motor fan 1.1kW 400V50HZ IE2..  50HZ IE2 GB/T 7060  
100424224156Temperature control valve shaft  
100596965975Screw machine elbow 90 DEG, MALEORFS, FL..  ORFS, FLANGE (INCH)  
100795992160O-ring 011.312 ID X 0.062 WIDTH  
100895985859O-RING, STANDARD  
100995228888Large centrifugal O-ring  
101085575017Screw machine Hydraulic Hose 16/40 IN LONG O..  N LONG ORFS X 90 DEG ELB  
101180446073Operation Manual (electronic version only)  
101249083041Physical THERMAL 168 ° F to 85 ° F  
101347671357001Compressor SE000331  
101547653279001PRESSURE of screw machine cable 1..  SDUCER 10APT  
101647653266001The screw machine is unique in rail 5..  LENOID 5SV  
101747653259001The screw machine is unique in rail 5..  LENOID 5SV  
101847638025001FOAM, PACKAGE INTAKE DOOR, TOP -..  R, TOP – ODM  
101947625240001Screw machine KIT, WIRE CONNECTION PORO  
102047620590001Screw machine Angle plate, high dust air filter bracket  
102147620587001Screw machine motor shaft sleeve RS132-160KW/175-2..  KW/175-200HP (IR296)  
102247615057001Screw machine seal, 3 INCH MOTOR SHAFT..  R SHAFT WITH PTFE LIP  
102347613287001Screw machine hose, air filter to the intake valve (SIZE 1..  Valve (SIZE 120) 2S (IR254/1)  
102447613286001Screw machine hose, air filter to the intake valve (SIZE..  Valve (SIZE 140) 2S (IR254/  
102547605749001Screw machine KIT, WIRE CONNECTION PORO  
102847601985001Screw machine motor shaft sleeve 90-110KW/ 125-150h..  125-150HP 2S (IR254/182)  
102947601983001Screw machine motor shaft sleeve RS132-160KW/175-2..  KW/175-200HP 2S (IR254/1  
103047596603001GEAR CASE TOMOTOR 50..  MOTOR 508 MM (20 INCH)  
103147594341001[P266 Screw machine foam  
103247594340001FOAM, TOP PANEL  
103347594332001FILTER, PANEL AIR  
103447589580001Screw machine direct head 1.5inch BSPT MALE..  PT MALE X 1.5 INCH 37°  
103547588489001KIT, SERVICE INLET VALVE(SIZES 1..  (SIZES 120 AND 140)  
103847588088001Screw machine connector STRAIGHT 1.5INCH NPT..  INCH NPT MALE X 1.5 INCH  
104047571612001Screw machine filter cotton, unit air pre-filtration  
104147558862001FOAM, PACKAGE INTAKE DOOR  
104247544735001O-ring seal  
104347542689001Screw machine controller gasket  
104447542563001Screw machine controller housing  
104547525616001Screw machine circuit breaker  
104647525200001INTERFACE,24 VDC U..  24 VDC ULTRA SENSITIVE C  
104747518474007Screw machine hose  
104847518474006Screw machine hose  
104924552366226 host Velocity..  Velocity132  
105024265985Hose 1.50 X 42.00  
105124265944Hose 1.50 X 36.00  
105224260879058Screw machine hose HYD 1.50 X 48ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X SF 90 ELB IS  
105324260879044HYD 1.50 X 42 ORFSSTR X S..  STR X SF 45 ELB ISO 616  
105424260879043HYD 1.50 X 48 ORFSSTR X S..  STR X SF STR ISO 6162  
105524260879011HYD 1.50 X 32 ORFS STR X ORF..  TR X ORFS STR  
105624260879009Screw machine hose 1.5 X 31 ORFS STR X..  S STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
105724260879008HYD 1.5 X 25 ORFS STR X ORF..  TR X ORFS STR  
105824260804012Screw machine hose HYD.25 X 41ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
105924260804002Hose 0.25 INCH ORFS STRX ORFS S..  X ORFS STR 21 LG  
106024133019Air filter element high powder E200-315..  E200-315KW  
106124132912Air filter high dust E200-315..  E200-315KW  
106323416696002HYD 1.00 X 52 ORFSSTR X OR..  STR X ORFS 90 ELB MD  
106447626239001XE – 145 – m CARDS  
106536884013Oil cooler XHP1070  
10664909946898020009 Surge protection board MT134ZA1..  MT134ZA1-MT134ZG  
106749099583B.98020012 Inverter resistor board MT204ZG-..  MT204ZG-MT204ZA2  
106847670877001Temperature transmitter 0~200℃ (suitable for IHRS..  (Suitable for IHRS)  
106947670344001Oil filter element 608640008  
107047613554005Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 0.93MPa  
107147606165001Pressure Sensor Silicone free 100 PSI, 5VDC..  SI, 5VDC, 1/8 NPT  
107247563517001[P266] Hard tube cooler – exhaust port 55-A  
107338411716The filter element  
107415856040SDS Starter options 20HP 380-415V/ 3pH /..  15V/3ph/50Hz  
107547670555001ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOWMETER DN150 (..  R DN150 (LCD 4~20MA)  
107647670554001Iric-thermal flow meter S401 integrated display 220..  All-in-one display 220mm probe enlargement  
107747670553001ACNS-ACS4000 NS centralized control cabinet xiapu Nuclear Power Plant  
107847670552001Cooling tower (HKD – 1036 – C2 – FLN)  
107947670551001Water pump (TD200-43/4 SWHC)  
108047670567001Disconnecting switch HH15A-63..  HH15A-630A/3P  
108147670343001Vacuum pump oil 608640004  
108247670342001Overtemperature protector 107FL149 450°C  
108324117053Operation and Maintenance Manual M300/350..  M300/350-SS-LV  
108424117046Parts Manual M300/350..  M300/350-SS-LV  
108547670317001150 m3 / min after cold KL19.95-00  
1086SLT11050SStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.6/1.0(thread)  
1087SLT11049SStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.3/1.0(thread)  
1088ATH23069C700 Final heat exhaust retrofit kit  
108947669974001Pneumatic switch valve DN150RD4P1VP1..  RD4P1VP16-Q  
109047669973001Electric switch valve DN80RD4P1XP1..  RD4P1XP16-D  
109147669972001Electric three-way regulating valve DN65RT3T-16  
109247669971001Electric control valve DN100RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-DT  
109347669970001Electric control valve DN40RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-DT  
109447669969001Irhc-ihc main control cabinet Shanghai Huanxu Electronics  
1095475297950023000 nose without fan wheels  
109647543323003Motor 300KW 10KV 50HZ IP23 1S QJ  
109747669880001Purifier 9014196JG-4-10 high pressure 5.5mpa  
109847669886001High pressure pneumatic ball valve 8006009 g1/4 “10MPa  
109947669885001Fan 9002003 YDWF74S4-470N-350 suction air..  0 n – 350 wind at 220 v  
110047669884001104 flm109 bypass cap  
110147669883001Two position five way solenoid valve 104EWTF403  
110247669882001Two position five-way solenoid valve 104EWTF402  
110347669881001Air distributor 6004018 DN100 built in  
110447669699001Non-standard storage tank C-30.0/1.0(paint non-standard + Marine anticorrosion)  
110594485265CYLINDER 4-1/2″ PHE-9  
110647669488001Non-standard plate replacement (FP 22-17-1-NH)  
110747669487001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank 10/1.0  
110847668933001IR53-132 kw (Siemens inverter) – I  
110947655162001Secondary oil separator PI  
111047668934001IR53-200 kw (Siemens inverter) – I  
111115445182SAir tank C – 4.0/2.5  
111215441892SAir tank C – 4.0/1.6  
111347669221001Install accessories piping pressure measuring point  
111447669220001Install accessory temperature measuring point  
111547669214001Point drill with pressure hills A530..  Hills A530 1200  
111647669117001Non-standard stainless steel threaded gas storage tank C-0.6/1.0  
111747668990001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(Color non-standard: green, WEST..  Color non-standard: green, Xi ‘an)  
111847554233001Fan cooling diameter 1200mmRM220i  
111947665941001Irlss-900hp-b low-voltage soft starter cabinet  
112047665940001Irlss-800hp-b low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112147665939001Irlss-700hp-b low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112247665938001Irlss-600hp-b low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112347665937001Irlss-500hp-b low-voltage soft starter cabinet  
112447665936001Irlss-800hp-h low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112547665935001Irlss-700hp-h low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112647665934001Irlss-600hp-h low-voltage soft starting cabinet  
112747665933001Irlss-500hp-h low-voltage soft starter cabinet  
112847665932001Irlss-355 kW low voltage soft starter cabinet  
112947665931001Irlss-300kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
113047665930001Irlss-250kw low-voltage soft starter cabinet  
113147665929001Irlss-200kw low voltage soft starter cabinet  
113247665928001IRLSS -160KW low voltage soft starter cabinet  
113347665927001Irlss-132kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
113447665926001Irlss-110kw low voltage soft starter cabinet  
113547665925001Irlss-90kw low voltage soft starter cabinet  
113647665924001IRLSS -75KW low voltage soft starter cabinet  
113747665923001Irlss-55kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
113847665922001Irlss-45kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
113947665921001Irlss-37kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
114047665920001Irlss-22kw low voltage soft starting cabinet  
114147667668001DG90KW hose repair kit  
114247638502001[267] The design of a control transformer  
114324351876Main motor frequency converter, M132  
114447669108001Sen filter 50 cubic dryer maintenance  
114523985450Intake valve repair kit R90-160  
114647668804001Fan, MOTOR 24171597  
114747664661001DN100 Built-in air distributor 600421  
114847613554002Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 0.86mpa  
114924288094Shaft end cover 231- Alfa non-standard  
115017933429PGX10Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115117933428PGX12Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115217933427Polysep PGX8Polysep..  Polysep Green OW  
115317933426Polysep PGX6Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115417933424Polysep PGX4Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115517933423Polysep PGX3Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115617933422Polysep PGX2Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115717933421Polysep PGX1Polysep..  Polysep Green OWS  
115815851603Cushioning, EA220 – T  
115947668412001Original heat exchanger :SE001336  
11604766148700147617181001 Intake valve cylinder  
11614766148600147617181001 Inlet valve ball head  
116247559154001Motor fan 11KW 400V 50HzIE3  
116347666987001Control cabinet D4500IERi40 7022070  
116447547139001Screw machine check valve (1/4 INCH ORFS MALE..  RFS MALE X M14 MALE  
116547668733001Waste oil collection tank HAD-60  
116647665223001ACNS- Centralized Control System – Sinohydro  
116792065747The belt  
116849099906Intake lower panel Assembly M300-350..  M300-350 SS VSD  
116947647294001Screw machine, main motor junction box  
117047638294001Electric control box assembly 75KW  
117147638293001Electric control box assembly 55KW  
117224193831Intake valve 8 “M300-350  
117318301739IRITIMED PC BOARD  
117447668399001Square flange (including gaskets and fasteners) 72*52*5..)  72*52*5mm  
1175ES240312Phase sequence protector RM4-TG20  
117647667936001The total volume of constant pressure water refill is 200L/ 0.15-0.2mpa  
117747667870001ASME Gas Storage Tank C-10/1.0(DOSH certified + Climbing + paint..  Certification + Climbing + paint requirements)  
117847667869001ASME Gas Storage Tank C-30/1.0(DOSH certified + Climbing + paint..  Certification + Climbing + paint requirements)  
117947661621001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118047661620001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118147661619001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118247661618001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118347661617001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118447661616001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118547661614001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118647661613001Screw machine intake valve repair kit  
118747660676001Screw machine hose service kit  
118847660675001Screw machine motor fan service package  
118947660674001Screw machine motor back end cover service package  
119047660673001Screw machine motor front end cover service package  
119147660672001Screw machine temperature control valve service package  
119247653050001Contactor, LC1-D150M7C, 150A, 220V  
119347653049001Contactor, LC1-D95M7C, 95A,220V  
119547641862001Needle valve  
119647641477001The relief valve  
119747641352001Return pipe  
119847641351001Return pipe  
119947641093001Screw machine, button  
120047641092001Screw machine, tight stop button  
120147641091001Screw machine, button  
120247641074001[P266] Fan motor  
120447640650001Stainless steel aftercooling  
120647638728001Air filter  
120747638307001P266] LRD10C (4-6A)  
120847638306001Thermal relay LRD12C (5.5-8A)  
1209476383050012021276-001 Thermal relay, LRD3363C (63-80A)  
1210476383040012021647-001 Thermal relay, LRD4365(80-104A)  
121147638303001Screw machine, mechanical interlocking  
121247638302001Screw machine, mechanical interlocking  
121347638301001Screw machine, auxiliary contact  
121447638300001Screw machine, auxiliary contact  
121547638299001Contactor, LC1-E0601M5N, 6A  
121647638298001Contactor, LC1-D09M7C, 9A  
121747638297001Contactor, LC1-D12M7C, 12A  
121847638296001Contactor, LC1-D115M7C, 115A  
121947638295001Contactor, LC1-D80M7C, 80A  
122047638289001Housing, electrical control box 55KW & 75KW  
122247636900001The motor  
122347636899001Main motor 75 kw  
122447636897001Oil cooler  
122547636896001Oil cooler  
122647636894001Main motor 55 kw  
122747636893001Intake valve  
122847605771001The relief valve  
122947596771001No oil machine,LOGO assembly  
123047667666001Pressure reducing valve G1/4″ 10.0Mpa-0.6mpa with Table 801..  Pa 8019007  
123147639033001Rear cooler -AP  
123247525069001[P268 screw machine] Oil cooler mashan  
123347666543001Frozen plate in  
123447666542001Cooling water plate replacement  
123647667664001Filter HG3-26, 6003182  
123747667667001Safety valve A28X external thread connection R1/2 801302..  2, 8013025  
123847667665001Oil removal filter element 1022470  
123947637737001[265] Screw machine, terminal  
124023879133Temperature control valve  
124192806009Minimum pressure valve  
124249191158Overload thermal relay TA200DU1..  TA200DU175  
124347667565001Vacuum tank is 3.0 / – 0.1 (Y.T.)  
124447596458004Motor 200KW 380V/ 3/50Hz SIERRA  
124547529795004No fan wheel for engine 7T4 nose  
124630216113Unloading piston  
12474766696800175KW built-in BOM for heat recovery  
124847666541001304 airbag type constant pressure tank B100/8  
124947666540001Pump CDM3-3 FSWPC  
125047666539001Cast iron water pump TD125-40g /4SWHC  
125147665388001160kW oil injection heat recovery board change  
125238469540The tubing  
125347667027001The relief valve 104 aqf121  
125424720831Mechanical interlocking 3RA19 24..  3RA19 24-2B  
125548864052Motor 280KW 380V 50HZ ODPIE1 SF1…  IE1 SF1.25  
125647666990001Fan YDWF74l4-522N-450 suction original :SE00..  The original: wind SE000517  
125747666989001Fan FZL500-4 dql35p7 (3/60 480 v/hz)..  / 3/60 hz) the original: SE000523  
125947666986001Outlet pipe filter element 108LX006  
126047596458002Motor 250KW 400V/ 3/50Hz SIERRA  
126123895691Safety valve 1.1mpa with certificate test report..  With certificate test report CD26  
126247666376001Compressor 9001255 RC2-200B-W R407C  
126347632945001Transformer 105BY033 JBK5160  
126447605777001The relief valve  
126547605772001The relief valve  
126647603017001Oil filter M200-355  
126747666552001Electric control valve DN300RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-DT  
126847666551001Electric control valve DN150RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-DT  
126947666550001Electric switch valve DN125RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-D  
127047666549001Electric switch valve DN80RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-D  
127147666548001Electric switch valve DN65RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-D  
127247666547001Electric switch valve DN50RD4C1XP1..  RD4C1XP16-D  
127347666546001IRHC- Cooling water system control cabinet for Tesla  
127447666545001Iric-thermal flow meter S401 Integrated no display /3..  Integrated display /300mm probe  
127547666538001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0(coated with anti-rust paint inside)  
127647666537001Non-standard gas storage tank C-2.0/1.3(coated with anti-rust paint inside)  
127723812340VALVE, ASSEMBLY HS  
127847666574001Carbon steel Gas Storage Tank C-5.0/1.0(Counter Flanges and Fasteners, Shenjiang..  Blue and fasteners, Shenjiang)  
1279ATC26004Fan motor YB2-112M-44KW 380/..  4KW 380/660V dI IP55 F B  
128047666636001Stainless steel horizontal gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0 (Shenjiang)  
128199314692Manual starter ABB MS11..  ABB MS116-16.0  
128247561807001Joint, three way oil injection  
128347543326016Motor 200KW VSD 380V IE2ODP HB  
1284ATM20057The relief valve  
128547666536001Iric-thermal Flowmeter S401 Integrated Display /22..  All-in-one display /220mm probe enlarged  
128647582861001Gear set MH250, gear number ratio 1.2759  
128799279887Electric mobile power supply wiring bar  
128847666554001Fan YDWF68L25P2-300 – p – 250-230 – v / 6..  0 230V/60HZ 9002134  
128947614695001No oil machine, vacuum pressure sensor NPTF  
129132182826Unload body pad  
129224365363Inverter MD380T200G KFJ  
129347604995001Interface dust collector  
129447599721001Pipe dust collector  
129549148067Component high dust piping  
129647665742001SS70- Low voltage Soft starter cabinet 315KWPSTX570-..  PSTX570-600-70  
129747665619001Horizontal stainless steel gas storage tank 5/1.0(Shenjiang)  
129847605355001Screw machine intake box sealing plate, high dust  
129947595172001Air intake hose  
130023580681CD72S1 module | G07 | OP20 | CDA208 | RO. |.  A208|RO||PHAS|  
130147665606001Stainless steel gas storage 15/1.0(Danyang)  
130247665605001Stainless steel gas storage 20/1.0(Danyang)  
130347604405001Right Angle connector  
130424874760KIT, CONNECTION, YD, STARTERS (A..  RTERS (ABB BEY205-4)  
130547633013001Touch screen 105KZQ393 SMART700  
130638053039Hardware components  
1307E49119175-NReplacement energy saving motor 75KW49119175  
1308E49086986-NReplacement energy saving motor 55KW49086986  
1309E39799531-NReplacement of new post-cooling (copper tube core group)  
1310E39799515-NReplacement of new oil cooling (copper pipe)  
1311E24087843-NReplacement energy saving motor 45KW24087843  
1312E23414329-NReplacement energy saving motor 160KW23414329  
1313E23414311-NDisplacement energy saving motor 132KW23414311  
1314E23414303-NReplacement energy saving motor 110KW23414303  
1315E23414295-NReplacement energy saving motor 90KW23414295  
1316E22084750-NReplacement of new post-cooling (copper tube core group)  
1317E22084743-NReplacement of new oil cooling (copper tube core group)  
1318E22084735-NReplacement of new oil cooling (copper tube core group)  
1319E22084727-NReplacement of new post-cooling (copper tube core group)  
1320E19066414-NReplacement of new oil cooling (stainless steel core group)  
1321E19066406-NReplacement after cooling (stainless steel core group)  
1322E19066000-NReplacement after cooling (stainless steel core group)  
1323E19065994-NReplacement of new oil cooling (stainless steel tube)  
1324E19065481-NReplacement of new oil cooling (stainless steel core group)  
1325E19065473-NReplacement after cooling (stainless steel core group)  
1326E19044502-NReplacement new oil cooled (stainless steel fin tube)  
132747662606001Oil free module test/test  
132847662605001Disassembly and assembly between oil-free main engine and gear box  
132947638119001Temperature control valve  
133019048180Bracket fan motor SIERRA H..  SIERRA HV AC  
13316340253 “butterfly valve  
133247588793001Cooler assembly air cooled RDG55A  
133347638843001Screw air filter safety filter element  
133447586762001Screw machine condensate discharge option ENLD -.38..  D – .38 BSPT (2S)  
1335ESB52N0355 kw (VSD) electric control cabinet  
1336ESB52M0390 kw (VSD) electric control cabinet  
133747638842001Screw machine air filter main element  
133823201023THERMOSTAT RELAY  
134047663760001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-0.15/4.5  
134124141962Screw machine fuse fixing seat  
134224681975Rear cooler 1.8MPa,K tank for use  
134347664573001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/0.8(inner coated with epoxy resin, Shenjiang..  Coated with epoxy resin, Shen Jiang)  
134447664572001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/0.8(inner coated with epoxy resin, Shenjiang..  Coated with epoxy resin, Shen Jiang)  
134547664555001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20/1.0(color non-standard)  
134647664544001Non-standard gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0 coated with epoxy, manhole position is not..  Epoxy, manhole position non-standard  
134747549370001【P675】 Muffler 1/2″  
134847549350001【P676】2-1/2″ cylinder butterfly valve  
134915470370XStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.6/0.8  
135049166648001Piping, 0.25″ gear box oil return  
135147664272001Ir53-300kw Inverter MD290T35..  MD290T355G  
135247664271001Ir53-ir5300-300 NS upper and lower out, Huichuan V..  Up and down, Huichuan VFD  
135347664290001Electric three way control valve RT3T-100..  DN100 RT3T – 100 carbon steel  
135447664289001ELECTRIC VALVE(NRL200S DN125)  
135547664288001Electric V-shaped ball valve RL50 DN..  RL50S (carbon steel  
135647664287001Valve VALVE RL100S D..  RL100S DN65 stainless steel  
135747664286001Electric on/off valve NBKVHD94..  NBKVHD943F-16C DN125  
135847664285001Electric on/off valve NBKVHD94..  NBKVHD943F-16P DN65  
135947664284001Heat recovery collection control system Henan Fuzhen  
136047664207001Irct-centrifuge High Pressure Cabinet 210KV 900..  10KV 900HP LCL Changdian Technology  
136147661421001IRCT – 10 kv – 710 – kw (Xu Ji)  
136247605795001The relief valve  
136347663551001Master station control cabinet  
136447633610001332 Main engine assembly  
136524876096The inverter MD500T11..  MD500T110G  
136624766156Triangle B1270  
136747663825001Built-in air distributor 6004022/DN150  
136847650075001Rear cooler 3C41685-1  
136947597345018The taper sleeve wheel  
137047566728001Check valve, throttling 2.54mm  
137149109879Purifier LJ – 45-1.0 I  
1372476638380018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
1373476638370018000-hour water-cooled preventive maintenance kit  
1374476638360014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
1375476638350012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
1376476638340018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
1377476638330018000-hour water-cooled preventive maintenance kit  
1378476638320014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
1379476638310012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
1380476638300018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
1381476638290018000-hour water-cooled preventive maintenance kit  
1382476638280018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
1383476638270018000-hour water-cooled preventive maintenance kit  
1384476638260014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
1385476638240012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
138647663517001ACNS- Power distribution cabinet -380V-15KW  
138747663516001ACNS- Power distribution cabinet -380V-30KW  
138847663515001ACNS- Power distribution cabinet -380V-90KW  
138947663118001Temperature transmitter Danfoss  
139047663117001ACNS- power distribution cabinet -380V AC-35KW  
139147662973001ACNS- Distribution box -380V-250KW  
1392SPOR009915 t2 rack  
139354408943IMSteam THERMOSTATIC 1.50 NPT 110 f  
139449119175Motor 75KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
139547663069001Operating base board  
139647663042001Temperature sensor 2  
139747663007001Check valve group  
139847663003001The host SRC 5.5 kw  
139947662842001Antivibration rubber  
1400S090127Air supply Air AUDIT-4 basic model 1000KW  
1401S090126Air supply Air audit-4 basic 400KW expansion option  
1402S090125The whole plant Air AUDIT-4 basic model 400KW  
1403S090124The whole plant Air AUDIT-4 basic model 150K  
1404S090123The whole plant Air AUDit-4 basic model  
1405S090122Air Compressor station Air AUDIT-4 Basic 3000KW expansion option..  000KW expansion option  
1406S090121Air compressor station Air AUDIT-4 basic model 3000KW  
1407S090120Air compressor station Air AUDIT-4 Basic 1000KW expansion option..  000KW expansion option  
1408S090119Air compressor station Air AUDIT-4 basic model 1000KW  
1409S090118Air compressor station Air audit-4 basic 400KW expansion option  
1410S090117Air compressor station Air AUDIT-4 basic model 400KW  
1411S090116Air compressor station Air AUDIT-4 basic model 150KW expansion option  
1412S090115Air compressor station Air AUDit-4 basic model  
141349102023Screw machine current contactor  
141547654973001Screw machine joint  
141647625264001Exhaust check valve 3INCH/ old part No. 23650641  
141747563272001No oil machine, DC power module  
141846837290Heat exchanger support  
1419580180No thermal non-standard EMS module  
142047568304001Column foam CD14  
142147568303001Column foam CD14  
142247568302001Column foam CD14  
142347568301001Column foam CD14  
142447568300001Column foam CD14  
142547559517001[P265 screw machine] Gearbox return tubing 0.25 ‘  
142647660501001Computer Maintenance (HDD)  
1427ATH23011Two way control valve  
142847660306001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/10.05  
142947660305001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/10.05  
143047660304001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.5  
143147659764001B33 three-piece ball valve 8006058 DN15  
143247589956001Screw machine, control transformer  
143347589953001Screw machine, AC contactor  
143447589952001Screw machine, AC contactor  
143546828901Motor 55KW 400V 50HZSF1.0 for S..  SF1.0 for S45  
143622575245Pinion 2ND STAGE CD8D | G29 | (Z = 2..  29| (Z=26)  
143715863467Air tank 300 l / 125 psig  
143847659763001ACNS-SIGNAL BOX  
143947659762001[P642] Danfoss inverter operating panel  
144047659488001ACNS- Non-standard signal box 2  
144147659487001ACNS- Non-standard signal box 1  
144247612391001Screw machine has oil machine host ARES332MM  
1443476597650019014144 IR11-124(D1380IN..  (D1380INR-W)  
144446841268Evaporator OMI2 1-1/2″  
144594433687PISTON 4.5 X 9 PHE-9  
144670461793Support ring  
144754620471PISTON 7 X 9 PHE-9  
144847659576001Fully automatic water softener JSY-WT-1  
144947659495001IRIC- Dew point transmitter S2204-20MA output  
145047659494001Iric-thermal flow meter S401DN250 integrated..  DN250 integrated display /MB/ enlargement  
145147659412001Iric-icloud Wireless Data card (1 option  
145247659411001IControl wireless browsing extension option  
145347659391001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.2, stainless steel 30…  2, stainless steel 304, non-standard  
145447659390001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.2, stainless steel 31…  2, stainless steel 316, non-standard  
145547582363001Compressor RC2-140B-W-T R407C9001249  
1456DXYB0001Overhaul the extended warranty virtual drawing number  
1457RGEARBOXCD8VSDCD8 module gear box overhaul 55-75KW None..  55-75KW oil-free frequency conversion unit  
1458RGEARBOXCD14VSDCD14 module gearbox overhaul 90-160kW..  90-160kW oil-free frequency conversion unit  
1459E49148307KP-NThe replaceable host is replaced with a new CE55X/O host  
1460E49148307-NA non-disk host is replaced with a CE55X/O host  
1461E39331657-NReplace all new CD14 module SH150  
1462E39331640-NReplace all new CD14 module SM150  
1463E39331632-NReplacement of new CD14 module SL150  
1464E39331624-NReplace all new CD14 module SH132  
1465E39331616-NReplace all new CD14 module SM132  
1466E39331608-NReplace all new CD14 module SL132  
1467E39331590-NReplace all new CD14 module SH110  
1468E39331582-NReplace all new CD14 module SM110  
1469E39331574-NReplacement of new CD14 module SL110  
1470E39331566-NReplace all new CD14 module SM90  
1471E39331558-NReplace all new CD14 module HH200  
1472E39331541-NReplacement of a new CD14 module H200  
1473E39331533-NReplacement of new CD14 module L200  
1474E39331525-NReplacement of the new CD14 module SH90/HH1..  SH90/HH150  
1475E39331517-NReplacement of a new CD14 module H150  
1476E39331509-NReplacement of new CD14 module L150  
1477E39331491-NReplace the new CD14 module HH125  
1478E39331483-NReplacement of new CD14 module H125  
1479E39331475-NReplacement of new CD14 module L125  
1480E39331293-NReplacement of all new CD26 module SH250  
1481E39331269-NReplace all new CD26 module SM200  
1482E39330816-NReplace all new CD26 module SH300  
1483E39330808-NReplacement of new CD26 module SL250  
1484E39330790-NReplace all new CD26 module SM250  
1485E39330782-NReplacement of new CD26 module SL200  
1486E39330774-NReplace all new CD26 module SH200  
1487E24511875-NReplacement of the new CD14 module SH110 vs…  SH110 VSD  
1488E22949978-NReplacement of a new host CDC61/CD..  CDC61 / CDC41 host  
1489E22717607-NReplace the new CD8 module SH55  
1490E22717599-NReplace the new CD8 module SM37/H60  
1491E22717581-NReplace the new CD8 module H50  
1492E22717573-NReplace the new CD8 module SL75  
1493E22717565-NReplace the new CD8 module SM75  
1494E22717557-NReplace the new CD8 module SH75  
1495E22717540-NReplace the new CD8 module SL55/L10..  SL55/L100  
1496E22717532-NReplace the new CD8 module H100  
1497E22717524-NReplace the new CD8 module HH100  
1498E22717516-NReplace the new CD8 module SM55  
1499E22717508-NReplace the new CD8 module SL45/L75  
1500E22717490-NReplace the new CD8 module SM45/H75  
1501E22717482-NReplace the new CD8 module HH75  
1502E22717474-NReplace the new CD8 module SL37/L60  
1503E22717466-NReplace the new CD8 module L50  
1504E22636542-NReplace the new CD8 module IRN55-75  
1505E22543938-NReplacement of new CD14 module IRN90-16..  IRN90-160  
1506E22452072-NReplacement of new CD4 module IRN45K-O..  IRN45K-OF  
1507E22383574KP-NReplacing a disk host with a new host Nirvana5..  The host Nirvana55-75  
1508E22383574-NReplacing a non-disk host with a new host Nirvana5..  The host Nirvana55-75  
150924852840Main inverter MD500T75GR55VSD  
1510SE004138Thermal relay  
151296770086Lock nut 105/M80x..  105/M80x2/x15  
151396770078Lock nut 98/M75x2..  98/M75x2/x13  
151496747894Key DIN 6885 – A22X14X120  
151596711007Spring 349 Ares  
151695373999Screw machine joint  
151795338323Screw machine 90 degree elbow  
151895301834Screw machine hose clamp  
151954662622Motor adapter  
152049160609Pipe assembly outlet M300-355  
152149042740Screw machine reactor 380V-575V, 3%Z, 0..  , 3% Z, 0.040 MH  
152247654960001Oil cooler import and export service package  
152347649484001Screw machine, Intake valve (without capacity adjustment) repair kit, Fo..)  Repair kit, For RS200-250K  
152447649451001Screw machine, intake valve (without capacity adjustment) repair kit quick twist elbow..  Repair kit quick twist elbow, For RS  
152547649447001Screw machine, intake valve (without capacity adjustment) repair kit solenoid valve..  Repair kit solenoid valve For RS20  
152647649445001Screw machine, Intake valve (without adjustment) repair kit, For..  Repair kit, For RS200-250K  
152747629079001Air pressure gauge 104XYLB112 YZ-150  
152847629078001Schneider air circuit breaker 105KK160EA9AN3  
152947629077001Schneider air circuit breaker 105KK145EA9AN  
153047629076001Transformer 105BY003 150(380/220v)/50H..  20V)/50HZ/60HZ  
153147629075001Programmable controller 105KZQ997 CPU224XP(with..  U224XP(with program)  
153247629074001Stainless steel throttle valve 104JLF214 DN25  
153347629073001Stainless steel check valve 104ZHF258 DN40  
153447629072001Stainless steel check valve 104ZHF255 DN80  
153547629071001Stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF573DN40  
153647629070001Stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF572DN80  
153747626494001Screw machine U bolts with cushion 1.25″  
153847623252001Screw machine electric control box assembly (YD AX370 AX37..  370 AX370 AX370)(AP,WC)  
153947623251001Screw machine electric control box assembly (YD AX300 AX300..  00 AX300 AX300)(AP,WC)  
154047623250001Screw machine electric control box assembly 200-355KW (VSD)..  KW (VSD)(AP,WC)  
154147623249001Screw machine electric control box assembly 200-355KW (VSD)..  KW (VSD)(AP,AC)  
154247621359001Screw machine connector 2.0″ NPT MALEX 2.0″ B..  X 2.0 “BSPT getting out  
154347617201001Screw machine clamp 1.875 IN. TUBE INSULA..  E INSULATED  
154447607326001Screw machine cable 4SV (ARES 3, 2s)  
154547605794001The relief valve  
154647599434001Screw machine Cable Assembly 4SV (ARES3, 1S)  
154747599433001Screw machine cable Assembly CDV (ARES3, 1S)  
154847599432001Screw machine Cable Assembly CDE (ARES3, 1S)  
154947596646001Screw machine Cable Assembly 9SV (ARES3, 1S)  
155147596643001WIRING LOW VOLTAGE 3C..  LTAGE 3CTT (ARES 3, 1S,  
1553475946150011291004-001 Screw machine Cable, 14 AWG X 4CORE, DU..  CORE, DUAL FAN MOTOR  
1554475912330011291004-001 Screw machine Cable, 14 AWG X 4CORE, SI..  CORE, SINGLE FAN MOTOR  
15554759123200114 AWG X 4 CORE, DUAL..  RE, DUAL FAN MOTOR  
1556475912310011291004-001 Screw machine Cable, 14 AWG X 4CORE, SI..  CORE, SINGLE FAN MOTOR  
1557475912300011291004-001 Screw machine Cable, 14 AWG X 4CORE, DU..  CORE, DUAL FAN MOTOR  
1558475912290011291004-001 Screw machine Cable, 14 AWG X 4CORE, DU..  CORE, DUAL FAN MOTOR  
155947583743001CDE (CONTROLLER SID..  LLER SIDE)  
156047583741001CDV (CONTROLLER SID..  LLER SIDE)  
1561475837400012021900-001 screw machine cable, 9SV (controller end)  
156247583739001Screw machine wire harness, low pressure 3CTT (CONTROLLE..  ONTROLLER SIDE)  
1563475837380012021600-001 Screw machine Wire Harness, high voltage 5SV & 7SV (CONT..  SV (CONTROLLER SIDE)  
156447578614001Screw machine wire harness, low voltage (CONTROLLER SID..  LLER SIDE)  
156547578613001Screw machine wire harness, low voltage (CONTROLLER SID..  LLER SIDE)  
156647578605001Screw machine low voltage (machine end) single stage  
156747566713001HOSE DRAIN ASSEMBLY (2000 MM)  
156847555500001Exhaust elbow, MAIN engine RM220i  
156947553094001Inverter service spare parts  
157047552799001Sealing ring?  129/115 x2. 5  
157147552798002Spring clasp Smalley VMH-130?  123/135..  ?  123/135 x1. 17  
157247552797002Wave spring Smalley SSB-0512?  116/130×8..  16/130 by 8. 64  
157347528835014Cylindrical roller bearing NJ2211ECP  
157447528835013Cylindrical roller bearing NJ2213ECP  
157547528835003Airend Cylindrical roller bearing NU2220ECP/C3..  20ECP/C3-(SKF)  
157639132287Screw machine conduit 1.00″ SEALTITE UL/..  ITE UL/CSA (224A24U100)  
157724717936Water separator core  
157824296840R55A – 75 – a fan  
157924260879014Screw machine hose HYD 1.50 X 28ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
158024260804011Screw machine hose HYD.25 X 56ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
158123416704002Screw machine Hose, HYD 1.25×46 ORFS..  46 ORFS STR X ORFS 90 EL  
15822323194745 degree conduit right Angle connector NEMA 4  
158322882997Damping pad  
158422308456Screw machine 90 degree bend conduit head 1.00″ 90D..  0″ 90D NON-METALLI  
158518301390Refrigeration compressor U.H. CAJ..  U.H. CAJ45  
158617918529OS70R Host, Grey (RAL7038)  
1587R39256391CDB68 host closed gap DAQ overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1588R39249107CDB68 host open gap DAR overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1589R39230743CDA96 host open-gap DAD overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1590R39210067CDA96 Host closed gap DAC overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1591R22949820CDB54 Host open gap DMX overhaul CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
1592R22949580CDA80 host open gap DMW overhaul CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
1593E39256391-NCDB68 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Close your clearance CD14D (96/68)  
1594E39256391CDB68 host closed gap DAQ replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1595E39249107-NCDB68 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Open gap CD14D (96/68)  
1596E39249107CDB68 host open gap DAR replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1597E39230743-NCDA96 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Open gap CD14D (96/68)  
1598E39230743CDA96 host open gap DAD replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1599E39210067-NCDA96 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Close your clearance CD14D (96/68)  
1600E39210067CDA96 host closed gap DAC replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
1601E22949978Oil free test host, CDC61/41 replacement  
1602E22949820-NCDB54 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD8D(80/..  Open gap CD8D (80/54)  
1603E22949820CDB54 host open gap DMX replacement CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
1604E22949580-NCDA80 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD8D(80/..  Open gap CD8D (80/54)  
1605E22949580CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
160647658902001Pressure sensor 0-16 bar  
160747652390001350kW high voltage motor + gear box repair winding damage  
160847652389001315kW high voltage motor + gear box repair winding damage  
160947652388001300kW high voltage motor + gear box repair winding damage  
161047652387001250kW high voltage motor + gear box repair winding damage  
161147652386001350kW motor (low voltage) (windings damaged) + gear box maintenance  
161247652385001315kW motor (low voltage) (windings damaged) + gear box maintenance  
161347652384001300kW motor (low voltage) (winding damage) + gear box maintenance  
161447652383001250kW motor (low voltage) (windings damaged) + gear box maintenance  
161547652382001200kW motor (low voltage) (windings damaged) + gear box maintenance  
161647652381001185kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
161747652380001160kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
161847652379001132kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
161947652378001110kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16204765237700190kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16214765237600175kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16224765237500155kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16234765237400145kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
16244765237300137kW motor + gear box repair winding damage  
162547652370001350kW high voltage motor + gear box maintenance  
162647652369001315kW high voltage motor + gear box maintenance  
162747652368001300kW high voltage motor + gear box maintenance  
162847652367001250kW high voltage motor + gear box maintenance  
162947652366001350kW motor (low voltage) + gear box maintenance  
163047652365001315kW motor (low voltage) + gear box maintenance  
163147652364001300kW motor (low voltage) + gear box maintenance  
163247652363001250kW motor (low voltage) + gear box maintenance  
163347652362001200kW motor (low voltage) + gear box maintenance  
163447652361001185kW motor + gear box maintenance  
163547652360001160kW motor + gear box maintenance  
163647652359001132kW motor + gear box maintenance  
163747652358001110kW motor + gear box maintenance  
16384765235700190kW motor + gear box maintenance  
16394765235600175kW motor + gear box maintenance  
16404765235500155kW motor + gear box maintenance  
16414765235400145kW motor + gear box maintenance  
16424765235300137kW motor + gear box maintenance  
164347633002001Touch screen 105KZQ369 SMART700IE  
164438326864The relief valve  
164521973490Panel blank  
164647659169001Ac contactor, LC1D410Q7C  
164747659110001IRSS- Soft start cabinet 10KV 900HP compensation cabinet, upper and lower  
164847656801001Local signal box geely Auto  
164947659073001IControl electronic drain valve power distribution option  
165047659005001Electric switch butterfly valve NBKVD643..  NBKVD643F-16P DN50  
165147659004001Pneumatic switch butterfly valve NBKVD641..  NBKVD641F-16P DN50  
165247659003001DN40 Built-in air distributor 600414  
165347659002001Lj-26.5-1.0i purifier 9014347  
165447659000001High pressure filter core IRG-480-25H-706003159  
165547658739001Standard Intellisurvey base kit  
165647631260001Motor frequency conversion 132KW  
165747653938001Manual pinch butterfly valve -Bray  
165847653937001Pneumatic regulating butterfly valve -Bray  
165947569917001Screw machine gear group gear ratio 0.949  
166049109523Refrigeration compressor SZ161  
166147659001001High pressure filter core IRG-480-25D-706003167  
166281291767Fuel plug 2545 nose  
166349194731[P266 screw machine] Exhaust pipe M300-350 2S..  -350 2S HV  
166447658409001Ir5300-55-ii Frequency conversion cabinet (dual power supply, upper and lower intake)  
166539321427Wear ring  
166639321419Piston ring  
1667ATN04002Main motor  
166870269444Piston rod assembly  
166947658567001Non-standard gas storage tank (2.0/1.0)  
167047658470001Signal box  
167147652125001Danfoss electric control board 302 MK2  
167247553070001General purpose inverter fan power supply board  
167342899104SAir tank C – 6.0/1.0  
167424852675Start and stop the module periodically  
167570235049Adapter, drain extension 1/2 IN x1/2 IN N..  1/2 IN NPT  
167647657538001Motor 15849896 sub-parts – terminal board in junction box –  
167747634761001Shaft end cover copper gaskets, (7100) 7 t2, t4,  
167824069643Tight stop switch  
167923990401Oil seal baffle  
168022813133The oil dipstick joint  
168147658397001Ir5300-250 NS Inverter cabinet ABB VFD..  ABB VFD, up and down  
168247658031001Heat recovery collection control system Shandong Fuzhen  
168349109465The compressor  
168437759438GASKET NUT (1/8 LEAD WIRE)  
168647656807001Auxiliary contact 3RH59 21-1FA22,2NO+2NC,..  2NO+2NC, SEIMENS  
168747656806001Connecting clip 3RA19 32-2D, SEIMENS  
168847656805001Mechanical interlocking 3RA19 24-2B, S2/S3, SEIM..  S3, SEIMENS  
1689476568040013RU51 36-4GB0, (36~45)A,..  36~45)A, SEIMENS  
169047656803001Contactor 3RT50 34-1AG20, 32A, 110V..  A, 110V 50/60HZ, SEIMENS  
169147656802001Contactor 3RT50 36-1AG20, 50A, 110V..  A, 110V 50/60HZ, SEIMENS  
169247632949001Dew point meter 105CGQ040 EA2  
169332202434Piston repair kit  
169432133084Valve repair kits  
169532127433Crankcase repair kit  
169623990328End cover  
169747657742001Shell and tube heat exchanger KL17.06 SS30408  
169847657678001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-8.0/1.6 (316L material..  6 (316L material + wall thickness 12mm+ belt  
169947657408001Pump frequency conversion cabinet (down in and down out) Tyco ii  
170047657407001Power distribution cabinet (lower in and upper out) Tyco Ii  
170147655766001RM220i Regenerates the exhaust pipe  
170247627710003【P266】 Soft starter, AF480-NBD  
170315861990DOL starter options 10HP 380-415V/3PH/..  15 v / 3 ph / 50-60 hz  
170447650978001Air switch 7003073  
170547650977001Contactor 7002092  
170647650976001Pneumatic ball valve 8006051  
170747650975001Fan 8018006  
170847650974001Pneumatic ball valve 8006052  
170947650971001Heater 8002133  
171047613068001Ww touchscreen GP – 4402  
171147593459001Two-position five-way solenoid valve 8012031 cis 4M31..  Single couplet body 4 m310-10  
171247550708001Cylinder butterfly valve DN150 180℃  
171323063712Auxiliary contact  
171447657482001107 fl383 soft connection  
171547621424001Screw machine oil filter element  
171624360919Emergency stop button 4NC  
171747613554010Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 9.65mpa  
171847613554003Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 1.79mpa  
171924685661Parts Manual M250-KT-HV  
172024486532Cooler assembly anodized IRN90-16..  IRN90-160K-OF  
172123990500Soft starter 150-F251NBDAB Soft starter 38..  AB 380 v50hz soft  
172239583869Air seal gasket  
172589288971Air filter main core EMU  
172647649383003Lightning protection board  
172747548459001Ball valve  
172847656795001Screw machine, intake valve (without capacity adjustment) repair kit solenoid valve..  Repair kit solenoid valve For RS20  
172947655095001Icontro-ns (SAIC General Motors Dongyue)  
173024354953Middle cooler corrosion resistant CD14..  Anti-corrosion CD14AC  
173147558852001[P266 Screw machine] hard tube M75 W  
173247656417001Quick fuse 690V  
173347655635001Soft initiator ABB  
173447654118001New iControl_4 EXP  
173547655833001Electric on-off valve DN50NBKVHQ94..  NBKVHQ941F-16P DN50  
173647655634001Pump local control cabinet  
173847655537001Water pump (TD80-38/2)  
173947655097001Gucheng coal mine heat recovery control cabinet  
174047655096001Two way regulating valve DN65  
174147616758001Intake hose 8″-7″  
174247613554004Safety valve GB 1/4″NPT 0.55mpa  
174393472793SE controller automatic restart option package  
174447655015001Water pump FSWSC CDMF1-2  
174547655014001The pump FSWSR CDMF10-5  
174649142847APT Current Transformer ALH-0.66..  A 40 ii leisure – 0.66-500/5  
174749142821ABB thermal overload relay connector DB25/25A  
174847598977001Body repair kit (disc, weight block, connector, etc.)  
1749ATH21032Exhaust air decals  
175047654875001[P62] Fixed High Pressure Cabinet,10KV,200KW, Shiyan  
175147654400001Temperature control valve (open)  
175247654399001PLC containing program (Liuhe Coal Mine)  
175347543325002Motor 300KW 10KV 50HZ IP55 2S QJ  
175424061889Sound-absorbing cotton CD26 VSD  
175524061871Muffler absorbent cotton CD26 VSD  
175624061863Muffler absorbent cotton CD26 VSD  
175724061855Muffler absorbent cotton CD26 VSD  
1758ATH57000Xhrs-cc-250/300 Injection heat recovery  
1759ATH56000Xhrs-cc-200 injection heat recovery  
1761ATH54000Xhrs-cc-90 Injection heat recovery  
1762ATH53000Xhrs-cc-55/75 Injection heat recovery  
1763ATH52000Xhrs-cc-160 Injection heat recovery  
176447646388001Xhrs-of-750 oil free heat recovery  
176547646386001Xhrs-of-165 oil free heat recovery  
176647644092001Xhrs-of-500 oil free heat recovery  
176747644091001Xhrs-of-400 oil free heat recovery  
176847644089001Xhrs-of-200 oil free heat recovery  
176915447345SAir tank C – 0.6/4.5  
1770ATH21009Flange ball valve DN40  
177147653190001Columns 03  
177247653189001The door – 1100.  
177347653023001Control panel protection box  
177447653019001Right side door panel 04  
177547653018001Door panel 03 on the right  
177647653017001Door panel on the right 02  
177747651292001FP 50-57-1-NH is used for plate replacement  
177849008816Assembly, Gear set 332MM A/E RATIO 0.94..  TIO 0.947  
177947650947001Water supply and drainage support  
178047649664001Swing check valve DN50  
1781476496630012 90 ° bend  
17824764966200190 ° bend  
178347649661001Pump outlet pipe  
178447649660001Pump inlet pipe  
178547649394001The pump CDMF15-3 FSWSC  
1786476489040012 90 ° bend  
178747648642001The palm wood frame  
178847647882001At024-2011reb pressure expansion tank  
178947647881001Swing check valve DN40  
17904764788000190 ° bend  
179147647879001Pump outlet pipe  
179247647878001Pump inlet pipe  
179347647876001Board change 2 cold side water inlet pipe  
179447647875001Plate exchange 2 hot side outlet pipe  
179547647874001Replace the plate with a cold side outlet pipe  
179647647873001Board replace 1 cold side water inlet pipe  
179747647872001Plate exchange 1 hot side outlet pipe  
179847647871001Plate change 1 hot side water inlet pipe  
179947624378001Intake valve, RH-160E Original :24853426  
180047623326001Screw machine, controller assembly  
180147561827001Press plate, motor gear  
180247561813001Main motor bracket  
180347550161001Base RM220i low voltage unit  
180447654413001Honeywell regulator DN50V5011P10..  V5011P1038+ML7420A8088E  
180547653151001Cold side outlet pipe  
180647652455001Nameplate application end outlet  
180747652454001Nameplate application end inlet  
18084765245100190 ° bend  
180947652450001Pump outlet pipe  
181047652449001Pump inlet pipe  
181147647869001Acoustic hood Assembly 400kW oil free heat..  400kW oil free heat recovery  
181247599997001Screw machine frequency conversion driver, 200KW, 380V-48..  V, 380 v – 480  
181347592323001LEROY SOMER – MD3 – COOLING FAN  
181447654342001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0 SS316  
181547654341001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-4.0/1.0 SS316 non-standard  
181647653841001SH screw unit cable assembly, 7.5kW fan motor cable  
181747649899001Screw machine, Minimum Pressure Valve Repair Kit (AFS), R..  (AFS), RS200-250kW  
182047589862001LEROY SOMER – MD3 – 430TIR/480V ..  IR/480V INVERTER MODULE  
182147589851001LEROY SOMER – MD3 – 430TIR/480V ..  IR/480V RECTIFIER MODULE  
182247589849001LEROY SOMER – MD3 -TIR/480V MAST..  80V MASTER / INTERFACE B  
182447561812001The host stent  
182585545747Panel universal outdoor (beige) SIE..  (Beige) SIERRA CD14  
182647634718001Cylinder assembly  
182847617181001Intake valve DN240  
182947612233001Tube, air filter to intake valve (high dust)  
183147594165001Motor bushing 194/90  
183247569979001Intake grille  
183347557738001Screw machine standard air filter element  
183424900268Air filter Assembly (high dust)  
183523616105Line cooler with heat control valve  
183623570369KIT, SERVICE 8K HR INLET  
183723570344KIT, SERVICE 8K HR INLET  
183947653851001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-4×0.85 (S30408+ non-standard figure..  408+ Non-standard figure)  
184047653842001Stainless steel storage tank C-6.0/1.0 stainless steel primary paint  
184147653540001IHC NS centralized control system, Nanchang Mec, including debugging  
184247653539001Electric switch butterfly valve DN200,304 stainless steel, high temperature type  
184347653538001Electric switch butterfly valve DN100,304 stainless steel, high temperature type  
184447653537001S401 300MM probe, enlarged,  
184515470404SStainless steel gas storage tank C-3.0/0.8  
184647653943001Mountain touch screen 01017981  
184747653942001Compressor 9001202  
184847653837001Ac contactor 3TB43220XF022A/AC11..  22A/AC110V  
184947653542001New iControl Wireless remote gateway option  
185047653541001S401 flow meter, 300mm, standard range  
185123728355Oil cooler  
185247652975001Optical fiber Assembly (single mode)  
185347652974001Temperature switch  
185447543323005Motor 350KW 10KV 50HZ IP23 1S QJ  
185596758420Tee connector M33  
185685574374Screw machine hydraulic Hose – 12/38 INCHES..  8 INCHES LONG ORFS X 90  
185747651708001R160I Annual Maintenance Package (customized)  
185847651707001M250 Annual Maintenance Package (customized)  
1859476517060014000 hours preventive maintenance kit M752017.2 months to..  Machine after 2017.2  
1860476517050012000 hours preventive maintenance kit M752017.2 months with..  Machine after 2017.2  
186147569978001Pre filter  
186247518477005Screw machine, Hose, HYD 1.25×34 JIC S..  34 JIC STR X JIC 45 ELB  
186347518477004Screw machine, Hose HYD 1.25×25 JIC S..  25 JIC STR X JIC 45 ELB  
186524900318Air filter  
186624266256Hose 1.00 X 46.00  
186724266249Hose 1.00 X 19.00  
186824266231Hose 1.00 X 42.00  
186924266058Hose.25 X 48.00  
187023873177Oil cooler (water cooling)  
187123595879Pre filter  
187247598978001Hoses and quick plug assemblies  
187338478921SERVICE UNIT ENL 10  
187423937063Cooler assembly CD14 AC  
187996957402O-ring 5.375 *. 125  
188096956701O-rings 304 33 x3 6..  33 the x3 6 304, 53  
188396770565Pipe joint  
188496770391Screw machine tee  
188596770367Sealing ring  
188896768288Adapter G3/4-G1/2 RS 200-250  
188996758057Screw machine joint  
189096740899Screw machine hexagon bolts coarse tooth metric system  
189196740246Main engine bolt with oil M16X55  
189595922779WASHER LOCK WASHER RS30-37IE  
189695889127Sealing ring  
189795657839NIPPLE 2″ X 3.5″ SS304  
189895657821NIPPLE PIPE 2.0″X 8.0″ SCH80 304..  CH80 304SS  
189995041992O-ring -279 12.984 ID X 0.139 WIDT..  139 WIDTH RS 200-250  
190095022182O-ring 1-1/8 X 1-3/8 X 39295  
190249181175Screw machine exhaust pipe, barrel to cooler  
190349181167Screw machine exhaust pipe, after cold to moisture  
190449171721Screw machine exhaust pipe, 4 “minimum pressure valve to post cooled, air cooled..  Force valve to rear cooling, air cooling, 2S, NO  
190549169089Screw machine rear cooler RS200-250KW (2S..  50KW (2S) (NON-PED)  
190649154255OIL COOLER, rs200-250kW (..  -250KW (2S)  
190749143159O-ring RH TO RBH  
190849134273Screw fan Controller Assy 380-480V 50..  -480V 50 60HZ (YD-WC)  
190949134240Screw machine fan switch 200-250kw380-460V..  380-460V 50/60HZ (WC-VS  
191049134232Screw fan controller 200-250KW 380-4..  KW 380-460V 50/60HZ (AC-  
191149128846Screw machine gear set 332MM A/E,RATIO 1…  Thewire 1.056  
191249128838Assembly, Gear set 332MM A/E RATIO 0.98..  TIO 0.982  
191349128820Screw machine gear set 332MM A/E,RATIO 0…  Thewire 0.881  
191449128812Assembly, Gear set 332MM A/E RATIO 0.85..  TIO 0.850  
191549128796Gear set R0.762 RS 250I-14  
191649127251Adapter 61 flange /1.5BSPP RS200-250  
191749121494ASSY, GEARSET 332MM A/E,RATIO 0…  Thewire 0.914  
191849119738Screw machine temperature control valve 185-203 DEG F  
191949118607[P266 Screw machine] Gearbox 332  
192049118532Motor 250KW 400V 50Hz IE3ARES IP5..  ARES IP55  
192149118524Motor, DRIVE, FS, 200KW 400V 50HZ..  00V 50HZ IE3 IP55  
192249100365Connector M14 X 1.5  
192349085731Bearing seat 332MM AIREND  
192449085715Air End rotor housing 332MMAIREND  
192549083439Bearing NU 2313 ECP/C3 SKF  
192649079452Gear baffle RS 200-250  
192749078884Bearing NU 2218 ECP/C3 SKF  
192849070766Screw machine pipe host to cylinder 2S  
192949043623Oil separation cylinder 20 “GB150 RS200-250  
193049032477O-ring RBH TO RBC  
193149030786Exhaust end cover 332MM AIREND  
193249025315Small hole coupling 2.79mm RS 200-250  
193349014541Screw machine pipe host to cylinder for 1S  
193448864441Screw machine exhaust pipe, barrel to cooler  
193548864300Screw machine tube cooler to moisture  
193648863880Sealing ring  
193748863872Sealing ring  
193848863864Waveform spring  
193948863856Shaft seal ID 90  
194048863849Sealing ring  
194148863823Waveform spring  
194248863815Shaft seal ID 110  
194348863674Sealing ring  
194448863666Sealing ring  
194548863641Waveform spring  
194648863633Shaft seal ID 125  
194847626954001Screw machine pipe COOLER TO VALVE  
194947613076001Airend 349 Nozzle protector  
195047609162001Screw machine circuit breaker  
195147607325001Screw machine wire harness CDV (ARES 3, 2s)  
195247607324001Screw machine wire harness CDE (ARES 3, 2s)  
195347607323001Screw machine cable 9SV (ARES 3, 2s)  
195447607321001LOW VOLTAGE 3CTT (ARE..  CTT (ARES 3, 2S, AC)  
195747595870001Screw machine after cooling, RS200-250, air cooling 1S,PED  
195847590240001Oil cooling RS200-250 (1 s)  
195947589882001Exhaust pipe of screw machine (2S) (CHINA)  
196047589881001Screw machine exhaust pipe (1S) (CHINA)  
196147580641001M91 X 110 X 18.8 ARES…  8 ARES 332  
196247565471001Screw machine tube minimum pressure valve to post cooled air cooled 4…  Post-cooled air cooled 4.0″(1S) non-PE  
196347554278001TUBE, WATER IN  
196447554275001TUBE, WATER OUT  
196647552800001Sealing ring?  98.7/83.6 x2.5  
196747552798001Spring clamp Smalley VMH-100?  93.9/10..  ?  93.9/103 x0. 99  
196847552797001Wave spring Smalley SSB-0512?  86.4/100 x..  6.4/100 x4. 57  
196947550277001Screw machine electric control box assembly (YD AX370 AX370..  70 AX370 AX300) (AP, AC)  
197047547451001Screw machine electric control box assembly (YD AX300 AX300..  00 AX300 AX300)  
197147547446001Screw machine cover plate,DRIVECOVER  
197247544291001Screw machine intake hose, 2S  
197347543614001Tube assembly 0.25 “gear box – main engine  
197447541759021Gear set R1.015 RS 250IE-7  
197547541759019Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.955 / E, thewire  
197647541759017Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.899 / E, thewire  
197747541759016Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.871 / E, thewire  
197847541759014Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.819 / E, thewire  
197947541759012Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.770 / E, thewire  
198047541759004Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.598 / E, thewire  
198147541681003Gear case housing 349/257..  349/257 2s A/E  
198247541221001GRILL FAN GUARD  
198347538426001Adapter M12 X 1/8 NPT  
198447536456001Connector BULKHEAD 3/8 “BSPT  
198547536455001Screw machine 3/8 “BSPT to 1/4” NPT outer screw..  “NPT external thread fittings  
198647533370001Elbow 1/4 bsppx6mm  
198747532047001First class bearing cover housing 349/265  
198847531240001O-rings 752 5 x3..  752 x3 5, 53  
198947528835012Angular contact ball bearing 7213BECB..  7213BECBP  
199047528835011Angular contact ball bearing 7313BECB..  7313BECBP  
199147528835010Cylindrical roller bearing NU2313EC..  NU2313ECP  
199247528835006Angular contact ball bearing 7219BECB..  72  
199347528835005Cylindrical roller bearing NU2213EC..  NU2213ECP  
199447528835001Cylindrical roller bearing NU2219EC..  NU2219ECP  
199547528821001Secondary bearing cover 349/257  
199647528819001Airend front bearing housing 349/257  
199747528817001Airend rotor housing 349/257(..  349/257(ARES3)  
199847518473008Screw machine hose HYD 2.0 X 28JIC  
199947518473007Screw machine hose HYD 2.0 X 27JIC  
200039256664Joint is 1.0″  
200124811887Bearing 7313 BECBP SKF  
200224810129Bearing NU 2212 ECP/C3 SKF  
200324808297SKF bearing 6310  
200424765794Bearing 7317 BECBP SKF  
200524765737Bearing NU 317 ECP/C3 SKF  
200624691586HOSE HYD .75 X 38 ORFS STR X ORF..  TR X ORFS 90 ELB  
200724656472[P272 Screw machine] Water separator (machining)  
200824583577Pipe joint  
200924512535006Intake sound-absorbing board RS 200-250  
201024512535001Intake sound-absorbing board RS 200-250  
201124260879013Screw machine hose HYD 1.50×62 ORFS..  62 ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
201224260861004Hose, HYD 1.25 X 56 ORFSSTR X OR..  STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
201324149445Mounting plate fixed frequency YDFS YD  
201423935836Adapter M14 X M12  
201523709793STRAIGHT BEADED HOSE BARB 0.38b..  B 0.38bsp X 0.50 HOSE  
201622747190Pipe joint 349/265  
201724260853012Screw machine hose HYD 1.00 X 49ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
201823416704005Screw Machine Hose,HYD 1.25 X 40 ORFS S..  0 ORFS STR X ORFS 90 ELB  
201915876337Siemens CPU SR20(6ES7 288-1SR20-OA..  1SR20-OAAO)  
20209675889145 degree bend joint M48  
202149119720Screw machine temperature control valve 180-198 DEg F  
2022490296300.25 tube assembly”  
202347583749001Screw MACHINE wire harness, low pressure (MACHINE SIDE)..  E SIDE) (ARES 3, 2S)  
202447552444001Screw machine frequency conversion drive, 200-350KW, 380-4..  KW, 380-480 – v  
202524260853010Screw machine hose  
202624260804006Hose, HYD.25 X 53 ORFSSTR X OR..  STR X ORFS 90 ELB PTFE  
202747653016001Alfitt filter element FHC-18M  
202847652928001Compressor 9001202 replaces 24103855  
202924798696After the cold CD14  
203022875298KIT, SEAL CF128R/LR  
203147652929001105 cgq124 differential pressure gauge  
203247652927001TECO motor 725HP-10kV SF1.15  
203347652926001TECO motor AEJE HP – 725-6 p  
2034ESG00302Bleed solenoid valve G3/4″ normally open  
203547651805001UPS supporting battery fangchenggang Nuclear Power plant  
2036ATS28051The tubing  
2037ATS28050The tubing  
203847574678001Water pipe, long CD26  
203947574677001Water pipe, short CD26  
204015876410Digital input/output module DR16-6ES72882DR160..  882DR160AA0  
204115876345Siemens EMA104 (6ES7 288-3AE04-OAA..  AE04-OAAO)  
204247649850001Outlet pipe  
204347649843001Sound insulation cover base frame assembly  
204447649841001The palm wood frame  
204547649836001Bubble bag  
204647649786001The palm wood frame  
204747649785001Bubble bag  
204847649784001Sound insulation cover base frame assembly  
204947649503001Outlet pipe  
205047649502001Inlet pipe  
205147649501001The tubing  
205347640396001Screw machine, inverter spare parts  
205447637866002Temperature Sensor 1/4″ NPT, VIB. IMPROV…  IMPROVED, 288″ LEAD LE  
205547637866001Temperature Sensor 1/4″ NPT, VIB. IMPROV…  IMPROVED, 144″ LEAD LE  
205647538427001Connector 1/8 NPT-6mm pipe  
205739324777High temperature safety valve S90-150KW 165PSIG  
205849214422Coolant XL-740HT 15 Liter  
205947651832001Stainless steel gas holder C-3.0/1.0 diameter 1400  
206047651704001Oil free heat return collection control cabinet Volkswagen phase 5  
206147651598001Transformer 690AC to 110V AC  
206247651586001Pneumatic on-off valve DN80 carbon steel 16bar  
206347651580001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0 Chuzhou Everbright  
206447651579001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0 Chuzhou Everbright  
206547651578001Ir5300-160kw-i Repair item Solvay special polymer  
206647651469001Non-standard sandblasted stainless steel tank C-10/1  
206747651468001Non-standard sandblasted stainless steel tank C-5.0/1.0  
206847647883001The pump FSWSC CDMF10-5  
206947646580001Plate heat exchanger  
207047646579001The pump FSWSC CDMF5-5  
207147651587001Tiandingfeng SS7000 spare parts  
207247651024001After the cold KLR17.98-00  
207347650790001S330 display table  
207447650789001S401 flowmeter, standard range  
207547650205006CDB54 spindle protection sleeve  
207618992099Motor Heater 80W110V200HP 46..  200HP 460V 60HZ IP55  
207747575975001The relief valve  
207824474629The control panel  
208149101967Screw machine current contactor  
208249018922Auxiliary contact CAL19-11B  
208349018914[266] Contactor AUX (CAL19-11)  
208448969406Monitor RTD8 – CHANNE…  8-CHANNEL  
208547632965001Ac contactor 105JCQ151 LC1D32M7C  
208647579809001Screw RELAY, TIMER multi-functi..  I-FUNCTION, ABB P/N CT-M  
208924873051[266] Contactor AF265, 1N/O1N/C AUX  
209024469710Contactor 00 AUX C..  00 AUX CONT.  
209123666373Screw machine fuse holder 3-Pole 10×38, O..  10X38, OEZ  
209223666357Fuse 32A GR, 690V, 10X38, OEZ  
209322577324FINGER n.  FINGER SAFE-EN 2P CC  
209422300487FUSE, KLDR-2, 2A, 600V  
209547650788001Kingview running dog upgrade (512 upgrade to 1024..  Upgrade to 1024 points)  
209647650491001Oil removal filter element 6003159  
209747584909001Oil filter  
209839877238After cooler  
209947650378001Heat recovery control cabinet (FAW Liberation)  
210047650115001Secondary plate for FP 22-105-1-NH  
210149138522R37 Fan motor 1.1kW 66..  1.1 KW 660 v  
210247578817001Oil cooler shell and tube SS316 R90-160  
210349099427After the exhaust pipe is cooled until the water is cold  
210447650187001Pressure reducing valve G1/4″ 36.0MPA-0.6mpa with table  
210547650114001Filter 6003181 DTLGF330AJSA68  
210647650113001Heat exchanger assembly 205HL050 AC450  
210747602714001Motor, M350 6KV 50HZ TEFCSS ATB  
210847602713001Motor, M250 6KV 50HZ TEFCATB  
21094754378700141 | CD4D module | G01 | CDC61 / RO | ROX | |..  RO|ROX||PHAS|  
211023734510CD26S test module | after the G20 | OP20 | CDA12..  20|CDA128|RO||PHAS|  
211122949580CDA80 TESTED |CDA80|RO||PHAS|  
211222417869CD26D shaft seal assembly  
211315465982XAir tank C – 25.0/1.0  
211447649760001Air gun (8 air gun +1 control cabinet for one set)  
211517272410Four-stage inlet valve  
211617272311Three stage inlet valve  
211717272204Two stage intake valve  
211817272014One stage intake valve  
211917271958Four-stage exhaust valve  
212017271891Three stage exhaust valve  
212117271800Two stage exhaust valve  
212217271669First stage exhaust valve  
212347649684001Convex circle built-in distributor DN50 600434  
212447649683001DN50 Built-in air distributor 6004019  
212547648482001Non-standard post-cold KLQ98.4  
212647645593001Filter core IRG-1800-50D-40 60031..  40, 6003154  
212747649270001Non-standard centralized control system Shanying Paper Industry  
212824176190Tube minimum pressure valve to post cooled M300/350..  M300/350-SS HV AC  
213070466594ROD PISTON 5,6,8 X 9 PHE  
213170446042CARD POWER SUPPLY 110V AC / 12V ..  C / 12V DC  
213247555033001Cooler oil cooled  
213347555032001Cooler after cooling  
213433426891SPRING CLOSING  
213647649543001Non-standard ASME gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0  
213747649271001SS7000 250 NS Distribution current and voltage display meter..  With current and voltage display meter;  With the isolation  
213847648892001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
213947543327017ODPIE2 2S H..  IE2 2S HB  
2140ATE62019Hose assembly  
2141ATE02098The hard tube  
2142632541Gasket 6″  
2143632540Shim 4 ‘  
21446302062 “union  
214547649047001IR5300 4DI/4DO module TM2DMM8D..  TM2DMM8DRT  
214647648646001Sub-station signal box  
214747648031001Water break valve control package  
214847648030001Water break valve control package  
214947648029001Sierra200-300 package  
215047648028001Nirvana90-150 package  
215147648027001Sierra90-150 package  
215247648026001Nirvana55-75 package  
215347648025001Sierra55-75 package  
215447629339001Solenoid valve  
215518983452Motor 150 HP / 46..  150HP/460V/60HZ/2-2″  
215696708136Hexagon socket bolts M10 X 16 — Product grade 8.8  
215748857940Applique R75VSD  
215947648750001Exhaust pipe (moisture to exhaust port)  
216047648749001Exhaust pipe (cooler to moisture)  
216147648895001Non-standard gas storage tank C-25.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
216247648894001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
216347648590001Temperature transmitter  
216447648032001Temperature control package  
216547646904001Wood chassis  
216647646903001Packaging bags  
2167ATD04001APC75 inlet valve  
216847648629001Control transformer, JBK3-1700 ~525~575~6..  25~575~660~690V/0~110V(1  
216947648628001Control transformer, JBK3-480 ~380~400~46..  0~400~460~575~690V/0~110  
217147609964001Service pack, CD8 water cooler  
2172ESB52P0355KW (Star triangle) electric control cabinet  
2173ATD04027Air filter assembly  
217449040306Pulley S5B5  
217547648891001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
217647648887001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
217747648886001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
217847648885001Non-standard gas storage tank C-4.0/1.0 (non-standard picture, Everbright)  
217947648741001Carbon steel storage tank C-1.0/7.0  
218047648645001RS77CZ of fuse  
218147648643001Contactor, LC1E300  
218247648611001Transfer switch LA39-30Y..  LA39-30YS/Ka,ao,au  
218347648594001Ir5300-250 – Direct connection up and out  
218447648579001Non-standard 304 gas storage tank C-8.0/0.9(see figure)  
218547648578001Non-standard 316L gas storage tank C-2/0.9(see figure)  
218647648577001Non-standard 304 gas storage tank C-2.0/0.9(see figure)  
218747648576001Non-standard 304 gas storage tank C-0.7/0.9(see figure)  
218847648568001C – 10/1.0 (Q345R + 6 cr19ni10)  
218947648567001C – 30/1.0 (Q345R + 6 cr19ni10)  
219047648566001C – 3.0/1.0 (Q345R + 6 cr19ni10)  
219147648565001C – 5/1.0 (06 cr19ni10)  
219247648564001C – 10/1.0 (Q345R)  
219347648563001C – 12/1.0 (Q345R + 6 cr19ni10)  
219447648562001C – 1.0/1.0 (Q345R)  
219547648308001Sound insulation cover base frame assembly  
219624067092The inverter S300KWMD320NT4..  MD320NT400G  
219847648055001C – 20/1.3 MNDR (16)  
219947648054001C – 1.0/1.3 (ASME FLANGE FASTENERS..  STENERS ETC)  
220047648326001Motor cooling fan  
220147611885001Check valve 2.5″  
220247603596001Motor, M250 6.6kV 50HZ TEFC 10PT1..  FC 10PT100  
220324505216Motor 37KW 400V 50HZ IE1VSD  
220647647672001Sealed repair kit cooler  
220747604668001Oil free machine, relay  
220838446464Stop valve 1/2 Original :AD0510  
2209S1311670Bolts M16 * 70 gb5782  
2210ATH01051Seal bag 2300 * 1400 * 1700  
221149200314Control transformer JBK3-850..  JBK3-850VA 380V-480VAC  
221247648106001Dongle repair replacement kingview software USB  
221347647942001New Icontrol (Bundi Pipeline)  
221447647888001New iControl_8 EXP  
221547637518001[860] Screw machine, tight stop switch  
221624625212Assembly electric control box low voltage N50-100…  N50-100-OF XE WC  
2217242608790221.50 X 30 ORFS STRX SF 90..  X SF 90 ELB ISO 6162  
221847647943001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0(non-standard drawing)  
221947647620001Control cabinet oil free heat recovery OF-..  Oil free heat recovery OF OF-500-III  
222047647288001Multifunction meter  
222147647007001Application side control extension option pack for 15KW oil free heat recovery  
222247647006001Application side control expansion options pack 11KW oil free heat recovery  
222347647005001Application side control extension options pack 7.5K for oil free heat recovery  
222447647004001Application side control extension options pack 5.5K for oil free heat recovery  
222547647003001Application side control extension option pack for 4KW oil free heat recovery  
222647647001001Application side control extension options pack 2.2K for oil free heat recovery  
222747647000001Control cabinet oil free heat recovery OF5..  Oil free heat recovery OF500KW  
222847646999001Control cabinet oil free heat recovery 400..  Oil free hot back  
222947646998001Control cabinet oil free heat recovery 200..  Oil free heat recovery 200KW  
223047646387001Xhrs-of-250 oil free heat recovery  
223147646193001High voltage switchgear trolley high voltage soft start combination cabinet..  High voltage soft start combination cabinet  
223247645150001Touch screen assembly (including program) oil free heat recovery  
223347645149001CPU assembly (including program) oil free heat recovery  
223447644090001Xhrs-of-300 oil free heat recovery  
223547640291001Control cabinet assembly oil free heat recovery 500..  Oil free heat recovery 500KW one tow two  
223647647292001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-1.0/1.0  
223747647241001Non-standard gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8(inlet and outlet DN125..  The outlet DN125)  
223847647240001Non-standard gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8(inlet and outlet DN80)  
224047647517001Shell side gasket KL4.59C-10  
224147647516001Tube side gasket KL4.59C-12  
224247647515001147.5 * 5.3 O ring  
224331506744The piston 7 t4  
224424161416Electric control box Assembly 90kwVSD ACNEW COBR..  NEW COBRA400V KT-09-VSD  
224547647687001Mid-mounted High voltage switchgear, 10KV, 355KW, with country..  355KW, with domestic comprehensive protection, aspirant  
224647647597001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-12/1.0  
224747636299001【P266】 Motor, M315 660V50HZ IE1..  50HZ IE1 ODP  
224824670440Safety valve 12Bar with inspection report  
224924670432Rear cooler with material report  
225024670424Oil cooler with material report  
225195495719Adapter 1.50 NPT X 1.00FNPT  
225247644125001Bubble bag  
225347634389001The circular  
225547605785001The relief valve  
225647605780001The relief valve  
2257475694250014 PASS WC STD-SEA WAT..  -SEA WATER  
225824670457Safety valve 0.95Bar with inspection report  
225947646396001Outlet pipe  
226047646395001Inlet pipe  
226147646394001The tubing  
226247646393001Tee pipe fittings  
226347646392001Threaded flange  
226447646391001Support for electric control box  
226547646390001Splint 2  
226647646389001Splint 1  
226747645471001The palm wood frame  
226847645006001Cable trough 2 Cover  
226947644970001After the left column  
227047644969001The left column  
227147644968001Right rear pillar  
227247644967001Right front pillar  
227347644966001The left door  
227447644965001The right door  
227547644964001After the door plank  
227647644963001Before the door  
227747644962001On the cover plate  
227847644961001The base  
227947644124001Go trough 2  
228047644123001Go trough 1  
228147644122001The pump CDMF5-7 FSWSC  
228247644121001At008-2011rbe pressure expansion tank  
228347644120001T three-way valve -DN32  
228447644119001Swing check valve DN32  
228547644118001Cable trough 1 Cover  
22864764411700190 ° bend  
228747644116001Pump outlet pipe  
228847644115001Pump inlet pipe  
228947644114001Board 2 cold side outlet pipe  
229047644113001Board change 2 cold side water inlet pipe  
229147644112001Plate exchange 2 hot side outlet pipe  
229247644111001Replace the plate with a cold side outlet pipe  
229347644110001Board replace 1 cold side water inlet pipe  
229447644109001Plate exchange 1 hot side outlet pipe  
229547644108001Plate change 1 hot side water inlet pipe  
229647644107001Top beam – right  
229747644106001Top beam – to the left  
229847644105001Top beam – after  
229947644104001Top beam – before  
230047644103001Columns 4  
230147644102001Columns 03  
230247644101001Support column.  
230447644099001Roof – left  
230547644098001Roof – right  
230647644097001The door – 800.  
230747644096001The door – 600.  
230847644095001The door – 900.  
230947644094001The base assembly  
231047644093001Acoustic Hood Assembly 300kW oil free heat..  300kW oil free heat recovery  
231147621183001Bending Angle  
231249114135Pipe, 0.25″ oil return to gear box  
231347645709001750KW oil-free heat recovery skid-mounted system Jiangyin Changdian  
231447644752001Oil-free heat recovery control cabinet OF 300  
231547566629001Exhaust hose main to oil distributor M45  
231649109838Purifier LJ – 23-1.0 I  
231747645152001Analog module 4 input 2 output TM2 AMM6..  TM2 AMM6HT  
231847645151001Analog quantity module 2 in 1 out TM2 ALM3..  TM2 ALM3LT  
231947645148001Temperature sensor PT100  
232047644755001Electric actuator 4-20MA Siemens SBX61  
232123468366Oil return check valve  
2322476472750012000 hours preventive maintenance package ML55 crane air compressor  
2323476472740012000 hours preventive maintenance package ML37 skycar air compressor  
2324476472730011000 hours preventive maintenance package ML55 crane air compressor  
2325476472720011000 hours preventive maintenance package ML37 skycar air compressor  
232647647138001Danfoss frequency conversion maintenance service – Changchun Nateford  
232747640290001Control cabinet assembly oil free heat recovery 250..  Oil free heat recovery 250KW one tow two  
232847597345009The taper sleeve wheel  
232924791675Motor 350KW 400V 50HZ IE2TEFC winding P..  TEFC winding PT100 2S  
233024523490Oil cooler 37KW 46℃ (single pass R30-37  
233147646988001CPUM218LDA4..  M218LDA40DRN  
233247646983001Ir5300-160-i Non-standard cabinet rectification service  
233347646860001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
233447646794001Shijiazhuang siyao high pressure cabinet on-site service charge  
233547646772001Stainless steel exhaust pipe  
233647646771001Stainless steel exhaust pipe  
233747646770001Stainless steel exhaust pipe  
233847646681001SS7000 NS 4-160kW External connection, up and out of the top..  External connection method, upper and lower, cabinet  
233947621167001Acoustic Hood Assembly 750kW oil free heat..  750kW oil free heat recovery  
234047596616001Screw machine paper pad, for gear box, 740MM P..  PCD, 740 mm  
234147528830001Nozzle 349/265  
234249066962V belt XPZ1537  
234347646984001Fan SE0002269002096  
234447582920001SWITCH, HIGH AIR TEMPERATURE, 24..  True, 245 ° F (N.C.), M22  
234547543337002Motor 225KW 400V 50HZ ODPIE2  
234647646571001Isolation switch QP-1000/3P  
234747561806001Exhaust Pipe Assembly, 5 “, Main engine to Cylinder  
234822970180CD26D COMPRESSOR BLOCK |G17|  
234985562486Hose D 1.50 X 32.0 Reference Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889913  
235047616198001Stainless steel intercooler  
235147646107001Thermal resistance sensor PT100(DN80)  
235247645708001Electric control cabinet 750kW oil free heat..  750kW oil free heat recovery  
235347623059001Bubble bag  
235447623043001Control cable -RVV4x4  
235547621249001Electric control cabinet -750kW oil free heat recovery  
235647621248001Protection board in  
235747621247001The water pump  
235847621246001B100/10 pressure expansion tank  
235947621244001T three-way valve -DN65  
236047621243001Swing check valve  
236147621242001Y filter DN65  
236247621241001Ball valve DN65 (Rp2-1/2 “)  
236347621239001DN65 flange gasket  
236447621238001Pump outlet pipe  
236547621237001Hot side inlet pipe 1  
236647621236001Cold side inlet pipe  
236747621235001Cold side outlet pipe  
236847621234001Hot side inlet pipe 2  
236947621233001Pump inlet pipe  
237047621232001Hot side outlet pipe  
237147621231001DN65XDN50 variable diameter pipe  
237247621230001Conduit road 01  
237347621186001The palm wood frame  
237449162555Secondary return tubing.25OD  
237547637519001[860] Screw machine, close stop switch contact  
237624474587The controller XE – 145 – m  
2377ES821921Temperature resistance  
237847610054001O-ring, IRN90-160K water cooler  
237949160633Feed water into pipe assembly M300-355  
238049160625Feed water into pipe assembly M300-355  
238147645787001SS7000 NS 900HP external connection method, domestic soft start..  External connection method, domestic soft starter, on  
238247645699001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-10/1.0(Harbin Longxin)  
238337131083Pipe parts  
238447623309001Filter HG5-9  
238549102130Contactor AX370 1N/O 1N/C AUX ABB A..  UX ABB AX370-30-11-84  
238647643629001Ac contactor LC1-D410..  LC1-D410F7C  
238724508582Host module SH250  
238824253627Relay ABB CR-M110AC4L 1SVR405613..  VR405613R7100  
238922949820After CDB54 test module | ROX | | PHAS |  
2390ATE71220Left upper corner frame  
239147645704001Application of plate conversion FP 206-41-1-NH  
239247645703001After the cold KLR63.15  
23934764083400190℃ protection plate 50m3/h  
23944764083300190℃ protection plate for 40m3/h  
23954764083200190℃ protection plate 30m3/h  
23964764083100190℃ protection plate for 20m3/h  
23974764083000190℃ protection plate for 10m3/h  
23984764082900170℃ protection plate 50m3/h  
23994764082800170℃ protection plate for 40m3/h  
24004764082700170℃ protection plate for 30m3/h  
24014764082600170℃ protection plate for 20m3/h  
24024764082500170℃ protection plate for 10m3/h  
24034764082400190℃ application plate for 50m3/h  
24044764082300190℃ application plate for 40m3/h  
24054764082200190℃ application plate for 30m3/h  
24064764082100190℃ application plate for 20m3/h  
24074764082000190℃ application plate for 10m3/h  
24084764081900170℃ application plate for 50m3/h  
24094764081800170℃ application plate for 40m3/h  
24104764081700170℃ application plate for 30m3/h  
24114764081600170℃ application plate for 20m3/h  
24124764081500170℃ application plate for 10m3/h  
241347640814001Oil injection heat recovery secondary plate for 50m3/h  
241447640813001Oil injection heat recovery secondary plate for 40m3/h  
241547640812001Oil injection heat recovery secondary plate for 30m3/h  
241647640811001Oil injection heat recovery secondary plate for 20m3/h  
241747640810001Oil injection heat recovery secondary plate for 10m3/h  
241847645352001Terminal assembly  
241947623879001Motor, EW5-15 415V 50HZ IE3 VSD  
242047611905001Screw machine, AC output reactor  
242147578029001No oil machine, contactor  
242247553104001Inverter operation panel  
242347549410001[P676] Contactor SP25  
242415857386Wearing parts repair kit -15T2  
242515465990XAir tank C – 30.0/1.0  
242647645020001Fuel injection heat recovery control cabinet iHRS VAV..  iHRS VAVE  
242747645134001High voltage soft lifting cabinet 6KV/ cable assembling cabinet..  6KV/ cable LCL/down in and out  
242847644069001Heat recovery control cabinet changjiang Automobile  
242947632903001Cylinder 104 fmqg101 RT020DA  
243047553066001General purpose inverter power board  
243138458915Fan motor  
243347645003001One batch of tank drain valves  
243447644948001Ir5300-75-ii Inverter cabinet dual power supply/upper and lower outlet..  Dual power supply/upper and lower output /200V/3P/  
243547644947001Ir5300-75 VFD Huichuan (MD380-2..  (MD380-2T90G 3P/220V)  
243647644923001Meizhi high voltage compensation cabinet 800HP 10KV assembly cabinet  
243747644922001Meizhi high voltage reactance cabinet 800HP 10KV out/assembled cabinet  
243847644921001Meizhi high voltage inlet cabinet 800HP 10KV down inlet/intelligent with MB..  Down/with MB smart meter  
243947643985001Electric cabinet lock  
244023443765The relief valve 16 bar  
244179056000GHHCD26D bearing end cover  
244247637453001The power distribution cabinet  
244347644757001The condenser is 9014195  
244447644348001CD14 module coupling bracket  
244547644347001CD8 module coupling bracket  
244647549387001[P675] Heater 1.5kW  
244747549349001【P676】2″ cylinder butterfly valve  
244824789828Safety valve 0.8mpa with inspection report  
244923880982The plug  
245047644056001Protection plate for FP 405-41-1-NH  
245147644055001Application plate for FP 22-107-1-NH  
245247644054001Tube heat exchanger KLR72.17  
245347643830001C – 50/1.0 (INNER STAINLESSSTEEL ET…  STEEL ETC)  
245447643829001C – 20/1.0 (INNER STAINLESSSTEEL ET…  STEEL ETC)  
245547643828001C – 20/1.0 (EPOXY RESIN ETC.)  
245647636192001Intake valve repair kit  
245747643632001Terminal box  
245847643631001ACS6000 signal box  
2459SE000325The wind condenser  
2460ESB53Q03Electric control cabinet  
246154363429Terminal 12-10AWG fork #10SC..  Fork type # 10 screw  
246249099609B.98020014 Fan power module MT204ZG-..  MT204ZG-MT204ZA1  
246347586599003Motor, M250 400V 50HZ TEFC QINGJI..  C QINGJIANG  
246432182818The piston pin  
246530297022The piston pin  
246624468233Insurance tube  
246724262222Insurance tube  
246847643203001SS7000 NS 450HPABB soft drive, aspirant..  ABB soft start, up and out  
246947643133001Reactive power compensation cabinet,10KV,900HP, 50Hz  
247047643132001Three-in-one high voltage solid state soft start cabinet, 10KV, 900..  10KV, 900HP, 50Hz  
247147643131001Reactive power compensation cabinet,10KV,600HP,50HP~700HP  
247247643130001Three in one high voltage solid state soft start cabinet, moving cabinet -10KV,..  Ark to 10 kv, 400 HP to 700 HP  
247347605442001Exhaust bend with check valve 190MMBORE 50MM new..  E 50 mm new: 47650133001  
247495008397CDB54 o-rings  
247547641569001High voltage switchgear Dongfeng Honda Factory 3 10..  Dongfeng Honda Factory no. 3 10KV/C400  
247639143003The relief valve  
247732334591Tee joint  
247896769047M60 inner hexagon plug  
247949129877Screw machine minimum pressure valve 4IN  
248036861367Shell HR2.0/2.5  
248147643134001Non-standard self-cleaning filter IR-SS-18  
248247642366001Electric control valve DN50 three-way casting..  DN50 three way cast iron  
248347642365001Electric control valve DN40 two casting..  DN40 two way cast iron  
248447642364001Heat recovery control cabinet Hangzhou Light Rongneng  
248547576419001Screw machine quick plug,6mm pipe 1/8 BSPT  
248647568230001Check valve 8004074  
248724693335Decal LOGO LOGO  
248818301978Condenser 18.05.06..  18.05.0600.36  
2490476427030018000 hours air cooled preventive maintenance kit Old Cobra M..  Old Cobra M132-160  
2491476427020018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance kit Old Cobra M..  Old Cobra M132-160  
2492476427010014000 hours preventive care package old Cobra M13..  obra M132-160  
2493476427000012000 hours preventive maintenance kit Old Cobra M13..  obra M132-160  
249447642699001Water cooled hose maintenance kit old Cobra M90-160  
249547642698001Air cooled hose maintenance kit old Cobra M90-160  
249647642697001Gearbox maintenance kit old Cobra M90-160  
2497476426960018000 hours air cooled preventive maintenance kit Old Cobra M..  Old Cobra M90-110  
2498476426950018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance kit Old Cobra M..  Old Cobra M90-110  
2499476426940014000 hours preventive maintenance kit old Cobra M90..  obra M90-110  
2500476426930012000 hours preventive maintenance kit old Cobra M90..  obra M90-110  
250147642324001Ebolo butterfly valve Z 014-A DN100  
250249119712Screw machine temperature control valve 170-185 °F RS 200..  F RS 200-250  
250347642646001DN50 pneumatic valve SE004027  
250447642642001High voltage cabinet control power failure protection service Jiangxi Jingwang  
250532296170Cylinder end cap – high pressure  
250649118599[P266 screw machine] Gear box single stage 315  
250747642647001Pneumatic valve DN15  
250847641566001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
250947641350001Refrigeration compressor 49109473 9001127  
251047612716001Filter HG2-38, 6003165  
251147569950001Exhaust safety valve of screw machine unit GB 0.95MP..  B 0.95 MPa to 0.5 “NPT  
251247563278001Oilless relay coil RJ2S-CL-A110  
251347563277001No oil machine, relay base  
251424355943Electric control box door assembly  
251547642598001NS ASME TANK C-1.0/1.0(SUS MATIN..  US MATING FLANGE)  
251647642462001Protection plate replaced with FP 10-7-1-NH  
251747642461001Application board for FP 10-31-1-NH  
251847642460001Gas water heat exchanger KLR35.46-00  
2519B9000037SKF bearing 6314  
252047640979001O-ring 20.35×1.78 1802944  
252147640978001Connector 1847861  
252247640496001Sealing gasket  
2523476284200018000 hours air cooling maintenance kit IRN55-75K-of  
2524476284190014000 hours maintenance kit IRN55-75K-of  
2525476284180012000 hours maintenance kit IRN55-75K-of  
252647603278001Screw machine motor shaft sleeve  
252747642031001Dongan Power high voltage cabinet debugging service  
252847641706001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(without safety accessories)  
252947641705001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(without safety accessories)  
253047641594001Ss7000-250kw3rw44 Soft boot..  3RW44 Soft initiator  
253147641568001High pressure soft start cabinet Dongfeng Honda Factory 3 10..  Dongfeng Honda Factory no. 3 10KV/C400  
253247640974001Non-standard gas storage tank C10/1.0(ASME Standard +DOSH certification..  Quasi-+ DOSH certification)  
253347639199001T/H controller ZWS-22/D..  ZWS-22/DZWS-22/D  
253447639189001P62] switch switch LW39-16a..  LW39-16 a – 40-222 xj / 3 b (Ben  
253547639188001P62] switch switch LW39-16a..  LW39-16 a j / 3-4 ab – 33 (soft  
253647639187001Transfer switch LW39-16A..  LW39 02/1-16 a – 4 ab – p (disconnect /  
253747638748002Vacuum contactor 10KvJCZ5-12J..  JCZ5-12 j/D630-6.3 T  
253847638748001Vacuum contactor 6KVJCZ5-7.2..  JCZ5-7.2 J/D630-6.3 T  
253947638747002System power component 10kvQB-H10-P..  QB-H10-POWER  
254047638747001System power supply component 6kvQB-H06-P..  QB-H06-POWER  
254147638745002Voltage sampling unit 10kVQB-H10 /V..  QB-H10/VF  
254247638745001Voltage sampling unit 6KVQB-H06/V..  QB-H06/VF  
254347638744004Thyristor assembly KPA 1000-65 high voltage soft starting cabinet  
254447638744003Thyristor assembly KP9 800-65 high voltage soft starter cabinet  
254547638744002Thyristor assembly KP9 700-65 high voltage soft start cabinet  
254647638744001Thyristor assembly KP8 300-65 high voltage soft starter cabinet  
254747638735011System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-4500  
254847638735010System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-3500  
254947638735009System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-2500  
255047638735008System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-1500  
255147638735007System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-710  
255247638735006System display component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XS-500  
255347638735005System display component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XS-3500  
255447638735004System display component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XS-2500  
255547638735003System display component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XS-1500  
255647638735002System display component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XS-1000  
255747638735001System display component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XS-500  
255847638734011Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-4500  
255947638734010Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-3500  
256047638734009Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-2500  
256147638734008Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-1500  
256247638734007Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-710  
256347638734006Qb-h10 /J..  QB-H10/JY-500  
256447638734005System equalizing component QB-H06/J..  QB-H06/JY-3500  
256547638734004System equalizing component QB-H06/J..  QB-H06/JY-2500  
256647638734003System equalizing component QB-H06/J..  QB-H06/JY-1500  
256747638734002System equalizing component QB-H06/J..  QB-H06/JY-1000  
256847638734001System equalizing component QB-H06/J..  QB-H06/JY-500  
256947638733011System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-4500  
257047638733010System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-3500  
257147638733009System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-2500  
257247638733008System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-1500  
257347638733007System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-710  
257447638733006System I/O component QB-H10/I..  QB-H10/IO-500  
257547638733005System I/O component QB-H06/I..  QB-H06/IO-3500  
257647638733004System I/O component QB-H06/I..  QB-H06/IO-2500  
257747638733003System I/O component QB-H06/I..  QB-H06/IO-1500  
257847638733002System I/O component QB-H06/I..  QB-H06/IO-1000  
257947638733001System I/O component QB-H06/I..  QB-H06/IO-500  
258047638732011System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-4500  
258147638732010System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-3500  
258247638732009System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-2500  
258347638732008System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-1500  
258447638732007System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-710  
258547638732006System signal component QB-H10/X..  QB-H10/XH-500  
258647638732005System signal component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XH-3500  
258747638732004System signal component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XH-2500  
258847638732003System signal component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XH-1500  
258947638732002System signal component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XH-1000  
259047638732001System signal component QB-H06/X..  QB-H06/XH-500  
259147638726011System energy storage component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CN-4500  
259247638726008System energy storage component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CN-1500  
259347638726007System energy storage component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CN-710  
259447638726006System energy storage component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CN-500  
259547638726005System Energy storage component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CN-3500  
259647638726004System Energy storage component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CN-2500  
259747638726003System Energy storage component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CN-1500  
259847638726002System Energy storage component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CN-1000  
259947638726001System Energy storage component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CN-500  
260047638725011System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-4500  
260147638725010System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-3500  
260247638725009System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-2500  
260347638725008System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-1500  
260447638725007System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-710  
260547638725006System trigger component QB-H10/C..  QB-H10/CF7-500  
260647638725005System trigger component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CF7-3500  
260747638725004System trigger component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CF7-2500  
260847638725003System trigger component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CF7-1500  
260947638725002System trigger component QB-H06/C..  QB-H06/CF7-1000  
2610AA085032-17Pinion, No. 17, transmission ratio 5.407..  Ratio of 5.4074  
261147639197001Frequency conversion motor 75KW SF1.2520-50Hz..  20-50HZ 400V/3/50HZ  
261247620293001Oil cooler M185 WC seawater  
261347620292001After cooler M185 WC seawater  
261447605851001Sealing lip for shaft of screw machine  
261547549377001[P676] Controller Hye-ⅵ  
261647541759010Screw machine gear set 349/257mm A/E, RATI..  0.724 / E, thewire  
261747541681001Gear case housing 349/257..  349/257 2s A/E  
261823729635Timed start and stop option package  
2619RGEARBOXCD8CD8 oil free module gear box overhaul  
2620RGEARBOXCD26CD26 oil-free module gear box overhaul  
2621RGEARBOXCD14CD14 oil-free module gear box overhaul  
262247641704001Stainless steel non-standard gas storage tank C-0.6/0.8 (safety valve side mounted…  8(Safety valve side mounting)  
262347641565001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
262447641357001Local control cabinet xuzhou Guyang  
262547641073001High voltage cabinet 700HP/ 3.3kV/reactance ECLASS/ wisdom..  ECLASS/ Smart meter/Down in down out  
262635092279Intake filter assembly HR2.5  
262749062565Intermediate relay 10A110V coil plug..  110V coil plug type  
262847641465001Communication signal box wall mount/down line  
262947641291001Ir5300-150-i Inverter 690V Schneider  
263047641290001Ir5300-150-i cabinet 690V/ down down..  690V/ down in and out/oil pump control  
2631BY070108Inspection (times) each time (Virtual picture Number)  
2632BY070107Maintenance (post-treatment) for each stage (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2633BY0701068000 hours maintenance (OF) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2634BY0701054000 hours OF maintenance (OF) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2635BY0701042000 hours OF maintenance (OF) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2636BY0701038000 hours maintenance (CC) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2637BY0701024000 hours maintenance (CC) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
2638BY0701012000 hours maintenance (CC) per unit (virtual drawing number..  Per session (Virtual Map No.)  
263947641349001Filter element L330AR/V2 SF 108LX265  
264047641348001Filter L330AO/V2 SF 108LX264  
264147640853001Isolating transformer JBK5 690..  JBK5 690V/380V 100W  
2642ATD08006Pneumatic butterfly valve  
264347641102001Non-standard gas storage tank C-75.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
264447641101001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
264547641070001Non-standard Carbon Steel storage tank C-8.0/1.0 (epoxy coated inside)  
264639838974Gears Gear – set  
264724839607Gear set 2.108 RS30 to 37  
264847633092001Differential pressure transmitter 108YCJ005 YH3351  
265047640289001Control cabinet assembly oil free heat recovery 250..  Oil free heat recovery 250KW one drag one  
265147640103001Analog expansion module 4-channel TM2AMI4L..  TM2AMI4LT  
265247640102001Analog expansion module 8-channel TMAMI8HT  
265347639202001Welding tee  
265538053088WCH valve original :633701  
265624900383Oil filter RS 200-250  
2658ATE71224Rear corner plate of electric control cabinet  
265948858690Screw machine, overload thermal relay  
266048858591Screw machine, AC contactor  
266147639198001Electric control box assembly VPEX75-8VSD  
266247640426001Vortex flowmeter DN100 (temperature and pressure compensation, flange..  (temperature and pressure compensation, flange type)  
266347640425001Vortex flowmeter DN80 (temperature and pressure compensation, flange..  (temperature and pressure compensation, flange type)  
266447640424001Vortex flowmeter DN65 (temperature and pressure compensation, flange..  (temperature and pressure compensation, flange type)  
266547640423001Vortex flowmeter DN50 (temperature and pressure compensation, flange..  (temperature and pressure compensation, flange type)  
266647640104001IControl NS Centralized control cabinet SAIC Gm Dongyue Automobile  
266747638318001Non-standard carbon steel tank (relief valve side) C12/1…  Surface) C12/1.0  
266847638317001Non-standard stainless steel tank (relief valve side) C12/1..  Side) C12/1.0  
266947638316001Non-standard carbon steel tank (relief valve side) C20/1…  Surface) C20/1.0  
267047640057001Compressor replacement 49109457  
2671ESB51Y53Cnooc project of electric control cabinet  
2672ATE71225Vent cover  
2673ATE71223Rear beam of electric control box  
2674ATE71221Air screen  
2675ATE71218Left roof  
2676ATE71215After the Angle on the rack  
2677ATE71212Right panel  
268047634009001CD26 module coupling bracket  
268147552637001The inverter  
268224168973Motor 110KW 380V 50HZ IE1VSD  
268323953631Tube assembly stainless steel CD8 instead..  CD8 instead of 39891890  
268447640053001Non-standard gas storage tank C-4.0/5.0  
2685ATE71203Front upper left corner rack  
2686ADG99004-6Door plank of 3  
268747624347001P266] Screw machine, Cable assembly  
268847623694001Filter dryer JH305S 900648  
268947597227001Screw machine, micro circuit breaker  
269047597226001Screw machine, overload thermal relay  
2692ATE74026Sound-absorbing board  
2693ATE74025Sound-absorbing board  
2694ATE74024Sound-absorbing board  
2696ATE71207Front upper right corner rack  
2697ATE71202Before and after the door plank  
269847637342001Sealing plug  
269947637341001Sealing ring  
270047579617001The water hose  
270147549412001[P676] Contactor SP40T  
2702ATE74009Fan mesh cover 45″  
2703ADG99004-5Door plank of 2  
2704ADG99004-4Door plank of 1  
270549165624Solenoid valve service kit RS30-37IE  
270647637511001[860] Screw machine, contactor  
270723629900Wire harness fan motor driven  
2708F0100005The urgent freight  
2709F0100004Inbound&Outbound freight  
2710F0100003The Inbound freight  
271147638845001Non-standard gas storage tank C-75.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
271247638743001Non-standard gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
271347638742001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
271447638741001Non-standard gas storage tank C-12.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
271547638740001Non-standard horizontal Gas Storage tank C-20.0/1.0(non-standard figure)  
271615444904SAir tank C – 6.0/1.3  
271747638536001High voltage frequency conversion cabinet touch screen replacement service  
271847638528001Non-standard centralized control cabinet system enlightenment sander  
271924906703Screw machine intake valve 10inch onARES200+  
272047590386D600 refrigeration compressor  
272115878051IRG – 480-25-35 d filter  
272247638021001Ir5300-110-ii frequency conversion cabinet 1 channel, connected control, aspirant..  1 way, joint control, up and down out  
272347638416001Pipeline drawing design and tooling (including fatigue calculation)  
272447638220001Centrifuge high pressure starting cabinet in and out, reactance,..  Down in and out, reactance, with MB intelligence  
272547638219001Local signal box S7-1200..  S7-1200 PLC&MB RTU module  
27264763805100145 degree bend for 16 “exhaust pipe  
27274763804200145 degree Angle  
272847563518001The hard tube M55 – W  
272947638719001Compressor H9001135 original :15483787  
273047613433001Fan suction yWF-74-4-522-450 380V/3..  0 380V/3PH/50HZ 9002207  
273147549381001[P676] Pressure gauge  
273296703830M6 x 16m  M6 x 16mm  
273349109846Purifier LJ – 26.5-1.0 I  
273447638388001Pneumatic ball valve cylinder 106QDQF353A  
273547637345001Motor bearing front cover  
273647637344001Motor bearing rear oil cover  
273747637343001Motor bearing front oil cover  
273847636193001Intake valve module  
273947628637001Sheet metal assembly on left top plate  
274047597345026The taper sleeve wheel  
274147585989001Motor, M355 6KV 50HZ TEFCSF1.25 2..  SF1.25 2 s ABB  
274323443773Safety valve 16 BARASME/CRN..  ASME/CRN M16  
274422704894Plug head M12x1.5 DIN 3852R30-37  
274518001131After the cold tube  
2746476380590016 “exhaust flange elbow welds  
274747638058001Tank, 2.2m in diameter, 12,000 gallons  
27484763805700116 “air duct weldment 1  
27494763805600124 inch exhaust sub-cylinder weldment  
275047638055001Brake control tank 750L  
2751476380540016 “pipe welds for storage tanks  
275247638053001Exhaust screen welds  
27534763805200116 “pipe support base welds  
27544763805000116 “pipe flange metal plate  
2755476380490016 “exhaust pipe weldment 2  
275647638048001Storage tank, 2.2m in diameter, 16,000 gallons  
27574763804700116 “air duct welds  
275847638046001Control tank, 1000L  
27594763804500116 “pipe flange metal plate edge  
27604763804400124 “exhaust welder, left  
2761476380430016 “weldment from air compressor to storage tank  
276247638395001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-2.0/1.0(pickling both inside and outside surfaces..  (Both internal and external surfaces are passivated by pickling)  
276347638394001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-1.0/1.0(pickling on both internal and external surfaces..  (Both internal and external surfaces are passivated by pickling)  
276447638195001Stainless steel sub-cylinder C-0.3/1.0  
276547600910001Filter level gauge 6006013  
276647638040001Supplementary hardware for phase 5 centralized control system  
276747637766001TANK C-30/1.0(Xi ‘an Song Nan)  
276847637757001TANK C-75/1.0(Xi ‘an Song Nan)  
276947637532001Central control signal box (wall mounted, incoming line)1 single mode optical port 2 electrical port..  1 Single-mode optical port 2 Electrical port Switch/tail  
277022780118FILTER PANEL 618 X 563  
277147637138001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30/1.0 (ASME outlet, Non-standard agreement..  Export, non-standard agreement))  
277247637137001Non-standard gas storage tank C-50/1.0 (ASME outlet, Non-standard agreement..  Export, non-standard agreement))  
277347637335001Oil gas water separator filter element 6003019H15TE20  
277524232399FILTER F395IHX  
277624191264VSD MR300WC380V MR…  380V MR.ED W/C  
2777ATE66036Tube assembly minimum pressure valve out  
2778ATE66035Main engine exhaust pipe  
2779476293800018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
2780476293790018000-hour water-cooled preventive maintenance kit  
2781476293780018000-hour preventive maintenance kit (air-cooled)  
2782476293770014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
2783476293760012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
278439693957Standard air filter option 125HP/90..  125HP/90KW SIERRA 2K  
278523990336Electric control box filter qY-804  
278647637124001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/0.8(designated Qingdao Sea and Air)  
278747637123001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/0.8(designated Qingdao Sea and Air)  
278847637019001Non-standard gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0 non-standard figure  
278947637018001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0 non-standard see figure  
279047636930001Non-standard gas storage tank C-40.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279147636929001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279247636928001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279347636927001Non-standard gas storage tank C-4.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279447636926001Non-standard gas storage tank C-3.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279547636925001Non-standard gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8(non-standard figure)  
279623580624CD14S oil free host module | the G20 | CDA96 | r..  |CDA96|RO||PHAS|  
279747547692001Motor, R160 400V 50HZ heater PT100..  Heater PT100 service coefficient 1.2  
279849118854Controller KT09B V2..  KT09B V250 VSD  
279947636918001Plate heat exchanger PHE 22-143-1-NH  
280047636917001Plate heat exchanger PHE 405-133-1-NH  
280147634423001Pressure sensor Assembly 0-16 bar..  0-16BAR NPT1/4  
280247633193001Intelligent flow controller CN DN100  
280447636663001Low temperature sensor ES870600  
28054763644600124571994 Motor with outlet tubing  
28064763644500124572034 Motor with outlet tubing  
28074763644400124572034 Motor with inlet tubing  
28084763644300124571994 Motor with feed tubing  
280947634038001Pressure gauge  
281047633554001DN100 Gas pipe 2  
281147633553001DN100 Trachea 1  
281247633552001Distribution cabinet support  
281347630973001Bubble bag  
281447616197001Oil cooler water cooling unit  
281547636583001Non-standard stainless steel tank C-3.0/1.0, 304L material  
281647636453001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-5X1.0  
281747636452001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-10X1.0  
281847630972001The packing cases  
281947629977001Ir-hssc10/710 high voltage soft start combination cabinet  
282047629972001Ir-hssc06/1000 high voltage soft start combined cabinet  
282147629971001Ir-hssc06/500 high voltage soft start combined cabinet  
282247629966001Ir-hss10/710 high voltage soft starter cabinet  
282347629965001Ir-hss10/500 high voltage soft starter cabinet  
282447629960001Ir-hss 06/500 high voltage soft starter cabinet  
282547555653001Flange DN100  
282622181564Intelliflow logo  
282795108569To take over the nut  
282885574978Hose 16/46 in. 90 degree Angle  
283047634396001Screw machine, open the controller simulation debugging box  
283147584976001Water cooled fan RDG55-90I  
283224247694Oil pump hose  
283423710115Oil cooler oil return hose  
283523710107Oil cooler inlet hose  
283623700263Pressure transducer  
283723636616Sensor cable  
283823504657Exhaust check valve  
283923500895The relief valve  
284047636451001Maintenance Service Package  
284132263436The piston pin  
2842ES870500Isolation gate CZ3078 PT100  
284447570183001Check valve  
284524874240Temperature sensor 4-20MA7.4m  
284647636170001Ir5300-110-i bottom right inlet and outlet line  
284747636165001Stainless steel storage tank C-10.0/1.0(mounting valve side mounting + stainless..  Install valve side + stainless steel primary paint +  
284847636164001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(safety valve side mounted +..  0(safety valve side + stainless steel primary color  
284947634839001Heat recovery control cabinet fugang Electronics  
285047634823001High voltage soft start cabinet 10KV/800..  10KV/800, down in, down out  
285147634732001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-10/1.0(non-standard drawings)  
285242899286XAir tank C – 5.0/1.3  
285347560490001Temperature sensor of screw machine  
2854ATD19003Empty the muffler  
2855ATD04002The internal diameter of the intake hose is 270  
285647634414001Stainless steel sub-cylinder C-2.7/1.0  
285747631462001Transition stainless steel nozzles DN80 to 4 “flanges  
28584763111600120# stainless steel transition nozzles DN80 transition to 4 “flange  
285947531239001O-rings aiaa 799 x3, 53349/265  
286049151160Intake valve  
286147633235001Screw machine, frequency converter communication board  
286247596617001Screw machine gasket, gear box, 600PCD  
286347520542001The motor  
286447520511001Screw fan motor 7.5kW 4P TEFC 3..  P TEFC 380/415V/50HZ IE3  
286523712286ABB MCB S202-D2  
286623615719DRIVE SHIPABL 132KW  
286747566630001Exhaust hose main to oil distributor M55/75  
286847558855001[P266 screw machine] bracket  
286924213621Upper rear panel assembly with foam  
287024213605Front panel assembly with foam  
287147634201001Exhaust cage welding 551  
28724763420000124″ exhaust cross pipe welds  
287347633678001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-10/1.0 (designated Qingdao Xintai)  
287447633677001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-5/1.0(designated supplier Qingdao Xintai)  
287547633180001Pressure transmitter Danfoss,..  Danfoss, 0 ~ 60 bar  
287647633179001Thermal flowmeter high pressure, DN80 expansion..  High pressure, DN80 expanded range  
287747633178001Thermal flowmeter high pressure, DN50 high..  High pressure, DN50 high speed range  
287847633177001Local signal box 24DI  
287947633176001S7-1200 MB RTU module CB1241  
288047633175001Thermal flowmeter low pressure, DN200..  Low pressure, DN200 standard range  
288147633174001Thermal flowmeter low pressure, DN80-..  Low pressure, DN80-50 expanded range  
288247633173001220V rotary beep alarm modification accessories  
288447633888001Fan 9002169 Original :SE003265  
288547549346001【P675】3/4″ pneumatic ball valve  
288622415749MGearbox assembly CD8D VSD  
288747633887001L screw  
288847633886001After the cold KLQ109.1  
288947633681001Delphi SS7000 NS900HP, aspirant..  900HP, up and down, domestic  
289023057987Shaft seal  
289196768197Screw machine positioning pin with internal thread  
289249109515Refrigeration compressor C-SCN903H8H  
289347633515001Nitrogen making machine FD120-99%  
289447578818001Rear cooler shell type stainless steel  
289547528816001Ir349/257 (ARES3) Host beige 200/2..  Beige 200/250  
289624874257Temperature sensor 4-20MA5.6m  
289747633361001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5/1.0(Qingdao Sea and Air)  
289847633360001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0(Qingdao Sea and Air)  
289947633237001C-15.0/1.0(Transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel)  
290047633165001C-10.0/1.0(Transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel)  
290147633164001C-18.0/1.0(Transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel)  
290247633163001C-20.0/1.0(Transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel)  
290347633159001Non-standard gas storage tank C-16.0/1.0(lined with 304+ transmitter..  Lining 304+ transmitter mouth + hydrophobic rust  
290447633158001Non-standard gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0(lined with 304+ transmitter port..  304+ transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel)  
290547633157001Non-standard gas storage tank C-16.0/1.0(inner epoxy + transmitter mouth +..  Epoxy + transmitter mouth + hydrophobic stainless steel  
290647631591001Yancheng ATos high pressure soft starter cabinet 900HP/10..  900HP/10KV upper and lower intelligent electricity  
290747631590001Thermal recovery collection control system Yancheng ATtes  
290847605305001Screw machine sealing box 4.25 IN. ELRING SEA..  RING SEAL  
290947554386001BRACE, SHIPPING  
291047551327001The inverter 5.5 KW  
291132185787Air collector – low pressure  
291224871410Screw machine lossless valve  
291447632508001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0(DN80)  
291547632507001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0(DN150)  
291647632506001Non-standard cylinder φ =DN150(DN15*5)  
2917SLT06331Three-phase power meter NHR3300C-W-..  3300C-W-0/X/D1/X-A  
291847632881001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C5.0/1.0 medium grey (RAL70..  Gray (RAL7038)  
291947627710001【P266】 Soft starter, AF150-NBD  
292047591541001IControl Master Modbus RTU option  
292147591540001IControl Current Transformer 50/5A option  
292247591539001IControl Current transformer 150/5 option  
292347591538001IControl Current Transformer 500/5 option  
292447591537001IControl Current Transformer 750/5 option  
292547591536001IControl Current Transformer 1000/ option  
292647591535001IControl UPS 1KVA 60min option  
292724556771Hose x26 D 1.5  
292924556706Hose 1.5 x1.5..  1.5 x1.5 34 inches  
293024556698Hose 0.25 x0.2..  0.25 x0.25 48 inches  
293121978093Storage tank,E-445L/ 1.38mpa/Domestic /GB150  
293349144603001Temperature control valve service package 90°C  
2934ATN740011.15 SF, 90 kw motor  
293649124118V250 Main motor 400V 20-..  400V 20-60HZ ODP IE1  
293847631704001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-0.3/4.0(Guangzhong)  
293942899146XAir tank C – 0.6/0.8  
294047631581001Grundfos pump TP 100-310/2  
294147631580001Replace the protection plate with t20-BFG  
294249198526Electric Control Box Assembly Nirvana..  Nirvana CC4 CD8 OF WC  
294349198427Components Electrical Component Board N37-75KW..  N37-75KW WC 380-415 VOLT  
294447590914001Fan converter  
294549084569Pipe assembly outlet m300-350  
294647631030001Non-standard centralized control cabinet de Zhixin  
294747630543001Screw machine, control transformer  
294847631247001Gas storage tank C-50.0/1.0 (non-standard drawing)  
294947631246001Gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0 (non-standard figure)  
295047631102001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-30/0.8  
295147631101001Electric on-off valve DN80 Honeywell, 16B..  Honeywell, 16bar  
295247631100001Electric on/off valve DN100 Honeywell, 16B..  Honeywell, 16bar  
295347631094001S401 Thermal flow meter DN350 (split type, with MB..  (Split, with MB)  
295447631093001S215 dew point meter (-20℃~+5..  (20 ℃ to + 50 ℃) –  
295547630834001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 120 cubic,90..  120 cubed,90 degrees  
295647630833001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 120 cubic,90..  120 cubed,90 degrees  
295747630640001Huawei cooling water pump local cabinet  
2958E80065014KP-NYou can replace the S200 host with a new one  
2959E80065014-NCannot replace the S200 host with a new host  
2960ATS28026Secondary return pipe  
296147609843001Thermal relay _3RU61264BB0  
296247609842010Ac contactor _3RT60271AQ00  
296324067217No oil machine,PT100 input module  
296496761937Quick insert right Angle joint  
296547631054001Temperature sensor 105CGQ090  
296647631053001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF364  
296747631052001Dew-point meter 105 cgq040  
296847631051001104 fl999 auxiliary material  
296947630862001IControl -4 basic model cabinet color RAL7..  Cabinet color RAL7035  
297047629069001Special custom adsorbent 104XFJ999SPA KG  
297147609222001Screw machine, frequency converter internal cooling fan  
297249134216Hose air intake RS 200-250  
297396748793Elastic washer  
297449109804Purifier LJ – 13.5-1.0 I  
297547630748001Filter T200E  
297647630747001Precision filter element F200E  
297747630746001Super fine filter element H150E  
297847630745001Pipe filter element A800E  
297947630744001Pipe filter element F800E  
298047630743001Ultra fine filter element F150E  
298147630742001Precision filter element A200E  
298247630741001Precision filter element A350E  
298347630740001Pipeline filter element T-300E  
298447630739001Oil-water separator TYS-20  
298547630738001Pipe filter element A800E  
298647630737001Pipe filter element T800E  
298747630432001KYN28 HV high voltage cabinet (10KV/52..  (10KV/522KW)  
298847623963001Screw machine, overload relay  
298947583496001Small door panel assembly RDG90IW  
299038446472WCH 3/4″ stop valve original :AD0515  
299147607386001Compressor 9001252 DSD145CVR407C/R4..  R407C/R404A 220V/50HZ  
299223630031Oil distributor  
299347629598001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-3.0/0.8 is lined with stainless steel  
299447629597001Vacuum tank – 10 / – 0.1 C  
299547629596001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-15/1.0 is lined with stainless steel  
299647630227001Pipe filter core TGL60/8  
299747630114001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-20/1.0 with epoxy coating  
299847629595001Lie can of the CW – 2.0/1.0 (YT)  
299947629488001SS7000 NS 600HP domestic, up and down  
300047579184001Sealing assembly for oil cooler 49186919  
300147574981001End cover  
300222685440Power terminal 620A 600..  620A 600V 350MCM #6  
300316545972H15T6 head  
300447629907001PLC module replaces 15459084  
300547629374001Screw machine, overload thermal relay  
300647628878001Motor end cover for 24168999 motor 160KW  
300749186927[P266 Screw machine] Rear cooler water M185  
300847628805001Screw machine, frequency converter drive board  
300923199557Circuit breaker 3 a – 2 p  
301047629186001High voltage inverter module maintenance package ma ‘anping site  
301147629253001Ir5300-37kw-ii dual power supply top and out  
301247629183001Intelligent flow integrator SWP-LK90..  SWP-LK902  
301347623042001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 190 cubic,90..  190 cubed,90 degrees  
301447623041001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 190 cubic,90..  190 cubed,90 degrees  
301547623040001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 first stage 190 cubic,90..  190 cubed,90 degrees  
301647623039001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,90..  160 cubed,90 degrees  
301747623038001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,90..  160 cubed,90 degrees  
301847623037001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,90..  160 cubed,90 degrees  
301947623036001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 140 cubic,90..  140 cubed,90 degrees  
302047623035001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 140 cubic,90..  140 cubed,90 degrees  
302147623034001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 level 140 cubic,90..  140 cubed,90 degrees  
302247623033001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 Class 100 cubic,90..  100 cubed,90 degrees  
302347623032001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 100 cubic,90..  100 cubed,90 degrees  
302447623031001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 100 cubic,90..  100 cubed,90 degrees  
302547623030001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 class 80 cubic,90 degrees  
302647623029001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 80 cubic,90 degrees  
302747623028001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 80 cubic,90 degrees  
302847623027001High efficiency heat exchanger C400 stage 70 cubic,90 degrees  
302947623026001High efficiency heat exchanger C400 stage 70 cubic,90 degrees  
303047623025001High efficiency heat exchanger C400 stage 55 cubic,90 degrees  
303147623024001High efficiency heat exchanger C400 stage 55 cubic,90 degrees  
303247623023001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 190 cubic,70..  190 cubed,70 degrees  
303347623022001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 190 cubic,70..  190 cubed,70 degrees  
303447623021001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 first stage 190 cubic,70..  190 cubed,70 degrees  
303547623020001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,70..  160 cubed,70 degrees  
303647623019001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,70..  160 cubed,70 degrees  
303747623018001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 160 cubic,70..  160 cubed,70 degrees  
303847623017001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 140 cubic,70..  140 cubed,70 degrees  
303947623016001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 stage 140 cubic,70..  140 cubed,70 degrees  
304047623015001High efficiency heat exchanger C950 level 140 cubic,70..  140 cubed,70 degrees  
304147623010001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 class 2 100 cubic,70..  100 cubed,70 degrees  
304247623009001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 100 cubic,70..  100 cubed,70 degrees  
304347623008001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 class 80 cubic,70 degrees  
304447623005001High efficiency heat exchanger C40070 cubic,70 degrees  
304547623004001High efficiency heat exchanger C40055 cubic,70 degrees  
304647584540001Motor, DG90 400V 50HZ HTR  
304732016578Unload valve plate parts  
304847629080001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15/0.85  
304915466626SAir tank C – 1.0/1.6  
305019065903Switch electric control box  
30514762897400116DI expansion module AJ65SBTB..  AJ65SBTB2-16D  
30524762897300116DO extension module AJ65SBTB..  AJ65SBTB2-16T  
3053476289720018 Q68AD ai module  
305447628905001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6.0/0.8(DN125)  
305547628894001Carbon steel Threaded gas Storage Tank C-0.6/1.0(YT)  
305647628797001KYN28 high voltage cabinet 6KV 250K..  6KV 250KW, Pakistan  
3057ATF23038Directly to the head  
305889292643Hose off valve to main engine  
305954726765Tube minimum pressure valve to post cooling  
306047628809001AI collecting wireless communication component package on-site service  
306147628798001Tasly iControl centralized control cabinet  
306247628421001Filter 6003138 F1590VF  
306347625740001Screw machine, temperature calibration resistor  
306447625739001P266] screw machine, pressure calibration resistor  
306547624687001Controller Hangzhou Risheng 105KZQ999  
306647549353001【P676】5″ cylinder butterfly valve  
306819063130Door panel Peg I electrical control box Chinese..  Chinese Controller  
306947627565001Non-standard horizontal carbon steel storage tank C-15/0.8  
307047628433001165KW heater 104JRQD167  
307124437832Windpipe Venturi to post cooling CD26 variable frequency air cooling  
307224189607No oil machine, motor protection switch  
3073ES880500Temperature switch  
3074ATE72005Oil separator  
307547628434001304 Sleeve 1/4* φ 6 106KSLJ034  
307647559963001[P266 screw machine] gasket  
307747628578001Self-locking button with lamp 220V (suitable for IHRS..  (Suitable for IHRS)  
307847628577001Temperature transmitter (suitable for IHRS..  (Suitable for IHRS)  
307947628180001Carbon Steel Tank C-8.0/1.3 (internal epoxy)  
308047607522001Screw machine, DC power module  
3081R83901432CDB68 host open gap DAR overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
3082R83901430CDB68 host closed gap DAQ overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
3083R83901214CDA96 host open-gap DAD overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
3084R83901213CDA96 Host closed gap DAC overhaul CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
3085R42679316KPDisk main engine overhaul 226 1S V..  226 1S VSD  
3086R42679316Main engine overhauled 226MM SPA VSD  
3087R39330758CDB90 host open gap DAT overhaul CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
3088R39330741CDA128 Host open-gap DAF overhaul CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
3089R39330733CDA128 host Closed gap DAE overhaul CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
3090R23540131KPDisk main engine overhaul 178.5  
3091R23512775KPReconfigurable host overhaul 178.5 vs…  178.5 the VSD  
3092R23512775178.5mm SPA VSD host overhaul  
3093R23484033KPDiskable host overhaul 226/182..  226/182 of the host  
3094R22487979CDB54 Host open gap DMX overhaul CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
3095R22476451CDA80 host open gap DMW overhaul CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
3096EAA038001KP-NThe diskable host was replaced with a new host NEP100  
3097EAA038001KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host NEP100 host  
3098EAA038001The replacement host NEP100  
3099E83901432-NCDB68 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Open gap CD14D (96/68)  
3100E83901430-NCDB68 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD
3101E83901214-NCDA96 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Open gap CD14D (96/68)  
3102E83901213-NCDA96 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD14D(96..  Close your clearance CD14D (96/68)  
3103E54629563KP-NReplaceable host Replace CE55 with a new host  
3104E54629563KPDisc replacement refurbished host CE55G/3…  CE55G / 3.64  
3105E54629563-NNon-diskable host Replace CE55 with a new host  
3106E42679316KP-NDisk replacement new host 226 1S V..  226 1S VSD  
3107E42679316KPDiskable replacement refurbished host 226 1S V..  226 1S VSD  
3108E42679316-NNon-disk replacement new host 226 1S V..  226 1S VSD  
3109E42679316226MM SPA VSD  
3110E39330758-NCDB90 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD26D(12..  Open gap CD26D (128/90)  
3111E39330741-NCDA128 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD26D(12..  Open gap CD26D (128/90)  
3112E39330733-NCDA128 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD26D(12..  Close your clearance CD26D (128/90)  
3113E24887770KP-NDisc replacement new host beige CE55C/..  Beige CE55C/O  
3114E24887770KPDisc replacement refurbished host beige CE55C/..  Beige CE55C/O  
3115E24887770-NNon-disc replacement new host beige CE55C/..  Beige CE55C/O  
3116E24887770Non-disc replacement refurbished host beige CE55C/..  Beige CE55C/O  
3117E23540131KP-NDisc replacement of a new host 178.5  
3118E23540131KPDisc replacement refurbished host 178.5  
3119E23540131-NNon-disk replacement of the new host 178.5  
3120E23512775KP-NDiskable replacement for a new host 178.5 vs…  178.5 the VSD  
3121E23512775KPDisc replacement refurbished host 178.5 vs…  178.5 the VSD  
3122E23512775-N178.5 vs. 178.5  178.5 the VSD  
3123E23512775178.5mm SPA VSD host replacement  
3124E23484033KP-NDisk replacement new host 226/182..  226/182 of the host  
3125E23484033KPDisc replacement refurbished host 226/182..  226/182 of the host  
3126E23484033-NNon-disk replacement new host 226/182..  226/182 of the host  
3127E23484033Non-disk replacement refurbished host 226/182..  226/182 of the host  
3128E22487979-NCDB54 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD8D(80/..  Open gap CD8D (80/54)  
3129E22476451-NCDA80 oil-free host replacement for a new machine CD8D(80/..  Open gap CD8D (80/54)  
3130ATH01098Three outlet pipes  
3132ATH01032Line 10  
3133476276710014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
3134476276700012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
3135476270510018000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
3136476270500014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
3137476270490012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
313847626366001Pressure gauge 104XYLB112 MC 0~ 1.6mpa  
3139476256740018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit  
3140476256730018000-hour air-cooled maintenance package  
3141476256720014000 hours maintenance package  
3142476256710012000 hours maintenance kit  
314347592125001Ir5300-350kw-ii dual power supply in and out  
314447592124001Ir5300-350kw-ii upper and lower out  
314547592123001Ir53000-300kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
314647592122001Ir5300-250kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
314747592121001Ir5300-200kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
314847592120001Ir5300-160kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
314947592119001Ir5300-132kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315047592118001Ir5300-110kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315147592117001Ir5300-90kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315247592116001Ir5300-75kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315347592115001Ir5300-55kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315447592114001Ir5300-45kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315547592113001Ir5300-37kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315647592112001Ir5300-22kw-ii dual power supply;  Into the out  
315747592111001Ir5300-300kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
315847592110001Ir5300-250kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
315947592109001Ir5300-200kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316047592108001Ir5300-160kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316147592107001Ir5300-132kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316247592106001Ir5300-110kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316347592105001Ir5300-90kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316447592104001Ir5300-75kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316547592103001Ir5300-55kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316647592102001Ir5300-45kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316747592101001Ir5300-37kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316847592100001Ir5300-22kw-ii dual power supply;  Top down out  
316947592099001Ir5300-350kw-ii one power supply;  Down into..  One way power supply;  Into the out  
317047592098001Ir5300-350kw-ii one power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
317147592083001Ir5300-300-ii one way power supply;  Down into..  One way power supply;  Into the out  
317247592082001Ir5300-250-ii one way power supply;  Down into..  One way power supply;  Into the out  
317347592081001Ir5300-200-ii one way power supply;  Down into..  One way power supply;  Into the out  
317447592080001Ir5300-160-ii one way power supply;  Down into..  One way power supply;  Into the out  
317547592079001Ir5300-132kw-ii single power input and output  
317647592078001Ir5300-110kw-ii single power supply underfeed underfeed  
317747592077001Ir5300-90kw-ii Single power supply underfeed underfeed  
317847592076001Ir5300-75kw-ii single power supply under and out  
317947592075001Ir5300-55kw-ii Single power input and output  
318047592074001Ir5300-45kw-ii Single power supply underfeed underfeed  
318147592073001Ir5300-37kw-ii single power supply underfeed underfeed  
318247592072001Ir5300-22kw-ii single power input and output  
318347592071001Ir5300-300kw-ii single power supply upper and lower outlet  
318447592070001Ir5300-250kw-ii single power supply upper and lower outlet  
318547592069001Ir5300-200-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
318647592068001Ir5300-160-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
318747592067001Ir5300-132-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
318847592066001Ir5300-110-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
318947592065001Ir5300-90-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319047592064001Ir5300-75-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319147592063001Ir5300-55-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319247592062001Ir5300-45-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319347592061001Ir5300-37-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319447592060001Ir5300-22-ii one way power supply;  Under the progress..  One way power supply;  Top down out  
319547592059001Ir5300-350kw-i Down in and out  
319647592058001Ir5300-350kw-i Up and down  
319747592053001Ir5300-300kw-i Lower in and lower out  
319847592052001Ir5300-250kw-i Down and out  
319947592051001Ir5300-200kw-i Lower in and lower out  
320047592050001Ir5300-160kw-i Down in and out  
320147592049001Ir5300-132kw-i Down in and out  
320247592048001Iir5300-110kw-i Down in and out  
320347592047001Ir5300-90kw-i Lower in and lower out  
320447592046001Ir5300-75kw-i Lower in and lower out  
320547592045001Ir5300-55kw-i Down in and out  
320647592044001Ir5300-45kw-i Lower in and lower out  
320747592043001Ir5300-37kw-i Down in and out  
320847592042001Ir5300-22kw-i Down in and out  
320947592041001Ir5300-300kw-i Upper and lower discharge  
321047592040001Ir5300-250kw-i Upper and lower discharge  
321147592039001Ir5300-200kw-i Upper and lower out  
321247592038001Ir5300-160kw-i Upper and lower discharge  
321347592037001Ir5300-132kw-i Up and down  
321447592036001Ir5300-110kw-i Up and down  
321547592035001Ir5300-90kw-i Up and down  
321647592034001Ir5300-75kw-i Upper and lower discharge  
321747592033001Ir5300-55kw-i Up and down  
321847592032001Ir5300-45kw-i Upper and lower discharge  
321947592031001Ir5300-37kw-i Up and down  
322047592030001Ir5300-22kw-i Up and down  
322147592029001Ir5300-350kw Direct connection down and out  
322247592028001Ir5300-350kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
322347592023001Ir5300-300kw – Direct connection down and out  
322447592022001[642] IR5300-250KW – Direct connection down and out  
322547592021001Ir5300-200kw-direct connection down and out  
322647592020001[642] IR5300-160KW – Direct connection down and out  
322747592019001Ir5300-132kw – Direct connection down and out  
322847592018001Ir5300-110kw-direct connection down and out  
322947592017001Ir5300-90kw – Direct connection down and out  
323047592016001Ir5300-75kw – Direct connection down and out  
323147592015001Ir5300-55kw-direct connection down and out  
323247592014001R5300-45KW- Directly connected to bottom and bottom  
323347592013001Ir5300-37kw – Direct connection down and out  
323447592012001Ir5300-22kw – Direct connection down and out  
323547592011001[P64IR5300-300KW – Directly connected to the upper and lower out  
323647592010001Ir5300-250kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
323747592009001Ir5300-200kw – Direct connection from upper to lower  
323847592008001Ir5300-160kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
323947592007001Ir5300-132kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324047592006001Ir5300-110kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324147592005001Ir5300-90kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324247592004001Ir5300-75kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324347592003001Ir5300-55kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324447592002001Ir5300-45kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324547592001001Ir5300-37kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324647592000001Ir5300-22kw – Direct connection from top to bottom  
324747628142001Plate heat exchanger FP 405-139-1-NH  
324847628141001Plate heat exchanger FP 71-103-1-NH  
324947628140001South water pump TD50-40/2SWSC  
325047628134001C-20.0/1.0 (color sky blue RA..  (Color sky blue RAL5015)  
325147628133001C-10.0/1.0 (color sky blue RA..  (Color sky blue RAL5015)  
325247628004001Horizontal stainless steel storage tank CW-20X1.0  
325347628003001Closed cooling tower KC-250  
325447627672001Electronic drain valve Choc-MIC-B  
325547627437001IControl_8 high-end non-standard Changfeng cheetah  
325647627806001Tongren 10KV high pressure cabinet 450HP, electrified..  450HP with capacitor compensation  
325747627842001【P266】 Motor, M350 6KV 50HZ ODP..  0 hz ODP SF1.3 SS  
325947598979001Modulator assembly  
326024094161Tube minimum pressure valve to post cooled M300/350..  M300/350-SS-LV  
326147627598001Non-standard high pressure storage tank C-5.0/4.0  
326247627571001C – 22.0/1.0  
326347627696001Exhaust electric valve repair kit  
326447627669001Remote electrical box D66VLi40 702269  
326547627596001Data recorder Hills D500..  Sears D500S331  
326647627595001Pitot meter Hills S695..  Hills S695 4302  
326724720849Mechanical interlocking 3RA19 54..  3RA19 54-2A  
326847627125001Gas tank C-2.5/1.6 paint thickness > 70U..  Paint thickness >70um, export Tito  
326947627124001Gas storage tank C-2.0/1.6 paint thickness > 70U..  Paint thickness >70um, export Tito  
327047627027001Self-cleaning filter explosion-proof requirements qilu petrochemical  
327147627119001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/4.0S30408  
327247626730001Exhaust panel assembly CD14 without rear cooling  
32733917612845 “pipe joint  
327424900342Screw machine oil separation core :48958235  
327524153934Compressor NJ6226Z  
327696740287Flat washer M8 x 24mm  
327796711825Flat washer M10X30MM  
327849135544Inverter 185KW xinshi up to 380V  
327947626966001Controller (with program) 105KZQ00  
328047626819001High voltage switch cabinet non – standard Shijiazhuang siyao  
328147626123001Electronic drain 1/2 “(RPT-16B) 40010..  B) 4001001  
328247605027001Cable assembly 12SV (solenoid valve)  
328347543326004Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ ODpie1HB  
328423167760Sensor sampling chamber original :632823  
328547626830001Intelligent reader assembly ACR  
328647626829001Wall thickness measuring instrument Hilth P554..  Hills P554 0009  
328747626828001Fixed point drill Hills A530..  Hills A530 1108  
328847626827001Heat flow meter S401 Hills S695..  Hills S695 4102  
328947626826001Expansion box 8-channel analog input expansion..  8-channel analog input expansion box  
329047626825001Data recorder Hills S551..  Hills S551 – P6  
329147626710001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-15/1.0  
329247626816001Advantech industrial computer motherboard  
329347626813001Cooling fan φ200380V  
3294SE001342Heat exchanger  
329547626731001DN150 Built-in air distributor 600422  
329647626713001Suqian Centralized control upgrade service added centralized control &CPU..  Added Centralized control &CPU Replacement  
329747626385001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-1.5/9.0  
329847626245001Changshu ARtes high pressure cabinet on-site transformation package  
329947626033001Non-standard CARBON steel storage tank C-0.3/00.8  
330047626032001Non – standard CARBON steel tank C-1.0/00.8  
330147626031001Non-standard CARBON steel storage tank C-0.5/00.8  
330247626030001Non – standard CARBON steel storage tank C-3.0/10  
330347626127001SS7000 NS550HP,AB..  550HP,ABB soft starter  
330447568227001Check valve  
3305ATS25007Intake control valve  
330647626374001Water filter 103SGLQ001 SGL3/4  
330747626373001104 ddfm004 drain valve  
330847626372001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF503 10″  
330947626371001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF503 5″  
331047626370001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF503 3″  
331147626369001Dew point meter 105CGQ017 SF72-TX-60 °C..  X – 60 ° C 60 ° C  
331247626368001Electric drain valve 103DP001 0200D230VAC..  230VAC 15 Watt  
331347626367001Red signal lamp 105AN045 AD56-22sm AC/..  22SM AC/DC 220V I ≤ 20  
331447626365001Switch 105 an055 ZB2 – BE101C  
331547626364001Switch 105 an054 ZB2 – BE102C  
331647626363001PLC card 105KZQ013 EM231 CNAI 4X12B..  AI 4X12Bit  
331747626362001Controller 105KZQ997 CPU 224XAC/DC/RL..  AC/DC/RLY 214-2BD23-OXB  
331847626122001Pressure sensor CS-PT1200-30 wire 6 m for cold..  6 meters of wire for refrigerant 7018011  
331947626121001Emergency stop switch LA42J-01/R 77026  
332047626120001Indicator ad17-22-Y 700704  
332147626119001Indicator light AD17-22-G 700703  
332247626118001Indicator light AD17-22-R 700701  
332347625347001Deflated module  
332447624859001The flange of a batch of  
332549200165Circuit breaker S202-K6..  S202-K6 ABB  
332649187602Motor CONDUIT assembly CONDUIT..  CONDUIT ASSEMBLY, MOTOR  
3327ES834101RTouch screen SMART700  
332847625465001Jingwang Thermal recovery collection control cabinet (including 1 year extended warranty)  
332947624148001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank 20/1.0  
333047624147001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank 10/1.0  
333170483961Tube A/C H15T2 162IN 1/2in OD L..  2IN OD L-TP  
333249102031Screw machine current contactor  
333349102007Screw machine current contactor  
333447625990001Screw machine, electric control board assembly  
333547625700001Meizhi heat recovery IHC NS centralized control cabinet  
333647625466001Ir5000-250-i NS bypass cabinet  
333747621245001Three way regulating valve -DN65  
333847524321001Fan motor 1.1kW / 1.5hp 220-240/380..  -240/380-415V 4P 50HZ TE  
3339245698167100 mainframe. – Alpha  
334022077663Gear set  
334121978085Air storage tank,D-303L/ 1.38mpa/Domestic /GB150  
334247625699001Pitot tube flow meter S430 DN500(MB)  
334347624995001Yangzhou Rongde heat recovery collection control cabinet  
334424757502S250 Electric Control Box Assembly W/C XE 4..  W/C XE 400V  
334547625011001High voltage reactance soft starter 550KW Ruyi textile  
334647625010001High voltage reactance soft starter 400KW Ruyi textile  
334747625009001High pressure switch cabinet ruyi textile  
334847624671001After the cold KLR19.06  
334947624670001Protection plate replaced with FP 10-131-NH  
335047624669001Application board for FP 10-29-1-NH  
335147624668001Tube heat exchanger KLR27.6  
335247605786001The relief valve  
335324061848Baffle exhaust box rear CD26 VSD  
335447625560001Plate heat exchanger FP 31-41..  FP 31-41-1-NH  
335547625559001Plate heat exchanger FP 10-15..  FP 10-15-1-NH  
335647625464001Current transformer ALH-0.66 (50:5)  
335747625463001Current transformer ALH-0.66 (75:5)  
335847625462001Industrial computer & printer 1 year deferred premium  
335947625461001Jingwang Icontrol cabinet 1 year deferred premium  
336047625460001UPS 1KVA 1H  
336147625454001Gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0(non-standard requirements see figure)  
336247624994001Zhejiang Hucan light electric heating back collection control cabinet  
336347624991001CAN signal isolator  
336447624990001Communication cable Belden 9..  Belden 9842  
336547625358001Air storage tank C-20.0/0.8W(horizontal)  
336647625263001Plate heat exchanger FP-63-1-..  FP-63-1-NH  
336747625262001Screw machine, control transformer  
336823836067Selector switch LW39B-16C22A/2APT  
336923780208Intermediate relay N22E 110..  N22E 110VAC ABB  
3370S080100Hourly service charge  
337147625001001Ir5300-200-ii 2-year deferred premium  
337247624876001SS7000 NS(250kw,ATS external connection)  
337347624875001SS7000 NS (700HP, ATS external method)  
337447624874001Nantong Shennan heat recovery local temperature control box  
3375F0100000Outbound freight  
337647625002001GGD low voltage distribution cabinet (including 2 years extended warranty)  
337747625000001Ir5300-200-ii 2-year Deferred premium PLC/HMI/..  PLC/HMI/VFD  
337847624999001SS7000 NS800HP/10..  800HP/10KV, including 2 years of extended warranty  
337947624996001Yangzhou Rongde high pressure soft starter cabinet (10KV/900HP..  KV / 900 HP)  
338047624849001R132i_a8.5 foam assembly  
3381ATE58003Host Exhaust pipe The host exits  
338247624993001Kesheng B station signal box  
338347624856001Jingwang high voltage soft starter cabinet 10KV/900..  10KV/900HP, extended warranty for 1 year  
338447624367001Intake air filter hose  
338547624334001Signal acquisition box 02 Shenhua precision energy  
338647624333001Signal acquisition box 01 Shenhua precision  
3387ATH01048Water pump bracket  
338897049258Intercooler 3000 completed  
338993160661Gears i1.524  
339049079049Trap for 234990..  For 23499064  
339147624780001Ir5300-250-ns (directly connected upper and lower out, A..  Straight up and down, ATV)  
339247623691001Time relay 7005002 JSZ3C-D/220V  
339347599197001Modulator assembly  
339424750861Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ IE2VSD ODP  
339524096299The total oil cylinder is V30-37KW  
339623583511132-160kW constant speed unit 8000 hours maintenance package (including super..  Maintenance kit (including super coolant)  
33974909988098020014 Fan power module MT204ZG-..  MT204ZG-MT204ZA1  
339847624493001SKF cylindrical bearing NU219ECJ..  NU219ECJ/C3  
339947624593001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0 (color non-standard)  
340047624556001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0(non-standard drawing)  
340147624555001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(non-standard drawing)  
340247624368001IControl single-mode optical fiber communication option  
340347623626001Nitrogen making machine Hunter HTN295-600  
340447624685001Selector switch normally open contact [McB-10]  
340547624684001Relay [MY4NJ DC48]  
340647600487001C79451-a3047-004 Gate valve, 1/2″ BSP  
340747598975001Deflated module  
340847574863001Beam, oil cooled top  
340924768764Packing list M200-250  
341024730301Locating piece  
341124685653Parts Manual M250-KT-LV  
341224674699Operation Manual M200-250..  M200-250-1S  
341323990971Non-standard electric control box assembly WC MR250KW380V50HZ..  380V50HZ KT09B  
341447623939001High voltage switchgear KYN28-12  
341547621216001Application plate for 750kW  
3416ATE82011Minimum pressure valve MPVL65FH  
341799333106Fuse terminal block M4/8.sf  
341847624267001Plate heat exchanger 2-year warranty FP 4..  FP 405-79-1-NH 2-year warranty  
341947624266001Plate heat exchanger 2-year warranty FP 3..  FP 31-59-1-NH 2-year warranty  
342047624265001Plate heat exchanger 2-year warranty FP 3..  FP 31-57-1-NH 2-year warranty  
342147624264001Plate heat exchanger 2-year warranty FP 2..  2-year warranty FP 22-43-1-NH  
342247624263001High efficiency heat exchanger KLQ323.2  
342347624262001High efficiency heat exchanger KLQ286  
342447624132001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-20/1.0 Shenjiang primary color inner coated with epoxy  
342547623892001High voltage switch cabinet 10KV non-standard  
342647623891001High voltage switch cabinet 6KV non-standard  
342747623014001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 Class 120 cubic,70..  120 cubed,70 degrees  
342847623013001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 120 cubic,70..  120 cubed,70 degrees  
342947623012001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 120 cubic,70..  120 cubed,70 degrees  
343047621219001Protection plate of 1000kw  
343147621218001Application plate for 1000kW  
343247621217001Protection plate for 750kw  
343347618477001Pneumatic butterfly valve 106QDDF557B4  
343447605781001The relief valve  
343596749395Elastic washer  
343685549020Panel right side (beige) TSU..  (beige) TSUNAMI  
343747576536001Side of sponge exhaust box  
343847573723001Conduit, CD26  
343939920194Foam sound-absorbing board 69.60 x..  69.60 x 12.35  
344039920186Foam sound-absorbing board 69.60 x..  69.60 x 3.85  
344139920178Foam Sound-absorbing Board SIDE 69…  69.60 X 14.35 SIDE  
344239919972Foam sound-absorbing board 45.30 X..  45.30 X 15.78  
344339588298Nameplate SIERRA 5..  SIERRA 50HZ  
344424753634SIERRA Electric XE145  
34452197321915T2 standard chassis 15HP  
344647623786001U-bolt -76  
344747623597001V cone flow meter DN100 with in situ display  
344847623596001V cone flow meter DN125 with in situ display  
344947623595001V cone flow meter DN150 with in situ display  
345047623594001Dew point transmitter DMT143 with in-place display  
345147623593001Danforth pressure transmitter 0~16bar with local display  
345247623592001Huawei Songshan Lake ACS4000 centralized control cabinet  
345389296347Overload relay  
345447623689001Dryer compressor instead of 24103848  
345547623637001Kesheng A zone (Taizhou) PLC CPU upgrade components  
345647623598001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0(SS30408, lying..  S30408, horizontal)  
345747623586001Gas storage tank C-15.0/0.8 (Tito, outlet, data)  
345847623585001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.0/0.8 (Tito, data, export..  Tito, data, export)  
345947623584001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/0.8 (Tito data export)  
346047623305001Advantech INDUSTRIAL Computer (2 22″LCD)  
346147623304001Kefa (Suqian) H zone non-standard centralized control system  
346247623124001Non-standard self-cleaning filter (flange, gasket, fastener, ground..  Gaskets, fasteners, footing)  
346347623109001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/0.8(non-standard drawing, lined with stainless..  As shown in the drawing, lined with stainless steel)  
346447623108001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/0.8(non-standard figure, inner coated with epoxy..  As shown in figure, inner coated with epoxy)  
346547623057001High pressure switch cabinet 10KV screw machine shandong Metallurgy..  Screw machine Shandong Metallurgy Institute  
346647623011001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 class 100 cubic,70..  100 cubed,70 degrees  
346747623007001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 80 cubic,70 degrees  
346847623006001High efficiency heat exchanger C700 stage 80 cubic,70 degrees  
346947543323008Motor 355KW 10KV 50HZ IP232S QJ  
347024356222Piping (into cooler 2)  
347147613903001Evaporator inner core (11.5, Length 650) 500404..)  5004046  
347249189921M355 Motor 380V 20-..  380V 20-50HZ ODP  
347347622601001Motor bearing 6317C4  
347415878069The filter which – 480 – h – 25 to 35  
3475H0219570O-ring fluororubber 219.3 (INNER diameter..  219.3 (id) X5.7  
3476H0185400O-ring 185 (inside diameter) *4  
3477476231910013M non-standard centralized control system debugging service  
347847623139001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0  
347947623138001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-6.0/1.0  
348047623060001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0 (non-standard drawing)  
348147622694001C-2.0/0.8 gas storage tank repainted  
348247604755001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250I/IE-A..  50I/IE-AC, HIGH DUST AIR  
348347604754001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250N/NE-A..  50N/NE-AC (1YR/6K/8K)  
348447604753001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250I/IE-A..  50I/IE-AC, STD AIR & PRE  
348547604752001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250I/IE-A..  50I/IE-AC, HIGH DUST AIR  
348647604751001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250N/NE-A..  50N/NE-AC (6MO/4K)  
348747604750001KIT, MAINTENANCE RS200-250I/IE-A..  50I/IE-AC, STD AIR & PRE  
348847574395001Screw machine FILTER, PANEL AIR  
348947549384001[P676] Temperature sensor  
349039575923Motor 300 HP 380 v / 50 tefc  
3491681075T 2 X1 X2″  
34926004891 X 1/4″ sleeve connector  
349347622587001Hd-21p DN80 built-in air distributor  
349496766100Slot pin CD26M &..  CD26M & CDA80  
349596751367Female rotor slotted round nut CDA96  
349696748439Locking nut DIN 981  
349754701081Valve component SS10/SS5 is equivalent to 15867971  
349849149917[P266 screw machine] bracket  
349947622427001【P632】 Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.01/..  C – 15.01/1.0  
350047622426001【P632】 Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-5.01/1.0  
350147622425001Non-standard storage tank C1.5/1.0 is internally coated with epoxy  
350349149909Door plank of assembly  
350449147325[P266 Screw machine] intake box  
350547622431001Non-standard gas storage tank C-3.0/0.8(Tito)  
350647622430001Non-standard gas storage tank C-0.3/1.0(Tito)  
350747622429001Non-standard gas storage tank C-4.0/0.8(Tito)  
350847622267001Thermo-mass type mass flowmeter siyale 640S  
350996705876Oilless machine host bolt M8X35  
351049060247Pipe assembly oil cold outlet M200-250  
351124678302Reducing valve, KJ250A/02  
351247621108001Heat recovery control cabinet pingmei Eight mine  
351347622143001Porcelain ball 104 xfj924 5-6  
351447621419001Stainless steel storage tank C-3.0/1.0 (inlet and outlet DN10..  Inlet and outlet DN100)  
351547621252001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-4.0/1.0 color non-standard  
351647621251001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-20/1.3 coated with epoxy  
351747621250001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-3.0/1.6 is coated with epoxy  
35184762091600110KV 300KW high voltage frequency conversion system (Hitachi Inverter)  
351947620832001Site installation plate;  High voltage variable frequency  
352047618553001High voltage switchgear KYN28 Hubei..  KYN28 Hubei Tongcheng  
352124666901Control box -IP5  
352296714464The M4 flat gasket  
352347621426001Fengxian Thermal power CP341 MB communication module  
352447621423001Non – standard centralized control system for Heat recovery of Jiangsu ring  
352547621121001SS7000 500HP 380V Xiangyang Novartis  
352647620282001Resistance dz001 1/2 503 w  
352747620281001108 ycj206 differential gauge  
352847620275001Transformer 105BY017 BK  
352947620274001Indicator 105AN121 24V VB3LC  
353047620273001Stop button 105AN116 24V  
353147620272001Start button 105AN115 W33B1C24V  
353247620271001Running indicator 105AN091 VB3C  
353347620269001Air pressure gauge 104XYLB102 Y-10  
353447620267001Porcelain ball 104 xfj924 5-6  
353547620265001Compressor exhaust temperature protector 103YK019 115..  K019 115 ℃ to 125 ℃  
353647620259001Electronic drainer 103DP044 220V  
353747620257001Intermediate relay  
353847620256001Mushroom head emergency stop button 105DQFLD108 8330  
353947620254001Temperature sensor 105CGQ006 PT100  
354047620253001Fault indicator 105AN117 VB4C  
354147620250001Emergency stop button 105AN083 S542C/542C  
354247620249001Transfer switch 105AN040 J25C  
354347620248001Automatic drainer 103ZDP012 800  
354447620244001Muffler 104XYQ103 1′  
354547620240001Filling gauge 2.5103YLB017 2.5  
354647620239001Filling gauge 4.0103YLB016 4  
354747620220001Refrigeration compressor 103YSJ099 H38A  
354847620209001Blower suction filter 104GFJPJ232  
354947620207001Blower suction filter 104GFJPJ3  
355047620206001Blower suction filter 104GFJPJ2  
355147620205001Blower suction filter 104GFJPJ1  
355247620203001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF365 DN20+  
355347620202001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF359 DN32  
355447620201001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF358 DN25+  
355547620200001Pneumatic ball valve 106QDQF357 DN20  
355647620196001Blower 104GFJ327 12.5kW  
355747620192001Blower 104GFJ124 7.5KW  
355847620187001Blower main AC contactor 105JCQ187 38M7..  187 38M7C  
355947620184001Heater AC contactor 105JCQ156 65AM7C  
356047620183001Blower main AC contactor 105JCQ155 80M7..  155 80M7C  
356147620174001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF59 DN200+  
356247620171001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF56 DN100+  
356347620170001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF551 DN65+  
356447620169001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF106 DN125  
356547620168001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF105 DN100  
356647620167001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF103 DN65  
356747620166001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF102 DN50  
356847620165001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF101 DN40  
356947620160001Electric heater inner bladder 104JRQD139 68Kw  
357047620158001Electric heater inner bladder 104JRQD122 45Kw  
357147620157001Electric heater inner bladder 104JRQD119 30Kw  
357247620149001Heater overload protection 105RJ105 80-104A  
357347620143001Blower overload protection 105RJ007 23-32A  
357447620135001Air circuit breaker  
357547620132001Air circuit breaker (3P)105KK168 V3C+KCF2P..  3C+KCF2PZC+VZ9 125NEW  
357647620123001Air circuit breaker (1P)105KK139 N1C3  
357747620114001HE grade filter element (after cold drying machine) 108LXXX099..  8LXXX099 620AAR/V2  
357847620113001HE grade filter element (after cold drying machine) 108LXXX097..  8LXXX097 620AA/V2  
357947620112001GP grade filter element 108LXXX096 620AO/V2  
358047620111001Dust filter element 108LXXX094430AR/V2  
358147620109001Dust filter element 108LXXX088330AR/V2  
358247620108001HE grade filter element (after cold drying machine) 108LXXX087..  8LXXX087 330AAR/V2  
358347620107001AC grade filter element 108LXXX086 620ACS/V2  
358447620103001DP grade filter element 108LX928 430AR  
358547620102001HE grade filter element (after cold drying machine) 108LX923 4..  8LX923 430AA  
358647620101001GP grade filter element 108LX922 420AO  
358747620100001Control air source filter element 108LX2104 017A..  104 017AO/V2  
358847620099001Air water separator filter element 108LX1450220WS/V2  
358947620096001Air water separator filter element 108LX1314620WS/V2  
359047620095001Air water separator filter element 108LX1313330WS/V2  
359147620085001HE grade filter element (after cold drying) 108LX1026..  8LX1026 620AAR  
359247620084001GP grade filter element 108LX1010 620AO  
359324498867Tiger frequency converter nameplate aluminum  
359447621343001Ecolab (Taicang) technology frequency converter maintenance  
359547621205001English version controller  
359647621204001The filter element  
359747621202001Pressure transducer  
359847621198001Two five way solenoid valve  
359947621196001Valve position feedback  
360047620657001Suction dryer pre-cooler  
360147619653001Output reactor OCL-600A  
360324859415ODPSS GRD3..  SS GRD3 WL  
360447621105001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-15/1.0  
360547620368001300-355KW maintenance manual and accessories overhaul of the whole machine  
360647620367001200-250KW maintenance manual and auxiliary overhaul of the whole machine  
360747620366001185kW maintenance labor and accessories cost overhaul of the machine  
360847620365001132-160KW maintenance manual and auxiliary equipment overhaul  
36094762036400190-110KW maintenance labor and accessories cost overhaul of the machine  
36104762036300155-75KW Maintenance labor and accessories cost overhaul of the machine  
361147620362001≤45kW Maintenance labor and accessories cost Overhaul of the machine  
361247620361001≥200kW Unit panel painting  
36134762036000190-185KW unit panel painting  
361447620359001≤75kW unit panel painting  
361547620656001Filter HG5-1.1  
361647620598001High pressure filter hG7-1.16003130  
361747549409001[P676] Contactor SP16  
361847620813001High voltage solid state soft starter 10KV 500..  10KV 500KW  
361947620725001Kingview runs dog 64 points  
362047620683001Bath plate for FP 22-141-NH  
362147620682001Heating plate for FP 22-37-1-NH  
362247620681001High efficiency heat exchanger KLQ204.6  
362347620679001Water pump Q = 16 t/H, H = 34 m  
362447620674001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-15/1.0  
362547620673001Tube heat exchanger KLR82.06  
362647620669001Air bag in cooling water expansion tank of air compressor Nr.CE0..  Airbag Nr. CE0036  
362747620668001Cooling pump inlet and outlet rubber joint DN50  
362847620061001Keli Technology (Taizhou) A zone non-standard centralized control system  
362947620472001C400 final stage has an efficiency of 112.6m2 at 90℃  
363019064922Transformer JBK5-150 va – 220-380-400-41..  0 ~ 400 ~ 415 ~ 460 / ~ ~ 115 ~ 1 110  
363147620373001Signal acquisition box 2 Nanshan light alloy ACS..  Nanshan light alloy ACS5000  
363247620372001Signal acquisition box 1 Nanshan light alloy ACS..  Nanshan light alloy ACS5000  
363347620078001Waste oil collector Mountain SRFS-0.5  
363447618646001South Song 5 cubic below Tito  
363547549352001【P676】4″ cylinder butterfly valve  
3636580182EMS components  
363747619762001ABB Soft starter PSTB470-600-70  
363847618643001Ir5000-h-10-350-iii High voltage Frequency conversion 10KV..  High voltage frequency conversion 10KV 350KW-III  
363947600485001Valve, 3/8″ NPT  
364085675825Indicator module Green  
364180065196XStainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0  
364247619303001Inverter maintenance huichuan 400KW  
364347618796001Kesheng Technology (Taizhou) B zone non-standard centralized control system  
364495951216With stop groove ball bearing 6205NR  
364595930400Ball bearing 6305  
364649095777Client connector 3.0BSPT  
364747618578001High voltage soft starter cabinet Dongguan Samsung project  
364847618571001Delphi IR5000 VFD repair  
364947618051001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-40/1.0  
365047618050001Lined with stainless steel storage tank C-40/1.0  
365147618049001Stainless steel storage tank B-2/1.0  
365247618048001Lined stainless steel tank C-4/1.0  
365315470412XStainless steel gas storage tank C-4.0/0.8  
365415470396XStainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/0.8  
365695372199Plug NPT1/8  
365747618698001HE grade filter element 108LX1026 620AAR F240..  AAR F2400I  
365821965322001Spare parts kit, DOL starter 10HP/380-415/3..  0-415/3 ph/50-60Hz  
365996710553Bolt M16X50MM  
366019047794HL control panel assembly  
366147549357001【P676】3″ cylinder butterfly valve  
366222483317The plug  
366323421191The inlet valve MODULATION120 – P + v. v…  120-P+VVF18+PRNFXDSPD  
366415849896IE2 motor 3 HP / 380-415 vac / 3 ph / 50 hz / 4..  H / 50 hz / 4 p/UL / 1.15 SF/with addition  
3665ATH01079Crossover sub  
366649069255Left side roof assembly with foam  
366747617923001IR5000-250 – kw direct 660 vac  
366847617922001Frequency converter 690V 315KW ATV61HC31Y  
366947617921001Input reactor VW3A4572  
367047591518001Icontrol SE Communication component option  
367115486533The bypass valve  
3672RMOTOR90RZ90kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3673RMOTOR9090kW motor maintenance  
3674RMOTOR75RZ75kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3675RMOTOR7575kW motor maintenance  
3676RMOTOR55RZ55kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3677RMOTOR5555kW motor maintenance  
3678RMOTOR45RZ45kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3679RMOTOR4545kW motor maintenance  
3680RMOTOR37RZ37kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3681RMOTOR3737kW motor maintenance  
3682RMOTOR350RZ350kW motor maintenance (low voltage) (winding damage)  
3683RMOTOR350HRZ350kW motor maintenance (high voltage)(winding damage)  
3684RMOTOR350H350kW motor maintenance (high voltage)  
3685RMOTOR350350kW motor maintenance (low voltage)  
3686RMOTOR315RZ315kW motor maintenance (low voltage) (winding damage)  
3687RMOTOR315HRZ315kW motor maintenance (high voltage)(winding damage)  
3688RMOTOR315H315kW motor maintenance (high voltage)  
3689RMOTOR315315kW motor maintenance (low voltage)  
3690RMOTOR300RZ300kW motor maintenance (low voltage) (winding damage)  
3691RMOTOR300HRZ300kW motor maintenance (high voltage)(winding damage)  
3692RMOTOR300H300kW motor maintenance (high voltage)  
3693RMOTOR300300kW motor maintenance (low voltage)  
3694RMOTOR250RZ250kW motor maintenance (low voltage) (winding damage)  
3695RMOTOR250HRZ250kW motor maintenance (high voltage)(winding damage)  
3696RMOTOR250H250kW motor maintenance (high voltage)  
3697RMOTOR250250kW motor maintenance (low voltage)  
3698RMOTOR22RZ22kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3699RMOTOR2222kW motor maintenance  
3700RMOTOR200RZ200kW motor maintenance (low voltage) (winding damage)  
3701RMOTOR200200kW motor maintenance (low voltage)  
3702RMOTOR185RZ185kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3703RMOTOR185185kW motor maintenance  
3704RMOTOR160RZ160kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3705RMOTOR160160kW motor maintenance  
3706RMOTOR15RZ15kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3707RMOTOR1515kW motor maintenance  
3708RMOTOR132RZ132kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3709RMOTOR132132kW motor maintenance  
3710RMOTOR110RZ110kW motor maintenance (winding damage)  
3711RMOTOR110110kW motor maintenance  
3712RGEARCASE9090kW unit gear box maintenance  
3713RGEARCASE7575kW unit gear box maintenance  
3714RGEARCASE5555kW unit gear box maintenance  
3715RGEARCASE4545kW unit gear box maintenance  
3716RGEARCASE3737kW unit gear box maintenance  
3717RGEARCASE350350kW unit gear box maintenance  
3718RGEARCASE300300kW unit gear box maintenance  
3719RGEARCASE185185kW unit gear box maintenance  
3720RGEARCASE132132kW unit gear box maintenance  
3721RGEARCASE110110kW unit gear box maintenance  
372247617937001Taizhou Zhonglai PHOTOELECTRIC SS7000 NS maintenance  
372347617813001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8 SS316L  
372447617366001Qingdao Shengshi container heat recovery collection control cabinet  
372549135551Frequency converter xinshi 380V  
372647616871001Service pack  
372747617234001Low voltage switchboard  
3728ADG01022Packaging bags  
372949186919Oil cooler water cooled M185M185  
373047617244001Filter 6003166 LFA160 – AR  
373147616870001Filter LFA160-6003161 AA  
373247581995001Rear door panel assembly RDG55I  
373347581985001Front door panel Assembly 1 RDG55I  
373447575208001Assembly discharge door panel (including foam)  
373524684755Motor 200HP 440V 60HZ IE3 heater /PTC/..  Heater/PTC/PT100  
373647617368001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(Song Nan, pressure gauge valves do not..  South, pressure gauge valve stainless steel)  
373747617365001Qingyuan Minhui thermal recovery collection control system  
373847615432001Thermal overload relay 7002050 replacement  
374032256828The secondary connecting rod  
374147617182001Non-standard self-cleaning filter IR-SS-8  
374324771115Intake hose M300-350..  M300-350 SS  
374447617114001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.3  
374547617113001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6.0/1.3  
374647617112001Non-standard gas storage tank C-35.0/1.0  
374747617111001Non-standard gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0  
374847617110001Non-standard gas storage tank C-90.0/1.0  
374947617109001Non-standard gas storage tank C-25.0/1.3  
375047617108001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6.0/1.0  
375147617099001Joint control cabinet sino – Australia into skid project  
375247617098001Distribution cabinet sino – Australia into skid project  
375347616438001S120 oil content sensor (0.003~1..  (0.003 ~ 10 mg/m3)  
375447616437001Low voltage distribution cabinet (Hong Kong Happy Medicine)  
375547616436001Frequency conversion control cabinet (Hong Kong Happiness Medicine)  
375647616435001IControl NS Centralized control cabinet (Hong Kong Happy Medicine)  
375747616345001Exhaust valve disc 608200675  
375847616344001Discharge valve disc 608200674  
375947616343001Discharge valve cylinder seal 608200661  
376047616342001Intake valve disc 608200733  
376147616341001Intake valve cylinder seal 608200656  
376247616340001Reactive power compensation cabinet;  Beijing Benz  
376347616339001Three-in-one high pressure soft start cabinet;  10 kv500kw Beijing..  500KW Beijing Benz  
376447575199001Cooler assembly  
376539436795Relief valve  
376647616743001Tube heat exchanger KLR50.5J-00  
376747615908001High voltage switch cabinet 10KV;  The northeast system  
376847615907001IControl_NS non-standard;  Siemens PLC Northeast Pharmaceutical  
376996766654Connector.62 ORFS SW X.50BSPP  
377047616434001Ss7000-315 NS soft boot cabinet  
377147616335001Ir5100-250-ii NS cabinet (ABB Converter)  
377247616334001ABB Inverter ACS580-04-585A-4  
377347616163001Non-standard stainless steel tank C-3.0/1.0 (three vents)  
377447616162001Non-standard stainless steel tank C-3.0/1.0 (one exhaust port)  
377547616161001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-1.5/1.0  
377647525018001Oil injection joint 6mm  
377723935059Cylinder filter  
377847616347001Compressor 9001210  
377947616346001Condenser 49109580 9003092  
378047616159001PLC MMC TSXMFPP128K Schneider  
378147616060001Non-standard high voltage soft start system IRSS-10-..  IRSS-10-050(KYN28-12)  
378247615832001Electric on-off valve;  Honeywell 220VAC  
378332247751Crankcase end cover 2475  
378424023996Suction tubing S200-300..  S200-300VSD  
378547613955001Anchor bolt M12X200  
3786OFVK9015Oil-free variable frequency oil pump transformation kit 90-150KW  
3787OFVK3775Oil-free variable frequency oil pump transformation package 37-75KW  
3788OFVK2030Oil-free variable frequency oil pump transformation kit 200-300K..  200-300KW  
378947615740001Guangzhou Tian Xin guang electric heating back collection control cabinet  
379047612885001Screw machine, power board plug-in  
379147615917001104 qddf105 butterfly valves  
379247615799001High pressure carbon steel gas storage tank C-5.0/4.0  
379347615625001Pressure transmitter 3051GP(Hart,0…  (hart, 0.075)  
379447615603001Signal acquisition box non-standard Hanteng automobile project  
379547615602001IControl_8 NS High-end Edition Color RAL900..  Color RAL9003 Single white  
379638446399The filter element  
379738446357The filter element  
379847580426001[P860 screw machine] Temperature control valve assembly 83℃ V45…  83 ℃ V45-75  
379939856901The mute cotton  
380024337297Flange tank CD8  
380121992755Joint BSP1/2  
380280065352XStainless steel gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0  
380347615620001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-20/1.6  
380447615619001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-15/1.6  
380547611011001[642] Frequency converter repair kit;  Danfoss inverter  
380647592156001Discrete output module 16 channels;  TM2DRA16RT  
380747592154001Control option package;  IR5300 direct connection and iR5300..  And IR5300 – I  
380847592153001Control option package;  Ir5300-ii and dual power supply  
380947591534001IControl PLC power supply extension module option  
381047573376001Sealing plate, water in and out  
381124337321Gasket tank CD8  
381224337289Suction tubing CD8  
381315470446XStainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.6  
381447615433001Contactor 7002047 replaces SE001132  
381547615078001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-20/1.0 with epoxy coating  
381647614699001Wenzhou WEima Automobile IHC centralized control system  
381747612874001C400 First-stage high efficiency heat exchanger (70℃)  
381847614163001IR400 flow meter DN300 with showing..  DN300 with RS485 display  
381947614162001IR400 flow meter DN65-DN2..  Dn65-dn200 with RS485 display  
382047614161001IR400 flow meter DN20 with display..  DN20 with RS485 display  
382147591533001IControl Iot card (Chinese link option  
382247591531001IControl Host Ethernet RJ4 option  
382347613820001Fast connection-peg  
382447613813001Fast connection-peg  
38252435720457 mm sticker phi  
382647614079001Condenser 9003039 SE000490  
382742920652The belt  
382847614603001Filter element 312-RRSG-1950-3  
382947614601001104 ddfm004 drainer  
383047614600001Pneumatic actuator 104QDDF503  
383147614599001Pneumatic actuator 104QDDF506  
383247614080001Compressor D216INRI-A 9001128  
383347613812001Intake valve  
383447613949001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF502  
383547613947001104 flm111 bypass cap  
383647613946001Pneumatic ball valve 104QDQF102  
383747613945001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF504  
383847613944001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF507  
383947613943001Heat exchanger copper tube 102HRTG015  
384047613942001Temperature sensor 105CGQ003  
384147613904001Secondary energy efficiency of motor 2545XB10/8-/172044..  – / 1720443  
384247553061001Intake valve  
384347552139001S7-1200 CPU1212C  
384480065337XStainless steel gas holder C-6.0/1.3  
384547613539001WINCC V7.2 ASIA RC 2048 point development package  
384647613297001Cooling tower LRCM – H – 300  
384747613200001PROFINET options package;  (S1200 + MODBUS..  + MODBUS RTU)  
384847613197001High voltage switch cabinet assembly Tian Ding Feng non woven fabric item..  Tian Ding Feng non – woven fabric project six cabinets  
384947611012001Microcomputer integrated protector;  XRF201P  
3850ES822371Temperature resistance  
385189288989Air safety filter element  
385247613941001Cold and dry blower 49109671  
385347613437001Exhaust valve SE001582  
385447559962001[P266 screw machine] gasket  
385547613059001Water pump Q = 12.5 T/H, H = 38 m  
385647612876001Protection plate replaced with FP 31-45-1-NH  
385747612875001FP 22-73-1-NH shall be replaced by a plate  
385847549469001Motor, M355 380V 50HZ VFD  
385938440913Air filter seal  
386015466543XAir tank C – 0.6/2.5  
386115466428XAir tank C – 0.3/1.6  
386249110067Phase sequence protector XJ3-d  
386347613062001Fan 49109689  
386447612719001Prefilter element 040AO  
386547612718001Rear filter element 040AA  
386647612717001Activated carbon filter core 040ACS  
386747610052001Service pack, IRN90-160K water cooler  
386847612018001High voltage fluid resistive soft starter cabinet 10KV C70..  10KV C700  
386947605721001High voltage switch cabinet 10KV centrifuge..  10KV centrifuge C700  
387023972664Pressure switch cable Small Up  
387147612017001Power metering option package 800A  
387247612016001Power metering option package 600A  
387347612015001Power metering option pack 400A  
387447612014001Power metering option pack 200A  
387547592152001Short message options package IR5300  
387647592151001Multifunctional electricity meter;  Akl DTSD1352 – C  
387747591519001Icontrol AC communication gateway option  
387847591517001Icontrol CMC communication component option  
387942875963Bolt M4X10  
388047612307001Evaporator pad 2004004  
388147612306001Evaporator mat 2004008  
388347577310001Ball valve NPT1/4  
388497331003In the cooler  
388547611131001Screw machine exhaust valve  
388647597469001Door panel assembly right side  
388747568228001Check valve  
388838054060WCH safety valve :680896  
388924620437297/250 Gear set 1.689  
389023759871Oil filter core  
389122396600Power off and restart the module.  
389280065329SStainless steel gas holder C-6.0/1.0  
389347592144001Power cable KVVR 4*6mm2 50m  
389447592143001Power cable KVVR 4*4mm2 50 meters  
389547592142001Power cable KVVR 4*6mm2 25m  
389647592141001Power cable KVVR 4*4mm2 25m  
389747592140001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-II 24VAC,110VAC  
389847592139001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-II 24VAC  
389947592138001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-I 24VAC  
390047592137001Mounting kit directly connected 24VAC  
390147592136001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-II 220VAC,110VAC  
390247592135001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-II 220VAC  
390347592134001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-II 110VAC  
390447592133001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-I 220VAC  
390547592132001Installation kit IR5300-I..  iR5300-I 110VAC  
390647592131001Installation accessory kit directly connected 220VA..  Direct connect 220 vac  
390747592130001Installation accessory kit directly connected to 110VA..  Direct connect 110 vac  
3913ATN01072Sealing gasket INNER diameter 125-18..  Inside diameter, 125-184  
3914ATN01069Seal gasket INNER diameter 150-21..  Inside diameter, 150-211  
391547612010001The compressor D3090INRi – w / 160772  
391647602384001Service package fixed frequency high dust unit maintenance (1YR/8K..  Protection (1YR/8K) for the end of March 19  
391747602383001Service package Fixed frequency standard unit maintenance (1YR/8K)..  (1YR/8K) after the end of March 19  
391847602382001Service package fixed frequency high dust unit maintenance (6MO/4K..  Protection (6MO/4K) for the end of March 19  
391947602381001Service package Fixed frequency standard unit dimension (6MO/4K) for..  O/4K) after the end of March, 19  
392047602380001Service package fixed frequency high dust unit dimension (3MO/2K)..  3MO/2K) after the end of March 19  
392147602379001Service package fixed frequency standard unit maintenance (3MO/2K)..  3MO/2K) after the end of March 19  
392247596341001Motor power: 7.5KW, voltage: 380-415,..  380-415, number of poles: 4  
392347586782001Check valve  
392496759014Oilless machine host bolt DIN 7984-M8X1..  4-M8x16-8.8  
392596756127Hex plug outside main engine DIN 910 -..  IN 910-M36x1.5-st  
392696754080Oil free machine main engine seal ring DIN 7603-A3..  603 – A36X42 – ST  
392796748546Round head groove pin CDA96/CD..  CDA96/CDB68  
392896741822Hexagon socket bolt M8X40  
392996715560Oilless machine host bolts ISO 4768-M10X..  8-M10x50-8.8  
393096710850Oil free machine main spring DIN 472-80×2.5  
393196710751Oilless main engine female rotor spring DIN 472 -..  IN 472 – 60×2  
393296709696Oil free machine main stud DIN 939-M12x30..  – M12X30-8.8  
393396707724Oilless machine host bolt ISO 10462-M10..  62-M10x50-8.8  
393496702469Hexagon socket bolt M8 X 30.0 LONG  
393596700950Oilless machine nuts ISO 4032-M12..  2 – M12 – 8  
393695228763O-ring -275 10.5 ID X.125WIDTH RS..  WIDTH RS 200-250  
393795026290Oiler host o-ring 88.49X3.53 SAE..  SAE AS 568 FKM70  
393895022109Oillless main engine O-ring 75.87X2.62 SAE..  SAE AS 568 FKM70  
393995021986O-rings CDB68  
394095021960Oillless main engine O-ring 52.07X2.62 SAE..  SAE AS 568 FKM70  
394183903923GHHOil free machine main oil pipe CDA82/96/128/CDB..  /128/CDB68  
394283902927GHHOilless machine host bearing seat FR CDB90  
394383902925GHHOil-free machine main bearing plate MRCDB90  
394483901898GHHOil chamber cover CDB90 of main engine of oil-free machine  
394583900495GHHOil free machine main engine oil seal FRSSLEFT THR..  LEFT THREADED CDB90  
394683900491GHHOil free machine main engine oil seal ring MRDS LEFT T..  S LEFT THREADED CDA128  
394782762000GHHOil free machine main locking nut MRSS CDA128  
394865525000GHHOillless main engine O-ring 81×2.5 FKM70  
394962995000GHHOil free machine main injector CDB90  
395062979000GHHOil-free machine main bearing pressure ring FRCDB90  
395162978000GHHOil-free machine main bearing pressure plate MRCDB90  
395262973000GHHOilless machine host bearing seat FR CDB90  
395362972000GHHOil-free machine main bearing end cover MRCDB90  
395462970000GHHGear end cover CDB90 of oil-free machine  
395562960000GHHExhaust cap CDA128  
395661791000GHHOil free machine main bearing pressure plate FRCDA128  
395761790000GHHOil-free machine main bearing pressure plate MRCDA128  
395861785000GHHOilless machine host bearing seat FR CDA128  
395961784000GHHOilless machine main bearing seat MR CDB90  
396061782000GHHOil spatter ring MRDSCDA128 for oil-free machine  
396161781000GHHOil spatter ring MRSSCDA128 for oil-free machine  
396248966899Airend O-ring (ARES332)  
396347602679001Service package, barrel end cover  
396447601497001Service kit, inlet valve outlet valve connector  
396547601496001Service pack, intake valve solenoid valve  
396647601495001Service pack, intake valve, discharge valve  
396747601255001Service pack, intake valve check valve  
396847601254001Service kit, intake valve cylinder  
396947595865001Air intake hose  
397047592825001Support, high dust air filter  
397147584972001Blowdown assembly  
397247581671002No oil machine host nameplate  
397347570492001Assembly drawing of intake filter system  
3974475618300012021900-001 Hose Assembly,-12 HYD.75X40(ORFS)  
3975475618290012021274-001 Hose, -20 HyD 1.25×52 (ORFS)  
397639259387Locking nut grade II GHH PART..  GHH PART NO. – 82795000  
397737601776GHHOil free machine main engine seal ring MR CDB90  
397837601665GHHOil-free machine main engine seal ring MR/FRDS CDB90  
397937601664GHHOil-free machine main engine seal ring MR/FRDS CDB90  
398037601663GHHOil free machine main engine seal ring MR/FRDS CDB9..  RDS CDB90  
398137601662GHHOil free machine main engine seal ring CD RD60/74X3…  The x3 60/74. 5  
398237601651GHHOilless main engine Yin rotor DS dextral oil seal CDA1..  Oil seal CDA128  
398337601650GHHOil free machine main engine oil seal FRSSLEFT THR..  LEFT THREADED CDA128  
398437601648GHHOil free machine main engine oil seal ring MRSS RIGHT..  S RIGHT THREADED CDA128  
398537601647GHHOil-free machine main engine seal ring FRDSCDA128  
398637601646GHHOil-free machine main engine seal ring FRSSCDA128  
398737601645GHHOil free machine main sealing plate MRDSCDA128  
398837601644GHHOil-free machine main sealing gasket MRSS CDA128  
398937601643GHHPresents RING RD82 CD / 59 by 8. 3  
399037601642GHHOilless machine main sealing ring MRDSCDA128  
399137601641GHHOil free machine main engine seal ring CD RD58/71×3…  The x3 58/71. 5  
399237601640GHHOil free machine main engine seal ring CD RD86/99×3…  86/99 x3. 8  
399337601322GHHOilless machine main sealing plate CDA96/CDB68/C..  /CDB68/CDB90  
399437601100GHHOiler main synchronous gear CDB90  
399526267000GHHOil-free machine main pin ISO 8733-10×32..  – 10X32 –ST  
399624627622Oil free machine host J splash ring NRDSCDB90  
399724627614Oil-free machine main engine splash ring MRSSCDB90  
399824627606Oil-free machine main engine splash ring MRDSCDB90  
399924627549Oil free machine main engine splash ring FR CDA128  
400024296238Oilless machine host locking nut FRSS CDA128  
400124296212Air inlet end of main engine lock nut MRSS..  Gas side MRSS CDB90 / CDM80  
400224296196Air inlet end of main engine lock nut FRSS..  Gas side FRSS CDB90  
400324263428Oil-free machine main sealing plate CDB68/CDB90  
400424263147Oilless machine main engine seal ring CDA96/CDB68/C..  /CDB68/CDB90  
400524263055Oil free machine main engine seal ring CD RD42/54X3…  42/54 x3. 3  
400624055519Oil-free machine main synchronous gear main CDB90  
400724054256Oil-free machine main synchronous gear CDA128  
400824054132Oil-free machine main synchronous gear main CDA128  
400923854193Oil free machine host oil splash ring FR CDB90/CDM8..  B90/CDM80  
401023854169Oilless host locking block CDA/CDB/CDC  
401123465198Oilless machine host bearing seat FR CDA128  
401223465180Oilless machine host bearing seat MR CDA128  
401323465164Oilless main engine sealing ring CDA128/CDB90  
401423465156Oilless machine main engine seal ring MR CDA128  
401523400385Exhaust housing CDB90  
401623400377Rotor housing CDB90  
401723384597Oilless main engine exhaust housing CDA128  
401823384571Rotor housing CDA128  
401923346794Oil-free rotor CD26 primary Open female rotor  
402023346752Oil-free rotor CD26 primary close female rotor  
402123346711Oil free rotor CD26Open primary male rotor  
402223346679Oil free rotor CD26 primary close male rotor  
402323020860Oil free machine main engine nozzle connector DIN 2353..  DIN 2353 – CL 6 – ST  
402423013071Oiler host waveform spring CDB90  
402523013055Female rotor waveform spring CDA96/CD..  CDA96/CDB68/CDA80  
402622956387Oil free machine host oil seal ring FRDS RIGHT..  S RIGHT THREADED CDB90  
402722956361Oil free machine main engine oil seal ring MRSS MRDS L..  S MRDS LEFT THREADED CDB  
402822956353Oil free machine main engine oil seal ring MRSS RIGHT..  S RIGHT THREADED CDB90  
402922720965Waveform spring cDA82/128 for oil-free machine  
403022720957Oil free machine main waveform spring CDA128  
403122702161Oil free machine host locking block CDA128/160/20..  8/160/208/CDB90/114  
403222645691Oil-free rotor CD26 secondary Open female rotor  
403322645675Oil free rotor CD26 secondary Open male rotor  
403422568521Locking nut φ85/M65* 2-5h /*12 KM13..  12 KM13 SKF  
403522507859Four point contact ball bearing QJ213N2MA/P62H (A..  /P62H (ALT. QJ213N2PHAS/  
403622507834Four point contact ball bearing QJ211N2MA/P62H (A..  /P62H (ALT. QJ211N2PHAS/  
403722507826Four point contact ball bearing QJ211N2MA/C2L (AL..  /C2L (ALT. QJ211N2PHAS/C  
403822507784Oil free machine host angular contact bearing Q/C2L (AL..  /C2L (ALT. QJ207N2PHAS/C  
403922507636Cylindrical roller bearing NU215ECML/P63H (ALT..  63H (ALT. NU215ECPHA/P63  
404022507602Cylindrical roller bearing NU213ECML/P63L (ALT..  63L (ALT. NU213ECPHA/P63  
404122507586Cylindrical roller bearing NU211ECMA/C3L (ALT…  3L (ALT. NU211ECPHA/C3L)  
404222507560Cylindrical roller bearing NU1011ECML/P63L (AL..  P63L (ALT. NU1011ECPHA/P  
404322507552Cylindrical roller bearing NU310ECML/P63H (ALT..  63H (ALT. NU310ECPHA/P63  
404422507537Cylindrical roller bearing NU2209ECMA/C3L (ALT..  C3L (ALT. NU2209ECPHA/C3  
404522507438Cylindrical roller bearing NU2206ECMA/C3L (ALT..  C3L (ALT. NU2206ECPHA/C3  
404615862915Ball bearing with stop ring 6308NR-NSK  
404747602388010Gasket, return end cover, aftercooling, water cooler  
404847602388009Return end cover, rear cooling, water cooler  
404947602388008Gasket, return end cover, oil cooler, water cooler  
405047602388007Return end cover, oil cooler, water cooler  
405147602388006After cooling sealing ring, water cooler  
405247602388005Rear cooling drain valve, water cooler  
405347602388004Rear cold end cover, water cooler  
405447602388003Oil cooled sealing ring, water cooler  
405547602388002Oil cooled drain valve, water cooler  
405647602388001Oil-cooled end cover, water cooler  
405739844667Foam short panel left SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
405839815378Foam right partition SIERRA  
405924706095Intermediate stage cooler instead of 398931..  Instead of 39893136  
406047611111001Pressure transmitter P7620A  
406147611104001Booster diaphragm in the pressure reducing valve  
406247610091001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(see drawing, stainless steel, interior..  Paper, stainless steel, polished inside, outside  
406347610090001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(see drawing, stainless steel, exterior..  Paper, stainless steel, exterior paint, IR  
406439814991Foam short panel right front SIERRA  
406539814983Foam short panel FRONT FRONT -..  FRONT – SIERRA CD14  
406639814975Foam short panel left front SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
406747608998001Flowmeter ultrasonic  
406847608719001Two control valve DN40 bo lei  
406947608718001Heat recovery control system Bengbu Cigarette Factory Project  
407047568229001Check valve  
407280448590Crew Operation and Maintenance Manual SIERRA X..  SIERRA XE in Both Chinese and English  
407347610274001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0(see drawing)  
407424153918Compressor EM65HHR  
407547609945001Signal acquisition box is not standard  
407637127305High pressure cylinder head  
4077RAA038001KPNEP100 skycar ML37-I..  Crown ML37 – III/IV/V/VI  
4078RAA038001Crane main engine overhaul nep100ML37-III..  ML37-III/IV/V/VI  
4079EAA038001-NNon-disk main engine replacement new main engine crown ml37-I..  Crown ML37 – III/IV/V/VI  
4080ATF23014Rubber mat from 70-12, t15  
408149142112001RM220I, contactor AX300-33-11-84  
408249111826Machine chain VM19  
408349102114001RMI220. Contactor AX260-30-11-84  
408449102015Screw machine current contactor  
408547513407001[265] Relay 120VAC 4CO 7A WITH B..  A WITH BASE (FINDER)  
408624720765Overload relay 3RU51 46..  3RU51 46-4KB0  
408724720666Contactor 80A AC11..  80A AC110V  
408824720641Contactor 65A AC11..  65A AC110V  
408947610163001D108inri-a cold drying machine in the compressor Rishing 104Q..  104 qddf502 machine risheng  
409047610066001GGD low pressure cabinet 3*160kw/..  3* 160KW /3* 15KW, down in and out  
409147609861001Non-standard carbon steel storage tank C-30/0.8  
409247609860001Non-standard stainless steel storage tank C-25/0.8  
409347609406001Non-standard gas storage tank C-75.0/1.0(see drawing)  
409447609405001Non-standard gas storage tank C-75.0/1.0(see drawing)  
409547609404001Non-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0(see drawing)  
409647609403001Non-standard gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0(see drawing)  
409747609402001Non-standard gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0(see drawing)  
409824779670Converter USB to RS-485  
409923556152ASME Safety valve 1/2″ 275PSIss  
410047609396001Non-standard oil-gas water separator IRS-6.0-7.0  
410147609131001Dew point probe 608203580  
410247543322002Motor 350KW 6KV 50HZ IP552S QJ  
410347543319001Motor 300KW 6KV 50HZ IP23QJ  
410424859365Motor 350KW 380V 50HZ ODPSS IE1 W..  SS IE1 WL  
4105ATC37888Tube assembly  
410649095847Inner connector oil separator R30-37  
410747553060001Air filter  
410815834443Motor wheel  
410980065162SStainless steel gas holder C-1.5/1.0  
411047608997001Material supplement huafu project  
411147608531001Solenoid drain valve SP-698160  
411247608529001A batch of huafu installation materials  
411347608698001Oil cooling YLR28.25-00  
411415869290001Spare parts package, timing stop drain pipe parts  
411547608717001ABB Inverter 400KW AC..  400KW ACS880-04-725A-3  
411647608705001Hxgn-12-j-ir high pressure cabinet (350KW, string..  (350KW, series reactance, upward  
411747608535001Stainless steel pump 6.6/40  
411847608534001Heat exchanger plate replaced with TL6-BFM 48PL 304SS  
411947608533001Change the protection plate to M6-MFM 48PL 304SS  
412047608532001Efficient KLR87.8-00  
412147608512001HQ981 thermal mass flowmeter DN200, MB  
412249032709Pre-filter PAD RS 200-250  
412349014012Screw machine oil separation core RS 200-250  
412447608771001Fan 9002141 3 – FZL500-4 dql35p7..  4DQL35P7 380V/3/50HZ  
412547576547001Oil core, diameter 378mm, height 506mm  
412647548535001Assembly, high dust air filter  
412747541573001Pre-filter SCREEN RS 200-250 AC/WC  
412847541572001Pre-filter SCREEN RS 200-250 A/C  
412924900458Oil filter core  
413024900326Air filter element EGP16 RS 200-250  
413147608817001PLC 105KZQ003  
413224859423Motor 200KW 6KV 50HZ TEFCGRD3 WL  
413324859373Motor 200KW 6KV 50HZ ODPGRD3 WL  
413447608522001108 xxlxx067 L330A0 filter  
413549086788Oil cooler water cooled M200  
413647607370001Fluorine rubber O-ring inner diameter of 29.87..  Inside diameter Φ Φ 29.87 * 1.78  
413747607369001Fluorine rubber O-ring inner diameter φ 23.52..  Inside diameter Φ Φ 23.52 * 1.78  
413847543320001Motor 350KW 6KV 50HZ IP232S QJ  
413924720773Overload relay 3RU51 56..  3RU51 56-2XB1  
4140ATH25009Flanged ball valves  
4141ATH17012Conversion connector 1.312 to..  1.312 to DN25 flange  
4142ATH170071.3125 ‘hose  
4143ATH170061.3125 ‘hose  
414447607112001Activated carbon filter F216VF 6003164  
414624329229Suction tubing CD14  
414722582316Suction tubing CD72S1  
414847607020001S430 pitot meter DN350(split type, MB..  (Split, MB RTU)  
414924435596T-connector CD14VSD  
415124331829Flanged suction pipe  
415247606948001Control air source filter element L017AO304-GG-A..  304-GG-AO-0017-001  
415347606655001Standard threaded gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8 (Wide range)  
415447605332001Drain valve SP – PL19560  
415547605331001050 ao AO050JBFI filter  
415647605329001Heater 608202088  
415747605328001Gas collecting chamber seal 608200741  
415847605327001Adsorbent 608203663  
415947605326001Adsorbent 608203664  
416047543323002Motor 250KW 10KV 50HZ IP23 QJ  
416122949978Post-test Stage CDC61/41  
416247605938001Strong Chemical Fiber soft start SS7000 (500KW)  
416347604866001Horizontal stainless steel gas storage tank CWB-20/00.8  
416447604865001Horizontal stainless steel gas storage tank CWB-10/00.8  
416547604864001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.3 (inner coated with epoxy)  
416647604863001Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.3 (inner coated with epoxy)  
416847587709001WCH THERMCPL WATLOW P/N491-24-1..  The 491-24-1-245  
416937127214Valve plate ASSY, AIR HEAD SPACER  
417049109499Refrigeration compressor C-SCN603H8H  
417147543326019Motor 250KW 400V VSD ODP HB  
417247533378001Overload relay 150-500A (ABBEF460)  
417347599193001Deflated module  
417424720658Contactor 25A AC11..  25A AC110V  
417547605348001Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter (0~16bar..  (0~16bar without installation accessories)  
417647604937001Pneumatic thin film control valve fine small  
417724886293355KW 400V 50HZ ODPIE2 bracket 2..  IE2 support 24865396  
4178H4133200Plug M33 * 2  
417939310735Temperature switch  
418024301434The CONTROLLER, XE – 50 R5, 5-11 kw  
418147604847001Suzhou Dontes IR5100-315 NS (with cabinet, Schneider..  (With cabinet body, Schneider VFD)  
418247604773001Cold and dry machine fan motor 9002011  
418424110058Nameplate tiger CIEM only  
418547604390001Switching power supply 24VDC  
418697334155001Spare parts package,  
418797330435001Spare parts package,  
418849097025Mechanical interlocking contactor VM300H (..  VM300H (ABB)  
418947604660001The condenser is 9003093  
419047599199001Solenoid valve assembly  
419147599198001Regulating module solenoid valve  
419237131182001Spare parts package,  
419337131166001Spare parts package,  
419432228330001Spare parts package,  
419532228322001Spare parts package,  
419632226292001Spare parts pack 4″ cylinder head/valve parts  
419732203440001Spare parts package,  
419832200560001Spare parts package,  
419932183717001Spare parts package,  
420032054512001Spare parts package,  
420131246572001Spare parts package,  
420222008072001Spare parts package,  
420322006951001Spare parts package,  
420422005839001Spare parts pack 5″ cylinder head/valve parts  
420522005490001Spare parts package,  
420622001341001Spare parts package,  
420721987136001Spare parts package,  
420921977368001Spare parts package,  
421021977293001Spare parts package,  
421119004860001Cold component 15T2 in the spare part package  
421219004720001Spare parts package,  
421315873615001Spare parts package,  
421415873219001Spare parts package, valve parts high pressure 2545  
421515871908001Spare parts package, PRESSURE SWITCH  
421615871890001Pressure switch of spare parts package 35kg  
421715854631001Spare parts package,  
421815831241001Spare parts package,  
421915830490001Spare parts package,  
422032307100First stage piston ring (2545)  
422219064856Switching power supply  
422349143001ABB Thermistor motor relay 10VCm-MSS (3..  CM-MSS(3) 110-130VAC  
422447549411001[P676] Contactor SP30T  
422549095631Contactor AX12-30 -..  AX12-30-10-84 ABB  
422649014434Controller XE – 70 mrs5. 5-37..  RS5.5 to 37 frequency conversion  
422747603553001Metal braided mesh hose parameters with 24436313..  24436313, the material is: gold  
422847603288001High voltage Cabinet KYN28-12-B-I (Smart meter)  
422947603203001PLC board 1624640766  
423047602683001Service pack, CD14 Topaz water cooler  
423138446571FTR CLSG 1600SCFM 0.01mcrn W/DP..  CRN W/DP GA,DRN  
423224720674Contactor 115A AC1..  115A AC110V  
423324271306Motor oil pump 1.5kW 400V 50hzip55IE2  
423422415384Clearance ring CF75D8  
423522415376Clearance ring CF75D8  
423622415368RD45/M 30X..  45 / M 30 x1, 5-5 h/X 7  
4238SE000379Electronic drainer  
4239ES870900Temperature transmitter SBWZPT100/4-..  PT100/4-20 ma (0-150 ℃)  
424049056955ABB AC contactor 11A260-30-..  A260-30-11-84  
424147602680001Jung A1.9/1.5-1500, 7015014  
424232237307Fin tube new :32024697  
4243476015240011503 f245 filter element  
424447602521001Ir5000-37 Inverter repair (OEM Kunshan Jason packaging  
4245ATE61046Hose through 2-M12/3500  
424647543323007Motor 315KW 10KV 50HZ IP232S QJ  
4247ATE61050Hose through 2-M12/2300  
424847601797001Graphite gasket (air outlet) DN50 302046  
424947601785001Ethernet switch  
425047601533001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-20/0.8 is lined with stainless steel  
425147601532001Non-standard carbon steel tank C-35/0.8 is lined with stainless steel  
425247601529001Ir5000-160 (Danvers) Converter power board maintenance  
4253ATH02023Pressure expansion tank  
4254ADG03401General purpose panel assembly  
425547601054001Electric switch butterfly valve DN50 (carbon steel, 220V)  
425647601053001S201 Integrated dew point meter (-60~20℃)  
425723543606Fan 210.1920.00.00-00  
425849165681Service Assembly, Intake Valve Regulating Module, PVVF18E..  , PVVF18ENO  
425949140502ABB Universal relay CR-U110AC10A 3CO..  10A 3CO 110VAC coil  
426049080740ABB AC contactor A145-30-..  A145-30-11-84  
426147601366001D-1800 Combined dryer internal filter core 108LX..  108 lx1030 filter core  
426232498792T2 SHAFTREPAI shaft seal KIT – 7100/7  
426315872054Touch screen (additional infusion program required)SMARTLINE76A..  TLINE76AV66480AC113A
4264SLT000BAGas storage tank certification fee (Danyang)  
4265ATE66701Touch screen assembly (need to implant program)  
4266ATE66700PLC assembly (infusion program required)  
426747551146001-20 Rubber hose assembly 32 inches  
426847601071001Refrigeration compressor 9001126  
426947598981001Solenoid valve assembly  
427047574998001Intake valve cylinder  
4271ATH28003In the secondary board  
4272ATH28002Level 1 plate in  
4273ATH28001The water pump  
427447549368001【P674】6″ one-way valve  
427542437517The nose 226 mm – WW  
427639133178Bolt M10X25  
427723647795Memory Card MICRO SD 1 GB WITHS/W FOR..  S/W FOR FMM  
427822190953Cover plate  
427924887622O-ring, 178.5 SPA Tailplate  
428024887614O-ring, 178.5 SPA exhaust face  
428180065287SStainless steel gas holder C-4.0/1.0  
428247596827001[[P632] Gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0 is not standard  
428347543326001Motor 200KW 380V 50HZ ODpie1HB  
428524751836Mr. ED electrical schematic diagram XE145 LV  
428699270001Washer 5 Q235 – A  
428747597736001Motor front end cover  
428824169005Motor 9KW 380V/3/50HZIE2 NEW..  IE2 NEW COBRA  
428923953672Flanged elbow stainless steel CD26 instead of 2..  CD26 instead of 22164289  
429047598493001Signal isolator  
429147598492001Signal isolator  
429247598491001Electric control valve assembly  
429347596118001IControl industrial computer host  
429447596117001IControl host computer – display  
429547596116001IControl business machine host  
429647596115001IControl – smart watt-hour meter guide rail  
429747596114001IControl – Smart power meter embedded  
429847596113001IControl – Current transmitter  
429947596112001IControl – Current transformer  
430047596111001IControl – Pressure transmitter  
430147596110001IControl high resolution touch screen base  
430247596109001IControl – High resolution touch screen  
430347596108001IControl – Dual power switching module  
430447596107001IControl SMS- Data communication line  
430547596106001IControl SMS- Power adapter  
430647596105001IControl SMS- Sending module  
430747596104001IControl DCS BACnet IP M communication template  
430847596103001IControl DCS BACnet PLC communication module  
430947596102001IControl IO module base  
431047596101001IControl IO module terminal  
431147596100001IControl 4 ai module  
431247596099001IControl 4 dryer -12DO module  
431347596098001IControl 4 Dryer -12DI module  
431447596097001IControl High-end – wireless router  
431547596096001IControl High-end – touch screen  
431647596095001IControl – Air compressor communication module  
431747596094001IControl -RS485 communication isolator  
431847596093001IControl – fuse  
431947596092001IControl – 24 v relay  
432047596091001IControl -24V switching power supply  
432147596090001IControl – switches  
432247596089001IControl – 24 di18do module  
432347596088001IControl – CPU module  
432447596086001IControl basic model – touch screen  
432547598497001Double end solenoid valve 104EWTF112  
432647598496001Single head solenoid valve 104EWTF110  
432724822058[P277] Rear cooler – Alfa 2545  
4329ATE66090Tee inner wire NPT1/4  
4330ATE66074Right Angle adjustable connector M12xM12 flaring  
4331ATE66073Direct header M12xM12 flaring  
4332ATE66054Right Angle connector 1.625-12UN-24JIC  
4333ATE66017Air intake pipe bending  
4334ATE66006After cooler  
4335ATE66005Oil cooler  
4337ATC26025Direct head M33X2 1.3125UNF flaring  
4340FWDX0001On-site disassembly and commissioning service fee (8H) applicable to overhaul business..  Applicable for on-site disassembly and commissioning service fees of overhaul business  
434196740295Hexagon nut  
434249044852Air filter assembly M90-110  
434348859722Screw machine motor fan 15KW 40IE2 F2  
434447597745001ACS4000NS Centralized control system transformation package  
434547593128001Temperature sensor 7019029  
434624841264Intake valve M90-160 constant frequency  
434724098816Gearbox return pipe assembly R37kW  
434819051689Screw machine, soft starter  
434947554254001Pipe assembly rear bearing oil injection Pegasus 22KW  
435047597179001Microcomputer integrated protection instrument  
435147596833001Brazed plate for 300kW (45/70 degrees)  
435247596748001Non-standard gas storage tank C-6.0/1.6 (see figure for details)  
435347596746001Non-standard gas storage tank C-3.0/1.6 (see figure for details)  
435447596745001Non-standard gas storage tank C-2.0/1.6 (see figure for details)  
435547588714001Non-standard cryogenic gas storage tank C-10/1.0+ freight  
435621961115The IRS – 3.0/3.5  
435715860836The IRS – 1.0/1.6  
435815860737The IRS – 3.0/0.8  
4359R42476119Cougar178.5 host M55 – M75  
436048906291Tube assembly cooler to temperature control valve M200-250  
4361R39852801KPDisc main engine overhaul M90-160/2SM902S-16..  M902S-1602S  
4362E54667522KP-NDiskable host for new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 37-45  
4363R54735170KPDiskable host Overhaul Nirvana 226IRN90K-1..  IRN90K-160K  
4364R54735170Nirvana 226 Main engine Overhaul IRN90K-1..  IRN90K-160K  
4365R54669684KPDiskable Host Overhaul nirvana55-75IRN55K -I..  IRN55K-IRN75K  
4366R54669684Nirvana 55-75 Main Engine Overhaul IRN55K-I..  IRN55K-IRN75K  
4367R54667522KPRetractable Host Overhaul nirvana37-45IRN37K -I..  IRN37K-IRN45K  
4368R54667522Nirvana 37-45 Main Engine Overhaul IRN37K-I..  IRN37K-IRN45K  
4369R54416920KPM45SE CF128ML/MM/MH..  ML/MM/MH45  
4370R54416920M45SE CF128 main engine overhaul ML/MM/MH..  ML/MM/MH45  
4371R42476127KPReconfigurable host overhaul Cobra 226M90-M160  
4372R42476119KPDisc main engine overhaul Cougar 178.5M55-M75  
4373R39882766KPCan be disk host overhaul 30s-50S 100MM  
4374R3988276630S-50S 100MM main engine overhaul 30s-50S  
4375R39862990KPDiskable host overhaul 297-2SMr.ED M2..  MR.ED M200-M350 2S  
4376R39852801M90-160/2s main engine overhaul M902S-16..  M902S-1602S  
4377R36019834KPRechargeable host overhaul 304mm Mr. ED M2..  MR.ED M250  
4378R23397607KPRechargeable Host Overhaul Velocity 226R90-R160  
4379R23397607Velocity 226 mainframe overhauls R90-R160  
4380R23039167KPCF90M37SE/UP..  M37SE/UP5-30  
4381R23039167CF90 main engine overhaul M37SE/UP..  M37SE/UP5-30  
4382R22637219KPCF75M22SE/UP..  M22SE/UP5-22  
4383R22637219CF75 main engine overhaul M22SE/UP..  M22SE/UP5-22  
4384R22465926KPReconfigurable host overhaul CE55 small-up  
4385R22465926CE55 host overhaul small-up  
4386R22262422MKPDisketable host overhauls 285mm Mr. ED M2..  MR.ED M250-285  
4387R22262422M285MM main engine overhaul Mr. ED M2..  MR.ED M250  
4388EAE010200KP-NCan be replaced with a new host M250/M25..  M250 / M250II vintage 226  
4389EAE010200-NNon-disk host replacement for a new host M250/M25..  M250 / M250II vintage 226  
4390E54735170KP-NDiskable host for new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 226  
4391E54735170-NNon-disk host replacement for the new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 226  
4392E54669684KP-NDiskable host for new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 55-75  
4393E54669684-NNon-disk host replacement for the new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 55-75  
4394E54667522-NNon-disk host replacement for the new host Nirvana..  Nirvana 37-45  
4395E54416920KP-NM45SE CF..  M45SE CF128  
4396E54416920-NNon-disk host replacement new host M45SE CF..  M45SE CF128  
4397E42476127KP-NDiskable host for new Cobra 22..  Cobra 226  
4398E42476127-NNon-disk host replacement for a new host Cobra 22..  Cobra 226  
4399E42476119KP-NDisk host replacement new host Cougar 1..  So-called Cougar 178.5  
4400E42476119-NNon disk host replacement new host Cougar 1..  So-called Cougar 178.5  
4401E39882766KP-NDisk host replacement new host 30s-50S..  30S-50S 100MM  
4402E39882766-NNon-disk host replacement new host 30s-50s..  30S-50S 100MM  
4403E39862990KP-NThe replaceable host is replaced with a new host 297-2S  
4404E39862990-NThe non-disk host is replaced with a new host 297-2S  
4405E39852801KP-NReplacement of new m90-160 /..  M90-160/2S  
4406E39852801-NNon-disk host replacement new host M90-160/..  M90-160/2S  
4407E36019834KP-NReplaceable host 304MM new host  
4408E36019834-NThe non-disk host is replaced with a new 304MM host  
4409E23397607KP-NReconfigurable host for new host Velocity..  Velocity 226  
4410E23397607-NReplacement of non-disk host with new host Velocity..  Velocity 226  
4411E23039167KP-NThe replaceable host is replaced with a new host CF90  
4412E23039167-NA non-disk host is replaced with a new host CF90  
4413E22637219KP-NDiskable host to replace a new host CF75  
4414E22637219-NA non-disk host is replaced with a new host CF75  
4415E22465926KP-NThe replaceable host is replaced with a new CE55 host  
4416E22465926-NA non-disk host is replaced with a new CE55 host  
4417E22262422MKP-NCan be replaced with a new host 285MM  
4418E22262422M-NNon-disk host replacement of a new host 285MM  
441949200108Hose M200-250..  M200-250 SS  
442049193923Inlet hose M200-250..  M200-250 2S  
442149062284Pipe assembly inlet M200-250  
442249062268Pipe assembly outlet M200-250  
442349062250Pipe assembly rear cold outlet M200-250  
442449001894Oil cooler water cooled M250  
442548906317Joint R2 * 2.5 UNFM200-250  
442648906309Support cooler M200-250  
442830280531Washer for end cover of input shaft  
442924521965Relay DPDT110V  
443024329161Relay base  
443147597014001Pressure reducing valve SE003901  
443247596829001Pneumatic ball valve: 106QDQF353  
443347223912Motor 75HP, 380V, 60Hz, ODP  
443447596755001Intelliflow controller  
4435ATE61021Oil cooler  
443649097017Transformer JBK3-450  
443749062417Mounting plate water cooler M315-355..  M315-355 W  
4438320151095 ring components  
443923764137Oil free machine, controller  
444049001902Rear cooler water cooled M250  
444199290199Return tubing assembly XHP  
444247596085001Cooling fan at the end of motor  
444347596077001Filter HG5-38, 6003155  
444447595517001Wire for air 7018008  
444547553108001Motor protection switch  
444624814626Motor 22KW 380V 50HZ VSD  
444749118243Electrical control box assembly 110KW AC VSD  
444847584524001Oil filter RDG90I W  
444947576206001The oil filter  
445039111851Solenoid valve  
445132344475H15T4 Head 30221204 muffler (without accessories)  
445221996376SPB1981 (elephant)  
445349144595001Temperature control valve service pack 83°C  
445447594976001M110-a VSD-fan Rear cooling fan for motor  
445549144587001Temperature control valve service package 77°C  
445615870652Ball valve NPT1/2 “(1000 wog)  
445747595472001High voltage starting cabinet 10KV;  Take cover  
44584759319500128mm super pipe  
44594759319400122mm super pipe  
44604759319300115mm super pipe  
446147595661001Filter element is used for slaf-60HT  
446247595660001Filter element is used for slaf-60HA  
446347595502001The relief valve 104 aqf123  
446447595501001Pneumatic ball valve 104QDQF101  
446547595500001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF55  
446647595499001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF550  
446747595498001Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF58  
446838446845FTR CLSG 15 SCFM .01 MCRN W/DRN,..  N W/DRN,NO POP-UP  
446924354961After cooling oil cooler anti-corrosion CD14..  Anti-corrosion CD14AC  
447023167778TRNSMTR DEWPT N4X Universal 633856..  Universal 633856-100 C CERAMIC  
447147595161001Ir5100-i Installation kit;  No pressure sensor included  
447215441835SAir tank C – 3.0/3.0  
447347593122001Fast connection-peg  
447422286918The shaft seal lips  
447517902157CDA208 test after host | CDA208 | RO | | PHA..  |RO||PHAS|  
447647591530001Icontro-b control cable option  
447747591529001Icontro-b signal cable option  
447847591528001Icontro-b INDUSTRIAL PC -4G memory expansion option  
447947591527001Icontro-b INDUSTRIAL PC -500G hard expansion option  
448047591526001Icontro-b INDUSTRIAL PC -RS232 extension option  
448147591525001IControl -B A4 color laser options  
448247591524001IControl -B monitor host – operation option  
448347591523001IControl -B monitor PC – business options  
448447591522001Icontro-b Indicates the IOS smart terminal option  
448547591521001Icontro-b UPS 1KVA 30mi option  
448647591520001IControl AC communication adapter option  
448747591516001Icontrol signal isolator 1 in 2 out without power distribution..  One in and two out does not provide power distribution options  
448847591515001Icontrol signal isolator 1 in 2 out power distribution selection..  1 in 2 out with power distribution options  
448947591514001Icontrol signal isolator 1 in 1 out without power distribution..  One in, one out does not provide power distribution options
449047591513001Icontrol signal isolator 1 in 1 out power distribution selection..  1 in 1 out with power distribution options  
449147591512001Icontro-b commissioning training acceptance option (1-year warranty)  
449247591511001IControl smart power detection options (guideway mounting..  Options (Rail mounting)  
449347591510001IControl smart power detection options (embedded installation..  Options (Embedded installation)  
449447591509001IControl current transmitter option  
449547591508001Icontrol dew point transmitter option  
449647591507001Icontrol temperature transmitter option  
449747591506001IControl pressure transmitter option  
449847591505001IControl HOST RS232 to RS option  
449947591504001Icontrol Host monitoring software options  
450047590492001Check valve DN20 8004097  
450147590491001Check valve DN25 8004096  
450247590454001104 DDFM drain valve  
450347590359001Dew point meter 7017008 -80℃ ~ +20℃  
4504SE001318The wind condenser  
4505ATD30002R2.5 “plug  
450647588850001[642] Cooling fan 176F8333  
4507ESG01011Two three way solenoid valve G1/4  
450824774069Motor 350KW 380V 50HZ IE1ODP 1-S  
4509S3530535Bolt M5x35GB70..  GB70 8.8  
4510S12320515/8 bolt unc * 2..  5/8 unc * 2.0  
451147588814001Filter HG5-12, 6003146  
4512475886940018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
4513475886920014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
4514475886910012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
451547588685001Gear box maintenance package  
451647588684001Water cooled hose maintenance kit  
451747588683001Air cooled hose maintenance kit  
451847588682001Temperature control valve maintenance kit  
451947588567001Water cooled hose maintenance kit  
452047588566001Air cooled hose maintenance kit  
452147588565001Gear box maintenance package  
4522475885640018000-hour preventive maintenance kit (air-cooled)  
4523475885630018000 hours preventive maintenance Kit (water cooled)  
4524475885620014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
4525475885610012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
4526475884450018000-hour preventive maintenance kit (air-cooled)  
4527475884440014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
4528475884430012000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
452947575496001Sheet metal assembly, exhaust  
453047573377001Sealing plate, exhaust  
453147552949001Chassis plate  
453247552945001Closed chassis  
453337131075Tube assembly valve secondary STG I/C-PV 15T2  
453437131034Piping components  
453537131026Piping components  
45364758772100170℃ efficient (167m2)102 cubic,70..  102 cubed,70 degrees  
453747587719001Protection plate for FP 31-47-1-NH  
453847588343001High pressure control cabinet KYN28  
453947585993001Molecular sieve φ3-φ5 high performance 4A1KG 104..  1KG 104XFJ501  
454047568286001Screw machine motor 37 KW 380-415V 3-pH..  5V 3-PH 50HZ IP55 2P IE3  
454147566389001Airend 137 Host (High voltage)  
454224358160Frequency converter assembly 45KW Danfoss380V90A..  380V90A IP20  
454349154016Screw machine pressure sensor 16 BAR, 4-20 M..  , 4-20 MA, 1/8 NPT  
454447588965001Irg-900-40d-35 filter element 603148  
454547588964001Irg-900-40h-35 filter element 603147  
454647588939001At the upper door plank  
454747588855001D2550 dew point control modification  
454847571667001Screw machine, filter pad  
454947560905001Screw machine pressure sensor  
455047560904001Screw machine pressure sensor  
455147560903001Screw machine vacuum pressure sensor  
455247560902001Screw machine vacuum pressure sensor  
455347560901001Screw machine pressure sensor  
455447560900001Screw machine pressure sensor  
455524331811Controller PLC DPC, N4 W/DESICCANT PR..  CCANT PRG* CNTRLR#684492  
455647588709001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0(freight + automatic blowdown)  
455747588708001Non-standard C-15/1.0(Freight + automatic blow-down)  
455822990790Gasket round 455 x 550  
455915466535SAir tank C – 0.6/1.6  
456047588731001Filter core IRDP424N 6003143  
456147588732001Filter core IRGP424N 6003144  
456217902145CDA160 test after host | RO | | PHAS |  
456347588730001Filter core IRAC424N 6003145  
4564SLT06379VA400 plug-in flow sensor  
456524270266Nose SS5- non-standard  
456647588039001Cooling fan behind motor  
456747587456001SBWZ2 temperature transmitter  
4568475874550013051GP pressure transmitter  
456935393685Air filter element P185WIR  
457015860869The IRS – 4.0/1.6  
457147587901001Evaporator plate 3.6m3 4919754  
457247555831001Tiger washer  
457336880995Flange face bolt M10*30  
457424859357Motor 300KW 380V 50HZ ODPSS IE1 W..  SS IE1 WL bracket 24091126  
457695980645Nut 0.312  
457780447584Parts Manual R90-160..  R90-160 2S  
457847587981001Filter HG7-38, 6003142  
457924718223Bolt M6X16  
458024641730A drain R132-160..  Water-cooled R132-160  
458122593727CD42S module | G08 | OP20 | CDA160 | RO | |).  160|RO||PHAS|  
458247587326001Muffler 608201031  
458347587325001Dust filter element 050AAR  
458447587324001Precision filter element 050AA  
458547587323001Pre filter element 050AO  
458639896352Cooler water cooled copper tube 50-100BC..  50-100BCAT  
458747554717001Modulation module  
458824859449Motor 250KW 6KV 50HZ IP55grdqj  
458947587356001Threaded air storage tank C-0.6/0.8(Yantai spare parts  
459047587355001Threaded gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8(Yantai)  
459142899278XAir tank C – 20.0/0.8  
459280065253SStainless steel gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0  
459380065139SStainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0  
459480065071SStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.3/1.0 service spare parts  
459547587059001DN80 Honeywell electric valve  
459647587058001DN50 Honeywell electric valve  
459747587057001CS temperature transmitter  
459847587002001CS dew point transmitter  
459947587001001CS flow transmitter DN50  
460047586560001350-2S built-in heat recovery BOM  
460147586131001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0 (limit height ~314..  0 (Limit to 3143)  
460395053146Hexagon head bolt  
460495035432Hexagon head bolt  
460592059039Clip 5  
460647586128001Replace the protection board with m15-MFM 60PL 304SS  
460724859340Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ ODPIE1 WL  
460947584201001Muffler 8015013 pressure relief tank D3050IER..  3050IER WIR13-264  
461147586126001C700 41M*3 Final stage 70℃ efficient 118 cubic,70..  118 cubed,70 degrees  
4612ES104430Motor starter M132-4+HK(4A)  
4613AA038008Negative rotor bearing plate  
461747576150001WALL, EXHAUST CHUTE A/C  
4618ATS21009Safety valve oil cylinder body  
461947576151001WALL, EXHAUST CHUTE A/C  
462547550023001MD320 panel  
462647585926001Drain valve SP – 698445  
462747585925001Filter gasket SP-605007240C  
462824572539Heavy duty oil core m90-160 enhanced  
462923972854Intake valve N/C  
463047585771001Filter HG7 6003141-58  
463147585770001Filter HG5 6003140-58  
463222582308Suction tubing CD42S  
463347557960001P226 screw machine joint  
463447551150001-24 Rubber hose assembly 29 inches  
463515470404XStainless steel gas storage tank C-3.0/0.8  
463647584513001Jilin Tonghua cable and communication cable  
463747584511001Shanghai Siegwerk frequency converter maintenance kit  
463823735517Fan capacitor  
463949094600After the exhaust pipe is cooled, the water is air-cooled  
464047584115001Dew point meter DMT-143 105CGQ067  
464147584105001Refrigerant dryer filter 103GLQ014  
464247584104001104 xfj922 porcelain ball  
464347584103001Alumina 104 xfj101  
464447549345001【P675】1/2″ pneumatic ball valve  
464524216590Unit exhaust pipe M90-110..  M90-110 AC VSD  
464624067118Reactor S250DCL – 1000  
464747583700001Non-standard Carbon steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0(packed in wooden case)  
464847583688001Non-standard gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0 Guangda Ma ‘anshan Danyang  
464939838990Tube assembly  
465047583705001Jiashan Renesola maintenance  
465147583528001Butterfly valve DN100 8003046  
465247575353001Temperature sensor PT100  
465347549356001【P676】2-1/2″ cylinder butterfly valve  
465447548680001Empty filter  
465538052981WCH valve original :631478  
465624782617Valve screw machine  
465723704901The vent valve  
465823538564CD42S module | G11 | OP20 | CDA160 | RO | |).  160|RO||PHAS|  
465947580824001Electric on-off valve (DN80 304 stainless steel)  
466047580826001Ethernet Communication Relay box (RJ45)  
466149069941FEMALE elbow 1/8 “NPT  
466224063547Copper gaskets  
466424865396Motor bracket ML350-2S..  ML350-2S VSD  
466524774051Motor 350KW 380V 50HZ IE1ODP 2-S..  ODP 2-S bracket 24865396  
466647548638001T/H sensor with SLS100BC 7019..  0BC 7019028  
466739848783Connect TUBE,OIL by-pass  
466838461448The evaporator  
466936791440Automatic line 226 negative rotor overhaul  
467047582360001Wir15-569, D990INR-A Front Panel with instrument panel, non-standard..  Board with instrument panel, non-standard 0003074  
4672ATF23019Solenoid valve two – way three-way direct operation  
4675AT020712Crossover sub  
4678AT020708The host stent  
4679AT020706Secondary oil return joint  
468036791432Automatic line 226 Yang rotor overhaul  
468124618787Gears ML350-2 s  
468224189599Fan motor protector for cold and dry machine  
468323837487ABB AC contactor A9-30-10..  A9-30-10-84  
468438461372The fan blade  
46854758169400123911225 motor;  Non-standard custom large fan  
468647581528001Pre filter  
468715864366Irs-2.0/7.0 oil-gas-water separator  
468849147135Screw machine pressure sensor 0-15 PSIG,0-30..  SIG,0-30 IN HG, 5 VDC, M  
468949147101Pressure sensor screw machine  
469049101066Interstage safety valve 50PSIG1″NPT  
469147545275001Screw machine pressure sensor  
4695ATF21024The exhaust pipe  
469747580590001Dew point meter DMT143 7017014  
469847580589001Siemens text display TD400C7001008  
469947580588001Siemens analog module EM231CN7001007  
470047580587001Module CPU224XP CN 7001012  
470147579515001The water pressure switch  
470247579511001Intake valve  
470347579505001Check valve  
470447579485001At the beginning of the filter  
470547579477001At the beginning of the filter  
470647579474001Oil after water cooler  
470747579471001At the beginning of the filter  
470847579469001Main engine exhaust pipe  
470947579467001Oil after water cooler  
471124608895Controller tiger open WITH OUT..  WITH OUT C.T FOR PLOT  
471215860877The IRS – 6.0/1.6  
4713SP090010The spring of 1621, 301..  1621, 3014, 00  
4714SP060005Check valve 1614 7368 00  
471596956198Direct head 0.25 tube -0.25NPT  
471647580439001Dongguan Shenheng grain and oil flowmeter  
471747580146001Water cooled hose package SIERRA 37-75  
471847579630001Air cooled hose package IRN55-75K-of  
471947579628001Water cooled hose package SIERRA 200-300  
472047579627001Water cooled hose package SIERRA 90-150  
4721475796150018000 hours air cooling maintenance package IRN160K-of  
4722475796140018000 hours air cooling maintenance kit IRN37-45K-of  
4723475796130018000 hours air cooled maintenance package Sierra 200-300  
4724475796120018000 hours air cooled maintenance package Sierra 90-150  
4725475796110018000 hours air cooled maintenance package Sierra 37-75  
4726475793570018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit IRN55-75K-of  
4727475793560018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit IRN160K-of  
4728475793550018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit IRN37-45K-of  
4729475793540018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit Sierra 200-300  
4730475793530018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit Sierra 90-150  
4731475793520018000 hours water cooling maintenance kit Sierra 37-75  
4732475791890014000 hours maintenance package IRN160K-of  
4733475791880014000 hours maintenance kit IRN37-45K-of  
4734475791870014000 hour maintenance package SIERRA 200-300  
4735475791860014000 hour maintenance package SIERRA 90-150  
4736475791850014,000-hour maintenance package SIERRA 37-75  
473747579003001Water cooled hose package IRN 160K-of  
473847578999001Air-cooled hose package SIERRA 90-150  
473947578998001Air cooled hose package SIERRA 37-75  
4740475789870012000 hours maintenance kit IRN160K-of  
4741475789860012000 hours maintenance kit IRN37-45K-of  
4742475789850012,000-hour SIERRA 200-300 maintenance package  
474347578984001SIERRA 90-150 for 2000 hours  
4744475789830012,000-hour SIERRA 37-75 maintenance package  
4745475779170014000 hours preventive maintenance kit for model R132..  The model is R132-160N/NE  
4746475779160014000 hours preventive maintenance kit for R90-..  The model is R90-110N/NE  
4747475779150012000 hour preventive maintenance kit for model R132..  The model is R132-160N/NE  
4748475779140012000 hour preventive maintenance kit for R90-..  The model is R90-110N/NE
47494754514100116000 hours preventive maintenance Kit (water cooled)  
47504754513700116000 hours preventive maintenance kit (air-cooled)  
475147578400001Intercooler maintenance kit  
47524757839500123103286 Rear cooler maintenance kit  
475347578394001Intercooler maintenance kit  
475447578393001Cooler maintenance package  
47554757839000122259857 Intercooler maintenance kit  
475680065113SStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.6/1.3  
475749118029[P266 Screw machine]KT controller  
475847579421001Fan YWF – 60-300 68-2-3 92171  
475947579193001Rear end cover for motor (24190308)  
476047579324001Pneumatic butterfly valve 01015802  
476147579192001Front end cover of motor (24190308)  
476247564883001Screw machine O ring  
476347549407001[P675] Contactor SP09  
476424864639BLOCK component  
476522604458Unit oil filters into the hard tube of the gear box  
476696736079SPRING,PIN 25M13EA213E  
4767E23397607KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Velocity..  Velocity 226  
4768E23397607Velocity 226 SPA replacement host  
476947578039001Advantech Industrial Computer (IPC-610)  
4770E39799531Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4771E39799515Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4772E22084750Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4773E22084743Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4774E22084727Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4775E19066414Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4776E19066406Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4777E19066000Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4778E19065994Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4779E19065481Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4780E19065473Replacement and refurbishment cooler (stainless steel core group)  
4781E19044502Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group, finned tube type)  
478247577500001Drawing number of rear bearing end cover of motor (22070536)  
4783ATS22012220 kw electric motor  
478495303624Retaining ring  
478595223434Retaining ring  
478695223186Retaining ring  
478749147127P265 Screw machine pressure sensor 225 PSI (..  25 PSI (15.5 BAR), 5 VDC  
478847577901001Motor, M132 380V 50HZ HRTIE2  
479047577655001LX22 Package Package  
479147576998001Retaining ring  
479247549374001【P676】 Muffler 2″  
479347549355001【P676】2″ cylinder butterfly valve  
479424603847Combined valve assembly 90°  
479523764145No oil machine, expansion module  
479622544225Pinion 2ND STAGE CD8DVSD | G01 | (Z..  |G01| (Z=22)  
479722544217First stage driven gear CD8DVSD..  CD8DVSD GEAR SET 1  
479815445109XAir tank C – 10.0/1.6  
479939312293Adjustable gap gasket  
480039312426Adjustable gap gasket  
480139312434Adjustable gap gasket  
480239312053Adjustable gap gasket  
480339312079Adjustable gap gasket  
480447551150002-24 rubber hose assembly 34INCH  
480539312384Adjustable gap gasket  
4806475706610012.2/3kW cooling fan  
480724846149Operation panel  
480839312376Adjustable gap gasket  
480939312475Adjustable gap gasket  
481039312491Adjustable gap gasket  
481147570709001Air filter assembly  
481247570664001Fine filter element B  
481339312483Adjustable gap gasket  
481439312509Adjustable gap gasket  
481539312038Adjustable gap gasket  
481649049380Exhaust pipe after cooling water cooling instead of 236199..  Instead of 23619976  
4817475706410013 kw piston ring  
481839312467Adjustable gap gasket  
482039312459Adjustable gap gasket  
482139312020Adjustable gap gasket  
482239312046Adjustable gap gasket  
482339312400Adjustable gap gasket  
482439312418Adjustable gap gasket  
482539312061Adjustable gap gasket  
482649096399The hard tube  
482739312301Adjustable gap gasket  
482847570668001Each filter element is thick and thin  
482939312517Adjustable gap gasket  
483039312368Adjustable gap gasket  
483139312319Adjustable gap gasket  
483339312442Adjustable gap gasket  
4834475706330013 kw cylinder  
483547576895001Pitot tube flowmeter  
483647576894001Open type current transformer 1000A  
483747576893001Open current transformer 500A  
483847576892001Open current transformer 250A  
483947575537001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-30.0/1.6  
484047575536001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-30.0/1.3  
484147575535001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0  
484247575534001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-30.0/0.8  
484347575533001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/1.6  
484447575532001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/1.3  
484547575531001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/1.0  
484647575530001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/0.8  
484747575529001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.6  
484847575528001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.3  
484947575527001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0  
485047575526001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-20.0/0.8  
485147575525001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.0/1.6  
485247575524001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.0/1.3  
485347575523001Non-standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0 (interface DN65..  0 (interface DN65+ freight)  
485447575522001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-15.0/0.8  
485547575521001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-12.0/1.6  
485647575520001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-12.0/1.3  
485747575519001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-12.0/1.0  
485847575518001Stainless steel gas storage tank C-12.0/0.8  
485947576864017The relief valve A28X – 16 t – 20-1.1  
486047576864016Belt XPA1332  
486247576864013Rear lower door panel assembly  
486347576864012Right rear column assembly  
486447576864011Lower right door panel assembly  
486547576864010Right upper door panel assembly  
486647576864009Front and lower door panel assembly  
486747576864008Right front column assembly  
486847576864007Front upper door panel assembly  
486947576864006Cooler cover board assembly  
487047576864005Top door panel assembly  
487147576864004Left front column assembly  
487247576864003Left door panel assembly  
487347576864002Left rear column assembly  
487447576864001Rear upper door panel assembly  
4875AA056018Adjust the gasket  
487649214430High pressure coolant (XL740) 5L  
487735275742GASKET-OIL PUMP  
487832313181Bonnet/valve, first class.-15T4  
487949142813ABB Thermal relay 2.8-4ATA25DU4..  TA25DU4 2.8 4 a  
488049086796Oil cooler water cooled M315  
488147575186001IControl option -iControl dual power switching device  
488247575185001IControl option -iControl isolation transformer  
488347575161001IControl – modbus converter  
488447575160001IControl – 10 sockets  
488547575159001IControl RS232 to RS485 module  
488647575140001IControl high resolution touch screen options  
488747575131001IControl station in situ – Serial port extension  
488847575130001IControl station option -4G memory expansion  
488947575129001IControl cabinet -IP65 upgrade option  
489047575128001IControl station – in-place -500G hard disk expansion  
489123879125Temperature control valve  
489247574985001Adong Industrial (Suzhou) IR5100 direct connection non-standard installation accessories  
489347575458001Wfy-05 liquid level sensor  
489454629563CE55G / 3.64 host  
489549165814N75 fan 7.5kw 40..  7.5 KW 400 v 60 hz  
489624822108Assembly left rear corner rack  
489724816399Support left rear corner frame  
489824720054IRNVANA-OF90-160kw..  90-160kw A  
48992463345526 * 12.5 sound-absorbing board  
490024512535005Sound-absorbing board. 25 * 174 * 990  
490124512535004Sound-absorbing board. 25 * 174 * 711  
490224512535003Sound-absorbing board. 25 * 184 * 961  
490324512535002Sound-absorbing board. 25 * 184 * 775  
490424250284Support air cooled air intake  
490524100521Right Angle joint 90 degrees  
490623962061ABB Thermal relay 2 29-42ATA42DU42..  TA42DU42 29-42A  
490723958408Right Angle joint stainless steel instead of 391405..  Instead of 39140512  
490823958390Pipe assembly rear cooled stainless steel CD14DVSD..  CD14DVSD instead of 22244149  
490923958333Tube assembly Secondary exhaust stainless steel CD14DVSD..  CD14DVSD instead of 23485113  
491023953680Steel braided tube stainless steel CD26 instead of 3..  CD26 instead of 39932090  
491123827546Fan motor cable (A/C)N90-160K..  N90-160K(125-200H) OF  
491223809254Assembly prefiltration  
491323802218Assembly motor baffle  
491423683055Plate bracket fixation  
491623636335Intake grille  
491723631625Assembly right top panel  
49184909956798030049 Inverter drive board MT324ZG-..  MT324ZG-MT324QD21  
49194909726415042023 Fan with cable plug size-E  
492047549378001[P676] Controller Anye ⅶ  
492180060221XAir tank C – 25.0/0.8  
4922705192-6Orifice plate 1 1/2″  
492347572155001Fangchenggang nuclear power cable  
492447572154001Signal box  
492547575003001Switching power supply 105KGDY007  
492623321292VAL CHK 2″ ball-cone 4  633943 00PSI LGHT SP  
492747520536001Motor M200 400V 4POLE ODPIE3  
4930EAE010200KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host M250/M25..  M250 / M250II vintage 226  
4931E83901432KPDisc replacement host,CD14 (H,HH)  
4932E83901430KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4933E83901214KPDisc replacement host,CD14 (HH)  
4934E83901213KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4935E54735170KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Nirvana..  Nirvana 226  
4936E54669684KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Nirvana..  Nirvana 55-75  
4937E54667522KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Nirvana..  Nirvana 37-45  
4938E54416920KPM45SE CF..  M45SE CF128  
4939E42476127KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Cobra 22..  Cobra 226  
4940E42476119KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host Cougar 1..  So-called Cougar 178.5  
4941E39882766KPDisc host replacement refurbished host 30s-50s..  30S-50S 100MM  
4942E39862990KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host 297-2S  
4943E39852801KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host M90-160/..  M90-160/2S  
4944E39331657KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4945E39331640KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4946E39331632KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4947E39331624KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4948E39331616KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4949E39331608KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4950E39331590KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4951E39331582KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4952E39331574KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4953E39331566KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4954E39331558KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4955E39331541KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4956E39331533KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4957E39331525KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4958E39331517KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4959E39331509KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4960E39331491KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4961E39331483KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4962E39331475KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4963E39331293KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4964E39331269KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4965E39330816KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4966E39330808KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4967E39330790KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4968E39330782KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4969E39330774KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4970E39330758KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4971E39330741KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4972E39330733KPDisk replacement host,CD26  
4973E36019834KPDisc host replacement refurbished host 304MM  
4974E24511875KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4975E23039167KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host CF90  
4976E22717607KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4977E22717599KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4978E22717581KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4979E22717573KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4980E22717565KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4981E22717557KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4982E22717540KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4983E22717532KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4984E22717524KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4985E22717516KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4986E22717508KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4987E22717490KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4988E22717482KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4989E22717474KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4990E22717466KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4991E22637219KPDiskable host replacement refurbished host CF75  
4992E22636542KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4993E22543938KPDisk replacement host,CD14  
4994E22487979KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4995E22476451KPDisk replacement host,CD8  
4996E22465926KPReplaceable host CE55  
4997E22262422MKPDisc replacement host refurbished host 285MM  
4998475721760018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance R132-160..  R132-160 I  
4999475721740018000 hours air cooled preventive maintenance R132-160..  R132-160 I  
5000475721720018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance R132-160..  R132-160N  
5001475721700018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance R132-160..  R132-160 I  
5002475721690018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5003475721680018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5004475721670018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5005475721660018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
500654606652Male rotor CF90 VSD  
500747564885001Screw machine O ring  
500847564884001O ring screw machine  
5009243390122″ pneumatic ball valve  
501096751722Screw M4 X 10  
501147569391001Hollow bolt on intake valve (46831210)  
501247548536001Embrace hoop  
501324738460Screw machine rear panel R30-37  
501424129892Motor heater bracket RS30-37IE  
501523847247Screw machine terminal box low temperature protection package  
5016TS0006732CY-3.3/0.33 Gear pump 480V50HZ interface G..  50HZ interface G1 inch  
5017AA038023Adjustable gap gasket  
5018475601230018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance M350-2S  
5019475601220018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance m250-2S  
5020475601210018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance M200VSD  
5021475601200018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance M300  
5022475601190018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance M250  
5023475601170018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5024475601160018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5025475601140018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5026475601130018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5027475601120014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
5028475601110014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
5029475601100014000 hours preventive maintenance kit M185  
5030475601090012000 hours preventive maintenance kit M300M350..  M300M350-2S  
5031475601080012000 hour preventive maintenance kit M200VSDM..  M200VSDM250M250-2S  
5032475601070012000 hours preventive maintenance kit M185  
503347558002001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M350-2S  
503447558001001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M250-2S  
503547558000001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M200VSD  
503647557999001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M300  
503747557998001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M250  
503847557997001Water cooled hose maintenance kit M185  
503947557996001Air cooled hose maintenance kit M350-2S  
504047557995001Air cooled hose maintenance kit M250-2S  
504147557994001Air cooled hose maintenance kit M300  
504247557991001Air cooled hose maintenance kit M200VSDM..  M200VSDM250
504347557990001Air cooled hose maintenance kit M185  
504447557989001Water cooler seal maintenance kit M250-2S  
504547557988001Water cooler seal maintenance kit M300M350..  M300M350-2S  
504647556927001Water cooler seal maintenance kit M200VSDM..  M200VSDM250  
504747556926001Gearbox maintenance kit M350-2S  
504847556925001Gearbox maintenance kit M185 M25..  M185 M250M300M250-2S  
50494755692400123829013 Intake valve service Assembly 8K  
5050475554650018000 hours water cooled preventive maintenance R90-110..  R90-110 I  
505147555464001Water cooler seal maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 IR90-160 IE R90-  
5052475552100018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5053475552090018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5054475552080018000-hour air cooling preventive maintenance kit  
5055475552070014000 hours preventive maintenance kit R132-160I..  132-160I/IE  
5056475552060014000 hours preventive maintenance kit R90-110I/..  90-110I/IE  
5057475552050012000 hours preventive maintenance kit R132-160..  R132-160I/IE  
5058475552040012000 hours preventive maintenance kit R90-110I..  R90-110I/IE  
505947553893001Water cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160N..  R90-160NE  
506047553892001Water cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 IE  
506147553891001Water cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160N  
506247553890001Water cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 I  
506347553889001Air cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160N..  R90-160NE  
506447553888001Air cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 IE  
506547553887001Air cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160N  
506647553886001Air cooled hose maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 I  
506747553885001Gear box maintenance kit R90-160N..  R90-160NE  
506847553884001Gear box maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 IE  
506947553883001Gear box maintenance package R90-160N  
507047553882001Gear box maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 I  
507147553881001Intake valve service Kit 8K (with MOdr90-160..  R90-160 IR90-160 IE  
507247553880001Intake valve Service Kit 8KR90-160..  R90-160 IR90-160 IE  
507347552954001Temperature control valve maintenance kit R90-160..  R90-160 IR90-160 IE R90-  
5074H0045260O-rings 50 * 2.6  
5075ATH01080Connect the hose  
507647569207001Oil filter differential pressure switch 21050301..  2105030133  
507747552638001The inverter  
507824877961Ksw-a02 Power switch -KOM  
507915872666Crank case 7100  
50804757009700130kW motor ximeca project  
508147569405001Gas storage tank C-25.0/1.0 is not standard  
508247570963001Safety valve ERP:104AQF131 A27H-16 1 1/..  -16 1 1/4″ opening pressure 1.05M  
508322415319Yang rotor for 22637219  
508449193931Inlet hose M315-355..  M315-355 2S  
508549193915Hose 32 “M315-355..  M315-355 2S  
508649171044Cover plate  
508749171028Ventilation hood  
5089SE000142FAG bearings 31305 a  
5090S141202020 GB5783 M20 bolts *  
509124852824Inverter MD280 NT3.7GR55VSD  
509215488745Bearings SKF – 31307  
509349080567ABB AC contactor A12-30-0..  A12-30-01-84  
5094S74106126 * 12 pin GB879-86  
5095AA056019Adjust the gasket  
509696747910Hexagon socket screws ISO 4762-M12x110-8.8  
509796740311M16x1. 5 to plug  
509896716139Bolts ISO 4017-M10X20-8.8  
509980065303XStainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0  
510049176977Install assembly, intake valve regulating module (HPKG 11..  (HPKG 110, 120 & 140)  
510149164395Air filter DONALDSON FPG10  
510249144595M27-m27 180-198 ° F (8..  8 ° F (83 ° C)  
510349101645Empty filter cartridge  
510449078876Main engine beige IR137mm  
510548958201P265] Air filter element (standard)  
510647568593001Intake valve (46831210) end rod ball bearing on cylinder  
510747568592001Intake valve (46831210) cylinder end interlocking block  
510847536005001Return check valve 3/8 X M1..  3/8 X M12  
510947524521001PTFE hose id632mm 5/8  
511024482796Fan starter  
511124261273Hose barrel – temperature control valve  
511224261265Oil hose out  
511324176992Minimum pressure control valve repair kit RS30-37IE  
511424107948HSTCV 51MM-M27 180-198 DEG..  -198 DEG F  
5115ATN72019Oil relief valve  
5116ATN72015The hard tube  
5117ATN30107The relief valve  
511848662860HYD 1.25 X 43.00 ORFS STR X..  FS STR X STR  
511949108186Temperature control valve assembly 83°C  
512049007966Pre – filter sponge cold – drying machine air intake  
512149007941Pre – filtration sponge unit air intake  
512249000151Temperature control valve assembly module 90C ARES  
512349000144Temperature control valve assembly module ARES  
512447570008001Anchor bolt  
512547549380001【P676】 Solenoid valve  
512647549371001【P675】 muffler 3/4″  
512747536040001Bushing motor RS30 IE  
512847524431001Mesh A30-37 ie  
512947524186001Mesh A30-37 ie  
513047522568001Intake valve HPK65  
513147522567001Adjust intake valve capacity HPKG65  
513247521738001Screw machine motor 37KW 400V 50TEFC (IE..  TEFC (IE3)  
513324698524Gear set RATIO 2…  Thewire 2.026  
513424262123Hose.75 X 34 ORFSSTR X OR..  STR X ORFS 90 ELB PTFE  
513523861008After 37 kw 46 ℃ cold  
513623835515Gasket prefiltration  
513723785033Motor fan 1.1kw 230/400V50Hz 4P..  50HZ 4P IE3  
513815849912Exhaust spark fire extinguisher FXF-A2-45/38 wood  
513924900433IP protection of oil filter element  
514096748165Plug M12X1. 5 -..  M12X1. 5 – ST  
514124096117Check valve  
514247568584001The motor fan  
514339930607Foam sound-absorbing board TRIANGLE..  TRIANGLE 34.0 X 26.50  
514439930599Foam sound-absorbing board TRIANGLE..  TRIANGLE 34.0 X 32.0  
51453003-4830-68-oemPrecision filter element  
51463003-1986-25-oemMultiple Nick pipe filters  
51473003-1925-25-oemLine filter  
514824216582Exhaust pipe, unit W/CM132-160..  M132-160VSD  
5149SE000367Intermediate relay JZX22F/3ZH7006003  
5150ESG00107Two position two way solenoid valve NPT 3/8′..  NPT 3/8 “NORMALLY closed 220VAC  
515149159304Gears MM200  
515247568451001YSWF102L35P4 570N-500 380V 5..  0 380V 50HZ 380W 0.82a 1  
515447568437001Fusion crust  
515547568434001Intake valve  
515647566981001Aluminium alloy purifier  
5157EAE010200M250-226 old replacement host  
5158E80065014The S200 replaces the host  
5159E54735170Nirvana-226 replacement host  
5160E54669684Nirvana55-75 Replaces the host  
5161E54667522Nirvana37-45 Replaces the host  
5162E54416920M45SE Replacement host (CF128)  
5163E42476127Cobra 226 replaces the host  
5164E42476119Cougar178.5 replacement host  
5165E3988276630s-50S 100MM replacement host  
5166E39862990297-2S to replace the main engine  
5167E39852801M90-160/2s replacement main engine (2S-182)  
5168E36019834304MM replacement host (horizontal)  
5169E23039167CF90 replaces the host  
5170E22262422M285MM replacement host (vertical)  
517147568296001Electric on-off valve DN150 (carbon steel butterfly valve 220V)  
517247568295001Electric on-off valve DN100 (carbon steel butterfly valve 220V)  
5173683983Globe valve 0 Universal 23354582  
517447568143001Heat recovery pressure transmitter  
517547566948001Lightning surge protection unit for control cabinet  
5176E22084735Replacement and refurbishment oil cooler (stainless steel core group)  
5177AA038022Adjustable gap gasket  
517847549406001[P676] Pressure switch  
517947543422001Upgrade kit, adjust inlet valve socket module, R30-45  
51802406713415 kw inverter  
518180065105XStainless steel gas storage tank C-0.6/1.0  
518247543421001Upgrade kit, Intake valve regulator module, R55-16..  Block, R55-160  
518337130499Air valve plate 5 IN – 15T  
518547563611001Qingshan Power Plant pressure transmitter  
518647566213001High voltage switch universal SE003103  
518747564689001Centrifuge efficient 226 square C700115 cubic,90..  115 cubed,90 degrees  
518815864358The IRS – 1.0/7.0  
518947558858001Dongfeng Clay factory high pressure cabinet comprehensive maintenance  
5190698011Inner connector 2″ NOM SCH 40  
51916812951 “X 2″ X 1/2”  
519218302000Condenser 28.03.1030.21  
519347563637001Intelligent energy flow meter  
519449060254Pipe assembly oil cold water M200-250  
519547564841001IR36RC/ 0806528, cooling fan for cold and dry machine  
519624715187Motor 150HP 480V 60HZ  
519749095623Contactor AX09-30 -..  AX09-30-10-84 ABB  
519847563199001C-1.0/1.0 thread Song Nan  
519947552640001Filter window  
520124720757Overload relay 3RU51 46..  3RU51 46-4JB0  
520347563166001Pressure reducing valve  
520547562049001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank lined with stainless steel C30.0/..  Steel C30.0/1.0  
520647562048001Non-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C30.0/1.0  
520747560285001Non-standard 304 gas storage tank C-12.0/1.0  
520847562013001Temperature sensor  
521047562008001Butterfly valve cylinder  
521147562002001Drain valve  
521247555480001Oil cooler seal package  
521347555479001Rear cooler seal package  
521419067677Intake valve spare parts package M250 VFD  
52159568193831 a10l7n head directly  
521639224159Oil cooler inlet hose  
521747560429001Wika thermometer Wika A52100  
521824719296M55 Electric control box Assembly KT 380V-..  KT 380V-460V  
521999316531Vent solenoid valve 1/2″ 25BAR  
522049130362Communication card MD32-485  
522139825732Air discharge pipe  
522247559714001Intake valve/vent valve replace SE001576  
522347553107001Fan motor protection switch MMS  
522424064115Motor 15KW 380V 50HZ frequency conversion  
522523953607Tube assembly stainless steel CD8 instead..  CD8 instead of 39567474  
522692398130Flange face retaining bolt M8X20  
522747559713001Automatic drainer 1000761 G-MD39966  
522847559712001Analog expansion module 1004918 X-MC39713  
522947559711001Differential pressure meter 1001022 X-MC39713  
523047559710001Pressure gauge 1001720 X-MC39713  
523147559709001Pressure gauge 1005276 X-MC39713  
523247559708001Text display 1005557 X-MC39713  
523347559707001PLC controller 1004917 X-MC39713  
523447559706001Special adsorbent 1002316 X-MC39713  
523547559705001Pilot solenoid 1003319 X-MC39713  
523647559704001Muffler 1001765 X-MC39713  
523747559703001Diffuser 1001701 X-MC39713  
523847559702001Filter pressure reducing valve 1003604 X-MC39713  
523947559701001Stainless steel wafer check valve 1004049 X-MC39..  9 X-MC39713  
524047559700001Stainless steel wafer check valve 1003488 X-MC39..  8 X-MC39713  
524147559699001Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve 1000752 X-MC39713  
524247559697001Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve 1004745 X-MC39713  
5243SE002962Silicon free filter element 1016980  
5244SE002956Silicon free filter element 1015718  
5245S1611611Bolts M16 * 110 gb5782  
5246ATE83008Model 101H flexible joint  
524747558137001Electric switch butterfly valve DN65- Kimberly-Clark  
524847559518001P266 Screw machine terminal box  
524947559435001Refrigeration compressor replaces SE001114  
5250ATE65003Hose 1.875 UNF  
525196754585CD26M seal oil plug M14*1.5  
5252491614091/4 “nylon hose  
525347556200001Rubber pad for bottom frame  
525447556196001Washer for hole cover plate of forklift truck  
525547556195001Gasket for exhaust port cover plate  
525896750351Sealing ring  
525947556199001Rear frame foam  
526047556198001Foam in bottom frame  
526147556197001Bottom frame front foam  
526247556194001Vent cover  
526347556193001Right front column foam 2  
526447556192001Right front column foam 1  
526547556191001Left front column foam 2  
526647556190001Left front column foam 1  
526747556189001Main engine front silencer plate with foam  
526847556188001Motor rear silencer plate with foam  
526947555489001Solenoid valve repair kit  
527047555488001Vent valve repair kit  
527124079030Transformer 1150 va  
527222529291Decal on panel of electric control box  
5273698661Flange 3 “150 # R.F..  150# R.F.  
527424471690Intermediate relay 10A110VAC coil..  110VAC coil plug LED  
527523639719Screw machine interlock VE5-2  
527649148307Host beige CE55X/O  
5277SE001312The wind condenser  
527885562502Hose D 1.50 X 36.0 Refer drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889913  
527947556915001Intermediate relay 105ZJJ052  
528047556911001Pressure sensor 105CGQ063  
528139181904The ball plug  
5282ATE26010Air filter assembly  
5283ADG03016Pipe assembly after cooling out  
5284ADG03013Pipe assembly main engine exhaust pipe  
5285ADG03002Oil cooler 90-110kW  
5286ADG01026Air inlet filter  
5287ADG01016Hose V1.0″ temperature control valve – oil cooled  
5288ADG01014Unit exhaust pipe  
5289ADG01011Exhaust pipe 1 of the host  
5291ADG01004Intake valve  
5292681499Stainless steel Direct Head 1/4TUB X1/4TUB Universal 241..  UB 24136657 gm  
5293630103WCH Stainless steel Fitting 1/4″NPTX..  1/4″NPTX1/4″TB  
529447554337001[Graphics Panel LCP-102]  
529524482812Manual MOTOR Starter MS132-6.3MOTOR ST..  MOTOR STARTER MS132-6.3  
529647554328001Sealing gasket  
529747554338001Sealing gasket  
529847556497001Dryer transformation package  
529947556261001Kingview Wireless points run version points  
530023879141Temperature control valve  
530147556433001Pneumatic ball valve to replace SE003208  
530247556405001The exhaust valve replaces SE003202  
530349109481Refrigeration compressor C-SBN453H8A  
530447555461001Replace SE003742 with fan  
5305ATF23017The wooden case  
530624128761Clamp R30 to 37  
530723785041Motor fan 1.1kw 230/400V50Hz 4P..  50HZ 4P IE2  
530824168965Motor 90KW 380V 50HZ IE1VSD  
5309AE010218M250 mesh  
531047555462001104 gfj301 filter element  
531215860851Irs-3.0/1.6 oil, gas and water separator  
531349181415001Gear removal tool  
531488143821Gear set 1.261 CF90G6  
531547553778001Electric valve actuator  
531624260861001Hose refer to 24260861  
531723531593[P266] Intake Valve Service Kit 8KR90-160N..  R90-160N R90-160NE  
5318SK010077Intake valve maintenance kit 2906 044..  2906, 0442, 00  
531949086804Rear cooler water cooled M315-355  
532024260879001Hose refer to 24260879  
5321ATF20023Three-way pagoda joint  
532247552133001Hose. 0574-9918-22  
532349086812Oil cooler water cooled M355  
5324B3730922Bearings SKF 7309..  SKF 7309BECBP  
532524765695Maintenance package  
53261622-5693-00-oemOil content  
532747553386001[Motor cooling fan]  
5328SP020002Check valve gasket 05004510 11  
5329SP010164O-ring 0663 9870 00 φ 80* φ 2.1  
5330SP010148O-ring 0663 7144 0098.27*2…  98.27 * 2.86 FKM – G  
5331SP010141O-rings Φ 18.77 * 1.7866371260..  663712600  
533224031197Intake valve HK65 VSDR30-37  
533347554068001Back of muffler control cabinet  
5334B0732003Bearing 7320 becp  
5335243390041 1/2″ pneumatic ball valve  
5336243389723″ pneumatic butterfly valve  
5340ES834440Man-machine interface KUNLUN state TPC7062K..  TPC7062KX  
534147553546001Pneumatic ball valve  
5342ATN04056After cooler  
5343ATN04055Oil cooler  
5344ATN04024Minimum pressure valve  
5345ATN04015Intake control valve  
5346ESG00322Solenoid valve  
5347ATS19062Shock absorber  
5348ATS19035The blades  
5350ATF25004Motor 112M-6 2..  112 m – 6 2.2 KW p IE2  
5351ATF21027The exhaust pipe  
535347545398001[P642]CS thermal mass flow meter  
535415489669125mm plate Kit head  
535515489701125mm Straight kit direct head  
535615489693DN125HG flange  
535715489685125mm Tee Kit connector  
535815489677125mm Elbow Kit connector  
535924220931Oil cooler with CCS Report R132-160..  R132-160(LT. MAN & CORE)  
5360SP060010Plug head g1/4 “13*12.5 hexagon flange plug 06..  Hexagon flange plug 0686371601  
536147548537001Empty filter [266]  
536247551543001Wafer type 304 metal hard seal butterfly valve DN125 D37..  N125 D373H-16P  
536324859332Motor 200KW 380V 50HZ ODPIE1 WL  
536424719320M75 Electric control box Assembly KT 380V-..  KT 380V-460V  
5365TS000846O-ring 5.7x inner diameter 418.2 fluororubber  
5366TS000845O-ring 5.7x inner diameter 447.5 fluororubber  
536738457412PTC L=0.5mtSENSOR D..  SENSOR D4x30 mm  
5368ATH15025Pressure expansion tank 25L  
536947550998001LOGO 24RC  
537047547383001[P642] Flow meter DN40  
537147550032001Deflated joint  
5372ATH25004In the secondary board  
5373475509970018000-hour preventive maintenance Kit (New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
5374475509960018000-hour preventive maintenance Kit (New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
537547548443001Water cooled hose maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
537647548442001Intake valve maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
537719007186Overload relay TA25DU11  
537847550012001[Main motor fan]  
53791621-7378-90Oil filter core  
53801621-7376-00Empty filter  
53811614-9816-00-OEMOil casing  
5382ATH23009The water pump  
538422334841Fan mm230 350-460 – v..  230-460V/3/50-60 HZ  
538524720807Auxiliary contact 1NO  
5387ATD30005Direct head R3/4-M36*2 Bayonet pass 25mm  
5390475451450018000-hour preventive maintenance Kit (New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160  
5391475451440014000 hours preventive maintenance kit  
539247545143001Water cooler seal maintenance kit old Cobra M90..  obra M90-160  
539347545142001Gear box maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
539447545140001Air cooled hose maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
5395475451390018000-hour preventive maintenance Kit (New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160  
539647545138001Intake valve maintenance kit (with Mod) New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160  
539747545136001Temperature control valve maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
5398475451350012000 hours preventive maintenance kit New Cobr..  New Cobra 90~160 M90-160  
539947544585001The hard tube  
540047544584001Directly to the head  
5401ATH15701Touch screen assembly  
540247549699001Electronic drain mic-A  
540347549698001Filter element L0405-AR  
540447549697001Filter element L0017-AO  
5405SP120097Air filter  
5406SP120094The oil filter  
5407SP090009The spring of 1619, 025..  1619, 0259, 00  
5408SP070010Locking nut 2255003800 Pipe fittings Natural color 24*..  Head ecru 24 * 17.5 * 25  
5409SP070009Axis 2255002200  
5410SP070008LOCK NUT Natural 17*12*19..  17 * 12 * 19.5 1621, 3795, 00  
5411SP060059Plain bearing 1619708700  
5412SP060045Axis 2255014800  
5413SP060044Axis 1621, 3758, 00  
5414SP060038Ring 2254704600  
5415SP060036Metal ring 1621 3063 00  
5416SP060035Stainless steel gasket 1621 007..  1621, 0075, 00  
5417SP050018Bearing pad 2254704100  
5418SP050007The plug-in 1614773500  
5419SP050003Rubber tube 1202 4818 00  
5420SP040025Elastic element  
5421SP040021Diaphragm 2250 419..  2250, 4191, 00  
5422SP040019Diaphragm 1621 1716 00  
5423SP040018Diaphragm 1621 1715 00  
5424SP040014Diaphragm 1619 690..  1619, 6903, 00  
5425SP040009Diaphragm 1615 3695 00  
5426SP040008Diaphragm 1614 700..  1614, 7008, 00  
5427SP040007Diaphragm 16134036..  1613403600  
5428SP040004Diaphragm 1202373900  
5429SP030142Gasket 0333 3220 00GB/T862…  GB/T862.2 6  
5430SP030125Stainless steel gasket 22551182..  2255118200  
5431SP030116Gasket, 1621, 352..  1621, 3527, 00  
5432SP030111Stainless steel gasket  
5433SP030108Gasket 1613572300  
5434SP030102Gasket 1202962103  
5435SP030099Gasket 1202936900  
5436SP030078Gasket, 0661, 106..  0661, 1062, 00  
5437SP030076Gasket, 0661, 104..  0661, 1049, 00  
5438SP030074Gasket 0661 1033 00  
5439SP030068Sealing gasket 0661 100..  0661, 1000, 31  
5440SP030065Gasket, 0661, 100..  0661, 1000, 27  
5441SP030063Sealing gasket 0661 100..  0661 1000 25  
5442SP030059Copper washer 65311890..  653118900  
5443SP030058Copper washer 0653-1124-00  
5444SP0300560653106200 copper gasket  
5445SP030042Gasket 0650100114  
5446SP030021Gasket, 0650, 010..  0650, 0100, 52  
5447SP030004Gasket GB862.2 ZP φ60301 232..  0301, 2321, 00  
5448SP030002Gasket 0301 2144 01  
5449SP030001Stainless steel gasket 0300 027..  0300, 0276, 00  
5450SP020013Block 2253739600  
5451SP020011Bearing block 1621 007..  1621, 0074, 00  
5452SP0102600663 2106 20 O-ring 128.7 FLUOROrubber Green 1..  Fluororubber green 128*5.57  
5453SP010220113.91 * 5.61 O ring  
5454SP010218O circle of 184 * 5.6  
5455SP01021716 * 2 o-rings  
5456SP01021551.86 * 4.04 O ring  
5457SP010211281.95 * 8.29 O ring  
5458SP01020984.6 * 5.7 O ring  
5459SP010208177.31 * 8.44 O ring  
5460SP010207193.2 * 5.63 O ring  
5461SP010206192.68 * 5.59 O ring  
5462SP01020564.6 * 5.7 O ring  
5463SP01020468.16 * 5.65 O ring  
5464SP01018879.6 * 5.7 O ring  
5465SP010187O-rings 5.6984.34 * 84.34 * 5…  84.34 * 5.69 FKM  
5466SP01018668.78 * 5.69 O ring  
5467SP01018564.6 * 5.7 O ring  
5468SP010167O-rings Φ 126.59 * 3.5316146667..  1614666700 FKM-G  
5469SP010136O-ring 0663 383..  0663, 3830, 00  
5470SP010128O-ring 0663 313..  0663, 3135, 00  
5471SP010117O-ring BREATHER COVER0663 213..  43.9 * 3.02 0663, 2135, 00  
5472SP010106GGreen O-ring 157*5.570663 210..  0663 2108 94  
5473SP010106BBlack O-ring 157*5.570663 210..  0663 2108 94  
5474SP010103O-ring 59.56*2.010663 210..  0663 2108 64  
5475SP010102O-ring 0663 2108 637.3*2.4..  7.3 * 2.4 FKM  
5476SP010081O-ring φ44.7*φ3.50663 210..  0663 2107 91 FKM-G  
5477SP010080O-ring φ 44*3 FKM66321079..  663210790  
5478SP010079O-ring 0663 2107 89INF868 1..  19.89 * 1.98 INF868 FKM – G  
5479SP010077O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 86  
5480SP010076O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 85  
5482SP010074O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 82  
5483SP010073O-ring φ39.29*φ30663 210..  0663 2107 81  
5484SP010072O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 80  
5485SP010071GGreen O-ring 0663 2107 79  
5486SP010071BBlack O-ring 0663 2107 79  
5487SP010070O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 77  
5488SP010069GGreen O-ring 0663 2107 58  
5489SP010069BBlack O-ring 0663 2107 58  
5490SP010069O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 76  
5491SP010062O-ring 0663 210..  0663, 2107, 57  
5492SP010061O-ring 0663 210..  0663, 2107, 56  
5493SP010055O-ring 0663 210..  0663, 2107, 50  
5494SP010054BBlack O-ring 0663 2107 49  
5495SP010043O-ring 0663 210..  0663 2107 25  
5496SP010038O-ring 0663 210..  0663, 2107, 12  
5497SP010026O-ring 0663 210..  0663, 2106, 26  
5498SP010006O-rings Φ 13 * 166321018..  663210187  
5499SP010005O-rings Φ 10 * 166321018..  663210185  
5500SP010004O-rings Φ 6 * 166321018..  663210184  
5501SP010001O-ring inner diameter φ39*3.00663 3  
5502RAOF2301Balance piston gasket  
55031630-0406-99Air filter  
55041625-7525-00The oil filter  
55071614-9081-00Hose assemblies  
55081614-8739-00Elastic coupling  
55101089-9625-01-OEMOil differential pressure sensor  
55111089-0621-10Loading solenoid valve  
55130337-8350-00Key Yang rotor installation place  
551447548831001Thermal resistance WZPK – 338 – b  
551547545406002[P642] SMS alarm option  
551647520509001Main motor  
55174909742112020002 Single-pole DC contactor 400A- Coil electric..  400A- Coil voltage DC24V  
551847548848001Electric refueling gun  
551947548847001Special hex socket wrench  
552047548832001Thermal resistance WZP – 230  
552147548830001New control panel SE003454 for cold drying machine  
5523SLT08398Clamp current clamp 0-1000A  
5524SLT08395Pressure sensor measurement range: 0-1..  Measuring range: 0-16bar  
5525SLT08389Evaluate kit accessories  
5526S320100Service charge for certificate of origin  
5527S200100Oil test service fee  
5528S190100SPM diagnostic service fee  
5529S160100Intellysurvey Intelligent assessment  
5530S090114Research level Energy Efficiency Assessment (LGA) for Refrigeration Room  
5531S090113Power analysis of refrigeration room  
5532S090112Power analysis (Short and long term)  
5533S090111Intelligent power meter  
5534S090110Heat recovery hot water heat metering  
5535S090109Ultrasonic water flow test (pump flow or refrigeration..  (Pump flow rate or refrigeration system flow rate  
5536S090108Clean compressed air mass flow test (with pressure)  
5537S090107Clean compressed air mass flow test (without pressure)  
5538S090106Air leakage detection and evaluation  
5539S090105Simple Audit, other physical quantity record analysis  
5540S090104Simple Audit, current fluctuation analysis  
5541S090103Simple Audit, pressure fluctuation analysis  
5542S090102Type comprehensive Audit  
5543S090100Gas supply end Audit  
554447544527001IR – Box for service  
55452906-0958-00Unloading valve repair kit  
554624850471Gear set I = 1.426 V250-8  
554724841371Prefiltration sponge  
554824837668Pre filter  
554924356230Hose (cooler 1 out)  
55501621-9139-00Air intake hose  
55511619-7560-00Thermostatic valve  
555347545990001Open type current transformer AKH-0.66K-60*40..  K-60*40 400A/5A[P632]  
555447545989001Open type current transformer AKH-0.66K-30 *2..  6 K-30*20 200A/5A[P632]  
555547545986001Photoelectric isolation USB Converter CWS1608[P632]  
555647545985001Touch screen TPC7062TX [P632]  
555749161433Direct head 1/8bspt..  1/8BSPT 6MM  
555823749021Screw machine PORO module option VELOCITY  
5559ATH39015DN50 two way control valve  
55602906-0201-00Minimum pressure valve repair kit  
556149161417Right Angle connector 1/4BSPT..  1/4BSPT 6MM  
556224757494S200 Electric Control Box Assembly W/C XE 4..  W/C XE 400V  
556324266389Left front door panel CD26VSD  
556422189401Return pipe  
5565ATH01105After cooler  
556647547661001Differential pressure switch 1603700701  
556747545147001Differential pressure switch 8055216447  
556824792426Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ IE2TEFC SD..  TEFC SD VSD winding PT100  
556924244584Decals 800  
557024030868Domestic frequency converter nameplate aluminum  
5573SP120049Oil filter, 1614-727..  1614-7273-00  
5574TS000064Bearing (drive shaft) 22315E  
5575H0055300O-ring φ55×3.0(inner diameter)  
557632267536Compression end cylinder head gasket  
557732267528Compression end cylinder head gasket  
557832204547Oil seal of input shaft  
557932000242Piston ring  
558030439327Free end cover gasket  
55812901-0749-00Gas water separator repair kit  
558223445869Level of the rotor  
558323445844Level of the rotor  
558424853426Intake valve new :47624378001  
558547545121001C – 35.0/1.0 (Q345R) [P632] 5 r) 5 r [P632] [P632..  
558647544660003[P642] Frequency converter ATV71HC20N4  
5587ATE67012Temperature controlled valve spool 1582-150  
5588ATE67011Temperature control valve AL4034J2..  AL4034J24-150-STI  
558996762109Quick plug connector R1/4XD6  
5590491613916mm nylon hose  
559124887770Host beige CE55C/O  
5592ATH32027Temperature control valve AF5005U1..  AF5005U10-140-STI  
5593ATH31039Matching flange B120T  
559449200538The motor  
55952906-0563-00Unloading valve repair kit  
55962906-0094-00Oil break valve repair kit  
55972906-0093-00Single valve repair kit  
559954724190The unit nameplate  
560095245494Key SS5  
5601SLT10915Non-standard storage tank C-10/0.8 is lined with stainless steel  
560224079170ABB Switch Power supply CP-E 24/2.585-264VA..  24 VDC 2.5 A 85-264 vac  
5603SLT10801Cooling water pump  
5604SLT10882Vertical gas storage tank C-0.1/1.0  
5605SLT10867900HP/10KV centrifuge series reactance starter cabinet  
560680065139xStainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0  
560748966170Heavy duty oil core m300-350  
5608SLT10789Kyn28-12-h -…  28-12-H-I,400-1500HP  
5609SLT10762Kyn28-12-b -…  28-12-B-I,400-1500HP  
5610SLT10753Kyn28-12-b -..  28-12-B-I,400-1500HP  
5611SLT10744Kyn28-12-b -..  28-12-B-I,400-1500HP  
5612SLT10852Fuse RT18-326A  
5613SLT10849Switching power supply NES-100-24  
5614SLT10846Valve opening indicator light red 24VDC..  24 VDC, red XB7 – EVB4LC  
5615SE004192Bleed valve  
5616SLT10726Analog signal box Nongfu Spring Jiande No.2 Factory  
5617S12324251291004-001 Hexagon bolts, external, 3/4UNC*1  
5618SLT10729XNon-standard gas storage tank C-16.0/1.0 has a diameter of 2.2 meters  
5619SLT10639Fuse model: RST11..  Model: RST11/2000 a  
5620SE004210Select switch LOC REM  
562249110026XJK – LG134 controller  
562323392368Minimum pressure maintenance valve service package evers  
562448962468Transformer JBK3380V – 400..  380V-400V-440V-460V  
562548962245Auxiliary contact 3RH59211..  3RH59211EA11  
5626SLT10651Middle type high pressure cabinet 6KV/350K..  6KV/350KW, down in and out  
5627ATM63029Cylinder PBED40 1258872 General purpose: SE00144..  : SE001444 / ATS07040  
562949051360Cooler support  
563024614646Copper gasket 2545 cylinder head  
563122198212Wire assembly  
563218301721Controller EKT ECO-..  EKT ECO-FAN 24V  
5633SLT10633Centrifuge series reactance start high voltage cabinet compensation cabinet 6600V/..  Counter cabinet 6600V/750HP upper and lower  
5634SLT10684Stainless steel gas storage tank C-6.0/1.0 Yantai Xinglong  
5635SLT10681Stainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0 Yantai Xinglong  
5636SLT10678Stainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0 Yantai Xinglong  
5637SLT10675CPU battery for standard ACS S4..  For standard ACS4000  
5638SLT10672Shenjiang gas storage tank C-6.0/0.8  
5639SLT10669Shanghai last pump LS80-1689T /h, head..  89t/h, 16m head, cast iron  
5640SE004201Cold and dry machine fan  
564238446134Vulnerability suite  
564349069958[P266 screw machine] next door connector 6MM-1/8 “N..  -1/8” NPT  
5644SLT10660INHAND Switch 4-port ISE R005..  ISE R005D  
5645SLT10657Mitsubishi ModbusTCP communication module QJ71MT91  
5646SLT10642Signal isolator XS-PI11-..  XS-PI11-AA-V1  
564724774655XE Operation Manual Chinese version  
564824687410Centrifugal fan 500 X 120(non-wel..  (NON-WELDED)  
564924043606VSD assembly 37kw400V danfoss302P37KT..  302P37KT5E20H2 IP20 C3  
565049182678Soft starter AB 150-F..  AB 150-F317NZD  
565124314718Keep ring 17.75 X 1.3LENGTH I..  LENGTH ISO 9974-1  
565224314692O-ring, 9.25 ID X 1.78WIDTH IS..  WIDTH ISO 9974-1  
565324584989TUBE X M12DIN 3852  
565424513707Bags R30 to 37  
565524331969Electric control box Assembly VSD 37KW 400VVelocity..  Velocity VSD 37KW 400V  
565624224214Decal controller XE-70  
565724108516Labels, 2 att  
565824068603Screw machine tag, 4APT  
565924068595Screw machine tag, 3APT  
566023927817Return tubing assembly R37kW  
566123862303Intake hose R37kW  
566223862287Return tubing assembly R37kW  
5663SLT10603BVertical gas storage tank C-45.0/1.0  
5664SLT10600BVertical gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0  
5665SLT10582IR5000 and reconstruction expense  
5666SLT10573Pressure switch D502/7D..  D502/7D 0-10KG  
566738053435Pneumatic ball valve 2″ Original :632201  
5668SLT10543D971jh-16 butterfly valve body cast steel, valve plate not..  Body cast steel, plate 304 stainless steel  
5669slt10579Air storage tank C-5.0/1.0 Qingdao Sea and Air  
567049143019Mingwei Power supply MDR-20-2485-264VA..  85-264VAC 24VDC 1A  
567124509606Unloading solenoid valve  
567249033418Fan hood AC  
567324720716Motor protection switch Cougar M..  Cougar M45-M75 AC380-AC4  
567424482788Fan switch MS132-1…  MS132-1.6, ABB  
5675SLT10516Intelliflow control cabinet adds MODBUS..  Added MODBUS RTU communication  
5676SE004174Time module replace 1545367316246499..  1624649996  
5677SE004171Time module replace 1546815016246499..  1624649998  
5678ATH05012Crossover sub  
5679TS000827Ziplock bag 11# 315*380  
568096706031Hexagon head screw  
568196711403A wild card spring  
5682SLT10537Switch from route 8 AI to Modbus  
5683SLT1053416 routes from DI to Modbus  
5684SLT10486Ir5000-110-i Main contactor  
568538446894WCH diaphragm valve original :630569  
5686SLT10528Shanghai Hitachi IR5000 control cabinet maintenance  
5687SLT10492Mitsubishi output module AJ65SBTB..  AJ65SBTB1-16T  
5688SLT10489Gas storage tank C-8.0/1.0 Shenjiang, including freight  
5689SLT10456Distribution box  
5690SLT1046816DI Remote extension module AJ65SBTB..  AJ65SBTB1-16D  
5691SLT10441Air tank C – 5.0/0.8  
5692SLT10438Air tank C – 10.0/0.8  
5693SLT10408Non – standard stainless steel gas storage tank C-25.0/1.0 Qingdao Sea and Air  
5694ATC42888Right Angle joint body total  
5695ATC26076Adjustable right Angle connector 1.625UNF  
569796958269Variable diameter joint  
569896958244Right Angle connector  
57009695548945 degree joint  
570195957221Pipe joint  
570295863924Bolts.75″-10×3.25″ carbon steel, galvanized  
570393169852The motor fan  
570439912191Bonnet intercooler exhaust machined -TSUN..  Machining -”  
570524706087Oil after cooling assembly instead of 547622..  Instead of 54762208  
570624457616Metal hose -6X400mm double direct head  
570723990492Soft starter 150-F135NBDAB Soft starter 38..  AB 380 v50hz soft  
570823926827Tubing stent  
570923653967Support oil distributor  
5710SE003166Exhaust valve  
571154714365Muffled foam top exhaust panel  
571254698568Muffled foam top exhaust panel  
571354698550Muffled foam top exhaust panel  
571454698543Muffled foam top exhaust panel  
571554698535Muffled foam top exhaust panel  
571654650635Silenced foam roof  
571723688831Muffled foam rear air intake panel N100H  
571822055396Muffled foam rear intake panel  
571922055388Sound-cancelling foam rear fixed panel  
572049120306The relief valve 0.85 MPa  
5721SLT10447DN80 three-way valve actuator SKB60  
5722SLT10444DN80 three-way valve VXF31.80  
5723SLT10435AVertical gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8(height limit 1.8m)  
5724SLT10390C-2.0/0.8 vertical gas storage tank  
5725SLT10387C-10.0/0.8 vertical gas storage tank  
5726SLT10384C-30.0/0.8 vertical gas storage tank  
5727SLT10381C-50.0/0.8 vertical gas storage tank  
572824655656TS7 / SS5 fan wheels  
572939315304Conical filter  
5730SLT10420Centrifuge high pressure cabinet and compensation cabinet 10KV/550..  10KV/550HP in and out  
5731SLT10318Signal isolator XS-PK  
5732SLT10315Switching power supply CPSNT24V..  CPSNT24V3A  
5733SLT10312Switch ISE R005..  ISE R005D  
5734SLT10309Wireless route IR611TZ0..  IR611TZ05-485  
5735SLT10306SMS communication adapter TM5PCR  
5736SLT10303SMS sending module OEML3 YY..  OEML3 YYQ  
5737SLT10300Air compressor communication interface TSXETG10..  TSXETG100  
5738SLT10297Modbus TCPIPEDS-205  
5740SLT1029124DI18DOTM5C24D1..  TM5C24D18T  
5741SLT10288CPUTM258LD4..  TM258LD42DT4L  
5742SLT10285HMIHMIGTO53..  HMIGTO5310  
5743ESC10400Soft starter 440V 60H..  440V 60HZ 90KW  
5744ATE66009Minimum pressure valve  
5745SLT10282Ac contactor LC1E630F..  LC1E630F7N  
5746SLT10279Ac contactor LC1E500M..  LC1E500M7N  
5747SLT10276Ac contactor LC1E400M..  LC1E400M7N  
5748SLT10273Ac contactor LC1E300M..  LC1E300M5N  
5749SLT10270Ac contactor LC1E250M..  LC1E250M5N  
5750SLT10267Ac contactor LC1E200M..  LC1E200M5N  
5751SLT10264Ac contactor LC1E160M..  LC1E160M5N  
5752SLT10261Ac contactor LC1E120M..  LC1E120M5N  
5753SLT10258Ac contactor LC1E95M5..  LC1E95M5N  
5754SLT10255Ac contactor LC1E65M5..  LC1E65M5N  
5755SLT10252Molded case circuit breaker EZD630E3..  EZD630E3630K  
5756SLT10249Molded case circuit breaker EZD630E3..  EZD630E3500K  
5757SLT10246Molded case circuit breaker EZD400E3..  EZD400E3400K  
5758SLT10243Molded case circuit breaker EZD400E3..  EZD400E3320K  
5759SLT10240Molded Case circuit breaker EZD250E3..  EZD250E3250N  
5760SLT10237Molded Case circuit breaker EZD250E3..  EZD250E3225N  
5761SLT10234Molded Case circuit breaker EZD250E3..  EZD250E3200N  
5762SLT10231Molded Case circuit breaker EZD160E3..  EZD160E3125N  
5763SLT10228Molded case circuit breaker EZD100E3..  EZD100E3075N  
5764SLT10225Isolating switch NDG2-630..  NDG2-630/3 630A  
5765SLT10222Isolation switch NDG3-400..  NDG3-400/3 ZK  
5766SLT10219Isolation switch NDG3-250..  NDG3-250/3 ZK  
5767SLT10216Isolation switch NDG3-160..  NDG3-160/3 ZK  
5768SLT10213Isolation switch NDG3-125..  NDG3-125/3 ZK  
576915876121IE2 MOTOR,15HP/380-415V/3ph/50H..  Ph / 50 hz/UL / 3-4 p / 1.2 SF  
577024665333Oil distribution joint CD8 carbon steel  
5771SLT10393Float switch SLC-PC1-..  SLC-PC1-05  
577235272558Bolts M20*45 GB5783-868.8 grade galvanized blunt  
577324298887VPeX132 10bar gear set  
577424351967Fan converter  
577549080682ABB AC contactor A185-30-..  A185-30-11-84  
577623917842Temperature control valve service package  
5777ATF23028PBED40 cylinder  
5778SLT10348Nengluohuang power plant instrument  
5779SLT1018628mm EL pipeline (spray paint)  
5780SLT10327Non-standard gas storage tank C-4.0/0.8 Qingdao Sea and Air, including freight  
5781SLT10207Centrifuge mid-mounted high pressure cabinet 10KV/550..  10KV/550HP, upper and lower out  
5782SLT10165Non-standard IR5100 mounting attachment to Ashland  
5783slt10201Valve actuator Siemens  
578446866539The main switch  
578518301416Refrigeration compressor U.H. TFH..  U.H. TFH4531Z  
5786AA063007The bearing spacer ring  
5787SLT10198IControl signal isolator in a cabinet  
578824752271Intake valve vent module repair kit  
578915466824XCarbon steel gas storage tank C-3.0/1.6 south song  
579024887630O-ring, 178.5 SPA gearbox  
579139239686RD 52/M 35X1..  2 / M 35 x1. 5-5 h/X 8  
579224685133Decal backblow circuit diagram SG&XE controller  
579323894553Capillary Di = 2 x3. 5  
579423835952CD INFINITY  
5795SLT10180Non-standard horizontal gas storage tank CW-20/1.0 made in Danyang  
5796SLT10138Centrifuge high pressure cabinet and capacitor compensation cabinet  
579724067084The inverter S250MD320NT3..  MD320NT355G  
579823967144Reactor DCL – 0200 – v – 45 kw  
579922643027Front bearing cover  
5800ATH23012Three way regulating valve DN50  
5801ATH01100Actuator SBX61  
5803SLT10159Ac contactor LC1-D475..  LC1 – D475F7C ~ 110 v  
5804SE003169Exhaust valve 1.5304″  
580554467428Adjust the gasket  
580622415491Adjust gasket 36 X 30.3 X 0.30CF75D8  
580722415483Adjust gasket 36 X 30.3 X 0.15CF75D8  
580822415475Adjust gasket 36 X 30.3 X 0.12CF75D8  
580922415467Adjust gasket 36 X 30.3 X 0.10CF75D8  
581022415459Adjust gasket 44 X 35.5x 0.30CF75D8  
581122415442Adjust gasket 44 X 35.5x 0.15CF75D8  
581222415434Adjust gasket 44 X 35.5x 0.12CF75D8  
581322415426Adjust gasket 44 X 35.5 X 0.10CF75D8  
581449119860Sponge gasket M300-350..  M300-350 SS  
5815SLT10108Centrifuge reactance cabinet 10KV/2250HP in and out  
5816SE001480Condensing evaporator  
581793481505Drive belt  
581823618572Transformer 350 va  
5819ATF21016Hard tube oil cooled to temperature control valve  
5820SLT10126IControl PLC programming cable TCSXCNAM..  TCSXCNAMUM3P  
582149148208Temperature relay ESCWL_R1PAC100-24..  AC100-240V 50/60HZ OMRON  
582224850760Secondary oil separator filter element  
582324683351M200 Electric Control Box Assembly XE WC LV..  XE WC LV 2S  
582424674707Operation Manual M200-250..  M200-250-2S  
582538053070WCH diaphragm valve :633667  
582632293680Crankcase end cover gasket  
5827E83901432CDB68 host open gap DAR replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
5828E83901430CDB68 host closed gap DAQ replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
5829E83901214CDA96 host open gap DAD replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
5830E83901213CDA96 host closed gap DAC replacement CD14D(96..  CD14D(96/68)  
5831E39331657No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5832E39331640No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5833E39331632No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5834E39331624No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5835E39331616No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5836E39331608No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5837E39331590No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5838E39331582No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5839E39331574No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5840E39331566No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5841E39331558No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5842E39331541No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5843E39331533No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5844E39331525No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5845E39331517No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5846E39331509No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5847E39331491No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5848E39331483No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5849E39331475No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5850E39331293No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5851E39331269No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5852E39330816No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5853E39330808No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5854E39330790No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5855E39330782No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5856E39330774No oil machine replacement module CD26  
5857E39330758CDB90 host open gap DAT replacement CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
5858E39330741CDA128 host open-gap DAF replacement CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
5859E39330733CDA128 host closed gap DAE replacement CD26D(12..  CD26D(128/90)  
5860E24511875No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5861E22717607Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5862E22717599Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5863E22717581Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5864E22717573Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5865E22717565Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5866E22717557Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5867E22717540Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5868E22717532Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5869E22717524Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5870E22717516Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5871E22717508Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5872E22717490Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5873E22717482Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5874E22717474Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5875E22717466Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5876E22636542Oil free machine replacement module CD8  
5877E22543938No oil machine replacement module CD14  
5878E22487979CDB54 host open gap DMX replacement CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
5879E22476451CD8D(80/..  CD8D(80/54)  
588139921630Foam sound-absorbing board 9.50 X 1..  9.50 X 10.69  
588315470230xCarbon steel gas storage tank C-40.0/1.0  
588495452215Inner and outer connector.375 X….  375 X .250 NPT  
588524690679Assembly blowback electrical control SG&XE controller  
588624482838Fan switch MS132-12..  MS132-12, ABB  
588796742499Screw machine screw M4 X 10 FSHCs.139M2a..  S.139M2A62M3HR  
5889944754805″ flange gasket  
589038440947PNLD control line assembly  
5891189815552 short circuit bar ABB BJMI..  ABB BJMI8  
589223927049Trigger board  
5893SLT09772Protection plate for FP 22-45..  FP 22-45-1-NH  
5894SE004072Pressure reducing valve, 1624625133  
5895ATS07040Cylinder universal: SE001444/ATM6329  
589638459616Probe PTC L=3 mT  
589723862311Intake valve HAKG65 ON/OFF FSR30-37  
5898379684197 de346bx electromagnetic valve  
589949127350Filter element air filter assembly 491155..  Assembly 49115520  
590024620452297/250 Gear set 1.63  
590115834252Motor wheel SPB236-1-38  
590215869944IE2 motor 3/380/3 ph / 50 hz/U – 4 p / 1.15 s..  4P/1.15SF with heater  
5903SLT09757Ir5000-250 installation accessories Fuyao glass  
5904SLT09745Centrifuge in and out of middle type high pressure cabinet, 10K..  Down in and out, 10KV/700HP  
5905SLT09727Secondary plate for FP 50-11..  FP 50-117-1-NH  
5906SLT09721Secondary plate for FP 71-11..  FP 71-113-1-NH  
590715470396SGas storage tank (stainless steel C-2.0/0.8) made in Yantai  
590824052136Contactor A50-30-11 ABB110V 50/..  110V 50/50HZ AC-3  
5910ATD19010Intake valve PVF-6.0..  PVF 20-6.0 m3  
591124026734Motor 30KW 400V 50HZ IE2  
5912ATE66013The oil filter  
5913ATE66010Air filter  
591495318747Plug NPT1.5  
5915SE003964Hexagon bolts with nut washers  
591649080690ABB Miniature circuit breaker S201-C6  
591724649030Controller of WCH drying machine :80105  
591824809451ABB emergency stop button combination MPET4-10..  MPET4-10R+MCBH-00+MCB-01  
591924471906ABB MCB S202-C2  
5920SE003973Knob switch M2SS2-10 Black (switch head) +MCB..  Switch head) + McBh-00 (seat)  
592115489651Adapter 125mm-5″ reducing flange  
592215489636Straight joint 125mm Straight head  
592315489628Here is 125 mm bend  
592415489610Jiont 125mm direct head  
592515489594The Tee 125 mm Tee  
5927SLT09685Centrifuge central high pressure cabinet  
5928ATF23027VVF vent valve  
592939905641226 female rotor  
593039849351226 male rotor  
593122175095Metal hose  
5932TS000809Copper sealing strip  
5933SLT09484CS thermal mass flowmeter DN100  
593439872965Oil heater  
593524579914Electric control box assembly  
5936SLT09403IControl D smart Terminal iPad min..  The mini2, 32 gb,  
5937SLT09397New branch of intelliflow signal box  
593815489586Evolution 125mm super pipe  
5939SLT09442Automatic exhaust valve interface size DN15  
5940SLT09439Stainless steel pressure gauge interface size DN15..  Interface size DN15, 0-10kg/cm2  
5941SLT09436Stainless steel thermometer interface size DN15..  Interface size DN15, 0-150℃  
5942SLT09433Pressure sensor SUS304 S..  SUS304 SP-852  
5943SLT09430Temperature sensor WZP-230  
594480065147SGas storage tank (stainless steel)C-1.0/1.3 made in Yantai  
59454902816015MM EL pipeline (spray paint)  
5946SLT09385BHorizontal carbon steel gas storage tank C-20.0/1.0D=2.3, three..  D = 2.3, three bearings  
5947SLT09352Temperature transmitter includes mounting base  
5948SLT09349Electric on-off valve  
5949SLT09346Liquid level transmitter with mounting base, flange..  Including mounting base, flange mounting  
595015848153Triangle A1956(inner circle), elephant  
5951SLT09382Air storage tank C-6.0/1.3 Shenjiang  
5952SLT09379Air storage tank C-6.0/0.8 Shenjiang  
5953SLT09370Gas storage tank C-4.0/0.8 Shenjiang standard gas storage tank  
5954SLT09367Gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8 Shenjiang standard gas storage tank  
5955SLT09364Gas storage tank C-2.0/0.8 Shenjiang standard gas storage tank  
595654650544Left end front sound-absorbing board  
595724704694Fan 762 mmcd8  
595822216089Left back center sound-absorbing board  
595922216063Lower left rear sound-absorbing board  
596022143671Right top rear sound-absorbing board  
596122143663Top right sound-absorbing board  
596222143655Right top surface right sound-absorbing board  
596322143622Top middle rear sound-absorbing board  
596422143614Top middle sound-absorbing board  
596522143606Top center left sound-absorbing board  
596622140552Top left sound-absorbing board  
596722140461Left end intake bottom sound-absorbing board  
596822140446Left end intake top sound-absorbing board  
596922140420Right end intake sound-absorbing board  
597022140354Left end intake sound-absorbing board  
597122140289Lower left end sound-absorbing board  
597222139810Vertical rear center sound-absorbing board  
597322139745Horizontal left rear sound-absorbing board  
597422139513Horizontal left front top sound-absorbing board  
597522139463Vertical left front sound-absorbing board  
597622139448Horizontal right front and rear top sound-absorbing board  
597722139430Vertical right end sound-absorbing board  
597822138945Horizontal right end top sound-absorbing board  
5979SLT09334Electric switch butterfly valve DN80NBKVHD94..  NBKVHD943F-16C  
598024266223Metal hose  
598124266215Metal hose  
598224266207Metal hose  
598323908130Transformer 24VDC 50W  
598418301846Compressor contactor switch  
598518301804Fan contactor switch  
598618301747Circuit board transformer  
598724498107Hose D2 ‘* 64’ 85563419  
5988SE003172Intake valve  
598924783417Pulley cover panel  
599024064248Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ VSD frequency conversion New :4759..  Frequency conversion new: 47596458005  
5991SLT09694Omron time relay H3Y-2-C/..  H3Y-2-C/AC220V/10S  
599224653461After the cold velocity..  velocity90-160  
599324653453Oil cooling velocity..  velocity90-160  
599424648057ABB Thermal relay EF370-38..  EF370-380  
5995SLT09688Electrical spare parts  
5996SLT09646Electric 2-way control valve DN40VVF31.40..  VVF31.40 Siemens  
599739905658Negative rotor IR182 HD  
599839849203Yang rotor IR182 HD  
599932294035Gasket, crankcase end cover  
6000SLT096794 di4do module TM2DMM8D..  TM2DMM8DRT  
6001SLT09670IHC option – Variable frequency 1.1kW  
6002SLT09667IHC option – Master station with display  
6003SLT09631Non-standard air supercharger assembly  
6004SLT09628Horizontal carbon steel gas storage tank CW-0.046..  The CW 0.046/1.6 –  
6005SLT09589CS plug-in flow sensor 400mm  
600649126220Flange gasket F71H filter  
6007SE001579Intake valve  
600849127541Motor 250KW 6KV 50HZ IP23SF1.25S..  SF1.25 SSR  
600949127533Motor 200KW 6KV 50HZ IP23SF1.25S..  SF1.25 SSR  
601049014327Filter cover electric control box  
6011SLT09625AI signal isolator XS-PI11-..  XS-PI11-AA-V1  
601296756481T 6 mm tube  
601349093735Secondary oil return of steel pipe assembly is 6mm6mm  
601449093727Steel pipe assembly secondary oil return 6mm  
601549093719Steel pipe assembly secondary oil return 6mm  
601680065329XGas storage tank (stainless steel)C-6.0/1.0 south song  
601749113038Heat dissipation shutter R292-000 Huichuan electric control box  
601824169617Fan motor  
6019SE003904No thermal regeneration controller Anye – ⅹ ⅰ  
6020630987T 1″ X 1/4″ X 1″  
602149080732ABB Thermal relay TA200DU1..  TA200DU150  
602224545287ABB Miniature circuit breaker S202-K3  
602322052591ABB front mounting auxiliary contact CA5-01  
602423440399Pressure switch  
602624171605Motor 75KW 400V 50HZIE2  
6027CJDX0003Complete machine overhaul (compensation) virtual drawing number  
602824226672ABB motor starter auxiliary contact HK-11  
602922356729Double shaft seal  
603022275044Single stage shaft seal  
603122131486Shaft sleeve  
603218301630High voltage switch  
6033SLT09535Stainless steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0  
6034SLT09532Carbon steel gas storage tank C-10.0/1.0  
6035SLT09529Analog input/output module TM2 AMM..  TM2 AMM 6HT  
6036SLT09496Vertical gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0φ2000×60..  Phi 2000 x6072  
6037SLT09493Vertical gas storage tank C-15.0/1.0φ2000×60..  Phi 2000 x6072  
603815876139IE2 MOTOR,20HP/380-415V/3ph/50H..  Ph / 50 hz/UL / 3-4 p / 1.15 SF  
603915876063IE2 MOTOR,3HP/380-415V/3ph/50Hz/..  Ph / 50 hz/ULR – 4 p / 1.15 SF  
604049099682Thermal relay Kit (TA25DU4.0 m + transformer *3+..  M+ Transformer *3+ Installation accessories *2)  
6041L1000005Medium and high pressure air compressor coolant 20L  
6043ESG20100Solenoid valve coil 230V 50/60Hz  
6044ESG00401Two two way solenoid valve 230V G1/..  230 v G1/4 “normally closed  
6045ES821621Temperature resistance  
6046ATE66053Inverse proportional valve P3NE  
6047ATE66049Flanged inlet valve  
6048ATE61045Bracket sensor  
605049106339The antenna (IRBox)  
605149106321Installation Kit (IRBox)  
605223764079ABB front mounting auxiliary contact CA5-10  
6053SE003934Temperature controlled valve core plated with nickel core  
6054ATF23118Parts manual  
605536858132The hard tube  
605615489644Plate, end cap 0.25″NPT  
605795929097Hexagon bolts 75-10-2ax2.75  
605824516858Tip decal for drain valve installation  
605919050079Cylinder and bracket assembly GB VSL A..  GB VSL ASSY 30″  
606024774325Motor 300KW 380V 50HZ IE1ODP 2S support..  ODP 2S bracket 49000656  
6061SE000790The bypass valve CBX – 07  
606224779464Motor 200KW 380V 50HZ IE1ODP  
606324779241Motor 250KW 380V 50HZ IE1ODP  
6064SE003892Vapor-liquid separator  
606524547549226SPA negative rotor L/D=2, J..  L/D=2, JLB-HS  
606623782311Air filter V 132-160  
606715443369Filter dryer H904201  
606924614760Contactor 3RT60 17..  3RT60 17-1AN21  
607049086986Motor 55KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
607124859472The controller vsdkt09b R55-75  
6072SLT08749200 meters cable RVVP-2×1.0  
6073SLT09280ANon-standard gas storage tank C-30.0/1.0 vertical  
6074SE003874Mountain high efficiency oil remover filter element  
6075SLT09283ANon-standard gas storage tank C-75.0/1.0 vertical  
6076SLT09289Non-standard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0  
607724496788Xe-90m SGVN upgrade package  
607824474637Xe-145m SGV upgrade package  
607922197586Copper platoon L3  
608024854416Service pack host seal (face dense SRL-2.2c  
608124902702Safety valve 8.8bar CE  
608224474652Xe-145m SG Fuel injection machine upgrade package  
608349064033Adjustable direct head  
608424474660Xe-145m Oil-free machine upgrade package  
608524061293XE – 90 – m updates  
608624548547Nylon tube 6mm +120°C  
608724698276Belt XPZ 1400  
608824474678Xe-145m Oil-free machine upgrade package  
608949063746Oil cut-off solenoid valve  
609015489602O – ring, 123.24 mm  
609119002997Circuit breaker (3RV60 11-1GA15)  
609224474645Xe-145m SGVN upgrade package  
609348957898Gasket sealing plate.2/5.5C  
609422197578Copper platoon N90-160..  N90-160 L2  
609624854382Service package HITACHI 758334  
609715487853Cold and dry machine fan  
609924246514Fuel tank inlet tubing TUBESUMPSUCTION..  SUCTION TO PUMP  
61003202569415T crankshaft assembly  
610115876113IE2 MOTOR,10HP/380-415V/3ph/50H..  / 3 ph / 50 hz/ULR – 4 p / 1.15 SF  
610223794894Motor 150KW 400V 50HZ IE2  
610324859381Motor 250KW 6KV 50HZ ODPGRD3 WL  
6104SLT09229Temperature control box 1 set RWD68  
6105SLT09226The SM75 is cold after a drag of five  
6106SLT09130Touch screen HMIGXO35..  HMIGXO3501+XBTZ9008  
6107SLT09127218 Series 8DI8DO module TM2DMM16..  TM2DMM16DRTN  
6108SLT09124218 series analog quantity module TM2AMM3H..  TM2AMM3HT  
6109SLT09121218 series extension interface TM2DOCKN  
6110SLT09118218 series PLC battery TSXPLP01  
6111SLT09115The 218 series CPUTM218LDA..  TM218LDA24DRN  
6112SLT09112Frequency converter 300 kwatv61hc4..  ATV61HC40N4Z  
6113SLT09106Frequency converter 200 kwatv61hc2..  ATV61HC25N4Z+VW3A1101  
6114SLT09103Frequency converter 160 kwatv61fhc..  ATV61FHC22N4Z+VW3A1101  
6115SLT09100Frequency converter 132 kwatv61fhc..  ATV61FHC16N4Z+VW3A1101  
6116SLT09097Frequency converter 110 kwatv61fhc..  ATV61FHC13N4Z+VW3A1101  
6117SLT09094Frequency converter 90 kwatv61fhc..  ATV61FHC11N4Z+VW3A1101  
6118SLT09091Frequency converter 75 kwatv61fhd..  ATV61FHD90N4Z+VW3A1104  
6119SLT09088Inverter 55 kwatv61fhd..  ATV61FHD75N4Z+VW3A1103  
6120SLT09085Inverter 45 kwatv61fhd..  ATV61FHD55N4Z+VW3A1102  
6121SLT09082Inverter 37 kwatv61fhd..  ATV61FHD45N4Z+VW3A1101  
6122SLT09079Inverter 22 kwatv61fhd..  ATV61FHD30N4Z+VW3A1101  
6123SLT09061Ir5100-110 – ⅱ Intelligent frequency conversion control system..  Intelligent frequency conversion control system one tow two  
6124SLT09034Ir5100-200-ⅰ Intelligent frequency conversion control system..  Intelligent frequency conversion control system one tow one  
6125SLT09019Ir5100-75-ⅰ Intelligent frequency conversion control system..  Intelligent frequency conversion control system one tow one  
6126SLT09001Ir5100-250 Intelligent frequency conversion control system..  Intelligent frequency conversion control system directly connected  
612754742069Yang rotor 226 VSD  
612839812136297 female rotor  
612939812128297 male rotor  
613039811401250 female rotor  
613139811369250 male rotor  
613224704702Fan 1016 mmcd14  
6133SLT09217Terminal box  
613418301887The filter  
613522415285Front bearing housing CF75D8  
6136SLT08950Heat recovery control cabinet maintenance parts package Shanghai Hitachi  
6137SLT08932Non-standard gas storage tank C-20/0.8 lined with 304+ finish paint  
613848957906Bolt SRL – 2.2/5.5 – C  
613924875304Oil cylinder support M300-350..  M300-350 SS  
614024854408Service pack main engine seal (face dense SRL-5.5c  
614124854390Air filter element (host) 758335SRL-2.2c..  SRL – 2.2 5.5 C/C  
614224842155Maintenance schedule Decal ultra cold ELR132-160..  R132-160 Frequency conversion Chinese  
614324698284Belt XPZ 1450  
614424618761Belt XPZ – 1362  
614524609471Belt XPZ – 1487  
614624609463Belt 3 vx530  
6148245005972.2 kW head 0.65 0.8 MPa  
614924356107Check valve  
615124355687The belt  
615224355638The host 5.5 kW – 0.65-0.85 MPa  
615323936446Maximum diameter of plug 32mm  
6154239342765 IN NPTM22 X 1…  M22 X 1.5 internal threads  
615523897838Temperature sensor  
615623821689Stainless steel hard tube 2.5″ after cooling air cooling  
615719031608Thermal overload relay TA200DU150110-150A..  110-150A ABB  
615823181910The motor  
6159SLT08881Fine small pneumatic film single seat control valve NBKVHP-1..  NBKVHP-16C DN100  
6160SLT08875Middle type high pressure cabinet under and out 10KV/300..  10KV/300KW  
616122219034Pipe 22mm (no paint) instead of 05515606..  5515606 new: 47593194001  
616292340447Spring washer M4 (metric)  
616380447576Parts Manual R132-160 1S  
616480447212Manual Product Maintenance AP R30-3..  AP R30-37  
616580447204Manual Product information APR30-160  
616648662688Hose.75 X 34 ORFS90ELB X..  90ELB X ORFS STR  
616739878392Oil cooler  
616824850778Lug GND  
616924842148Maintenance schedule Decal ultra cold ELR132-160..  R132-160 Fixed-frequency Chinese  
617024840480Cable 9SV 10SV 11SV  
617124674749Electric control case Pegasus..  Pegasus II,400V,50Hz,KT  
617224332603Decal Maintenance VSD (R30-37)  
617324286106Forklift hole cover  
617424194581Unit exhaust pipe M90-160..  M90-160 VSD  
617524050049Tube moisture to check valve CD26 VSD  
617723862774Flat lift truck hole R30-37  
617823443815Screw machine safety valve 9.5 BAR GBM16  
6179ATM63002Differential pressure switch  
618049029853Motor 250KW 6600V 50HZIP55  
618122199806O-ring ID32.92 DIA3.53  
618238461406High voltage switch DanfossNO28-NC2..  NO28-NC20 Bar  
6183SE003184Pneumatic valve inlet D282-D426V/E exhaust D12..  E exhaust D1260 D1860VL/E  
6184SE003181D426V…  Exhaust valve D426VL/E – D960VL/E  
6185SE003175Pneumatic valve D66VL/E exhaust valve D66VL..  Exhaust valve D66VL/ E-D126VL /E  
6186SE003121Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D960VL exhaust valve D3720..  Exhaust valve D3720VL  
6187SE002026Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D3060..  Intake valve D3060VL – D3720VL  
6188SE002023Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D3060..  Inlet valve D3060VE-D3720VE  
6189SE002020Check valve outlet valve D3060..  Exhaust valve D3060-D3720VL /E  
6190SE001516D660-d780ve Exhaust valve D2520..  Exhaust valve D2520VE-D3060VE  
6191SE001513Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D1860..  Inlet valve D1860VE-D2520VE  
6192SE001510Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D1260..  Inlet valve D1260VE-D1560VE  
6193SE001384Temperature sensor D66VE -..  D66VE – D3720VE  
6194SE001381Out of the air valve D660VL/E..  D660VL/E – D780VL/E  
6195SE001378Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D1260..  Intake valve D1260VL – D1560VL  
6196SE001183Controller D66VE -..  D66VE – D3720VE  
6197SE001168Cylinder butterfly valve inlet D960VE..  Air intake D960VE;  Exhaust D3720VE  
6198SE001165Cylinder butterfly valve intake D660-780VL exhaust D2520-..  Vl exhaust D2520-3060  
6199SE001162Cylinder butterfly valve intake valve D1860..  Intake valve D1860VL, D2520VL  
6200SE001159The air valve D960VL/E  
6201SE001153Check valve D1860VL /..  D1860VL/E – D2520VL/E  
6202SE001039Check valve D198VL/E  
6203SE001027Muffler D960VL/E..  D960VL/E – D3720VL/E  
620424728149Moisture SZ 3 COUPLER(1.5 INC..  (1.5 INCH)  
620524653446Chassis R132-160  
620724512592Cable pressure transducer  
620824482804Motor protection switch MS132-4..  MS132-4 ABB  
620924346462Joint G3/8-0.7..  G3/8-0.75 TUBE  
621024342156Parts Manual R30-37  
6211243146842021900-001 Quick Plug, 6MMTUBE X 1..  TUBE X 1/4 BSPP  
621224209025Drain solenoid valve R30-37KW  
621324114068Controller XE-70M R15-37 fixed frequency  
621424103780Muffler D66VL/E  
621524096984Hose assembly drains oil  
621624096901Ball valve M22 X 1.5  
621723859044Assembly BLOCKR30 to 37  
621823555485Applique R37N  
621923443823Screw machine safety valve 11 BAR GBM16  
6220SLT09199CS dew point transmitter /-60-20QYCS0608..  QYCS0608/618  
6221SLT09139AVertical gas storage tank C-2.27/1.0 limit height 2260, Method..  Limit height 2260, flange DN150  
622292537489The motor  
6223S1412030M20 bolts * 30 8.8  
6224SE003781Blower suction filter  
622524523508Assembly cooler 37KW 46℃ ()R30-37  
622624492571Check valve M12 X.25  
622722376594Yang rotor  
6228SLT08788Integrated pressure transmitter 0-35bar,..  0-35bar, power supply 24DC, two-wire system  
6229SLT08776Low voltage switchboard  
6230SLT08773Heat recovery control system  
6231SLT08770Centrifuge central high pressure cabinet  
6232SLT08734Primary side circulating pump  
6233SLT08725Cooling water circulating pump  
6234SLT08713High efficiency heat exchanger 223 cubic,70..  223 cubed,70 degrees  
6235ES8P0301Intelligent controller  
6236ATF23001Motor FM250 38..  FM250 380V 55KW IE2 Class H  
6237SLT08740Xingrong Merle high pressure cabinet maintenance  
623849052251Fuse 250VAC 2..  250VAC 2A 5*20mm  
623924236085Controller XE-70MR5.5-37 frequency conversion  
6240SLT08761Wafer type 304 metal hard seal butterfly valve  
624149007131Pneumatic ball valve 104QDDF530  
6242SLT08743Mid-mounted high pressure cabinet 10KV/250..  10KV/250KW, down in and out  
6243SLT08731Heat exchanger plate for FP 22-37..  FP 22-37-1-NH  
6244SLT08728Protection plate for FP 22-45..  FP 22-45-1-NH  
6245SE001156The check valve  
624624007023Relay terminal DPDTRB 122A-..  RB 122A-115VAC/DC  
624723414592Yang rotor  
6248S1411620Bolts M16 * 20 gb5783  
624949007123Pneumatic butterfly valve 104QDDF529  
6250E49029937Displacement main motor 200kW Mr…  200kW Mr. ED  
6251E24887671Displacement main motor 4kW SMAL..  4kW SMALL-UP  
6252E24759359Replacement main motor 55kW SIE..  55kW SIERRA  
6253E24098741Displacement main motor 250kW Mr..  250kW Mr. ED  
6254E24087843Displacement main motor 45kW COU..  45kW COUGAR  
6255E23562515Displacement main motor 75kW VEL..  75kW VELOCITY  
6256E23562473Displacement main motor 55kW VEL..  55kW VELOCITY  
6257E23414329Replacement main motor 160kWCOBRA/Ei..  COBRA/Eiger/Velocity  
6258E23414311Replacement main motor 132kWCOBRA/Ei..  COBRA/Eiger/Velocity  
6259E23414303Replacement main motor 110kWCOB..  110kWCOBRA/Eiger/Velocit  
6260E23414295Replacement main motor 90kWCOBR..  90kWCOBRA/Eiger/Velocity  
626123913098Check valve service package CD26  
6262SLT08665Mid-mounted high pressure cabinet 10KV/300..  10KV/300KW/ Down in and out  
626349029937Motor 200KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
626442858928XCarbon steel gas storage tank C-0.5/1.0 made in South Song Dynasty  
626524098741Motor 250KW 415V 50HZIP55 IE3..  IP55 IE3 8XPT100/HTR  
626624087843Motor 45KW 400V 50HZ IE3  
626848967145Right fan hole plate M300-350..  M300-350 SS  
626924000663Electric Control Box Assembly 160KW COBRA KT132-160K..  132-160KW 380V50HZ  
6271SLT08629Moxa Serial port server Nport543..  Nport54301  
627224468027Safety valve 35PSIG replaces 222387..  Instead of 22238703  
627322197560Copper platoon N90-160..  N90-160 L1  
6274247836072.5 12 UN head directly  
6275SLT08518Pressure transmitter  
6276SLT08515Temperature transmitter pipeline DN300  
6277SLT08512Temperature transmitter pipeline DN200  
6278SLT08647SNon-standard gas storage tank C-5/1.0IRLogo and Yellow..  IRLogo and yellow paint  
6279SLT08644SNon-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0IRLogo and Yellow..  IRLogo and yellow paint  
628024482895Contactor auxiliary contact ABB(24482853 and 2448..  853 and 24482895 matching)  
6281SLT08590SNon-standard gas storage tank C-6/0.8,..  C – 6/0.8, wall thickness 8 mm  
628215448087SThreaded carbon steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0 made in Yantai  
628324047417The relief valve 9 bar  
6284SLT08446Non-standard Intelliflow with Modbus pass..  With Modbus communication interface  
6285SLT08428Non-standard Intelliflow for Intell..  For Intelliflow control cabinet  
628632295263Piston 2.75″ high pressure  
6287SE003034Self-cleaning filter core  
628949031800The battery  
629022226914Fan control power supply  
6291683829A half pipe joint  
6292SE001018Low voltage protection switch  
6293ATD19102Low pressure oil free universal cylinder 50810095..  50810095-396.  
629485576692Hose 1.50 X 24 “ORFS 90E..  ORFS 90ELB X ORFS STR  
629522245765Guard = guard  
6296ATE26008Transfer connector G1/8-NPT1/4  
629792173780The joint body BSPP1/4-6 jic  
6298SLT08422MOXA switch EDS-108  
629924354821Sound absorption board water cooled glass fiber M300/350..  M300/350 VSD  
630024354805Corner frame sound-absorbing board M300/350..  M300/350 VSD  
630124354797Support air intake sound-absorbing board water cooled M300/350..  M300/350 VSD  
630224175986Chassis M300/350..  M300/350 VSD  
6303ATE61049Hose through to M12/ Right-angle M12/3500  
630423644701Relay DPDTIDEC RY2..  IDEC RY2S-UAC120V  
630624842205Maintenance schedule Decal ultra cold ELSSR250-5..  SSR250-500 HP  
630736861144Gear oil pump  
630824608242Oil pump motor 1.5kw400V 50H..  400V 50Hz IE2  
6309TS000738Embrace hoop 32-66  
6310SE001375High voltage protection switch  
631122097745Two stage compression main engine assembly  
631224857989M315-355 Parts Manual low voltage Chinese  
6313SLT08362IHRS Secondary Heat Transfer Enhanced -(18.5-37kW)..  37 KW) 5.5 KW 37 KW  
6314SLT08359IHRS Secondary Heat Transfer Enhanced -(0.4-15KW) 5..  15 KW) 5.5 KW, 15 KW  
6315SLT08356IHRS Secondary heat transfer 18.5-37kW pump power 5.5K..  Water pump power 5.5KW hot water pump 37KW  
6316SLT08353IHRS secondary heat transfer type -(0.4-15kW pump power 5.5K..  Water pump power 5.5KW hot water pump 15KW  
6317SLT08350IHRS basic model -(18.5-37kW) Pump power 5.5K..  Water pump power 5.5KW hot water pump 37KW  
6318SLT08347IHRS basic model -(0.4-15kW) Water pump power 5.5K..  Water pump power 5.5KW hot water pump 15KW  
6319SLT08296Weidiba inlet flowmeter SYHLV-90..  SYHLV-900  
6320SLT08293Flow meter differential pressure transmitter 3051CD2A..  3051CD2A22A1AB4M5  
632124722290Controller decal M355  
63229671136160 mm spring  
632324901274List of spare parts delivered with M315-355  
632424857997M315-355 Operation manual high & Low pressure  
632524857963M315-355 Parts manual high voltage Chinese  
632624622136Motor 355KW 10KV 50HZ ODP service coefficient 1.15  
632724500696The controller  
6328630332Inner connector 1/4 X 3-1/2  
632938446373Filter element  
633024614877Contactor 3RT50 45..  3RT50 45-1AN20  
633124614810Contactor 3RT50 44..  3RT50 44-1AN20  
633224482853Motor protection switch MS132-20A(24482853 and 2..  482853 and 24482895 are used together  
633324253528Upper corner bracket M90-160  
633424222416[P266 Screw machine] Operation manual M90-160VSD  
633524222408Parts Manual M90-160VSD  
633624182503Air cooled exhaust panel  
633724182495The left bracket  
633824182461Short bracket  
633924182453Anterior horn stents  
6340SE001120The compressor  
634124000655Electrical control box Assembly 110KW COBRA KT90-110KW..  90-110KW 380V50HZ  
6342SLT08269Non-standard stainless steel tank C-10/1.0 height less than 3 m  
6343SLT08263Carbon steel gas storage tank C-12.5/1.0  
6344ATE54025Moisture flange pipe  
634524838617Xe-145m Manual in Chinese  
634624354714Connector bleed M300/350..  M300/350 VSD  
634723711288The controller XE – 145 – m  
634938019162Lm -6 upgrade pack + filter element  
635032160566High pressure flange pad 3000  
635132160558Low pressure flange gasket 3000  
635224844888Refueling cover applique ultra cold EL1.125IN..  1.125 IN Chinese  
635324352916Wood bottom to M90-160 domestic  
635424183741Exhaust pipe host to barrel M90-160..  M90-160 FS  
635524047409The relief valve 8 bar  
635624035529Spare parts list m90-160  
635723597479Reactor cover plate  
635824753709Support oil separator  
635924135527T joint  
636023464530The guide rail is 35 mm wide  
636122477244Ground decals  
636218301622Fan pressure switch  
636324205460Chassis R55-75 – kw..  R55-75 kw standard  
63652477475490 degree joint Pipe joint  
636624774739Put the trachea  
6369SLT08125IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅳ (18.5-3..  Ⅳ 37 kw (18.5 -)  
6370SLT08122IHRS System Secondary Heat Transfer Enhanced type — ⅱ (18.5-3..  Ⅱ 37 kw (18.5 -)  
6371SLT08119IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅳ (0.4-15..  Ⅳ 15 kw (0.4 -)  
6372SLT08116IHRS system Secondary Heat transfer Enhanced type — ⅱ (0.4-15..  Ⅱ 15 kw (0.4 -)  
6373SLT08113IHRS System Secondary Heat Transfer Enhanced -(18.5-37K..  18.5 to 37 kw)  
6374SLT08110IHRS System Secondary Heat Transfer Enhanced -(0.4-15 kW..  0.4-15 kw)  
6375SLT08107IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅳ (18.5KW..  Ⅳ (18.5 KW to 37 KW)  
6376SLT08104IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅱ (18.5KW..  Ⅱ (18.5 KW to 37 KW)  
6377SLT08101IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅳ (0.4-15..  Ⅳ 15 kw (0.4 -)  
6378SLT08098IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – frequency conversion – ⅱ (0.4-15..  Ⅱ 15 kw (0.4 -)  
6379SLT08095IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – Power frequency (18.5-37..  37 kw (18.5 -)  
6380SLT08092IHRS system secondary heat transfer type – Power frequency (0.4-15K..  15 kw (0.4 -)  
6381SLT08089IHRS basic version – Frequency conversion (18.5KW-..  (18.5 KW to 37 KW)  
6382SLT08083Basic iHRS system – Power frequency (18.5-37..  37 kw (18.5 -)  
6383SLT08080Basic iHRS system – Power frequency (0.4-15K..  15 kw (0.4 -)  
6384SE003433Main motor cooling fan for 248418..  For 24841827  
638548662290Hose 0.5 x15  
638648662282Hose 0.5 x20  
6387SLT08152Shenjiang C-8.0/1.0 gas storage tank  
6388SLT08149Shenjiang C-3.0/1.0 gas storage tank  
638980065196SStainless steel gas storage tank C-2.0/1.0  
6390SE001111C – compressor SB373H8A9001206  
6391ATM01015Intake valve HPKG, 176..  HPKG,1766384  
639293156172Pressure solenoid valve assembly  
639392889245The module  
639424854739Gasket inlet valve M200VSD  
639518302448Drain valve  
639615875925Belt wheel SPC280-2-3020-42 replace 158341..  Instead of 15834153  
6397SLT08071Non-standard IR5000-I installation kit 1 “Intel..  1 “IntellisysU import”  
6398SLT08023Central type direct start high pressure cabinet 250KW 10KV/ heald..  W 10KV/ Comprehensive insurance /PT  
639939893607Air cooling of rear cooler  
640039893599Air cooling of interstage cooler  
6401SE003178Double acting two piece pneumatic ball valve 8006024  
6402ATD04016Inlet valve oil return hose  
640324853772Rear cooler stainless steel A/C CD14  
640424492977Tube assembly one level to intercooled NL37-75  
640523885643The flange gasket  
640624823585Air filter assembly M200VSD  
640724482846Screw machine circuit breaker  
640883901214CDA96 host clearance new :392330743  
640922543938CD14DVSD COMPRESSOR BLOCK |G01|  
641023615090M33x2 thermal control valve  
641118301633Pressure gauge D= 63MMR404-1 /..  R404-1 / + 15 ° C / ° F  
641223694912Stator Stator  
641323620461Wire and Cable,  
641423581739Wire and Cable,  
6415SLT07945BAir storage tank C-20.0/0.8 limit height 5m safety valve side mounted  
6416SE000568Phase sequence protector NJB1-XH7009004  
641723990716Scram button  
641818301994The condenser  
641918301671Temperature switch  
642024190308Motor 350KW 6KV IP55M350 SS  
642115470438SStainless steel gas storage tank C-5.0/0.8 Yantai Xinglong  
642285560233Hose D.75 X 16.00 Refer to Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889889  
6423SLT07930The SS7000 incoming and outgoing cable modes are changed  
6424ATH05001Plate heat exchanger B3-095B-..  B3-095B-50-H  
642592032028The oil level gauge  
6426SE003346Bearings SKF NJ209ECP  
6427SE003343SKF bearing 6317 / C3  
6428SE001387Automatic drain 4001008HAD-20B  
6430ESG00704Two-position three-way solenoid valve 1/4NPT E..  1/4NPT EEx dmII CT4  
6431855751081.0 x18.0 ORFS hose  
6432SLT07900Cone filter 5″ flat bottom cone filter..  5″ flat bottom cone filter  
6433SLT07873RVVP 2*1.0 shielded cable integer times order  
6434SLT07870RVV 3*1.5mm2 shielded cable integer times order  
6435ATN51038Exhaust expansion joint DN200  
643624070286Temperature sensor V PeX  
6437SLT07843ANon-standard gas storage tank C-4/1.0 Banten Project, Indonesia  
6438SLT07840ANon-standard gas storage tank C-10/1.0 Banten Project, Indonesia  
6439SLT07837ANon-standard gas storage tank C-30/1.0 Banten Project, Indonesia  
6440SLT07852BNon-standard carbon steel gas storage tank C-1.0/1.0  
644124100497Pipe assembly oil pump to temperature control valve  
644224100489The pipe is always cooled into oil  
644323993074Nylon tube 12 mm  
6444SLT07846Schneider touch screen 10.2″HMIGX055..  HMIGX05502  
644538460192Refrigeration compressor FH4518Y-..  FH4518Y-F BOX  
6446SE003325Filter core Slaf-10HA  
6447SE003322Filter core Slaf-10HT  
6448SE001315Air condenser plate 3.69003077  
6449ES821841Temperature thermal resistance PT100/G1/2(-50-400..  (50-400)  
645024248783Temperature control valve assembly N125-200..  N125-200HP  
645115444920XAir storage tank C-10.0/1.3 Xi ‘an Songnan  
645215444904XAir storage tank C-6.0/1.3 Xi ‘an Song Nan  
645324771180Secondary oil separator  
6454SLT07765ANon-standard gas storage tank C-3/1.0 is coated with Marine paint  
645524820052Oil cooler air cooled M315/355  
6456SLT07798Non-standard C-8.0/1.0 gas storage tank Shanghai Fengxian Shenjiang brand  
6457SLT03544BThreaded air storage tank C-0.6/1.0 wide range  
6458SLT07795Ir5000-iii Non-standard installation Accessory Kit (IR unit)  
6459SLT06322Medium fan on the side of ACS4000 control cabinet  
646085563641Hose D 2.0 X 120.0 Refer to Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889921  
6461698445Automatic blowdown valve  
646224811309Right front corner plate Assembly M315-355  
646324811291Right rear corner plate Assembly M315-355  
646424811283Exhaust side door panel Assembly M315-355  
646524811275Fan motor bracket M315-355  
646624800872Fan grille M315-355  
646724800856On clapboard M315-355  
646824800849The diaphragm M315-355  
646924800815Cooler bottom box M315-355  
647024800807Rear top bracket oil cooled M315-355  
647124782989Axial fan 1150mm  
647224360729Stainless steel gasket SS304  
647339265913X8I 24 v power supply  
647419063312F1870NG energy-saving filter element  
647554486378Cylindrical roller bearing  
647654469168Tapered roller bearing M35*72*2..  M35 * 72 * 24.45  
647754468970Cylindrical roller bearing CF75D8 M..  CF75D8 M25*52*18  
647822383749Tapered roller bearing M45*100*..  M45 * 100 * 27.25  
6479SLT07753Schneider CIRCUIT breaker CVS630F ETS2…  Specifications ETS2.3 630A 3PF  
6481SE003286Filter inner row 6003100 inner row big mouth  
6482SE001996Drain 4001041 with timing 230V/..  With 230 v / 60 hz regularly  
6483SE000349Fan FZL500-4DQL35P7 (460V/3/..  H9002120 (3/60 460 v/hz)  
6484SLT07678Pneumatic electric switch butterfly valve DN80  
6485ATC71003Sealed box  
648624046534CD manual R series units  
6487SLT076211SAP signal acquisition cabinet PLC battery sl-350  
6488SLT07618Selector switch -3 gears LW26-20-..  LW26-20-3  
6489SLT07615Selector switch -2 gears LW26-20..  LW26-20-2 file  
6490SLT07612Stop button Zbee-101..  ZBEE-101C  
6491SLT07609Button – red XB7-EA.2..  XB7-EA.2C  
6492SLT07606Light XB7EVM1L..  XB7EVM1LC  
6493SLT07603Indicator light – white XB7-EVB1..  XB7-EVB1LC  
6494SLT07600Indicator light – red XB7-EVB4..  XB7-EVB4LC  
6495SLT07597Indicator light – green XB7-EVB3..  XB7-EVB3LC  
6496SLT07594Auxiliary relay MY2NJ/DC..  MY2NJ/DC24V  
6497SLT07591Intermediate relay MY2N-J-2..  MY2N-J-220/240VAC  
6498SLT07573POWER Switch POWER supply S-100-24  
6499SLT07570Centrifuge high pressure cabinet – bottom in and bottom out 10KV/800..  10KV/800HP Nanzi comprehensive protection  
6500SLT07567Centrifuge mid-mounted high pressure cabinet upper and lower 10KV/9..  10 kv / 900 HP  
6501SLT07534Schneider power distribution cabinet/side in side out 65KA SCC..  65 ka SCCR certificate  
6502SP010202164.3 * 5.7 O ring  
6503L1000004Medium and high pressure air compressor coolant 208L  
650483903868Compressor repair kit  
650537138237Piston ring  
6506SE0019994001042 High pressure 8.0mpa..  High pressure 8.0MPa (missing model)  
650824457533Interstage safety valve 50PSIG  
650924335051The differential gauge FC75-2700 PSI (NPT)  
651039265897X4I controller  
6511SE003196Main motor fan blade (for 18993..  (used at 18993154)  
651224490641The adapter  
651395922274The gasket  
651432498974The fan wheel  
651624556755Hose x40 D 1.5  
651724556748Hose 1.25 X1.2..  1.25×1.25 45 degrees 28 inches  
651824556730Hose 1.0 X1.0..  1.0X1.0 90 degrees 38 inches  
651924556714Hose 1.5 34 inches  
6520SLT07564IControl control system 4 control stainless steel cabinets, IP..  Stainless steel cabinet, IP4X  
6521SE000544Filter no.e1-44, 6003037  
652239253349Coupling core assembly  
652323852320Motor, fan  
6524ATH01701Touch screen mounting plate  
6525ATF23302Motor FM112 38..  FM112 380V 4KW IE2 Class H  
6526ATE55007Two stage safety valve  
6527ATE55005Primary safety valve 1.10MPa G1.5  
652924686545The left anterior horn  
6530SE001030Muffler XY-30 3 “8015009  
6531ATP169904KP piston machine 4 stage packing spare parts 4KP0034  
6532ATP16409Rod – 35  
6533ATP16408Packing flange -45  
6534ATP16406Stuffing box – 35 C  
6535ATP16403Stuffing box B_ assembly  
6536ATP16402Stuffing box A_35  
653738461505Condenser fan  
653824771172Oil separator  
653939892617ARear cooler air cooled 100HP  
654039892609AInterstage cooler 100HP  
654139843172AOil cooler  
654296761945Right Angle fittings R1/4XD6  
654324672115Intake valve maintenance kit  
654424625808Pressure sensor new :49147101  
654524509200Service pack minimum pressure valve  
654624509184Temperature control valve of service package  
654724509150Cylinder service package  
654824109381Relief valve service package  
654922072342Diaphragm of the CMC controller  
655015442916Fan 900221  
6551ATF23015Intake valve HAKG85, 1..  HAKG85, 1873633  
655296740600Hexagon nut  
655354629951Sealing ring  
655439261342Manual starter auxiliary contact  
6555SLT07399Photoelectric isolation repeater RS422-ZX  
6556SLT07291Ac contactor LC1D300Q7C  
6557ATE02205Pressure reducing valve  
6558H0090360O-ring fluororubber φ 90*3.55  
6559ESG00612Two position two way solenoid valve  
6560ES811631Pressure transmitter WIKA 4-2..  WIKA 4-20MA 0-4Mpa G1/4  
6561ES110330Miniature circuit breaker S202-2P-D6A  
6563ATE62014Air filter differential pressure switch  
6565ATE61047Hose through 2-M12/4700  
6567ATE02208Water gas separator  
657124248775Temperature control valve Assembly N75-100H..  N75-100HP  
6572SLT07294Quick fuse RS77C-800A  
657315867120Motor 3/220V/ 1pH /50Hz/2P-YL90L-2 Anda  
657499277402Oil cooler  
657624042764Barrel oil separator 24  
6577ATF27011The exhaust pipe  
657824491151Separate cylinder cover removal tool  
6579SLT07498Safety valve A28H-16 for C-3.0/..  Apply to C – 3.0/1.0  
658095060125O-rings. 125. “”  
6581ATE61009Differential pressure switch  
6582ATD03040-2Wafer check valve  
658324102857Bottom frame oil separator 24M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
658423636327Prefiltration sponge  
658523816176Assembly 8″ inlet valve  
6586ATS05044Graphite gasket DN100  
6587ATS05043Graphite gasket DN250  
6588SE002995Differential pressure gauge is larger than 6006011  
658938052668Inlet valve diaphragm  
659038052114WCH regenerative valve diaphragm  
6591ATM63009Pneumatic pressure switch ARC, 1764..  The ARC, 1764281  
659324657223Core filter  
659424157695Cold and dry machine prefilter mesh  
6595ATF27017The hard tube  
6596ATF27016The hard tube  
6597ATF27015The hard tube  
6599SLT07150Advantech INDUSTRIAL computer host dual core E5300 motherboard 6010/2..  Main board 6010/2g /160G Ethernet port  
6600SLT07087NHigh voltage solid state soft start 10025010KV 400..  10 kv 4001 ~ 5000 HP  
660123799182Liner prefilter 10X456X5..  10X456X596  
660215860794Oil gas water separator IRS-20/0.8  
660323830128Hard tube oil return.25 OD  
6604ES740320Intrinsically safe isolation gate KHG-2/12-10  
6605ES630900Switching power supply S-15-24  
6606ATE58004Oil inlet cylinder for main engine exhaust pipe  
6607SE003037Electromagnetic valve w512 2-10 – DC24V16246407..  1624640752  
6608ATP04118Oil scraper ring  
6609ATP04117Sealing ring  
6610ATP04116Two stage intake valve (with unloader)  
6611ATP04112First stage exhaust valve  
6612ATP04111First stage intake valve (with unloader)  
6613ATP04110Oil filter core  
6615ATP04107Sealing ring PEEK/ZCu..  PEEK/ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5  
6616ATP04106Sealing ring PEEK/ZCu..  PEEK/ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5  
6617ATP04104Double piston ring PEEK  
6618ATP04103Secondary support ring PEEK  
6619ATP04102One stage piston ring PEEK  
6620ATP04101One stage support ring PEEK  
662138475000HR2.5 host maintenance package  
662223473275IntelliFlow Intelligent system pressure controller  
662323473267IntelliFlow Intelligent system pressure controller  
662423473259IntelliFlow Intelligent system pressure controller  
662523473242IntelliFlow Intelligent system pressure controller  
662622415465Assembly of 2ND STAG..  2ND STAGE OIL RETURN  
662718983239The key  
662818983221Door lock components  
6629ATH13001Plate heat exchanger  
6630SLT06970Schneider AC contactor LC1-D620..  LC1-D620F7C AC110V  
663124035602Intake valve V90-160 VSD  
6633SLT07051NIControl pressure sensor  
6634SLT07042NIControl TCPIP interface  
6635SLT07030NIControl SMS sending component  
6636SLT07021NIControl4 dryer expansion modules  
6637SLT07012NIControl Security management fingerprint switch  
6638SLT07009NIcontro-8 Plus Enhanced configuration -8 PCS  
6639SLT07006NIControl -4 Plus Enhanced configuration -4 PCS  
664019046366Inverter assembly VSD huichuan 37KW VSD..  37KW VSD(MD320T45G)  
664192095363Oil level gauge  
6642ES8P0411Intelligent Controller (SC)  
664324031155Safety valve 9Bar V15-37kW  
664424020190Capacity regulating valve control block V90-160  
664524020182Intake valve control block V90-160  
664623801004Fan bracket 3 V 90-160  
664723800998Fan bracket 2 V 90-160  
664823782287Gear set V 160-10  
664923782261Gear set V 160-7  
665023782238Gear set V 132-10  
665123782212Gear set V 132-7  
665223782170Gear set V 110-8  
665323782162Gear set V 110-7  
665423782139Gear set V 90-8  
665523782121Gear set V 110-10  
665623751423Right Angle joint V 0.438-11/160.438 -..  0.438-11/16  
665723748148Fuse VRT18-32 x..  RT18-32XRT14-20X  
665823716459Main engine 226 Grey  
665923698764Host V 178.5mm grey  
6660SE002980Filter C – 235-25162463 48..  1624634866  
666115870934Pressure switch LF17-1H/ 15-18kg  
6662SE002959Silicon free filter element 1015719  
666323901630Cylinder V 90-160  
6664ATF25003Motor 380V 37K..  380V 37KW IE2 Class H  
666524739112Vent solenoid 1.5 “NPT  
666654440045Bolt M8X20(reverse rotation) grade 8.8  
666724068165Tube main engine exhaust M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
666822487110Pressure gauge  
666924555021Hose 20 * 46.00 FM  
667115484140Refrigerant low pressure meter  
667224168981Motor 132KW 380V 50HZ IE1VSD  
667324114282Hose D 2.0 X 75.00  
667423687270Food grade filter assembly  
667522416457Pipe assembly return oil N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-OF  
667622214753Pump CD14D VSDNIRVANA..  NIRVANA (GHH 83903617)  
667721967401Three position transfer switch 6D404  
6678ATC66301Filter cloth  
667922199814Sealing ring  
668039893615Cooler oil cooling  
668124171597Motor 55KW 400V 50HZIE2  
668239266101Power supply module  
6683ATN72018Empty filter  
6684ATD03004Empty filter  
668524492985Tube assembly intercooled inlet NL125-20..  NL125-200  
668623752454Refrigeration compressor MTZ64-4V..  MTZ64-4VM  
668724050056Tube moisture to medium-cooled CD26 VSD  
668818301648Pressure switch KP17B-60..  KP17B-601268  
6689ATC32207Fan motor cable 3*6m2+1*4m2  
6691ATF23475Minimum pressure valve  
669324064057Rotor/stator assembly motor 37-45KW..  37-45KW 400V  
669446866331Drain solenoid 6610 24V  
6695SLT06637Safety valve A28H-16C G2 1/2 “Danyang  
669819046283Transformer VSD 22-37kw380V 80V..  380V 80VA/220V/110V  
6699ATC32206Control cable  
670024168999Motor 160KW 380V 50HZ IE1VSD  
670124072712Controller assembly opened CD26VSD  
670232217382Shrapnel -7100 valve -DIN137  
670324468035Safety valve 100PSIG replaces 391671..  Instead of 39167119  
6704SE002194Gas-water separator WS-250-2″6003051  
6705SE001558Phase sequence protector XJ3-d  
6706SE001042Check valve American standard H71 DN808004052  
6707SE001015Fan pressure switch 7015011A1.6/1.3..  A1.6/1.3-1500  
6708SE000943Rotary temperature meter 7019018  
6709SE000787Bypass valve CGX – 109009020  
6710ATP16997O-ring seal  
6711ATP16962V with 25J9200 joint number 3  
6718ATP16955Valve plates  
6719ATP16904Crosshead (assembly)  
6720ATP16903Connecting rod (assembly)  
6721ATP16540V belt 25J 10160 Number of combined 4  
6724ATP16524Buffering piece  
6725ATP16523Valve plates  
6728ATP16520Buffering piece  
6729ATP16519Valve plates  
6732ATP16516Buffering piece  
6733ATP16515Valve plates  
6736ATP16512Buffering piece  
6737ATP16511Valve plates  
6738ATP165106.25″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6739ATP165096.25″ inlet valve (kit)  
6740ATP165087.00″ exhaust valve (kit)  
6741ATP165077.00″ inlet valve (kit)  
6742ATP165067.50″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6743ATP165057.50″ inlet valve (kit)  
6744ATP1650410.50″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6745ATP1650310.50″ inlet valve (Kit)  
6749ATP16467O-ring seal  
6750ATP16456Type 0 sealing ring  
6751ATP16450Gasket for pump end top cover  
6752ATP16445O-ring seal  
6754ATP16434O-ring seal  
6755ATP16287The seal ring (assembly) contains two pieces of tetrafluorin  
6756ATP16286Oil scraping ring (assembly) contains three pieces of copper  
6758ATP16266O-ring seal  
6759ATP16265Seal ring (assembly) contains three pieces two pieces tetrafluoron..  Three pieces, two tetrafluoron and one copper  
6760ATP16264The sealing ring (assembly) consists of three pieces, two pieces, tetrafluoron and one piece of copper  
6761ATP16253Piston ring  
6762ATP16252Bearing ring  
6763ATP16247The piston rod  
6764ATP16245Piston ring  
6765ATP16244Bearing ring  
6766ATP16243Oil seal  
6767ATP16239The piston rod  
6768ATP16237Piston ring  
6769ATP16236Bearing ring  
6770ATP16231The piston rod  
6771ATP16224Piston ring  
6772ATP16223Support ring  
6773ATP16221Cross nut  
6774ATP16219Piston rod nut  
6775ATP16218The piston rod  
6776ATP162084 kp001404 gasket  
6777ATP16198Winding pads D80-100  
6778ATP16195O-ring seal  
6780ATP16177Gasket RF150-40  
6781ATP16171O-ring seal  
6782ATP16155Gasket RF200-16  
6783ATP16147O-ring seal  
6785ATP16131Gasket RF350-16  
6786ATP16123O-ring seal  
6787ATP16116Gasket RF50-16  
6790ATP16077The crosshead pin  
6791ATP16075Adjust the gasket  
6792ATP16074Adjust the gasket  
6793ATP16071Sliding shoes (2 pieces for one purchase)  
6794ATP16068Connecting rod big head tile (assembly)  
6795ATP16064Connecting rod small head tile  
6796ATP16045Head gasket  
6798ATP16031Side cover gasket  
6799ATP16029Crank shaft seal  
6801ATP16024Fuselage middle top cover gasket  
6802ATP16020Head gasket  
6803ATP16013Main bearing gasket (assembly)  
6804ATP16012Main bearing (2 pieces per set)  
6805ATP16008Thrust ring  
6806ATP119834.00″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6807ATP11982Inlet valve (with unloader) (kit)  
6808ATP11979Inlet valve (with unloader) (assembly)  
6809ATP119777.50″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6810ATP119766.50″ inlet valve (kit)  
6811ATP119749.00″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6812ATP119739.00″ inlet valve (Kit)  
6813ATP11946Crosshead (assembly)  
6814ATP11945Connecting rod (assembly)  
6815ATP11341Type 0 sealing ring  
6816ATP11340O-ring seal  
6818ATP11329O-ring seal  
6820ATP11320O-ring seal  
6822ATP11311O-ring seal  
6824ATP11302O-ring seal  
6825ATP11294Sealing ring (assembly)  
6826ATP11293Oil scraping ring (assembly)  
6828ATP11273Sealing ring (assembly)  
6829ATP11271Sealing ring (assembly)  
6830ATP11270O-ring seal  
6831ATP11260Piston ring  
6832ATP11259Bearing ring  
6833ATP11257Piston rod (with piston)  
6834ATP11256Piston ring  
6835ATP11255Bearing ring  
6836ATP11251The piston rod  
6837ATP11249Piston ring  
6838ATP11248Bearing ring  
6839ATP11244The piston rod  
6840ATP11241Piston ring  
6841ATP11240Bearing ring  
6842ATP11239Oil seal  
6843ATP11238Cross nut  
6844ATP11237Piston rod nut  
6845ATP11236The piston rod  
6847ATP11227Gasket RF80-600  
6848ATP11226O-ring seal  
6850ATP11218Gasket RF100-30..  RF100-300  
6851ATP11217O-ring seal  
6853ATP11209Gasket RF200-15..  RF200-150  
6855ATP11201Gasket RF250-15..  RF250-150  
6857ATP11197O-ring seal  
6858ATP11196O-ring seal  
6860ATP11187The crosshead pin  
6861ATP11185AAdjust the gasket  
6862ATP11185Adjust the gasket  
6863ATP11183Sliding shoes (2 pieces for one purchase)  
6864ATP11181Connecting rod big head tile (assembly)  
6865ATP11178Connecting rod small head tile  
6867ATP11169Pump end fuselage gasket  
6868ATP11168Head gasket  
6869ATP11166Fuselage middle top cover gasket  
6870ATP11164Head gasket  
6871ATP11155Thrust ring  
6872ATP11154Main bearing gasket (assembly)  
6873ATP11153Main bearing (2 pieces per set)  
6874ATP11150Crank shaft seal  
6877ATP11144Side cover gasket  
6878ATP06946Crosshead (assembly)  
6879ATP06945Connecting rod (assembly)  
6880ATP06763Connecting rod large bearing bush  
6881ATP06380V with 25J 7620 number of three  
6882ATP06373Roller bearing 22322CC/..  22322CC/W33  
6883ATP06370Air filter (assembly)  
6884ATP06369Oil filter element (component)  
6887ATP06359Buffering piece  
6888ATP06358Valve plates  
6891ATP06355Buffering piece  
6892ATP06354Valve plates  
6895ATP06351Buffering piece  
6896ATP06350Valve plates  
6899ATP06347Buffering piece  
6901ATP06338O-ring seal  
6903ATP06329O-ring seal  
6905ATP06319O-ring seal  
6907ATP06309O-ring seal  
6909ATP06285Sealing ring (assembly)  
6910ATP06283Sealing ring (assembly)  
6911ATP06282O-ring seal  
6912ATP06272Piston ring  
6913ATP06271Bearing ring  
6914ATP06269Piston rod (with piston)  
6915ATP06268Piston ring  
6916ATP06267Support ring  
6917ATP06263The piston rod  
6918ATP06261Piston ring  
6919ATP06260Bearing ring  
6920ATP06256The piston rod  
6921ATP06253Piston ring  
6922ATP06252Bearing ring  
6923ATP06251Oil seal  
6924ATP06250Cross nut  
6925ATP06249Piston rod nut  
6926ATP06248The piston rod  
6928ATP06238Gasket RF50-63  
6929ATP06237O-ring seal  
6931ATP06229Gasket RF80-25  
6932ATP06228O-ring seal  
6934ATP06220Gasket RF100-16  
6935ATP06219O-ring seal  
6938ATP06207O-ring seal  
6940ATP06188Sealing ring (assembly)  
6941ATP06187Oil scraping ring (assembly)  
6944ATP06172The crosshead pin  
6945ATP06170AAdjust the gasket  
6946ATP06170Adjust the gasket  
6947ATP06169Sliding shoes (2 pieces for one purchase)  
6948ATP06166Gasket (assembly)  
6949ATP06163Connecting rod small head tile  
6950ATP06159O-ring seal  
6953ATP06152-02The crankshaft  
6954ATP06152-01The crankshaft  
6958ATP060483.25″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6959ATP060473.25″ Inlet valve (with unloader) (assembly)  
6960ATP060454.00″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6961ATP06044Inlet valve (with unloader) (kit)  
6962ATP060426.00″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6963ATP06041Inlet valve (with unloader) (assembly)  
6964ATP060396.50″ exhaust valve (kit)  
6965ATP060386.50″ inlet valve (with unloader) (kit)  
6966ATP01864Air muffler filter (assembly)  
6967ATP01863Oil filter element (component)  
6969ATP01860Buffering piece  
6970ATP01859Valve plates  
6971ATP01856Buffering piece  
6972ATP01855Valve plates  
6974ATP01852Buffering piece  
6975ATP01851Valve plates  
6977ATP01848Buffering piece  
6978ATP01847Valve plates  
6979ATP018466.00″ exhaust valve (Kit)  
6980ATP01136Air filter element (component)  
6981ATP01122Oil filter element (component)  
6982ATN33004After cooler  
6983ATF23013Needle valve type 2 * NPT1/2  
6984ATE04003Solenoid valve  
698546852208In-box cooling fan VSD250KW380V AC  
698642659276XPM – LED module  
698739266135Communication line  
698839249982SGV controller chip  
698924663536Globe valve  
699024663429Directly to the head  
699124663411Tee joint  
699224584146Heavy duty oil separation core  
699424546558Temperature controlled valve housing  
699524061640Ultracold EL 208 l  
699624061624EL cold 15 l  
699723597420Cable assembly  
699821962683Sanjiaodai, SPC2440  
699915874860Motor 5HP/380V/3PH/50HZ/U4P-Y3 Series 1…  P – Y3 series 1.15 SF  
700015834427Motor wheel 1 a – 178-1-28  
700115487010Compressor SM147H9001148  
7002SLT06448XStandard gas storage tank C-5.0/1.0 relief valve and globe valve..  One relief valve and one globe valve  
70032463789427 kw heater  
70042463787818 kw heater  
700524637852Heater is 10.8 KW  
7006246378459 kw heater  
700724637837Heater is 7.8 KW  
700824637811Heater is 4.8 KW  
700924637761Heater is 2.1 KW  
701024637720Temperature sensor E degrees R1/2  
701124637712Solenoid valve two five-way  
701224637696IR – Ⅵ controller  
701324637670Control pressure reducing valve AW2000-0..  AW2000-02  
701424637654Muffler 2″  
701524637639Silencer 1″  
701624637563Check valve 3″  
701724637472Cylinder butterfly valve 4″  
701824637464Cylinder butterfly valve 3″  
701924653800testFrequency converter assembly MD320NT132G  
702022493043Starter cover  
702115488760Youjie coolant (20 l)  
7022SLT06304Ac contactor LC1D170/..  LC1D170/110VAC  
702315874845The motor  
702415444144SAir tank C – 15.0/1.0  
702515441645SAir tank C – 15.0/0.8  
702623737323Regulated power supply  
7027SLT06250XStorage tank C-75/1.0 lined with stainless steel 304 with stand fumigated..  304 with support fumigate wood holder  
7028SLT06247XAir storage tank C-25/1.0 (including bracket) fumigated wood holder, including Shanghai..  Fumigated wooden pallet including Shanghai freight  
702924174542Tube minimum pressure valve to post cooled M300/350..  M300/350-SS WC  
703024627291IR heat recovery 300KW external direct heat external machine  
703124627283IR heat recovery 250kW external direct heat external machine  
703224627267IR heat recovery 160kW external direct heat external machine  
703324627259IR heat recovery 132KW external direct heat external machine  
703424627242IR heat recovery 110kW external direct heat external machine  
703524627234IR heat recovery 90KW external direct heat external machine  
703624627226IR heat recovery 75KW external direct heat external machine  
703724627218IR heat recovery 55KW external direct heat external machine  
703815874936Motor 3HP/380V/3PH/50HZ/U2P-Y3 series 1…  P – Y3 series 1.15 SF  
703923464829Filter exhaust fan PFA60000  
7040SE000721The evaporator H9014023  
704124362006Stand Kit FA1200I-..  FA1200I-FA2700I  
704224361958Clamping tool FA1200I-..  FA1200I-FA2700I  
704324361941Clamping tool FA600I-F..  FA600I-FA1000I  
704424361933Clamping tool FA150I-F..  FA150I-FA490I  
704524361925Clamping tool FA75I-FA..  FA75I-FA110I  
704624361917Clamping tool FA30I-FA..  FA30I-FA40I  
704724356750Differential pressure gauge FA30-40..  FA30-40 (BSPT) bar  
704824356693Filter element FA30IH K..  FA30IH KIT  
704924356685Filter element FA30IG K..  FA30IG KIT  
705024356669Filter element FA30IA K..  FA30IA KIT  
705124335044The differential gauge FA75-270..  FA75-2700 (BSPT) bar  
705224335036Manual drain valve BSP  
705324335028Automatic drain valve FA  
705424335010O-rings FA2300I -..  FA2300I-FA2700I  
705524334989O-rings FA600I – 1..  FA600I-1000I  
705624334955O-rings FA75I – FA…  FA75I-FA110I  
705724242596Filter element FA2700IH..  FA2700IH KIT  
705824242588Filter element FA2700IG..  FA2700IG KIT  
705924242570Filter element FA2700ID..  FA2700ID KIT  
706024242562Filter element FA2700IA..  FA2700IA KIT  
706124242554Filter element FA2300IH..  FA2300IH KIT  
706224242547Filter element FA2300IG..  FA2300IG KIT  
706324242539Filter element FA2300ID..  FA2300ID KIT  
706424242521Filter element FA2300IA..  FA2300IA KIT  
706524242513Filter element FA1830IH..  FA1830IH KIT  
706624242505Filter element FA1830IG..  FA1830IG KIT  
706724242497Filter element FA1830ID..  FA1830ID KIT  
706824242489Filter element FA1830IA..  FA1830IA KIT  
706924242471Filter element FA1560IH..  FA1560IH KIT  
707024242463Filter element FA1560IG..  FA1560IG KIT  
707124242455Filter element FA1560ID..  FA1560ID KIT  
707224242448Filter element FA1560IA..  FA1560IA KIT  
707324242430Filter element FA1200IH..  FA1200IH KIT  
707424242422Filter element FA1200IG..  FA1200IG KIT  
707524242414Filter element FA1200ID..  FA1200ID KIT  
707624242406Filter element FA1200IA..  FA1200IA KIT  
707724242398Filter element FA1000IH..  FA1000IH KIT  
707824242380Filter element FA1000IG..  FA1000IG KIT  
707924242372Filter element FA1000ID..  FA1000ID KIT  
708024242364Filter element FA1000IA..  FA1000IA KIT  
708124242356Filter element FA800IH..  FA800IH KIT  
708224242349Filter element FA800IG..  FA800IG KIT  
708324242331Filter element FA800ID..  FA800ID KIT  
708424242323Filter element FA800IA..  FA800IA KIT  
708524242315Filter element FA600IH..  FA600IH KIT  
708624242307Filter element FA600IG..  FA600IG KIT  
708724242299Filter element FA600ID..  FA600ID KIT  
708824242281Filter element FA600IA..  FA600IA KIT  
708924242273Filter element FA490IH..  FA490IH KIT  
709024242265Filter element FA490IG..  FA490IG KIT  
709124242257Filter element FA490ID..  FA490ID KIT  
709224242240Filter element FA490IA..  FA490IA KIT  
709324242224Filter element FA400IH..  FA400IH KIT  
709424242208Filter element FA400IG..  FA400IG KIT  
709524242190Filter element FA400ID..  FA400ID KIT  
709624242174Filter element FA400IA..  FA400IA KIT  
709724242166Filter element FA230IH..  FA230IH KIT  
709824242141Filter element FA230IG..  FA230IG KIT  
709924242125Filter element FA230ID..  FA230ID KIT  
710024242117Filter element FA230IA..  FA230IA KIT  
710124242091Filter element FA190IH..  FA190IH KIT  
710224242083Filter element FA190IG..  FA190IG KIT  
710324242067Filter element FA190ID..  FA190ID KIT  
710424242059Filter element FA190IA..  FA190IA KIT  
710524242034Filter element FA150IH..  FA150IH KIT  
710624242018Filter element FA150IG..  FA150IG KIT  
710724242000Filter element FA150ID..  FA150ID KIT  
710824241986Filter element FA150IA..  FA150IA KIT  
710924241960Filter element FA110IH..  FA110IH KIT  
711024241952Filter element FA110IG..  FA110IG KIT  
711124241937Filter element FA110ID..  FA110ID KIT  
711224241929Filter element FA110IA..  FA110IA KIT  
711324241903FA75IH K..  FA75IH KIT  
711424241895FA75IG K..  FA75IG KIT  
711524241879Filter FA75ID K..  FA75ID KIT  
711624241861Filter element FA75IA K..  FA75IA KIT  
711724241853Filter element FA40IH filter for  
711824241846FA40IG Filter element _ Service spare parts  
711924241838Filter element FA40ID K..  FA40ID KIT  
712024241812Filter element FA40IA K..  FA40IA KIT  
712223525637Initiator SOLID STATE 234A  
7123SE002140Cold dryer fuse  
712424169013Intake valve M90-160  
7125SLT06124ACS4000 Surge Protection Kit HL1-D-20..  HL1-D-20/275 C65N-2P-D20  
712624253544Motor fan 9KW 400V 50HZIE3  
7127SLT06067Mitsubishi Q Series Ethernet module QJ71E71-..  QJ71E71-100  
712824101693Motor 4KW 220-240/380-415V50Hz IE2  
7129SLT06040Dew point transmitter DMT152  
713023740509Current transformer huichuan controller comes with it  
713124553356Vent valve repair kit M90-160  
713224553331Adjustable valve repair kit M90-160  
713324553315Solenoid valve -110V on-off intake valve M90-160  
713424553299Control block repair kit intake valve M90-160  
713524553281Cylinder repair kit intake valve M90-160  
713615873326Cooler SSC15  
713732293938Crankcase end cover 2545  
713823565484The module automatically restarts when the power is off  
713924167363Cable solenoid valve M90-160  
714024121212Oil separator core  
714123531635Module service Component PVVF18EN..  PVVF18ENO new: 49165681  
714242859025XAir tank C – 8.0/1.0  
714339919485Mechanical seal  
7145ATE26012Safety filter element Donaldson nano film,  
7146ATF23016Solenoid valve assembly  
7147SLT05875Intelliflow air source triplet Airtac BFC30..  The guest BFC3000  
7148ATE66014Oil filter  
714924553323Solenoid valve -110V adjustable intake valve M90-160  
7150SE001021High voltage protection switch 7014021  
715124553307Body repair kit intake valve 90-160  
715232294027Gasket, crankshaft end cover  
715332293961Piping parts – check valve/low pressure cylinder head  
715432293953Piping parts – vent valve/high pressure cylinder head  
715615443187The evaporator  
7157SLT04375Dryer modification accessory MY2NJ DC..  MY2NJ DC24V  
7158SLT05806Kingview 6.53 EN_Dev512 points  
7159SLT05803Kingview 6.53 EN_Run512 points  
7160ATE66012The security filter  
7161ATE66011The main filter  
716218301655Pressure gauge D= 63MMR404-1 /..  R404-1 / + 32 ° C / ° F  
716324130163Errata Manual M200/350  
716424061608ULTRA EL Super Coolant (5L)  
716523376015Product data management (PDM) filter  
716619046291Inverter assembly VSD 22KW VSD..  22KW VSD(MD320T30G)  
716724271529Solenoid selector valve (Old drawing No. 23446750)  
7169SLT05797Standard ACS4000 heat dissipation fan  
717099333080Intermediate relay seat PYF08A  
717142600924Shaft seal  
717683903870Compressor repair kit  
717780065386XGas holder (stainless steel)C-10/1.0  
717924108854Solenoid valve (single single)  
718023014491Motor 45KW 400V 50HZ 2PIE2  
718124180093Motor fan 9KW 400V 50HZIE2  
718242899104XAir tank C – 6.0/1.0  
718324050015Eiger high efficiency oil cooler  
718523103260Tube assembly  
718722214555Gear box CD14D VSDS/A (GHH..  S/A (GHH 83903396)  
7188SLT05683Pressure transmitter 0-40bar  
7189SLT05680Schneider industrial computer Intel2.6..  Intel2.6 G6/250 gb of memory  
7190SLT05677Kingview Infinity Point 5 user WEB  
719122988141Empty filter  
719242899211XAir tank C – 2.0/1.3  
7193SLT05704220V 60Hz to 115V 60Hz transformer  
719522988166Oil separator  
7196ATH29000Oil free heat recovery OF HRS400-200-..  400-200-2  
7197ATH28000Oil free heat Recovery OFHRS-400-..  HRS-400-3
7198ATH26000Oil free heat recovery OF HRS 5..  OF HRS 500-160-3  
7199ATH25000Oil free heat recovery OF HRS 5..  OF HRS 500-250-2  
7200ATH18000OF HRS 250-110-2 heat recovery  
7201ATH0200CS90-150w Heat recovery internal retrofit kit  
720224230088Option blowback component NIRVANA..  NIRVANA CD8  
720324436321Hose HYD 1.50 X 26 replace 855765..  Instead of 85576536  
720424436313Hose HYD 2.00 X 46 replace 855633..  Instead of 85563310  
720523953664Steel braided tube stainless steel CD26 instead of 3..  CD26 instead of 39918081  
7206ATF21130Operation and maintenance manual  
720795851382Complement core NPT1.5 x2..  NPT1.5 x2.5  
720824083065Assembly blowback electrical  
7209SLT05533Stainless steel storage tank C15.0/1.0  
7210680303WCH NPT 1/4″ X 1/4″ Fitting  
721146852141Fan frequency converter VSD250KW  
721242899260XAir tank C – 1.0/0.8  
721342859009XAir tank C – 5.0/1.0  
721424483810Assembly cable 13SV  
721524301699Bellows venturi to check valve  
721624004707Operation manual  
721724004699Parts manual  
721815856230Pressure gauge, radial oil-filled shock resistance 0-600 pSI-NPT1..  PSI-NPT1/4  
7219ATN10504Empty filter  
7220ATE62023Temperature controlled valve spool 1580-140..  1580-140-STA  
722115457856Filter dryer  
722224313694Blowback option SIERRA  
7223ATH1700ASIERRA – 75 – kw reform package  
722424064073Stator HPM (45KW / 60HP 400VOLTS)  
722523529746EMC board  
722667747576The wire  
722723684301The circuit breaker  
723123644685Spring relay fixing  
723223644677Install socket relay guide rail  
723323560253The heater  
723423540560ORACLE is in MM  
723523540545Tube (ORCALE unit MM) Purchase Multiple: 30…  Purchase multiple: 30.5  
723623538184The heater  
723723538168The heater  
723823455520Interference suppressor  
723954463518Yin rotor M45  
724024000937Assembly right rear corner rack  
724154463500Yang rotor M45  
7242ATM22041Expansion joint  
7243SE001537Circuit board  
724430666002Needle valve NPT1/4(removed parts from 15T2 head)  
724524101776Cover air filter cover housing M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
724624114274The top bracket M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
724723754245Motor stator 75kW  
7248219954106 * 3/8 rubber wheel  
7249SLT05344ANon-standard storage tank C-10.0/1.0 with cooling coils  
7250ES441140Knob switches XB2-BD21C  
725223723281Filter electric control box air intake for 880936..  For 88093612  
725315484108Fan motor H9002063  
725446839817Probe SENSOR N..  SENSOR NG6 3m  
7255SLT05341Quick fuse RST1-800-710A  
725623434889Gland for 297/250 male bearing  
725724312639Joint R0.25 XNPT0.25  
72582430898316 bar pressure regulating valve  
725924097214Solenoid valve (normally closed) two two  
726022840029Relay N22E  
726124471609PTFE High flow Sterilizing filter F2880IU-..  F2880IU-Element-ZHFT/3C  
726224471583PTFE high flow Sterilizing filter F1680IU-..  F1680IU-Element-ZHFT/1C  
726324471575PTFE high flow Sterilizing filter ELEMENT F1200IU-..  F1200IU-Element-ZHFT/3C  
726424471567PTFE high flow sterilizing filter F810IU-E..  F810IU-Element-ZHFT/2C  
726524471559PTFE high flow sterilizing filter F480IU-E..  F480IU-Element-ZHFT/1C  
726624471542PTFE high flow sterilizing filter 216IU-EL..  216IU-Element-ZHFT/KC  
726724471534PTFE high flow Sterilizing filter F150IU-E..  F150IU-Element-ZHFT/AZ  
726824471757Air bleeder SS304  
726942899138XAir tank C – 0.6/1.0  
7270ES821760Thermal resistance PT100  
727123619950Hard tube barrel body after cooling  
7272ES811531Pressure transmitter  
7273SE000973Axial pressure gauge  
7274SE000970HANYE – Ⅵ controller  
7275SE000955Pressure reducing valve AW2000-02  
7276SE000529Muffler XY-10 1″  
727715487903Two five way solenoid valve  
727899310872Cable assembly  
727915442551BCarbon steel gas storage tank C-12.5/1.0  
7280ATE54011The exhaust pipe  
728139852652Bearing 160-2 s  
728230288393First stage piston pin  
728330287783Double piston pin  
728424117582Stud M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
728524110025The tube inlet M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
728624101768Air filter housing M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
728724091118Support air filter M300/350..  M300/350-SS  
728823580848The controller  
728915860745Oil gas water separator IRS-4.0/0.8  
729015444698XStainless steel gas storage tank C-1.0/0.8  
7291SE001600The silencer 2 “16246013..  1624601321  
729224108813Start button (green)  
7293SLT04993Pressure transmitter 266 model GSH-UKBN..  GSH – UKBNA1EZL1 0-1.6 MPa  
729523941925The relief valve  
729685561850Hose D 1.25 X 46.0  
729723913080Check valve service package CD14  
729839317995Shaft seal  
729939317987Shaft seal  
730022415335Shaft sleeve  
7301ATH01039Gasket DN32  
73021586227910HP/380-415V/3ph/50-60Hz/2545/..  Hz/2545/H710  
730423529605Identification plate 132Kw 40..  132Kw 400V  
730523529571The patch panel 75 kw – 400..  75KW-400VAC  
730623529563Strips of 55 kw – 400..  55KW-400VAC  
730723527252Plate ID110KW 40..  110KW 400VAC  
730823527245Plate ID90KW 400..  90KW 400VAC  
730915466626XAir tank C – 1.0/1.6  
731023829328Check valve 1.78 mm..  1.78 mm (070 INCHES).  
731215878721Filter which – 1800-50 h (55-70 bar)  
731315878697Filter which – 180-15 h (55-70 bar)  
731415878499Filter which – 480-25 d (55-70 bar)  
731515878440Filter which – 180-15 h (35-40 bar)  
731623421225Intake valve  
731715878481Filter which – 180-15 d (55-70 bar)  
731815878408Filter which – 180-15 d (35-40 bar  
732023542202The adapter  
732123444482Screw machine temperature control valve  
732223694904The stator  
732523830136Hard tube oil return.25 OD  
732719046374Inverter assembly VSD Huichuan 1.5KW VS..  1.5 KW VSD (MD320T1. 5 g)  
7328SLT05029Single-channel intelligent display table Model NHR-1100H-27-0..  00H-27-0/2/P (24) /A  
732924217598Assembly right front corner plate with foam  
733024217572Assembly right vertical support  
733124217564Rear assembly vertical support  
733224217556Assembly right rear corner plate with foam  
733324217549Assembly right top plate with foam  
733424198947Back strut  
733524197816Support right rear corner plate  
733624197808Bracket right front corner plate  
733724172199Support the roof  
733824168353Right strut  
733924168346Support the right front corner plate  
734019060896After high temperature filter HT8L-10DSJ  
734185643948Main coupling ointment  
734238440962Ball valve  
7343ATS19027Fan motor 4KW 1.15 50HZ  
7344ATS19024Secondary return pipe  
7345ATS19004Minimum pressure valve  
7346SE001444Inlet valve cylinder universal: ATM63029/ATS0704..  / ATS07040 (for 46831210)  
734715486798Fan YWF4S-400BD(blower) 902072  
734839875331Decal SG controller  
734924183881Plate water condenser FHC052-30  
735024183873Plate water condenser FHC028-40  
735124183832Plate fin heat exchanger type E  
735224183824Plate fin heat exchanger type D  
735324146789Filter L620AO  
735424146763Filter L330AO  
735524146698Porcelain ball RSBB-¢10  
735624146672Hydathode OPT – 16 b  
735724146151Refrigerant dryer filter EK-165S  
735824145963Temperature probe PT100  
735924145955Module EM223  
736024145948Module EM231  
736124145930Module EM222  
736224145922Text display TD400  
736424145898Muffler XY – 15  
736524145864The filter core L017  
736624145831Pressure gauge RS-Y-100 1.6mpa  
736724145823Temperature sensor M5156-00..  M5156-00000E-016BG-4-20m  
736824145815Temperature sensor RS-TT-100  
736924145807Limit switch LS820 05  
737024145773Pneumatic ball valve RSQF-15BL63G  
737124145732Pneumatic butterfly valve RSDF-150BT16g  
737224145716Pneumatic butterfly valve RSDF-100BT16g  
737324145708Pneumatic butterfly valve RSDF-80BT16G  
737424145690Pneumatic butterfly valve RSDF-65BT16G  
737524145674Pneumatic butterfly valve RSDF-40BT16G  
737624145633Diffuser RSKS – 6  
737724145617Diffuser RSKS – DN100  
737824145591Diffuser RSKS – DN80  
737924145583Diffuser RSKS – DN65  
738024145575Diffuser RSKS – (  
738124145559Heater RSHT – 111 kw  
738224145450Blower DG8-A 15KW  
738324145369Two five-way solenoid valve RSSV-531..  RSSV – 531 – E4-08 (single)  
738424145351Two position five way control valve RSSV-532..  RSSV-532-E4-08M  
738524145344Two position five way control valve RSSV-531..  RSSV-531-E4-08M  
738624145328Check valve RSZHF – 25/150  
738724145310Check valve RSZHF – 25/125  
738824145302Check valve RSZHF – 25/100  
738924145294Check valve RSZHF – 25/80  
739024145286Check valve RSZHF – 25/65  
739124145278Check valve RSZHF – 25/50  
739224145260Check valve RSZHF – 25/40  
739324145161Adsorbent RSMS – enables BJ – 4 a  
739615488752Youjie coolant 200 liters  
739715486806Fan motor  
7398ATH23039Water relief valve  
739915873300Pressure switch LF18-1H-three-phase /NPT1/4 internal thread /0  
7400AA006005The positioning pin  
740189292635Hose assembly  
740339147129Rod end ball bearing  
740423529613Identification plate 160Kw 40..  160Kw 400V  
740595944906Elbow 1.50 X1.5..  1.50 X1.50  
740685562981Hose D 1.50 X 40.0 Reference Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889913  
740724000929Assembly exhaust panel  
740824000903Assembly right end plate  
740924000895Assembly left end panel  
741024000861Assembly universal panel  
741124000853Assembly left top panel  
741224000846Assembly middle top panel  
741324000838Assembly right top panel  
741424000820Assembly rear panel  
741524000812Assembly upper upper front panel  
741623612484Hard pipe cooling water inlet city dirty water  
741723612476Hard pipe cooling water outlet city dirty water  
741823612468Rigid tube water cooler  
7419ATN12003Rear cooler (ATN1160..  (ATN11603 316L tube core)  
742023969298Condensate discharge solenoid valve Class H original :224102..  The original: 22410286  
742142899252XAir tank C – 1.0/1.0  
742215444961XAir tank C – 30.0/0.8  
7423SE001351Main motor cooling fan (for 23911..  (used for 23911225)  
742423541568Fuse 30A 600VBUSSMAN..  BUSSMAN JJS-30  
742523846132Motor stator 55kW  
742623581762EMC board  
742723953656Tube assembly stainless steel CD14 instead of 3..  CD14 instead of 39890587  
742823953649Steel braided tube stainless steel CD14 instead of 2..  CD14 instead of 22079438  
742924227928Intake valve large volume adjustment M90-160  
743022505010Oil pump CD4/8 DVS..  CD4/8DVSD  
743139146782White wire 16 GA  
743237130341Cylinder head  
7433SLT04780CPU 315-2 PN/DP 6ES7315-2EH1..  315-2EH14-0AB0  
7434L100000320 liters of coolant  
7435L1000002208 liters of coolant  
7437630078Black nylon tube  
743824172215Empty filter M90-160  
743924048910Intake valve 90-160 – kw  
744023688328Pillar M200-250  
744123685845Pillar M200-250  
744223685827Angle of M200-250  
744323685811Door plank of M200-250  
744423684335Door plank on M200-250  
7445SLT03553MKIV two-way communication connector – Subcon-plus-CAN..  PLUS-CAN/PG-2708119  
7446SLT03550MKIV unidirectional communication connector – Subcon-plus-can..  PLUS-CAN-2744694  
7447ATH01041RWD68 temperature controller  
744815872849Sanjiaodai, SPC2500  
744923993686Hall sensor detector  
745015872831Sanjiaodai, SPC2360  
745115834260Motor wheel SPB315-1-38  
7452SLT04702Dew point transmitter – with in-place display -4-20ma output  
7453SLT04663DCS communication module Modbus RTU upgrade  
745423526346ABB AC contactor A30-30-1..  A30-30-10-84  
745524134090Signal replicator  
745623565328Cruise Control Unit Maintenance Kit (8000 hours)  
745723465412ABB AC contactor A110-30-..  A110-30-11-84  
7458ESG20000Solenoid valve coil  
745938053021Outlet check valve diaphragm  
746038052866Regenerative check valve diaphragm  
746189296206Contactor A185-30 -..  A185-30-11 110V  
746215486756Unidirectional capacitance running sub-axial flow fan motor  
746323762750Screw machine moisture 2.5″OMI  
746423702061Temperature control components  
7465ES8C0723Pressure switch  
7466ES890111Temperature sensor  
7467ES811356Pressure transducer  
7468ATS19034Oil-gas separation core  
7469ATS11057Empty filter  
7470ATS11034Oil-gas separation core  
7471ATS05027Metal hose (0.75UNF at both ends)  
7472ATS05024Metal hose (1.625UNF at both ends)  
7473ATE26011Empty filter  
7474ATC25015Intake control valve  
7475SE001246Fluororubber o-ring,IROQ5625  
7476SE001231Asbestos free rubber sheet gasket,IRDP5625  
747822505051Shaft sleeve  
747924203481Rear cooler 160KW 14BAR for 234101..  Used for 23410160 split type cooler  
748023927809Return tubing assembly  
7481ATN01058The valve  
7482SLT04591Switching power supply -S-25-24- clear weft  
7483SLT04588Analog input module -Q64AD- Mitsubishi  
748438062253EPL ball valve, 40MM  
748592804475Return pipe  
748654540851Refueling SS3/4  
748736020519The host HR2.5 I = 1.4717  
748823869258Rear cooler R90-110(..  R90-110(LT. MAN & CORE) 
748923735509Fan assembly (with capacitor)  
749042899229XAir tank C – 2.0/1.0  
749142898999XAir tank C – 10.0/0.8  
749242858993xAir tank C – 5.0/0.8  
749315870835High performance cut edge casting V belt 5V-1120-OptibTL..  -OPTIBTLT  
749442858977XAir tank C – 3.0/1.0  
749638430005Water separator  
749754671706Motor rotor 37/45kW (..  37/45KW(50/60HP)  
749923941917The relief valve  
750023533193Valve spool 195-212 w..  195-212 degrees Fahrenheit  
7501631787Thermometer. 350-550  
750242659292X12I controller  
750323869282Rear cooler R132-160..  R132-160(LT. MAN & CORE)  
750423869274Oil cooler R132-160..  R132-160(LT. MAN & CORE)  
750519002641Thermal overload relay SIEMENS3UA62 40..  3UA62 40-3H 90-120A  
750646852190Ac relay AC110V4N.O+4N…  4N.O+4N.C  
750738062238Ball valve, 25MM for EPL  
750838062220Ball valve, 20MM for EPL  
750937138344Level 3 ring  
751032256141Piston guide plate  
751123411895Drain valve M22X1. 5  
7512SLT04513Supercharger maintenance kit – Kt-VBA43A-1  
7513SLT04507132KW Schneider inverter -ATV61HC16N4  
751423869266Oil cooler R90-110(..  R90-110(LT. MAN & CORE)  
7515190561267/8″CNTR CORD PG9  
7516SE000727The evaporator H9014029  
751747162714Plastic clamp, 20MM for EPL  
751847162557Ball valve with internal thread 1/2″ BSP for EPL  
751947162326Straight connector 25MM X 1/2 “‘ BSP for EPL  
752047162300Straight-through connector 63MM X 25MM for EPL  
752147162292Straight-through connector 63MM X 20MM for EPL  
752247162250Straight-through connector 25MM X 20MM for EPL  
752347162243Tee reducer 63MM X 40MM for EPL  
752447162235Tee reducer 40MM X 32MM for EPL  
752547162227Tee reducer 32MM X 2..  32MM X 25MM  
752647162219Tee reducer 25MM X 20MM for EPL  
752747162201Three-way connector, 63MM for EPL  
752847162193Three-way connector, 40MM for EPL  
752947162177Three-way connector, 25MM for EPL  
753047162169Tee connector, 20MM  
753147162144Reducer connector 40MM X 32MM for EPL  
753247162136Reducer 32MM X 2..  32MM X 25MM  
753347162128Reducer 25MM X 2..  25MM X 20MM  
753447162094Stuffy, 32MM for EPL  
75354716198990 degree connector, 63MM  
75364716197190 degree connector, 40MM  
75374716196390 degree connector, 32MM  
75384716195590 degree connector, 25MM for EPL  
75394716194890 degree connector, 20MM for EPL  
754047161831Male thread adapter 63MM X 2..  63MM X 2″ BSP  
754147161815Male thread adapter 40MM X 1..  40 mm X 1.1/2 “BSP  
754247161807Male thread adapter 40MM X 1..  40 mm X 1.1/4 “BSP  
754347161781Female thread adapter 32MM X 1.1/4″ BSP for..  4″ BSP applies to EPL  
754447161773Male thread adapter 32MM X 1..  32MM X 1″ BSP  
754547161757External thread adapter 25MM X 3/4″BSP for EPL  
754647161732Male thread adapter 20MM X 3..  20MM X 3/4″ BSP  
754747161724Female thread adapter 20MM X 1/2″BSP for EPL  
754847161666Straight connector, caliber 63MM  
754947161658Straight connector, caliber 40MM  
755047161641Straight connector, diameter 32MM for EPL  
755147161633Straight connector, diameter 25MM for EPL  
755247161625Straight connector, diameter 20MM for EPL  
755319029222RC resistance and capacitance absorber ABB RC 5..  ABB RC 5-1/133V  
7554SE000820Bearing NU322C3 (FAG copper cage)  
7555SE000817Bearing 6322C3 (FAG)  
755642899112XAir storage tank C-6.0/0.8 (Xi ‘an Songnan)  
7557SE000769Main motor cooling fan (for 23004880)  
755823620438Interface board PL2  
755923615636Input module  
756023529712Output module, IGBT  
756123529662Output module, IGBT  
756223529639Input module  
756323529621Input module  
756423485535Control panel, PL1  
756515471147XAir tank C – 4.0/1.0  
7566R99332280In15-8 overhaul rental machine  
7567R99332256In10-7 Overhaul rental machine  
7568R99324675Up5-22-7 Overhaul rental machine  
7569R99292625UP5-30-10 used  
7570R99292609Up5-30-7 overhaul rental machine  
7571R46833018Air compressor R110I – W7.5  
7572R46832978R110 overhaul rental machine  
7573R42579797Tsc-9a overhaul rental machine  
7574R19022607Tsc-7a overhaul rental machine  
757588115720Gear set 1.476 CF90G6  
757688101944Gear set 1.364 CF90G6  
757746829586Solid state relay (45A)  
757923529696IGBT module  
7580ES8L0010Temperature sensor  
7581ATH02002Plate heat exchanger  
7582ATH02001The water pump  
7583ATH01016On and off solenoid valve  
7584ATH01011The check valve  
7585ATH01007The water pump  
7586ATH01006Two way control valve  
7587ATH01005Three way control valve  
7588ATH01002Plate heat exchanger  
758942899179XAir tank C – 4.0/0.8  
759024087215Oil separator  
759123973985Ultra FG Food Grade Coolant 208 Lite..  208 liters (55 gallons)  
759223973977Ultra FG food grade Coolant 20 liter..  20 liters (5.3 gallons)  
759323973969Ultra FG food grade coolant 5 Examining..  5 liters (1.2 gallons)  
7594SE000709Relay RBR122A 115VAC/DCABB.  
7595SE000670Evaporator core 13.5m3/ length: 750CM H5004..  CM H5004047  
759615486160Aluminum alloy evaporator LJ76-1.0..  LJ76-1.0 H9014086.  
759715459076Programming controller CPU224H902705  
7598SLT04159Button XB2EA145  
7599SLT04156Button XB2EA135  
7600SLT04153HL4 indicator xb2-BVB1C  
7601SLT04150HL3 indicator xb2-BVB3C  
7602SLT04147HL2 indicator XB2-BVB4C  
7603SLT04144HL1 indicator XB2-BVM1C  
7604SLT04105Mitsubishi PLC digital quantity transistor output -QY40P  
7605SE000667Power frequency controller KT-09B diaphragm (for 190678..  For 19067875)  
7606633665Power supply D-50B DC 5V/24V universal 190648..  General 19064856  
7607633605Solenoid valve end plate universal 23398795  
7608633604Solenoid valve general 38053625  
7609SLT04084Supertube ball valve 28mm (replace imported 883..  (Substitute import 88306402)  
7610SLT04081Supertube ball valve 22mm (instead of imported 883..  (Substitute import 88306139)  
7611SLT04078Supertube ball valve 15mm (replace imported 883..  (Substitute import 88315635)  
761380065253XStainless steel gas storage tank C-3.0/1.0  
761438052932WCH 1 1/2p.O.N.C. Original :630572  
761546829602The brass  
761646829594Pressure controller  
761724071581Relay CM – TCS. 1..  CM-TCS.13  
761815483787Compressor H9001135  
7619725269Display panel assembly bracket 4″ Universal 190648..  General 19064831″  
7620680711X-15 1 1/2MPT” Universal 3805454..  In 38054540,  
7621680619Muffler X-05 1/2MPT” Universal 38446514  
7622633658Solenoid valve 24VDC universal 380530..  General 38053054  
762332293623Cylinder gasket  
762432247934Cylinder head gasket 2340  
7625SE000613Fan Motor cooling fan (for 23048267)  
7626697007Brass 1/4″ OD..  1/4″ OD X.030 ACR units  
7628631057Adapter 901/4NPT X..  1/4NPT X 1/4TBNG  
7629630075Joint 1/4 NPT  
7630630074WCH copper connector 1/4  
7631630062Copper next door connector 1/4 NPT  
763232294019Gasket, cylinder/crankcase  
763315862063Pressure switch XMLB160N2S11-160kg Schneider  
763415861867Pressure switch XMLB035A2S11-35kg-apply  
7635H0600270O-ring inner diameter 60*2.65 fluorine rubber  
7636ATC26036Packaging bags  
7637ATN09504Empty filter  
7638ATH0200BHrs-ofs-160 – Internal retrofit package  
7639ATH02000Hrs-ofs-160 oil free heat recovery  
7640ATH01009Automatic vent valve  
764146830139Temperature control spool OD=45mm 140-160FAMOT/ after-sales service..  AMOT/ After service 5435X150  
764285562759Hose D 1.50 X 78.0 Refer to Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889913  
7643633353Differential pressure gauge  
764438052924WCH inlet valve :630406  
764535086347The host HR2.0 I = 1.2982  
764623517931Push button emergency stop  
7647SLT04006Schneider 90KW inverter -ATV61HC11N4  
7648ESG00201Loading solenoid valve  
7650680454X-10 1MPT” General 38054524  
765130210199Curved shaft bushing  
765223487465High dust air filter element 200HP /1..  200HP /132-150KW SIERRA  
765323423676Fan motor 132M 400..  132M 400V 50HZ  
7654680455Muffler X-20 2MPT” Universal 38054045  
7655630524Muffler BRNZ 1/4 universal 38053286  
7656R42864199Refurbished cooler  
765715860844The IRS – 2.0/1.6  
765822625453Temperature controlled valve sleeve barrel  
765922404255The catheter  
766038465670The divergent component  
766130812028Finned tube  
766239914445Pipe assembly oil cooling water cooling  
766323669302Pressure switch  
766438448239Service pack, valve  
766523564446Air intake filter  
766692804483Return tubing joint  
7667631324Pressure gauge 3 1/2″ 1/4″MPT  
766815444144XAir storage tank C-15/1.0(Xi ‘an Songnan)  
7669SLT03892Standard power module S-100-12 on the ACS4000  
7670SE000559The inner diameter of gran head is greater than 18mm  
7671SE000556The inner diameter of gran head is greater than 14.5mm  
76726984331/4″ X C..  1/4″ X CLS SCH40  
7673680299Internal and external threaded joint  
7674632143Adjacent connector 1/4″  
7675630220Tee 1/4 “150 #  
7676630022Quick insert right Angle joint  
767732188377Gasket of air collector 2545  
767832185795Gas collector in 2545  
767923388275High dust air filter element 150HP /9..  150HP /90-110KW SIERRA  
768024012692Directly to the head  
768119002393Ac contactor 3TD432-OXG222A 50/6..  22A 50/60HZ 110V  
768215860752Irs-6.0/0.8 oil-water separator  
7683SLT03874Sealing ring plate replacement (FP-16 series)  
76843229895215T4 ring assembly -4.5″  
768723655087Fan converter debugger  
7688SE000538Power U2 S – 100-24  
768992970813Relay overload  
769089213029Overload relay  
7692WXR10030534E0249C00 Motor support  
7693WXR10029Motor support 009W04204-000  
7694WXB10026Exhaust valve seat box  
7695WXB10025Unloading carton  
7696WXB10013Unload cylinder head cartons  
7697WXB10012Normal load cylinder cover carton  
7698WXB10011Side cover carton  
7699WX010039075W43222-002S2/S3 Motor support..  S2/S3 motor support plate gasket  
7700WX010038075W43216-002S2/S3 Motor support..  S2/S3 motor support cover plate  
7701WX010037075W43222-001S2/S3 Motor support..  S2/S3 motor support plate gasket  
7702WX010036075W43216-001S2/S3 Motor support..  S2/S3 motor support cover plate  
7703WX010034Hexagon socket Round head Screw M..  Hexagon socket round head screw M12×55  
7704WX010033534 b0151h01 positioning pin  
7705WX010032534 b0149h01 positioning pin  
7706SSR37KWSEM37S module table  
7707SSR22/30KWSEM22S module table  
7708Q235A00YQ235 – A round steel  
7709PO15001200Sample energy saving valve  
7710PO15001100Filter sample  
7711PO15001000System installation sample  
7712PO15000900Super piping parts manual  
7713PO15000800Super piping installation manual  
7714PO15000700Superline sample  
7715PO15000600Ultracold samples  
7716PO15000500EDV2000 samples  
7717PO15000400System energy saving valve sample  
7718PO15000300Sample of food grade lubricating oil  
7719PO15000200AIRCARE samples  
7720PO15000100VFDS samples  
7721EX42476135M250 host update  
7722B33000010Loctite glue 414  
7723B31002011Pearl cotton plastic paper 1mm  
7724B20001030Steel mesh diamond mesh 3.0..  Diamond mesh 3.0mm  
7725B19000031Raw material belt FM-A (20m..  FM – A (20 m)  
7726B16000025Amway Detergent 2800 (1 l..  2800 (1L pack)  
7727ATC05040Right Angle connector  
7728ATB00132Npt1/4 internal canal segment  
772999330854Motor 7.5KW 41..  7.5 KW 415 v, 50 hz IP55  
773099311698Motor 30KW/400V/IP55 with heater  
773199311086Conduit Assembly 3DP M200..  3DP M200-250 SE  
773299311029Stuffing box PG21 PVC..  PG21 PVC IP68  
773399311011The backplane M200/250..  M200/250 AC LV SE  
773499310914Cable Assembly 5SV M200..  5SV M200-250 SE  
773599310906Cable Assembly 3SV M200..  3SV M200-250 SE  
773699307506Motor 11KW 415..  11KW 415V 50HZ IP55  
773799300469Coil solenoid valve 54654652  
773899297228XEM unit plastic bags  
773999296469Electrical control box M200-250-1S SE  
774099295453Applique electrical schematic diagram M200-250..  M200-250-2S SG ACLY  
774199295370Ventilation hood 15 kw  
774299293680UP- Air compressor remote control pattern pasting  
774399291999Separation cylinder 12 GB  
774499291981Motor front bracket 250KW 10KV  
774599291973Motor rear bracket 250KW 10KV  
774699285629M75 main motor 400V50HZ heater 110V6..  Heater 110 v60w  
774799274706Plastic insulation tape 3M1500 for electricians  
774899274086Bonding agent 496  
774999270928Nut M12 Grade 6 GB6170-86  
77509695825145 degree joint  
775196958111O-ring standard -142-2..  Standard -142-2.375 INSIDE diameter X.094  
775296957618Right Angle connector  
775596955703Right Angle connector  
775696955695ELBOW FITTING  
775796955448Joint NPT  
775896955422Joint NPT  
776096955166Orchid petals 1.5  
776196954235Plug M22x1.5 inner hexagon head  
776296951835Transition inner connector FUEGO TAS2 “NPTx1..  2 ‘NPTx1.5’ NPT  
776396950845Plug go 1″  
776496950308Orchid petals 4  
776596765169Gasket spring washer M16  
776696764493Nut M12  
776896763321Connector 1 orfsswx..  1ORFSSWXM33X3  
777096762190Transition joints  
777196762125Quick insert R3/8 X 1..  R3/8 X 10 MM  
777296761952Quick plug elbow R1/4 X 1..  R1/4 X 10 MM  
777596760962Right Angle bend  
777696760285Screw M20 tied to 2.5 X..  M20-2.5 X100  
777796760194Right Angle bend.5BSPPX.5TM  
7778967601860.38″BSPP X.50″  
7779967601780.25″BSPP X.50″  
778096760160ELBOW FITTING  
7781967601520.25″BSPP x.38″  
778296760087Joint. 25 BSPPX 12 tm  
778396760079Connector 0.38bSPp X 12MM  
778596760020Joint. 25 BSPPX 10 tm  
778696759980Joint pipe 0.25BSPP pipe diameter 6MM  
778796759733T 0.25 BSPP..  0.25 BSPPX6mm  
778896759634Connector g1/4 inch X6..  G1/4 inches X6MM  
778996759550Bend the G1/4 x6mm  
779096759352O-rings M22X1. 51..  M22X1. 519.3 IDX2.2 WIDTH  
779296759295O-rings M12X1. 59..  M12X1. 59.3 IDX2.2 WIDTH  
779496759212Key 11 mm X 1..  11MM X 18MM X 55MM  
779596758578Tee 9/16-18 unf – M12x1. 25 r37kw  
779696758438Tee 1.251.25..  1.251.25 XM42X1. 25  
779796758115Connector 1.50 stiff tube..  1.50 Stiff tube X M48  
7798967581071.25 TUBE connection head..  1.25 TUBEXM42  
779996758081Connector 1 tubexm3..  1TUBEXM33  
780096758065Joint pipe diameter 0.75M27  
780196758008Connector M22x1.5 X.50″  
7802967579270.25 TUBE connection head..  0.25 TUBEXM14  
780396757919Connector.25 tube X…  25 tube M12 X  
780496757745Elbow 1.50 hard tube..  1.50 Stiff tube X M48  
780596757737Right Angle bend 1.25TUBE..  1.25 TUBEXM42  
780696757711Right Angle bend 1TUBEXM3..  1TUBEXM33  
780796757703Right Angle elbow M27X.75 hard..  M27X. 75 hard tube  
780896757661Right Angle fitting M22x1.5 X.50″  
780996757638Right Angle fitting M16x1.5 X.38″  
781296757448Nut. 38 tube  
781496757059The plug M22  
781596757034The plug M18  
781696757018The plug M14  
781796757000The plug M12  
781896756192Directly to the head  
781996754361Stud M16-2.0..  M16-2.0 X 60 LG STUD  
782096753116Round nut M40  
782196751516Round nut M50  
782296749890Flat washer M16  
782396749833Pin parallel pin 10X28  
782496749825Bolt M8X18  
782596749726Key A14X9X80  
782696749411Round nut M35X1. 5 / by 8  
782796749403Locking nut M17x1.0 DIN..  DIN 981-1.0 CD8DVSD  
782896748843Pipe plug  
782996748645Gasket seal A17X21  
783096748553Bolt M8X22  
783196748348Gasket seal A21X26  
783296748322Pin parallel pin 10X20  
783496745401Connector 1.5T X 1.50bspT  
783596745237M4 self locking gasket  
783696743141Bolt M16x50  
783896740741Bolt M20X80  
784096738372Hex bolt M16  
784196735758Bolt M16 X 13..  M16 X 130MM  
784296727797Bolt M8X22  
784396727581Flat mat 1/4″  
784596727128M20 bolts – 2.50..  M20-2.50 X 150.0 LONG  
784696726955Flat washer GRADE C..  GRADE C 22  
784796724422Nut M12X1. 5  
784896722236Bolt hexagon M16x45N55-75K..  N55-75K OF  
784996721162M20 bolts – 2.50..  X70 M20-2.50  
785096719836Bolt M16X2 5..  M16X2 55MM  
785196718861Hex bolts X 25.0  
785296714431Bolt M10X45  
785396714399WASHER PLAIN M10  
785496714340M6 X 25 bolts  
785596713219M8 X 40 bolts  
785896708201Hexagon socket bolt M10 X80  
785996708037Bolt M8X16  
786196705520Hexagon head bolt M16-2.00×80.0  
786296705165Flat washer  
786396704952Bolts M16-2.00..  M16-2.00 X100  
786496704572Hexagon flange locking bolts M12x20.0  
786596704564Hexagon bolt M6  
786696704473Bolt position M10SHLDER S..  SHLDER SCREW M8 THREAD  
786796704226Bolt M12X25 flange face  
786896702162Bolt M10X30 SOC H..  30 SOC HD  
786996701503Bolts M16-2 90..  M16-2 90 mm long  
787096701438Flat washer class C 16  
787395998076O-ring standard -267 8..  Standard -267 8.250 id X.125  
7874959941251.06 the SAE joint  
787595990321Square fitting.75 TUBE…  75 TUBE X 1.31 SAE  
787695987236O-ring standard -2393.625 X..  3.625 X. 125  
787795986931Tee connector 1.50″ connecting pipe  
787895986923Threaded nozzles 1.50″X 9.0″LG stainless steel  
787995984266Hexagon nut 1.0-12 U..  1.0-12 UNF – 2 b  
788095974069U bolts galvanized  
788195973053NPT X 1.0″NPT X 1…  NPT X 1.0 “TUBE  
788295973046Sub 1.0 “NPT..  NPT (1.0 “X 1.0” TUBE  
78839597303875NPT X…  75NPT X 1.0″ pipe  
788495972527Right Angle connector 1.50″NPT..  T’s BRASS NPT (1.50 “X 1.0”  
788595972378Hexagon bolts 1.00×4.50  
788695971628Joint two-way 2.5″x11.0″ rust free  
788795961173Right Angle joint 67A7TT7  
788895959268Flange 2.50 “150 lb  
7889959549543 pass 2.0 X 2.0′”‘ x.75 ‘”‘..  X .75′”‘ NPT – GALV  
789195954061Plug 1.25 NPT  
789295953873Inner and outer connector 1.5×0.75NPT23a7S23Z..  23A7S23Z1  
789395953808Joint bi-directional 2×3.0″ZINC PL  
789595951141In the wire  
789795947685Bolts.63″ X7 galvanized  
789895947016Flange 2.5″ X 2.0″2.5″ X 2..  2.5 “X 2.0” REDUCE  
789995946299Right Angle joint 1.50 TUB..  1.50 TUBE X 1.25 NPT  
790195946026Elbow stainless steel 1.5p X 1..  1.5 X 1.5 T P  
790395944351Direct head 2″MNPT X..  2″MNPT X 2″T – 316SS  
790495944112Joints in 1.25 the NPT  
790595941266Adaptor.75′”‘NPTX 3.0’ ‘..  X 3.0 “” LG zinc PLT  
790695940706TEE 47A10C7XZ2 TEE 0.38″  
79079593925244 a10c25xz2 tee  
79089593765275NPT X…  75 NPT X 1.00 TUBE  
790995937546Joint 31 a10c22nz2  
791095935003The gasket  
791195934790Bolt 0.75-10  
791395929378Screw.62×5″HEX HD P..  HEX HD PLATED  
791495929113Bolt. 50-13  
791695928164Inner and outer wire elbow.5NPT  
791795898219Joint 2×3.5″ galvanized in both directions  
791895716890Lock washer  
791995669412Threaded nozzles 1.50 X1.75LG stainless steel  
7920956451233-connector 2.0″ Malerun-37 D..  RUN-37 DEG  
792195620829Stainless steel hexagon countersunk head with 1.25″ NPT  
792295588505Four-way 1/4 NPT  
792395571352Plug 1.50″ NPTSOCKET H..  SOCKET HEAD-316 ST.STL  
792495571329Plug 2.0″ NPT stainless steel  
792595452397Inner and outer wire connectors 1.25-1.0..  1.25-1.0 reduced diameter stainless steel  
792695442323Wiring terminal ring type 12-10 WI..  12-10 WIRE/.25 STUD  
792795429890Tee nipple 1.50″NPT internal thread nipple  
792895409587Connector 89A7KK3.50″  
792995373924Bend connector 2.00″90 degree SEAL..  90 degree SEALTITE conduit  
793095363784Tee 2.0″ stainless steel ST.STL  
793195359618Wiring terminal ring type 12-10 WI..  12-10 WIRE/.375 STUD  
793295355988Right Angle connector 2″ 90D  
793395351557Right Angle conduit joint  
793495333316Inner and outer wire joint  
793595333290Reducing connector NPT 1.5x FNPT1  
793695316923Right Angle joint 106A23S1..  106A23S13  
793795298477Right Angle joint STREET 1..  STREET 1.00 “NPT 316 SS  
793895279451Bent sub. 38 x.25 ‘”‘ N..  X.25 ‘” NPT – 90 degrees  
793995272407Joint stainless steel  
794095259305Elbow 2.0″ 90D stainless steel  
794295250692Brass valve COCK.25..  COCK .25″ BRASS  
794395245353Reducing bushings  
794495242095Adapter 1.0″ X1.50″ LG..  1.50 “LG – ST STL  
7945952231944.72 for retaining ring holes  
794695183141Right Angle joint.50TX.50MNP..  X .50MNPT SWIVEL-ZINC  
794795135638Square key  
794895096764Retaining ring  
794995067211GLOBE valve  
795095033627Plug 2.0″ square tip galvanized  
795195026878O-ring 4.00 ID..  4.00 ID X.210 WIDTH  
795395016283Flange clamp hoop  
79549348722155 kw motor  
795593487213Motor 45 kw 380 v50hz  
795693487205Motor 37 kw380v50hz  
795793472215[P266 Screw machine] Transfer plate gearbox to motor  
795893191310Main motor 132KW 38..  132KW 380/415V 50Hz 2P  
795993153641Sealed box  
796092779404Applique forklift  
796192726017Rubber ring  
796289247811The oil level tube  
796388150883Gear set 1.217 R / 1.167 R  
796488143847Gear set 1.167 RATIO  
796588139894Thread protector  
796785576437Hose 1.5 X34ISO 6162..  ISO 6162 STRX90  
796885576353Hose (1.5-24)..  (-24)1.5X1.5 90 degrees 36 inches  
796985575793Hose drawing 234167..  Drawing 23416704  
797085575710Hose 1.25 ORF..  1.25 ORFSX1.25 ORFS38 English  
797185575678Hose 1.25 ORFS..  1.25 ORFSX1.25 ORFS – 24  
797285575629Hose HYD (20)..  HYD (90-20) 3/4 “- 24 x1. 25  
797385575140Hose drawing 234166..  Drawing 23416696  
797485575116Hose 1.00 X40…  1.00 X40.00  
797585575025Hose 44 “ORFS..  44 “ORFSX90 degree ORFS  
797685575009Hose drawing 234166..  Drawing 23416696  
797785574960Hose (16) / 32..  (-16)/32 inch long ORFS 90 degrees  
797885574952Hose (16) / 28..  (-16)/28 inch long ORFS 90 degrees  
797985574200Hose 38 “ORFS..  38 “ORFS X 90 DEG  
798085562924Hose HyD.str. X 90 deg.CAh  
798285562213Hose drawing 232540..  Drawing 23254097  
798385562189Hose drawing 232540..  Drawing 23254097  
798485561819Hose D 1.25 X 42.0 Reference Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889905  
798585561793Hose drawing 232540..  Drawing 23254097  
798685561777Hose D 1.25 X 36.0 Refer drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889905  
798785561165Hose SP – 23784..  SP-23784481  
798885557700Hose D.25 X 40.00 Refer to Drawing 3688..  Refer to drawing 36889848  
798985549863Sensor holder Sierra 132/150K..  132/150KW  
799085549418Support water-cooled oil cooler (beige) – T..  (Beige) – TSUNAMI  
799185549301Bracket separator W/CLD(light brown..  W/CLD(light brown)-TSUNAMI  
799285549236Support rear cooler WTR/CLD(..  WTR/CLD(beige) TSUNAMI
799385547206Bracket motor 315 frame (black) 50H..  (black) 50HZ SIERRA  
799485547057Hole plate fan air cooled 50HZ 40…  50HZ 40.5″(beige)SIERR  
799585546513Support rear cold – Water cold (beige) SIE..  (Beige) SIERRA CD14  
799685545614Bracket water separator (black) SIE..  (Black) SIERRA CD14  
799785545283Bracket air cooled cooler  
799885545259Cover transition flange CD8D  
799985544989Bracket fan motor air cooled water cooled  
800085544963Orifice fan is air-cooled  
800185544906Baffle front exhaust  
800285544849Bracket cooler assembly  
800385544757Air hood fan  
800485544732Corner frame air filter box Beige NL50-100..  NL50-100HP  
800585544724Bracket Air filter box Beige NL50-100..  NL50-100HP  
800685544716Bracket air filter beige NL50-100..  NL50-100HP  
800785544708Box air filter in beige NL50-100..  NL50-100HP SIERRA  
800885544690Cage air intake  
800985544674Baffle back exhaust  
801085544666Panel cooler exhaust  
801185544658Baffle exhaust beige  
801385544583Air cooled front corner frame  
801485544575The rear of the corner frame is air-cooled  
801585544567Support vertical air cooling  
801685544526Bracket starter beige  
801785544518Angle of the left side  
801885544492Cover Angle cream-colored  
802085544435Sheet metal top beige NL50/60H..  NL50/60HP  
802185544401Cover plate  
802285542702Conduit joint plate  
802385540888Support the host  
802485540862The motor bracket  
802585540847Metal plate exhaust adapter  
802680446362Manual Product maintenance apAC R55-75KW  
802780446347Manual Product Information apAC R55-75KW  
802880446321Manual Product Safety apAC R55-75KW  
802980446057English Parts Manual 132-160K..  132-160 – kw single stage  
803080442197Bison warranty  
803167623231Galvanized bolt M22*90 8.8  
803254735949Motor 18.5kW 400VIP55 50H..  IP55 50HZ SD  
803354735931Motor double shaft extension 18.5KW/2..  18.5 KW / 220 v/IP55/4 p  
803454735170M226 VSD host  
803554733639The adapter  
803654732086Conduit assembly  
803754729546The connector  
803854724042Support oil separator M200/250..  M200/250-2S 88146907  
803954723283Assembly gear box SL150  
804054723275Assembly gear box  
804154717764Air inlet box assembly  
804254716121Decal IR service  
804554688791Soundboard exhaust 725 X 67..  725 X 673.1 X 50.8  
804654686308Horizontal stand cooler  
804754667936Support cylinder  
804854666508Pad motor shaft  
804954665161Decal overpower  
805054658307Valve discharge 1.31 “- 12..  1.31-12 “sae  
805154652599Filter oil W/DP  
805254652565Filter air (standard) N37/45KW..  N37/45KW-CC  
805354648589Damping pad  
805454642996Unit seal  
805554639844Liner separation core 305mmN37/45kW  
805654639794Oil separation core 305mmN37/45kW  
805754625082Shaft sleeve  
805854532718The gasket  
806054423181Silencer. 75 nptcougar/N..  COUGAR/NIRV O/F  
806154397740Mesh fan (round) Air cooled 50/60Hz..  50/60HZ NL125-200  
806254397732Fan shield  
806354389770Sound-absorbing board 4″ Inlet NL125-20..  NL125-200HP  
806454389762Sound-absorbing board 3″ Inlet NL125-20..  NL125-200HP  
806554363882Screw.63-11×11″ galvanized  
806647223128Motor fan 7.5kW 400V 60HZEISA 200..  EISA 2007  
806746870408Electric Control Box Assembly M15 ACC-Gpegasus..  PEGASUS (Huichuan Controller)  
806846869624Motor 350HP 440V 60HZ IP55MR ED  
806946868881Safety valve 0.95MPASM250 without aftercooling  
807046868600Exhaust pipe gasket M350-SS  
807146868592Pipe assembly DN100 M250 no aftercooling  
807246868584Pipe assembly DN100 M250 no aftercooling  
807346868543Exhaust pipe bracket M350-SS  
807446868196Electric control box assembly VSD M250 W/C380V 50H..  380V 50HZ Frequency converter  
807546868097Temperature sensor PT100 190″7/16″-20..  7/16″-20 UNF-2A  
807646868006Joint G3/4 ‘- 1..  G3/4′-1 5/8’-12UNF  
807746867966Motor support M350-SSAC 6000V..  AC 6000V ODP  
807846867958Host support M350-SSAC 6000V..  AC 6000V ODP  
807946867941Cylinder support M350-SSAC 6000V..  AC 6000V ODP  
808046867594Motor 150KW 400V 50HZ 2P with heater S15..  S150 with heater  
808146866570Safety valve G1/2 15bar GB for Peg I..  For Peg I 500L gas storage tank  
808246866554V90-160 two-stage wooden chassis  
808346866299Gear MM350 – SS  
808446866216Hose 9″  
808646866166Host support M350-SSAC 6000V..  AC 6000V ODP  
808746858726Kt-09b-hvmr. ED 25..  MR.ED 250KW  
808846858676Electric Cabinet Assembly 132-160kW ACVelo380-..  Velo380-415v50/60hzSDAC  
808946858338Electric control box assembly Mr. ED A/C M250HV open K..  HV opened KT – 09 – HV b  
809046855797Setting screw CD26ZHOUCH  
809146855367Assembly electrical control box 132-160KW AC380-460V..  380-460V 50/60HZ SS/2S  
809246855326The tray 250 VFDS  
809346854121Cable (with pressure sensor) VSD M2..  VSD M250 KT-09B-VSD  
809446852182Controller operation manual open (KT-09B-..  (KT – 9 b – the VSD)  
809546851994Safety valve with product quality certificate  
809646851887Nameplate Chinese 50HZ universal  
809746848875Decal energy efficiency label grade 2 simple style air pressure..  Simple style air compressor  
809846843777Main engine exhaust pipe assembly  
809946843488Motor 250KW 6600V 50HZIP55 PTC..  IP55 PTC/ low smoke halogen free  
810046833901Parts Manual M185 control  
810146833893Operation manual M185 control  
810246833752Gear box  
810346831772Specification KT-09B Power frequency 90-160KW..  90-160KW FEXED SREED  
810446831723Cooler (with Report)SP-2009-..  SP-2009-C2-44-C/22102370  
810546831715Temperature sensor PT100 220″7/16″-20..  7/16″-20 UNF-2A  
810646831012Guide oil-free condensate discharge N37-160..  N37-160 OF  
810746830246Peg II C..  Peg II CCS  
810846830238Peg II C..  Peg II CCS  
810946830162300KW 10KV IP55TH/MR..  TH / MR ED  
811046828802CD edition manual PegasusPegasusI..  PegasusI & II  
811146828786Panel pulley CCS Pega..  CCS PegasusII  
811245657103Frame user interface  
811342684803Gasket intake valve Pegasus..  Pegasus II  
811442679720226 SPA host R1.675  
811542679662CE177 host 2870  
811642679316M226 1S VSD host  
811742627398Product data management (PDM) assembly (DJ – 1000..  (1000DJ-NX-XX-N63) BVFD  
811842564591X515 50 hz machine  
811942554121Conductor TUBE S/A Fan Motor NEMA12-W..  NEMA12-WTR CLD-TSUNAMI  
812042496018Electrical components mounting plate Assembly  
812139931787aRear cooled AC CD26 200-300kW  
812239927942Pipe assembly secondary air and water cooled -SI..  Air-cooled and water-cooled. -SIERRA  
812339927926Yin rotor 285 mm  
812439925839Pipe outlet stainless steel  
812539925805Pipe intercooler outlet stainless steel – water cooled  
812639925797Pipe rear cooler outlet stainless steel – water cooled  
812739925789In-line intercooler imported stainless steel – water cooled  
812839925771Pipe rear cooler inlet stainless steel – water cooled -T..  Stainless Steel – Water cooled -TSUNAMI  
812939921978Fan 28 hp60hz (100)”  
813039918800Intercooler 350/400H..  350/400HP 250/300KW  
813139914254Tube assembly”  
813239913868Support intermediate cooler TSUNAMI  
813339913850Support cooler supports TSUNAMI..  TSUNAMI (plating)  
813439913421Valve cover rear cooler exhaust valve machining -TSUN..  Machining -”  
813539910013Pipe secondary intake air water cooling -TSU..  Water cooled cooling -TSUNAMI  
813639909114Hard tube exhaust without back cooling and cold drying nl50-100..  NL50-100HP  
813739909106Tube assembly air cooling  
813839907548Pipe assembly oil is cooled  
813939904370Foam middle/left/rear panel without rear cooling SIER..  The posterior cold SIERRA  
814039900154Tube assembly air cooled breathing apparatus  
814139898473Lattice window air cooled exhaust  
814239895206Support delivery red  
814339894407Pipe assembly oil is cooled  
814439894209Pipe assembly oil cold out  
814539894126Tube assembly exhausts to silencer SIERRA  
814639894118Sound board exhaust SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
814739893938Foam side inlet water cooled -SIERR..  Water – SIERRA  
814839892765Tube assembly breathing apparatus exhaust standard water cooled and outdoor..  Standard water cooling and outdoor SIERRA  
814939892757Transition flange machining 50 Hz  
815039891841Venturi level 2  
815139890587Pipe assembly venturi to check valve  
815239890454Tube assembly in cold – air out water cooled SIERR..  Water-cooled SIERRA CD14  
815439873559Gear set 1.217 R / 1.167 R  
815539872643Pipe assembly oil cold water  
815639871843Pipe assembly 1ST to oil pool  
815739871769Pipe assembly is cooled to tee  
815839871751Pipe assembly after cold to medium cold  
815939869912Gears HPE200-2 s  
816039862941The host 297/250-2 s  
816139859483Sound absorption board water cooling exhaust  
816239859418Grid plate water cooled exhaust NL50-100..  NL50-100HP SIERRA  
816339858642Sound-absorbing board vertical wind SIERRA  
816439857370Inlet water in pipe assembly 1.5  
816539842943Pipe assembly three to the cooler  
816639842935Tube assembly cooler to AMOT valve  
816739836697Foam top intake box water cooled -SIERR..  Water – SIERRA CD14  
816839830468Sound board right into NO aft-S..  NO AFT-SIERRA  
816939818349Sound-absorbing panel exhausts long SIERRA  
817039815386Foam left partition SIERRA  
817139814918Suction board bottom air intake *KANBAN*..  *KANBAN* SIERRA  
817239814736Soundboard exhaust SIERRA  
817339791546Venturi pipe machine processing drawing (aluminum powder paint)NL1..  (Aluminum powder paint)NL125-200  
817439753637Gear set 178.5mm..  R = 1.65 178.5 mm  
817539590971Isolation positioning block host bearing 50/60Hz..  50/60HZ – TSUNAMI  
817639588363STRAP, STATIC GROUND 35.0 “LONG  
817739583737Tube assembly manifold to tee  
817839583729Pipe assembly tee to 1ST  
817939583711Pipe assembly tee to gear box  
818039580824Manifold tank  
818139570205Tube assembly manifold to 2ST  
818239569371Retainer sound-absorbing board black  
818339567730Assembly manifold to 1ST  
818439567474Tube assembly muffler vent  
818539567466Tube assembly drain valve to fuel tank  
818639567458Pipe assembly oil pump out  
818739560198OIL FILL CD14D  
818839542014Tube assembly level one after bearing returns oil to SIERRA  
818939541586Pipe assembly oil dispenses pipe to Class I SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
819039541446Tube assembly first gear supply oil SIERRA  
819139497987Insulation sheet 36 x 48 x 0.50  
819239490230Right Angle connector.75SM X 25TM  
819339490222U-bolt.75″ PIPE  
819439488754Support the transport  
819539488135Tube assembly secondary gear oil supply SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
819639485289T 1.0 TX1.0 TX. 75 FNPT  
819739483011Flange 2 “NPT  
819839482898Temperature control switch  
819939482872Connecting plate water cooled (black)304 SSR/..  304 SSR/SIERRA CD14  
820039479464Plastic-coated metal hose connector  
820139476965Elbow 1.00 tube X1.63SAE  
820239471784Tube assembly secondary bearing oil return SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
820339471776Tube assembly secondary bearing oil return SIERRA C..  SIERRA CD14  
820439443833Temperature control valve core  
820539436241Washer Yang rotor bearing  
820639333075Ground cable 16 inches  
820739331657CD14D1 testing module | | the G14 OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RO||CDB68|ROX|  
820839331640CD14D1 testing module | G19 | OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|ROX|  
820939331632CD14D1 test module | after the G20 | OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|RCX|  
821039331624The host module P20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RO||CDB68|ROX|  
821139331616CD14D1 testing module | G13 | OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|ROX|  
821239331608CD14D1 testing module | | the G14 OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|RCX|  
821339331590CD14D1 testing module | G01 | OP20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RO||CDB68|ROX|  
821439331582The host module P20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|ROX|  
821539331574Module compressor SL110P20 | CDA9..  P20|CDA96|RC||CDB68|RCX|  
821639331566The host module P40 | CDA9..  P40|CDA96|RC||CDB68|ROX|  
821739331525CD14D1 testing module | G22 | OP40 | CDA9..  P40|CDA96|RO||CDB68|ROX|  
821839331269CD26D COMPRESSOR BLOCK |G22|  
821939330808CD26D COMPRESSOR BLOCK |G16|  
822039330774The host module G13 |  
822139330519Tube assembly solenoid valve to the outlet  
822239324108aCooler Assembly AC CD8 37-55KW  
822339322607Muffler 50″NPTNIRV 50/..  NIRV 50/60H-O/F  
822439311378Fuel injection adjusting rod 135MM  
822539311030Joint. 50 TUBE…  50 TUBE MALE  
822639310362Direct head 0.50bSPp X.75tm  
822739308788Right Angle joint 0.625 orifice  
822839307970Angle frame sound-absorbing board hold  
822939304969The muffler deflates  
823039266077Vent regulating valve 105-120..  105-120 PSIG w/6mm PTC  
823439249834Traverse # 12 (ORACLE IN)  
823539247655Pinion 1 st STAGE CD8D | G33 | (Z = 3..  33| (Z=30)  
823739237078Cable (ORACLE FT)  
823839230461Rubber jacket 2 inches  
823939227319Pinion 2ND STAGE CD14D1 | G22 | (Z..  |G22| (Z=18)  
824039227301Pinion 1 st STAGE CD14D1 | G22 | (Z..  |G22| (Z=28)  
824139227236Tooth gear drive CD14 D21 | G13 | (Z..  |G13| (Z=21)  
824239198528Relay solid state 3-32VDC  
824339197546Aluminum foil with  
824439183769Bolt M12X16  
824539181466The rotor set  
824639181193Inner and outer wire connector 2″NPT  
824739181086Rubber lock  
824839172978Right Angle connector 1.0bSPp X 1.0T  
824939172937Connector.25BSPPx.38 tube-yang  
82503917033725″BSPP…  25″BSPP X .50″T  
825139146543SAE1.0″X 1…  1.0 “X 1.0” TUBE  
825239134929Bolt 0.38 X 1.25″  
825339125968The hard tube  
825439121413Gears R1.944  
825539121322Screw plug 3 “rubber  
825639118856Conduit connector 3.0″  
825739108121The wire  
825839105747Ball valve.75″ Manual N125/200..  N125/200HP O/F  
825938457636BRASS TAP w/Filter 1/2″x  
826038430880Base filter installation  
826138138038The coolant  
826238032926Steel tubing 1/2″ X 2..  1/2″ X 250’LG *  
826336799443Yang rotor 285 mm  
826435609361Bearing M55X100X21 overhaul using 1548..  Use 15485659 for overhaul  
826635117845Rubber hose N90-160 k..  N90-160K OF  
826732343907Decals lock and attach labels  
826832343584Applique hot surface  
826932343568Decal voltage hazard warning  
827032343550Decal fan exposed warning  
827132343527Decal high pressure warning  
827232343519Decal air pollution warning  
827331002011Pearl cotton plastic paper 1MM  
827430286686Transfer to  
827523984693Component board assembly V_75 Huichuan VSD75kw 55K..  75kw 55kw 45kw 380v 50hz  
827623980238Apex Angle M200-250..  M200-250 REDESIGN  
827723977838Front left corner frame M200-250..  M200-250 REDESIGN  
827823967078Generic Chinese nameplate  
827923963028Motor 45KW 400KV 50HZ IE2M45 with heater  
828023950538Motor fan 7.5HP 480V 60HZ  
828123944028Pan head screw M4X6GB/T818  
828223942857No oil machine warning decals in English  
828323919970Motor 150HP 480V 60HZEIGER (E..  EIGER (EPACT) GB/T 7060  
828423917032Axial flow fan R90-160  
828523912272Sensor PT100 M12 3800MMR37-160K..  R37-160kw domestic units  
828623912264Sensor PT100 M12 5560MMR37-160K..  R37-160kw domestic units  
828723904337Motor 160KW 400V 50HZ IE2VELOCITY  
828823904329Motor 132KW 400V 50HZ IE2VELOCITY  
828923904311Motor 110KW 400V 50HZ IE2VELOCITY  
829023904303Motor 90KW 400V 50HZ IE2VELOCITY  
829123902430Cable pressure sensor low smoke halogen free  
829223900053Applique component SIERRA machine..  SIERRA units  
829323897093Wood chassis R55-75 kw  
829423897044Plastic sealing bag R55-75KW  
829523895782Cooler post cooling water cooling reference 235724..  The reference 23572423  
829623895774Oil cooled water cooled reference 235724..  The reference 23572415  
829723891351Assembly corner panel left rear no rear cooling CD26  
829823891138Connector 1 5/16-1 5/8  
829923888514High temperature safety valve 1.1MPaCD26 without aftercooling  
830023887672Stand silencer  
830123879653Fan motor 15kW 4P..  15kW 4P TEFC IE2  
830223879638Fan motor 2.2kW 4P..  2.2 kW 4 p TEFC IE2  
830323879620Fan motor 0.75KW 6..  0.75 kW 6 p TEFC IE2  
830423879604Fan motor 7.5kW 4P..  7.5 kW 4 p TEFC IE2  
830523879596Fan motor 4kW 4P T..  4kW 4P TEFC IE2  
830623876543Valve safety 16BAR BSPT 122137707  
830723876535Safety valve 12BAR BSPT 122137699  
830823874522Fan motor 4kWGB3  
830923874514Fan motor 7.5kwGB3  
831023871791Motor 7.5kW 400V 50HZ 2PIE2  
831123871783Motor 11KW 400V 50HZ 2PIE2  
831223871775Motor 5.5kW 400V 50HZ 2PIE2  
831323871767Motor 4KW 400V 50HZ 2PIE2  
831423869340Safety valve 45PSI with alarm..  45 psi report  
831523868102Motor fan 5.5KW 460V 60HZIE3 VELO..  IE3 VELOCITY  
831623866338Sheet metal outlet short VSD motor  
831723866320Sheet metal outlet long VSD motor  
831823865991Centrifugal fan domestic import Figure 235..  Import Plan No. 23504624  
831923865983Air hood domestic import Figure no. 234..  Import Plan No. 23417165  
832023865968Centrifugal fan Domestic import Figure no. 234..  Import Plan No. 23413800  
832123863608Quick index manual Pegasus  
832223862253Motor 200KW 10KV 50HZIP55 Mr…  IP55 MR ED  
832323859572Post-cooled 55-75kW air-cooled non-CRN /..  NON-CRN/PED  
832423859564Oil-cooled 55-75kW air-cooled non-CRN /..  NON-CRN/PED  
832523858566Motor fan 15KW 380-415V50Hz IP5..  50HZ IP55 IE2  
832623858541MOTOR 1.1 KW 4 p 220-380/415 v, 50 hz..  15V 50Hz B3  
832723857048Cable assembly M250 WC..  M250 WC VFD  
832823853096Gasket intake valve M200 VFD  
832923850738Check valve  
833023846298Grounding zone 28″ long 4 AWG  
833123846116Variable frequency motor 55KW / 7..  55KW / 75HP  
833223843733Empty filter NLG18  
833323842859Inside and outside the joint  
833423838626Gears MM300-1 s  
833523835879The index manual  
833623833866The relief valve 0.38 MPa  
833723829344Bolt M6X12 flange  
833823819600Gears MH300 – SS79/52  
833923812399Motor fan 5.5KW 38..  5.5 KW 380 v, 50 hz 4 p  
834023803315Sheet metal assembly top left panel with foam  
834123803299Sheet metal assembly top left end panel with foam  
834223803273Sheet metal assembly with foam left back corner  
834323802473Host CF90D CCS certified Pegasus..  Pegasus II  
834423788359Motor 100HP 380V 60HZEISA 200..  EISA 2007 with heater  
834523788276Motor 200HP 460V 60HZEISA 200..  EISA 2007 with heater  
834623784887Packing List R132/160..  R132/160 50HZ single stage domestic  
834723783772Gears ML300 / MH350-1 s  
834823775422The inverter 4 kw  
834923773088Motor M350KW 10KV 50HZIP23 shaft length and..  IP23 shaft length and diameter according to M250  
835023768666Electric control box Assembly MR350 1S HV WCWC KT-0..  WC KT-09B-HV 1S  
835123768591Post cold China 132-1..  China 132-160 KW  
835223762479Gear set non-standard transmission ratio  
835323761737Motor 200HP 380V 50HZ 2PNEMA MG-..  NEMA MG-1  
835423759269Shipment support M200/250  
835523752959Main motor VSD CN55/75KWHPM 380-..  HPM 380-480V 50/60HZ  
835623750458Electric control box assembly relay 15kw480V 60h..  480v 60hz  
835723750052Fan motor cable 16 AWG X..  16 AWG X 2900MM  
835823749930Fan motor 2.2kW 400V 50HZTEFC 4 P..  TEFC 4 POLE GR3  
835923749278Main motor 55KW 400V TEFC50HZ GR3  
836023741945Pipe main engine exhaust 200VFD  
836123735889Gears ML350 – SS  
836223724222Plastic packaging bag V90-160 dual stage  
836323723950Motor KW415V 18.5 + / – 1..  415V+/-10% 50HZ  
836423723257Pipe secondary oil return  
836523721806Cable assembly 3SV (unload)..  3SV (unload)7090MM long  
836623713565Electric control box assembly VELOCITY110KWWC380v 5..  WC380v 50hz china option  
836723712608Hose assembly.38 x 26.5  
836823708423Oil separator  
836923704109Decal maintenance R55-75 VSD  
837023702913Operation and Maintenance Manual (Chinese)M300-350..  M300-350SS-HV  
837123702905Parts Manual (Chinese)M300-350..  M300-350SS-HV  
837223702624The inverter 2.2 KW  
837323702053Temperature control valve  
837423700404Elbow straight X right Angle M12X..  Straight X right Angle M12x1.5 -ISO6149  
837523700396Screw machine next door direct head  
837623700362Oil filter M33X2  
837723697220Hose 0.5 in. inside diameter  
837823696537Hard tube 0.75 “stainless steel condensate into the valve  
837923694896Frequency conversion motor Assembly 132-160K..  132-160KW/380-480V(D2NHF  
838023693658Fan cable “14 AWG..”  14 AWG X 2900MM”  
838123688252HOSE TEFLON 8X161..  Hose 8 x1610mm  
838223688245HOSE TEFLON 6X120..  Hose 6 x1200mm  
838323688237Hose assembly.38 x 17.5  
838423687643Oil free compressor warning decal in Chinese  
838523687635Overhead filter  
838623684368Electric Control Box Assembly M200KW VSD WCME.ED 20..  ME.ED 200KW VSD 380V WC  
838823681604Temperature of the switch  
838923680614Rubber jacket within 1.75 inches..  1.75 “inside diameter X 2  
839023678832Support delivery housing  
839123675010Oil separator  
839223674054Check valve M33X1 OR..  M33X1 ORFS  
839323673346Hose.50 X 36.50IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
839423673320Hose.38 X 12.00IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
839523673312Hose.50 X 34.00IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
839623673296Hose.50 X 18.50IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
839723665235Oil distributor bracket IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
839823661994Check valve 1.25 “OR..  1.25 “ORFS  
839923661168Hose assembly.38 x 14.5  
840023661150Hose assembly.38X37  
840123661143Hose.38 X 23.50IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
840223661135Hose. 38 x 13.75 IRN55-75..  IRN55-75K-OF  
840323657745Right Angle bend  
840423655509Right Angle bend  
840523651961Secondary venturi  
840623646086Bracket pressure switch  
840723646045Eyelet joint 16mm  
840823643190Rear-row wind variable frequency motor  
840923641921Long exhaust variable frequency motor  
841023641913Short-exhaust variable frequency motor  
841123629512Controller Assembly XE-90-MC..  Xe-90-MCM  
841223626443Hose 1202mm straight..  1202mm straight X right Angle  
841323624901Suction inlet frequency conversion air intake  
841423624893Variable frequency air intake in the vent  
841523624539Oil cold cold  
841623622277Tube assembly 0.50 X 16.00ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
841723621329The fan cover has no sponge  
841823609928Seal tape 0.375″ X 0.5″ black adhesive  
841923605801Fan housing assembly 50Hz constant frequency/variable..  50Hz fixed frequency/frequency conversion (with foam)  
842023603574Electrical schematic diagram sticker R55-75KW..  R55-75KW VSD  
842123602287Drive assembly HPMMDV120TI..  MDV120TIR 75KW  
842223597297Screw plug  
842323591761Shock cushion M10X.75 inch..  M10X.75 “long bolt  
842523588940Solenoid valve drainage.50BSP..  Drainage.50BSPP in.25NPT out  
842623587082Plate standard cooling (no cold drying..  Standard cooling (no cold drying machine)  
842723585896Intake rubber hose 130mm inner diameter  
842823585821Delivery support cylinder  
842923585268Decal maintenance cycle VSD  
843023585235Suction hose air filter  
843123585169Hard tube oil return  
843223583909Tube assembly 0.50 X 25.50ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
843323583891Tube assembly 0. 50 X 20.75ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
843423583875Tube assembly 0.50 X 14.75ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
843523583867Tube assembly 0.38 X 20.00ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
843623583842Tube assembly 0.38 X 29.50ORFS STR..  ORFS STR X ORFS STR  
843723583750Orifice joint 8MM  
843823582448Check valve 25 PSIG.50 ORFS…  50 ORFS X .50 BSPP  
843923582414Delivery support host  
844023582349Transition connector M33XM12(..  M33XM12(ISO6149)  
844123582299Pipe assembly 6mm od  
844223582281Pipe assembly 6mm od  
844323580897Cylinder AS1210 with..  AS1210 with forming ring  
844423580863Cylinder GB150 belt into..  GB150 with forming ring  
844523579386The host block  
844623573140Hard tube barrel body after cooling  
844723572423Screw machine rear cooler Harsh Wa..  Harsh Water  
844823572415Screw oil cooler HarshWater  
844923568751Hard tube temperature control valve to cooler  
845023566409Taper pin metric thread end  
845123566318Grounding line is 2200 mm  
845223565138Oil distributor (aluminum) CD14 VSD  
845323562515Main motor 75KW TEFC IE3400V 50..  400V 50 Hz  
845423562440Cable assembly 1SV  
845523562077Fixed frame intake silencer assembly  
845623562036Angle iron fan cooler short  
845723561681Bracket air intake muffler  
845823561608Sound-absorbing cotton 3 inch air  
845923561442Bracket side sound-absorbing cotton  
846023561426Gear set 178.5mm SPAR55-75KW..  R55-75 – kw ratio 1.585  
846123561418Gears R1.465  
846223561350Bracket side sound-absorbing cotton  
846323561327Retainer inlet  
846423561319Prefilter 10 X 549..  10 X 549 X 740  
846523559941Sheet metal total exhaust roof (with foam..  Exhaust roof (with foam)  
846623559156Sheet metal Assembly Door (with foam)  
846723559149Sheet metal assembly rear top plate (with foam..  Back top plate (with foam)  
846823559016Sheet metal assembly front top plate (with foam..  Front top plate (with foam)  
846923558893Sheet metal Assembly right top plate (with foam..  Right top plate (with foam)  
847023558828Sheet metal assembly vertical support (with foam..  Vertical support (with foam)  
847123558778Gears R0.9455  
847223558356Oil separation cylinder 110KW 18..  110kw 18in AS1210  
847323558349Oil separation cylinder 110KW 18..  110kw 18 in ASME+MOM  
847423558315Oil separation cylinder 110KW 18..  110kw 18in GB150  
847523555543Decals 160 n the VSD  
847623555519Applique R75N  
847723555477Applique R160IE  
847823555428Applique R160I  
847923555402Applique R132I  
848123554009Bracket exhaust pipe  
848223552706Screw machine customer connector GB DN51X..  GB DN51X BSPT 2.0  
848323551658Screw machine hard tube cooler to water separator  
848423551559Label to transport bracket  
848523551476Outrigger fan cooler assembly  
848623551153Air intake door of assembly unit  
848723550346Sheet metal Assembly right back Corner (with foam)  
848823550288Sheet metal Assembly right front Corner (with foam)  
848923550171Applique PORO  
849023549827Cylinder ASME MOMR55-75 kw  
849123549793Cylinder R75 GB15..  R75 GB150  
849223549744Delivery support barrel/main engine  
849323549629Hard tube oil return  
849423548985Fork decals  
849523548779Hard tube temperature control valve to oil filter  
849623548746Support the oil filter  
849723546344Temperature control valve 76mmM33..  76 mmm33 195 ° F to 212 ° F  
849823546310Temperature control valve 76mmM33..  76 mmm33 180 ° F to 198 ° F  
849923546211Capping cooler inlet  
850023546187Cover the fan cover  
850123545833Support frame air cooler  
850223545726Beam fan cooler assembly..  Short final assembly of fan cooler  
850323545700Beam fan cooler assembly..  Fan cooler assembly length  
850423545593Water separator 51MM ISO..  51MM ISO6162  
850523545189Angle iron  
850623545130Bracket cooler  
850723544612Check valve 1.42mm..  1.42 mm /.056 in  
850823543457Hardpipe main engine exhaust  
850923542863Exhaust elbow 178.5 main engine  
851023540586Adhesive paper super cooling oil plug  
851223540149Delivery bracket motor  
851323540131178.5 Host with delivery cover  
851423540099Warning decals  
851523539810Delivery support cylinder  
851723538754Maintenance waiting decals  
851823536204Filter RWK 212-..  RWK 212-230-KS  
851923534365Assembly left top plate free of foam  
852023533243M42 195-…  M42 195-212 degrees Fahrenheit  
8521235332354″ temperature control valve M48 high temperature  
852223533227Temperature control valve 102 mm – M4..  102mm-M42200PSI/14BAR  
852323532054Cable assembly 4SV  
852423532039Cable assembly 14AWGX..  Assembly 14AWGX1544MM fan  
852523531866Cable 3SV offload 561..  3 5614 mm sv unloading  
852623531858Cable loading 5385MM  
852723531577Minimum Pressure Valve Service Pack for minimum pressure valve 230..  Small pressure valve 23030901  
852823531569M42 180-…  M42 180-198 degrees Fahrenheit  
852923529753Cable 20-3 wire 600V M integer multiple order  
853123529373Cable sensor SGv48..  Sensor SGv4825mm  
853423527138Safety valve 10BAR GB..  10BAR GB M33  
853523526676Overhead filter  
853623526395Transition connector 1/4″BSPP..  1/4″BSPPX1/8″BSPT  
853723526387Right Angle bend 1/8 inch BSP..  1/8 of an inch BSPT  
853823525470Support the oil filter  
853923524879Copper gaskets M6  
854023524457Angle iron air intake muffler  
854123524333Sound-absorbing cotton 3 inches  
854223524325Angle iron front sound-absorbing cotton  
854323524317Angle iron back sound-absorbing cotton  
854423524291Return tubing ULTRA coolant  
854523523780Intake grille  
854623523723Assembly unit intake valve  
854723523491Lock washers  
854823522741Assembly right top plate free of foam  
854923522733Assembly exhaust roof without bubble..  Exhaust roof without foam  
855023522642Clamp 1.25 inches  
855123522501Assembly left top plate with foam  
855223522113Assembly left rear corner plate with foam  
855323521859Gear assembly 226mm A/..  226 mm A/E, thewire 1.972  
855423521842Gear assembly 226mm A/..  226 mm A/E, thewire 1.892  
855523521826Gear assembly 226mm A/..  226 mm A/E, thewire 1.744  
855623521800Gear assembly 226mm A/..  226 mm A/E, thewire 1.488  
855723521776Gears R1.184  
855923518509O-ring housing gear box VIT..  Housing gear box VITON  
856123517998Ball valve  
856223517519Adjust plate filter plate  
856323516545The exhaust pipe bending  
856423516354Support main engine to deliver exhaust bend  
856523512775Host 178.5mm SPA VSD  
856623506116Connector M42 X M1..  M42 X M12 ISO 6149  
856723504624Centrifugal fan R63D2-71..  R63D2-710X224  
856823504129Hard tube oil return  
856923500382Right Angle bend M22x1.5i..  Iso6149 M22x1. 5  
857023500374Right Angle bend M33X2ISO..  M33X2ISO6149  
857123499353Customer connector 76MM BSP..  76MM BSPT with safety valve  
857223497704Stents motor  
857323496409Hardpipe main engine exhaust  
857423496276Base frame 132-160 two..  Two levels of 132-160  
857523495906Hard pipe rear cooling outlet air cooling replacement :49049398  
857623495898Hard tube barrel body after cooling air cooling  
857723495880Rear cooler 132-160K..  132-160KW  
857823495872Oil cooler 132-160K..  132-160KW  
857923495146Assembly left top plate  
858023495138Seal cooler inlet and outlet  
858123495112Sheet metal fan cover  
858223494974Front panel  
858323494966Cage centrifugal fan  
858423494917Angle iron fan cooler long  
858523494909Outrigger cooler fan  
858623492242Assembly oil inlet hole  
858723488935Fan housing water cooled  
858823488067End cover  
858923486376Rear cover  
859023484033Host 226/182 mm IG – SPA  
859123479199Rear cooler water cooled  
859223475627Gears R1.3962  
859323474117Sound-absorbing board 3 inches  
859423473937Inverter assembly LEROY (M..  LEROY (MDV220TIR) 160KW  
859523467814Oil screen. 25 BSPT…  25 BSPT copper  
859623464837Inverter LS MDV18..  LS MDV180TIR 110KW  
859823462542Hard tube valve outlet water cooling  
859923462336The connector ISO6162X..  ISO6162X38ISO1551918M42  
860023462039Hard tube cooler for drainage water cooling  
860123460132Rear cold water cooler  
860223456858Applique condensate pipe  
860323454499The tubing  
860423454382Axial fan R44 A2 225 X 80  
860523454374Fan 225 x90  
860623453897Gear assembly 226mm A/..  226 mm A/E, thewire 1.675  
860723453871Gear set  
860823453483Joint 6MM tube X.2..  6MM tube X.25 BSPP (FEMALE)  
860923453343Hard tube oil return seal  
861023453129Return tubing gear box  
861123453095The pipe joint 0.125 BSP..  0.125 BSPT  
861223452048Cover inlet and outlet water  
861323451842Temperature sensor  
861523451354Gear case housing 226-182..  226-182 132-160KW  
861623449176Bracket exhaust pipe  
861723448566Solenoid valve 1.5g BSP..  1.5 G BSPP  
861823447071630 mm fan 46..  630mm 460V 60HZ/400V 50  
861923444037Panel FACIA  
862023443955Safety valve 15.4 BAR GB M22R55-75KW  
862123443948Safety valve 11BAR GB M22  
862223443930Safety valve 9.5BAR GB M22  
862323443922Safety valve 8.5bar G..  8.5 bar GB M22  
862423443914Screw machine safety valve 16bar GB..  16bar GB M22  
862523443799Safety valve 16 BAR GBM16  
862623443732The relief valve 15.4 barG..  15.4 barGBM33  
862723443724The relief valve 11 bargbm..  11barGBM33  
862823443674The relief valve 16 barasm..  16barASME/CRNM33  
862923443211Sealing cover  
863023439219SUPPORT OIL FILTER  
863123439136CLAMP PLATE CE177  
863223436231Eyelet joint oil injection 18.0  
863323435415Foam sound-absorbing board flame retardant foam  
863423435381Customer connector 64MMISO6..  64 mmiso6162x2. 5 femabspt  
863523434848Valve non-destructive water discharge BEK..  Nondestructive water discharge BEKOMAT  
863623434368The inverter 4 kw  
863723432222Support VSD driver  
863823430705Assembly gear set 226mm..  Gear set 226 mmspa0. 982  
863923430671Assembly gear set 226mm..  Gear set 226 mmspa1. 184  
864023430663Assembly gear set 226mm..  Gear set 226 mmspa1. 277  
864123430655Assembly gear 1.38 speed ratio  
864223428493Gear case housing 226mm 13..  226mm 132-160kw machining  
864323428485Gear box 226 mm125..  226mm125-200HP(90-110KW)  
864423428469The adapter  
864523423585Motor 2.2KW 220/440V 60HZTEFC Grade 6..  TEFC IE3 level 6  
864623422553Fan motor 2.2KW /40..  2.2 kW / 400 v / 50 hz/IE3  
864723422496The cold wind cold oil  
864823421274Intake valve 55-75KW..  55-75 – kw ON/OFF fixed frequency  
864923421233Intake valve HK140 frequency conversion  
865023421217Intake valve HPKG140..  HPKG140 + VVF18 fixed frequency  
865123421209Intake valve HK120VSD  
8652234185024″ TCV  
865323417165Ventilation hood 710 mm  
865423414576Yang rotor  
865523414402Motor 200HP 440V 60HZPREMIUM  
865623414329Screw machine motor 160KW 400V 5IE3  
865723414311Screw machine motor 132KW 400V 5IE3  
865823414303Screw machine motor 110kw400..  110kw400V50HZTEFC(IE3)  
865923414295Screw machine motor 90kw400V..  90kw400V50HZTEFC(IE3)  
866023413818Fan R62A2710..  R62A2710X160  
866123413479Connector.25 “BSP…  25 “BSPPX.25” tube  
866223412752The connector 64 mmisox..  64 mmisox5 aram  
866323411556Damping pad  
866423410558Centrifugal fan 560X180  
866523410541Ventilation hood, 560  
866623408628Plug refueling  
866723404866Screw machine assembly scope  
866823404817O-ring VITON 39..  VITON IDX5.33 mm, 391.4 mm  
866923404809End cover rear bearing machining..  Rear bearing machined 226mm  
867023397607Assembly main engine without gear box  
867123394190Since the lock washers  
867223391352Air hood centrifugal fan 630-  
867323390156Air filter assembly standard  
867423390149Air Filter Assembly NLG37-42 Picolon..  PICOLON HIDUST 132-160 K  
867523389349Bend 226 main engine exhaust..  226 Main engine exhaust machining  
867623388994Screw machine damping pad M10X0.75..  M10X0. 75 inches  
867723388267High dust intake filter  
867823388135Minimum pressure valve 2 “Velocity  
867923382245A circuit diagram the VSD  
868023379290Housing bearing machining  
868123378185Housing rotor machining  
868223378011Minimum pressure valve 1.5 “Velocity  
868323359813Ground wire  
868623332588Temperature control valve core Velocity..  Velocity project  
868723317019Hard tube filter import Small UP..  Small UP cold dry unit  
868823137920Temperature control valve  
868923135825aIntercooled AC CD26 200-300kW  
869023131337Electrical principle decals  
869123127962Wire fan motor N37-75K  
869223113517Hose 2.00 X 23.50FM JIC 3..  FM JIC 37 SW-BRASS CAH  
869323097850The exhaust pipe is cooled by water  
869423087802Foam water cooled fan bracket  
869523085533Foam water cooled exhaust  
869623085525Foam water cooled exhaust bottom plate  
869723083934Foam water cooled top panel for use  
869823083926Foam water cooled top panel for use  
869923083793Foam intake panel  
870023083785Foam air intake  
870123060726Washer bowl 37 ° (.500″ pipe)  
870223049497Foam water cooled air intake EIGER  
870323048283Motor EIGER hp400v50 110 kw / 150/4..  400V50/460V60 EPACT  
870423048275Motor EIGER hp400v50 90 kw / 125/4..  400V50/460V60 EPACT  
870523048267Motor EIGER hp400v 160 kw / 200/50 h..  400 v / 50 hz EFF1 old 54528773  
870623021686Fan motor wire bundle EIGER air cooled  
870723011554Hardtube 2.5-inch user interface EIGER water cooling  
870822940357Return tubing stage 2  
870922939706Inner cover level 1  
871022938179Return tubing stage 1  
871122935563Gear drive Gear set 14205/43/2..  205/43/25  
871222935555Gear drive Gear set 13195/48/2..  195/48/28  
871322935456Pinion 2ND STAGE CD26D | G17 | (Z =..  G17| (Z=21)  
871422935423Pinion 2ND STAGE CD26D | | the G14 (Z =..  G14| (Z=25)  
871522935316Pinion 1 st STAGE CD26D | G17 | (Z =..  G17| (Z=32)  
871622935167Big gear shaft CD26D | G17 | (Z = 216)  
871722934178End cover gear SM300  
871822934160Gear end cover SL250/SH300  
871922934152The gear end cover  
872022917819Tube assembly return oil bellows LP  
872122913032Decal IR new LOGO 600MM  
872222909733Assembly gear box SL132 SH..  SL132 SH150  
872322908701Notite glue 64850ML/ bottle  
872422908545Pinion 2ND STAGE CD14D1 | the G20 | (Z..  |G20| (Z=19)  
872522908529Pinion 2ND STAGE CD14D1 | G18 | (Z..  |G18| (Z=25)  
872622908487Pinion 2ND STAGE CD14D1 | | the G14 (Z..  |G14| (Z=20)  
872722908461Pinion 2ND STAGE CD14D1 | a G12 | (Z..  |G12| (Z=22)  
872822908453Secondary 38 teeth gear | G01 | (Z..  |G01| (Z=38)  
872922908420Pinion 1 st STAGE CD14D1 | the G20 | (Z..  |G20| (Z=30)  
873022908362Pinion 1 st STAGE CD14D1 | | the G14 (Z..  |G14| (Z=33)  
873122908347Pinion 1 st STAGE CD14D1 | a G12 | (Z..  |G12| (Z=37)  
87322290833964 is the first step on the gear tooth | G01 | (Z..  |G01| (Z=64)  
873322908305Large gear with shaft 125 teeth SL150  
873422908248Large gear with shaft 121 teeth SL132 SH..  SL132 SH150  
873522908230Big gear with shaft  
873622908214Large gear with shaft 169 teeth SL90 SH1..  SL90 SH110  
873722860712End cover bearing SM90 SL1..  SM90 SL150 SM150  
873822860696End cover bearing SL132 SH..  SL132 SH150  
873922860639End cover gear SM90 SL1..  SM90 SL150 SM150  
874022860613End cover gear SL132 SH..  SL132 SH150  
874122860605The end cover gear  
874222860589End cover gear SL90 SH1..  SL90 SH110  
874322775738Electrical principle decals  
874522717581The host module 50 hp1250 | CDA80 |..  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
874622717573CD8D testing module | spokesman | OP20 | CDA80. |.  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
874722717565CD8D testing module | G33 | OP20 | CDA80. |.  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
874822717557CD8D testing module | G30 | OP20 | CDA80. |.  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
874922717532The host module 100 hp1250 | CDA80 |..  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
875022717516CD8D testing module | G25 | OP20 | CDA80. |.  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
875122717508Module compressor 75 HP – 1000 | CDA80. |.  0|CDA80|RO||CDB54|ROX||P  
875222717474Module compressor 60HP-100CDA80 RO..  CDA80 RO CDB54 ROX PHAS  
875322685804Venturi TUBE CD8 level N55-75K..  N55-75K OF  
875422684526Venturi CD8 grade N55-75K..  N55-75K OF  
875522681290Adhesive paper on the back  
875722653885End cover bearing SM300  
875822652150Cable CMC converter  
8759226480341.50″NPT X 1.5″T45DEG PA..  45DEG PARKER SCR COATED  
876022648026Connector.75″NPT X.75TParker S..  PARKER SCR COATED  
876122648018Connector.75″T X.75″ FNPT SWI..  FNPT SWIVEL PKR SCR COAT  
876222644587Condenser 200 CFM  
87632264450420.0 “LG10AWG ground wire (GR..  10AWG(GREEN/YELLOW) OF  
876422612931Solenoid drain valve 1/4″ NPT..  1/4″ NPT (110-1-60)  
876522601926Eyelet vent joint  
876622601363Gasket spring HPM52MM BOR..  52MM BORE/20-40N -SSR  
876722582381Tube assembly return oil bellows HP  
876822582373Tube assembly return oil bellows LP  
876922582357Suction tubing CD26D/CD42D1  
877022582274Fuel injection  
877122582266Suction tubing CD8D/CD14D1  
877222577845Assembly gear box  
877322575195Gear tooth 22 | 29 (Z = 2..  22| (Z=29)  
877422574982Pinion 1 st STAGE CD8D | G30 | (Z = 3..  30| (Z=32)  
877522574917The gear tooth 41 22 | (Z = 4..  22| (Z=41)  
877622574735Big gear with shaft  
877722574651Big gear with shaft  
877822574628Big gear with shaft  
877922574172Adapter plate  
878022568539Lock nut  
878122565980Inverter box N1 N37/7..  N1 N37/75K(75/100H)OF  
878222560536Oil pump R25/20  
878322550545Order an integer multiple of wire M  
878422548705Pipe assembly distributor to LPBRG INLE..  BRG INLET .50″(CD4D)OF  
878522539456Tube assembly H20 to aftercooling 1.0″W/C..  1.0 “N37 W/C – 45 k/OF CD4  
878622536015Dust cap pulse connector  
878722529697Right Angle quick connector  
878822526586The oil pump  
878922526446The grommet 1.8 2.7 M..  1.8 2.7 MM PANEL THICK  
879022513642CD14D VSD waveform spring (DWG 22536684  
879122509590Sheet metal assembly exhaust N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
879222509582Sheet metal assembly exhaust N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
879322509574Sheet metal Assembly H/CN55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
879422509566Sheet metal Assembly H/C Bypass N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)OF A/C  
879522509558Sheet metal assembly HPM air inlet N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
879622509533Sheet metal assembly cold and hot chamber N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
879722509525Sheet metal Assembly lower front N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)OF A/C  
879822507115Tube assembly HP bearing.38″ N37…  38″ N37-45KW/OF(CD4D)  
879922507107Pipe assembly Dispenser to Class 2 BRG.38″..  BRG .38″(CD4D)OIL FREE  
880022506968Pipe assembly check valve to oil cooled JACKT IN..  JACKT INLET .50″(CD4D)  
880122506737Tube assembly temperature control valve to oil cooled REL VLV..  REL VLV 1.0 “(CD4D) O/F  
880222487094Cover PDM fan N37/75K(..  N37/75K(75/100H)-OF  
880322485171Baffle N55/75 k (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
880422483192Solenoid valve 2 position.5″NPT N4 (..  NPT N4 (H2O SHUTOFF)  
880722479182BISON condenser  
880822476535Baffle HPM motor N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
880922476014Oil cooler W/CN37/45K-..  N37/45K-OF  
881022475396Cover fan N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
881122470884Baffle HPM motor rear N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
881222470876Baffle HPM motor front N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
881322455224Pipe assembly oil cooling 1.0″WC N55/7..  WC N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
881422455216Pipe assembly rear cooling 1.5″WC N55/7..  WC N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
881522454920Pipe assembly after cooling 1.5″WC N55/7..  WC N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
881622454912Pipe assembly oil cooling 1.0″N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF WC  
881722454482Sheet metal hot and cold chamber rear N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
881822453732Sheet metal heating and cooling chamber front top AKG-N55..  AKG- N55/75K-OF A/C  
881922453716Sheet metal box cooler front N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
882022453708Sheet metal box cooler rear N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)0F  
882122453666Stents N55/75 k (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
882222452163Tube assembly Temperature control valve to oil cooled 1.0″N55/..  1.0 “AKG N55/75 k – OF A/C  
882322451439Intercooler N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
882422451421Component heat exchanger A/CAKG N55/..  AKG N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
882522441000Wire beam fan motor  
882622436307Australia cylinder 16bar 27..  16bar 272L  
882722424931Space heater 25W 120VN55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
882822422042Electrical wiring harness head  
882922421887Bracket sound absorbing fiber N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
883022420673Rubber hose N50-60HP..  N50-60HP/OF CD4D  
883122418297Electrical schematic diagram Small UP..  Small UP 60HZ DOL  
883222414551Cable pressure sensor 44.25IN..  IN N55/75 k – 44.25  
883322411938Relief valve 50 psign37-45 kw..  N37-45KW/OF CD4D  
883422411920Valve relief valve 11.4BAR..  11.4 BAR 0.5″  
883522411912Valve safety valve 3.45BAR..  3.45 BAR 1″  
883622407373Assembly Electrical Control Box Assembly N50-100-..  N50-100-OF(1000DE-XX-XX)  
883722406102Motor 30 kw / 400..  30KW/400V/IP55/4P/F1  
88382240606037 kw / 400 motor..  37KW/400V/IP55/4P/F1  
883922400717Pipe assembly oil pump to temperature control valve N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75-100H)-O/F  
884022399448Pipe assembly stage 2 Injector N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
884122399364Wind deflector motor (BLACK)..  (BLACK) N50-100H-O/F  
884222396840Gasket 4.0 Fran  
884322396394Angle bracket sound-absorbing fiber  (BLACK)N75/100H-OF A/C  
884422395974Sound absorbent (BLACK)N.  (BLACK)N75/100H-OF A/C  
884522394498Cover heater N37-75K(..  N37-75K(50-100H)-OF  
884622394076Sheet metal box hot end N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
884722390959Support exhaust (BLACK)..  (BLACK) N75/100H-O/F  
884822390124Electric control box N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
884922390058Support pressure sensor N37-75K(..  N37-75K(50-100H)-O/FF  
885022385371Panel assembly left N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
885222377071Cover Angle rack N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
885322375307Belt pulley host side 7 GROOVE..  7 GROOVE 111.1 mm  
885422369110Sheet metal assembly intake A/CLD  A/CLD N125/200H-O/F  
885522369060Sheet metal Assembly vertical N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
885622366397Cap into tubing 1.50″ can only be used “ULT..  Use only “ULTRA COOLANT”  
885722363469The wire  
885822357719Pressure switch  
885922356737Double lip seal  
886122354039Bracket intake box A/CLD N1..  A/CLD N125/200H-O/F  
886222352140N55/75k (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
886322351431Cooler oil cooled N37/45K-..  N37/45K-O/F CD4D  
886422351415Cooler post cooled N37/45K-..  N37/45K-O/F CD4D  
886522350664Box PDM fan N37-75K(..  N37-75K(50-100H)-O/F  
886622348031Support control box N37-75K(..  N37-75K(50-100H)-O/F  
886722347967Panel assembly Controller N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
886822342828Panel Assembly Rear door N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
886922341994Panel Assembly PDM door n55/75K (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887022341960Panel assembly Suction end N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887122341929N55/75k on panel assembly (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887222341895Panel assembly top exhaust A/C N55/..  A/C N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887322341838Sheet metal assembly vertical n55/75K (..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887422341820Panel assembly left top N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887522340061Panel assembly right N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887622339576Panel Assembly Right Door N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF  
887722335046Decal high performance oil free gas  
887822334163Tube assembly respirator to host 1.0″ N75..  1.0 “N75/100 HP – O/F CD8  
887922331813Connector air exhaust 1.50INCH..  1.50 INCH NPT  
888022331532Angle support exhaust end PLENUM N.  PLENUM N90-160K-O/F  
888122331425Thermal expansion valve  
888222330724Chassis N55 knirvana / 75  
888322330211Rope core cold dry machine Black elastic Peg II cold dry..  Peg II cold drying machine  
888422330054Panel cold drying machine before filter Peg II cold drying..  Peg II cold drying machine  
888522320063Pipe assembly oil distribution.50″ N75…  50″ N75/100HP-O/F CD8  
888622319602Tube assembly 2 stage feed.50″ N75…  50″ N75/100HP-O/F CD8  
888722319594Tube assembly Class 2 bearing injection.38″ N75…  38″ N75/100HP-O/F  
888822318984Pipe assembly temperature control valve to oil filter 1.0″ N5..  1.0 “N55/75 k – OF CD8  
888922316970Sheet metal assembly vertical front N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
889022316954Sheet metal connection right/left N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-O/F  
889122316947Sheet metal connection front top/back top N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
889222316913Angle bracket RIGHT front/right rear N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
889322316905Angle bracket left rear N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
889422316897Angle bracket left front N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
889522310254Bracket horizontal fan N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-OF A/C  
889622310247Support vertical fan N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-OF A/C  
889722310221Bracket horizontal fan N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-OF A/C  
8898223079042. “wheel-n..  WHEEL- N75/100H-OF A/C  
889922307896Bracket vertical fan motor N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-OF A/C  
890022304620Sound-absorbing fiber X 656 -..  X 656 – NL125/2  
890122300263Connecting plate 1 stage air intake N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-O/F  
890222299572Support host module N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
890322297352Sheet metal right top exhaust W/FOAM..  W/FOAM N125-200 O/F  
890422293559Sheet metal Assembly right top exhaust N125-200..  N125-200H-OF  
890522293542Sheet metal assembly Rear air W/FOAM..  W/FOAM N125-200H-OF  
890622293534W/FOAM N.  W/FOAM N125-200H-OF  
890722292890Screw fan 24 inch inside diameter 60HZ  
890822292593Connecting plate 2 stage air inlet N75/100H..  N75/100H(55/75K)-O/F  
890922290225Baffle bellows (BLACK)..  (BLACK) -NL125/200 O/F  
891022290001Pipe assembly intercooled 3.0″N55/75K(..  N55/75K(75/100H)-O/F  
891122288716Sheet metal exhaust NL125-20..  NL125-200HP O/F NIRVAN  
891222284558Support air filter NL125-20..  NL125-200HP O/F NIRV  
891322283931Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 196..  25 X 196 X 409-O/F NIR  
891422283683Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 289..  25 X 289 X 196-O/F NIR  
891522283402Baffle assembly CD14 O/F..  CD14 O/FREE NIRV  
891622282883Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 174..  25 X 174 X 1027 -O/FNV  
891722282875Sound absorbing fiber 25 X 183..  25 X 183.5 X 805-O/FNV  
891822282867Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 174..  25 X 174 X 777.8 -o /FNV  
891922282859Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 196..  25 X 196 X 339-O/F NIR  
892022282362Sound-absorbing fiber 25 X 176..  25 X 176 X 232.5-o /FNV  
892122282321Sound-absorbing fiber 25×183.5x998W / 40 DE..  W/ 40 DEG SLOPE O/FNV  
892222276455Pipe assembly cooling out – Water cooling 2.0″ – N..  2.0 “- NL125/200 h – O/F  
892322276448Pipe assembly in cooling – Water cooling 2.0″ – N..  2.0 “- NL125/200 h – O/F  
892422276034Pipe assembly water cooling out – intercooling 2.0″ -NL..  2.0 “- NL125/200 h – O/F  
892522276026Pipe assembly water cooling out – Post cooling 2.0″ – N..  2.0 “- NL125/200 h – O/F  
892622272314Pipe assembly rear cooling W/ C-N1..  W/C – N125/200K-O/F  
892722272280Tube Assembly Venturi to medium-cooled 4.0″W/C..  NL125/200 h – 4.0 “W/C/O F  
892822271944Tube minimum pressure valve to rear cooled M200/250..  M20